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Mini Canvas Painting - Mother & Child

teacher avatar Beatrice Ajayi, Founder of HyssopArts

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mediums & Tools

    • 3. Creating The Background

    • 4. Adding the Figure

    • 5. Building Layers

    • 6. Adding highlights

    • 7. Layers and Final Touches

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About This Class

Hi, this is a course to get you to free up and experiment with mixed mediums. We will be creating different subjects in the classes I have available.

***The subject for this class is on new mums.

I was inspired by a grandmother asking me to create a piece for her daughter as a gift and thought to share the process. 

Join me in creating this piece and create one yourself as a project, using simple methods to achieve a finished piece.

The videos show the process and layering of application of mediums.

ask me any questions you may have as you work through the class and I will advise as is required.

:-) B

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Beatrice Ajayi

Founder of HyssopArts


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to today's class. Um, today I'm gonna be working on a mini, uh, canvass board here, Um, to these air this some samples of other canvas boards that I've fainted characters on. And, um so I'm gonna work on a brand new one today, and it's the same kind of process off using some mixed media, um, like, papers like shoes and have into actual canvass board. And, um, so we'll get straight onto starting with that on. See, I might put some water under separately, sketched, um, a little image on this. So let's see if I consume in a little bit you can see about Cole. Stars have already sketched. It's a character I'm just gonna mark so that I know where this is. So this class is about making a mixed media things in the money cameras board painting. And, um, basically, as I said, you end up creating using different mediums. So, um, to create this cute little pieces. And so the drawing part, I will provide some templates of drawings that you can use on many cameras, boards of people on. You don't have to use the cameras board. You can use paper. Would you cut down to size as well? And you can just a little do, you know, kind of prep it in a way that it can absorb. Um, basically going over and over again as well. So in the next segment, I will show you what um, mediums will be using in this makes me There are many palette mini, um, board exercise, so I'll be right back. 2. Mediums & Tools: So in this class we're going to be using different mediums apart from the papers which have , like, last time, different kind of let's see vintage papers and different textures with papers of Zuma A little bit for this bit, um, different papers for thrill, uh, in different pages that you can cut and deal of different things with. So you can get these and kind of like the whole be stores or craft stores on dumb. Or you could use your own papers that you have around you as well. You can paint some papers and freeze them out here. Old envelope, uh, like envelopes of color, lots of them or text papers which might use something hopefully so you can get a lots of different kinds of papers from from different places rock and papers that you use. Um I think just taking a little bit sabes so that I can with them on some point so and then also use what's a color I love using a lot of pain. Onda we will use I've got here water soluble past als as well that I like to use so they add some more colors and it's all about the Larrin. So once I put, um, this tissue papers on, then I might put some Jessel and just start Lynn on some water color as well. And I've got also some past ALS here, which are really, really bright as well. Some of these chalk pastels that we can use as well, so open. And what else? Yeah, also got some acrylic paint as well. So is trying to decide what colors I'll do. Elizabeth, I want to make it something funny. Certain colors I always use, which is kind of for the cheeks. So always usually use the pinks I got an idea may be to use a tiny bit of purple, not too much, Um, and then skin tones, if you're looking for skin tones, is like maybe, um, a yellow are trying to bankable of a brown Here. It's like a reddish brown, but que these other ones. So it's just kind of thinking of look, the subject matter might be and kind of skin tone. You're going for us well, but I might be a light skin tone anyway, because I'll use some desperate to big. But a bit later on, and and the tissue papers here from the brushes I have are quite a variety from, like, really much finer one. He's got, like, a flat upon that one. Really? See it very well. Um, so the liberation of kind of finer, smaller tips I can use for some detail and then some other bigger ones and also put them in some water. Now, actually, just to start them off that some water brushes that take you to use as well So you can get these where you put the water in. Um, and then he just used a different tips. So this is quite a big tip. This one. You can get finer ones. Um, analysis of it finer, but not not thinly, but you can get thinner ones just like your brushes, I'm sure. Ordered some. That's not arrived in for any? Um, yeah. Then kind of a flat brush here as well. And I have ah, current intense pencil. Get my pulse. Kerpen. I'll use this as well. This is the white. Have it in black as well. I've been using the whites, which has been quite good. Um, and so my scrip into the canIs creep pain over areas of one I've got my ballistic. Or you can use kind of PV or much poach or, um, gel medium as well. So there's all these different options. So what I'll do is I'll tidy up a little bit and we'll get started with the painting. So see, in a moment. So first I wonder glued down sandpaper because I've drawn this here, but I think I will redraw it. So I'm just gonna start again and just to get some paper down. And Teoh said, This paper is you won't see this. This is underneath, so just make sure I put enough of this own so it looks a bit messy, but three lines in the whole thing. I'm gonna stick this paper. All right, man. Oil on my hands so you could be messy or not messy. I'm not really, you know, bothered all the second. He's also I've got I think there is actually clear Jessel somebody Syria clear Jessica that you can go over areas with as well when you have finish pitting on your papers so that something basically seals it and so that you can have a rough texture, too. A rough texture. It's actually painted on. Uh, I'm just going to mix all the different ones. That and he's in here, text ones that across and then Right. Okay. To make sure I got it all over the areas, I'm gonna put it on. I just use the other end to flats in it. Can you have different things happening? Like a tear and all that spying, Okay. But, you know, like, looks like this is laying down the background. And once I put the Jessel on, I a little bit, he's different mediums over there, so every point is just to make sure that layers work together. So now that's done that that I could do some of my So is this girl. So I use this some days ago. Sure, yet still solved. So I sealed it with. So you just start puttin get closer. I love these little campuses. He could do so many things, so them So I would just start putting some white in different areas, and this kind of were kidnapped as a lier because many of these layers on as you want, what else did I want to do? It might want to throwing some of the chalk castles could go. They have blue or something have done it. Probably before I actually started. It was still a bit late, so you can actually scraped this as well to see if I have my three per. But this is clear. Andi, you can scrape this on and then Robert on. So with clear, just so you can go over this and of a chuck faster. Lovely green. But you can always draw with this after you don't have to do it. Now, my turn this upside down actually could have put such nice colors on the bottom half on. You can come back in with, Maybe cleared. Yes. So this time I'm just gonna dump some if you don't want to, can of get rid If you want the vibrant color to still stay for whatever you use and you used to clear Yes. So because the white will dull it so you can see how the color is still very vibrant when it spread in there. It's beautiful, and it will seal it end with the jets. So as well. So then I have to actually wait for this to dry. That's one background there just like that. I think I'll do another background. Well, this is drying just to keep us going. I think so too. Another one in a minute. 3. Creating The Background: So it's now a lot dryer because I am basically, uh, used my He turned to here to dry it, and, yeah, just stick with this when I was thinking of making another one. But I thought you as you just stick with this just for the time to make sure that I do it quite well as well. So we'll see if I go out. But you can see Well, my different pills are introducing into this far. Um, I'm just gonna try and sketch the image that I want to put on this. And I'm thinking I'll use this pain, actually, and try actuality. Office can draw on this first. Mm. Right. So is trying to sketch character that trying to do on this. So there she has a baby here. It depended. Probably more visible for me. Still a bit. What? I don't want to be too. She has a baby here. And over here is in a manner, Um, with six. Sweet. If I could get six of even. It's three. Fine. I'm going to space them out. Finalized the paint still the same. So it's a banner. Um there and the here convey around like that. And it's a, uh this. And here we're gonna have nose, um, eyes this 34 That's basically the during the sketch there that I'm gonna be Hello in. And that's the level baby here. Yeah. So that's what will be Paint him in. That's this kitsch. And, um, I see the beast from text here, so it's just not to paint this in. And, uh, yeah, that should be fun. The next state will start using some other colors of the different mediums I have discussed over there on. I'm going to try and keep it light and not too heavy, but it might be areas of intense color, but, um, yeah, we'll see what we do with that. A little sketch on that lip and I'll be right back. So what I'm gonna do is going with some delicate, huh? Watercolor in some areas cause I want to use and even to go over a face of things, and then I can still build on them. So I'm going to McCoy, uh, um as lightly as I can, basically, but a darker color. But you can always, um, build that color as you go along like the blue. I'm going to try and get some of these colors to still be showing through and the cupcakes on their hearts. Maybe keep it as delicate as I can. Um, beckon. I think you need to find one of my sharpies and see if I can use for the eyes. I forgot to say that I could. I was going to use some sharpies as well. I have a collection of sharpies in here, different colors. So that's probably gonna happen as well. Just because I'm thinking about the eyes of the moon. Like to probably fill that in in the hair as well. So I need to think about I really like the way the water color is working at the moment on . I'm going back and forth with different mediums says that this is me. He's in some Jessa in here with the water cover is to set some of these other your years maybe around back alone, the baby's feet. So think for the hair. Um, gonna go in with black Sharpie. Let's just see. Is this a thin alone? This is a thin one. You think some areas are still wet, so just check my time here. Just gonna cover this in in black here to stop showing the lives of A I might go over this again in acrylic. It's yeah, just so you can see what I've done so far already. I really like the way that looks, uh, blue. I like blue around here, but I'm going to try and get. And yet for a blue for well, two kiddies and this going to use some water on the intent and just go over, make sure that is under there. Go over hymns until right. It was kind of like making it until a water color. Using the intents, when some water on it you to go. There's so many possibilities using different media together and creating something so we'll leave that for now. So is to build the layers. Then you varnished out all of it afterwards. This purple. I'm just trying to think this is their water soluble pasto use in that river that may be ever sleeves here or something and then just introducing some of the colors around, so to start him lightly and also introducing the system Clear, Jess. So just to seal some areas in you don't move about Lee drawing. I'm gonna do that with the chuck passed a lesbo area that I did with the baby just over ceiling. That and maybe this top face for their ceiling and I'll be back in the next Clint to keep going. 4. Adding the Figure: So what we're gonna do here is try and look to Adan. Um, maybe just to make her a little bit lighter in some areas, So I know that I've put that there, but is to get her skin tone a little bit late for this is for, uh, this is actually a commission to someone. Um, it's just helps to think it through, um, doing something like this. So it's trying to build what it is that I'm doing. Andi also trying to focus on how to approach everything and not make it to so mixing and like Jessel and water color. And if it's to read, I'll just put change a little bit soon the majestic as I go, and if you think it's too much, she just grab some stuff off making layer. It doesn't matter if you feel is too dark right now, they can make it of it off blended in, and that will be because you're going so and if you wanted to try a little bit so you can use that. It's really handy. That's still is usually used for in Bolson, but I like to use it for, um drying What I work I am doing so picked in is a work in progress of this can take a while. Um, yeah, I'm not very happy with some of those bits here. So I'm gonna do it is pull it back like this. I will come back to that and adjust that trying to keep that blew on her face. Still, that's the thing. The blue that's there, I can add Mobile You actually with, like, the past over. I really like the turquoise blue, so you can kind of blend it and take some away in on blamed it blue and different bank has been I'm still trying to think what to dio certain areas to make it a bit more prominent. So I'm gonna go and start I have into this, so I'm gonna get into the next stage, and it's gonna be just added more and more until everything comes together. And so Canada's later in and later in, and they cannot brighter and brighter. So just painting, painting, painting and enjoying yourself. Adam, what you feel you should add, um, the pain and thing at the image. So it's just find here a lot of flying to you. then if you feel you've lost something, you can scream a little bit more, some more colors into it. So here she just scraped some things in there keeping you Could this end here? So and then you mix it end with the Yes. So it was kind of meted it there. But if I did that and I used the guns that Dr but you keep layering it. But I did that I abused the clear. Just so it's a completely different result. So this is a clear Jessel, and it's just a lot brighter. So you just keep adding the lyrics to it and and he can wait until that's dry and actually draw that own a swell, um, physically on that. So it's a slowly it's starting to change. And if I want to go in here and start bringing in like the acrylics Yeah. So I really like this, I think, And Kyle to see how that looks a little bit closer and of the baby, some little rosy cheeks. Um, And then if I did at the something in here does handsome. Why tone it down a little bit? So mm. Try to think and then the colors into this eye area. And this purple ear here is quite, um, is think it's nice, but I need a little something else. Let me put some purple in here. This constantly blend in acrylic and globally in the clip. Acrylic here, just aban and trying to pill everything together, using the different mediums being relaxed about it. I've just noticed that her hands that are supposed to be here, I need to have some, um, impact on that. So just let's go white on that. I'm gonna rule it and into this middle bits here, Alex. Right, So we'll see you will come back. So some of this area's here. Just wanna see what to do about this baby's face. Yeah. 5. Building Layers: can. So I'm gonna put some more. What? Yeah, - it's It's It's more white tile. It. Mm. Expense. So of a bit some. So other bits. I was trying to high life at a little bit more. Have more debt. So, um, all these areas here, the eyes I still need to kind of highlight. I was just working on the layers and just to keep going. So the reason I'm building on this white is cause I want eventually right on it. But until then, I wanted to be as bright as possible so that when I finally did, then it would be quite visible. Then I will do something between them as well. So I really like certain areas of this. I just still put in some white on just to build reflective aspect, just different elements that you can see through this. But I can also use my Sharpie to Adam Teoh and things like that. So I've got some he raises. Still need to kind of go back into and do some work. Quibble. Baby's nose face this right? Only some extra areas there. That will be because of this. The skin tones about the light I need to be thinking of that. When I'm adding color to different areas, the shadow and then there's could have some shade. It's mixing it in about so that it's not so speaking to pit, um, some reflections on their eyes, but I'll come to that point. But the baby could be asleep, actually. So just go over this again. So that's what that looks like so far. And then I'm gonna put the reflections on the next part for her eyes. 6. Adding highlights: So what I'm gonna do my we'll strip in, do the highlight, right? I need to find my actual. So yeah, e think that lover No, Just put some of that. It's very unpredictable, this pain So it leaks a lot, so I just tend Teoh some of it out and then use it for painting because it could just leak on all of it. But I'll just try this now. Seeing this, it's not. It's gone. - I think, if I could use this so it's about trying Teoh. See the areas that are finally I've got fine purple and here. Okay, it still needs to dry a little bit more. Pretend. Just put a little bit more. It's coming down here and then change it a little bit. Some both of color? No, some just so to mix it in. Since the shadow so part of the baby's face might be a shadow, but you just keep on adding to the other side. It'll get about a lighter now, go over but blue again, and it's just always build in building color and add in two other areas to bring some of that color, but can so click its overall we're trying to go for Just add a little bit of a red here. All right? Get rid of that and add a little bit more of a pink. - Just a little white here. It's like going back and forth. I thought it was OK before, but I guess Adam. But now I need to work on the pink part again. Um, blend in part. That's the thing. Good. Couldn't before go over everything again. 7. Layers and Final Touches: So this kind of just going over and over and over until you get what it is that you want is putting some more Jessel clear Jessel over everything here to keep it sealed. And it's always just building. It's oh, can just see what that looks like. Uh, on and then to write name from this. But just check that it's actually drive. Thank you. Some other colors first. I'm really nice colors, - like glue, actually, sissy, if some other colors do. I don't like that. Actually, it's some Jessel over it. Is it? Just remember something else that I think I want to add to that actually have some white and just blur that down of it. But you can see they have stick out a little bit. Oh, go over it again. - So and then? Okay. I don't really wanna writ put too many things in it. Turquoise. Really love turquoise. Trying to think how to I think this color in, I suppose me concentrating a lot to try and do this and to think of what to do for the baby's face there. Get still it. Maybe just a tiny bit of water color again towards the end a lot so it could take some off . It's just fine. 10. And in the shadowy. Aaron's great . So that has just gone up a bit. Have something to see of it. - I don't need to wait for that to dry, and then I can fix that. I'm still wit, and so you have to be so careful when they're still what? So let everything basically try before I put the find the parts, which is like, but the name. So that's basically the piece finished, Um, and some disease in the Sharpie here to go over these names, but and then I'll seal it with, um, there's a watercolor burnish that you can seal it with at the end, which I bought online. Um, so you have baby space. I'll finish, Um, once everything is dry properly and yeah, I mean, that should be everything done. Can you just see that? So that's a mother and a child, and it is pretty cute. So I love it a lot. So, um, thank you for joining me for the class and you have a go. I'll put some templates off different characters and seen as I focused on a mom and a child here, so I might put one with different sketches of mums and Children. And you can have a look and see how you create many canvas with. Like I said, what I did there, which was to use a mixed media. The different, um, watercolor past tools, chalk, pastels, um, krill. It's, um, different elements to create this piece about a lot, so speak to you soon. Have the best day.