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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Welcome to Infinite Personal Training 6 week video series to creating a sustainable lifestyle for weight-loss and overall health. This video is week 1 which focuses on Mindset! 

When it comes to starting anything new, changing habits or just wanting to improve yourself and wellbeing, it will always be uncomfortable. Due to our love for comfort, we usually don't end up where we want to be.

That's why you see so many people 'stuck' where they are and unable to make progress, when we keep doing the same things over and over (comfort zone) we can't expect anything to change as all we are doing is trying to fit into the boxes we do see.

This is why everything starts with the mindset moving forward. It is all about getting in the right state. If you're not in the right state, even with the right strategy, you won't succeed. This is why it is so important to understand your 'WHY' and willingness to commit and move forward in order to achieve the desired goals. If you get your headspace on the right path, nothing can stop you. If your headspace is in the wrong place, nothing can help you.

In this class you will be learning: 
- Power of leverage and starting with your 'WHY'
- Commitment and trusting the process
- Mental process to achieving results
- Power of patience
Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset
- Power of perspective
- Stress vs Passion, what the difference is

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jia Jian (Melvin) Ang

Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training


Hello, I'm Jia Jian (Melvin)

I am a Personal Trainer and Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training. Due to content moderation, this page focuses on Mindset, Mindfulness and Lifestyle to create and achieve in fitness, health and weight.

My mission is to inspire others to be inspiring by changing lifestyle habits and creating a sustainable lifestyle that you will enjoy while achieving the results that you desire to achieve!

We have always had the passion for creating new and better lifestyles for people in the wider community. Our approach is simple and sustainable while building a supportive community throughout your journey. Expect support and guidance with accountability to achieve the greatness you have always wanted. To see you thrive is the reason why we do what ... See full profile

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1. Mindset: Okay, welcome to Week one. So this is the first education of video that you guys will be listening to, as you guys were, You know, the 1st 6 weeks every week has a different educational video on a different topic. I'm so you guys can learn progressively as you go and implement the information that you guys learn throughout the 12 weeks to get the results you want. So this is week one week one. We're gonna talk a little bit about mon set, All right. Say we always start with months set because you can be You can have the perfect strategy you can be in, you know, the best place to get the results. But if you're not in the right state, then doesn't matter what strategy you have, you're not gonna get the result that you want, right? So mindset always comes first. Which is why this is a weak ones educational video. All right, so we need to understand that before you actually go into these and fully commit to the 12 week journey, it's understand the power of the mind set, and basically that everything starts from within. So if you want everything or anything to change around you at all. You must change yourself. And if you want everything to get better around you, you must be better yourself. That's just how the world works, All right. But unfortunately, our brains are not designed to go through pain. Yeah, brains at designed to avoid fear and avoid pain. Yeah, but the thing is, what that brain can't tell, the difference is between the pain that is needed to grow and the pain that we should avoid . Yes, So that's where the conscious mind set comes into play. All right? So you can either stay in the pain and discomfort that urine currently with whether or not you not locking your body, whether or not you're lacking self esteem and all that sort of stuff. Or we can go through the pain of being uncomfortable and making a change. Either way, you're going to go through pain anyway. But one of them won't last forever. Okay, so now is the time to actually change the way we've been thinking about ourselves and actually going hard and making sure that we understand why we're in this journey and going committing 100% to get the result that you want, because the process, like I said, is already laid out in front of you. But if you're not in the right state, then doesn't matter what the process is, how good it is. Um, things they're just not gonna work out. All right, So the first part of mindset I'm gonna talk about is your leverage. So your Y yes. Start with wire. Okay, So I start with what was brought to me by one of the thought latest called Simon cynic. I'm not sure if you're familiar with his work, but he talks about leveraging, and it talks about leadership, and it is autumn. So if you want to listen to some good videos, listen to Simon cynic on YouTube, but he's his awesome, and I got a lot of info from him, but basically, when he speaks about, start with why he basically talks about you need to have that strong leverage to get you through whatever you want to get through. So you guys came into this 12. We journey and on the phone. When we first met, we did talk about your leverage and why you wanted to, you know, um may take on this journey and gets a where you want to be. Yes. Say the reason why I asked the leverage question is because everyone knows the basic principle of what should be done to get a healthy body to live a better life style. You know, you're gonna stop eating junk food. You gotta move more pretty much. But how come not many people do it? Yeah, we all know the formula. But how come No. Maybe he will do it. Yeah, leverage is your purpose and the reason why people don't or is because they don't have that reason, pushing them to get through the discomfort of doing something that's making them suffer a little bit at the start. But ultimately it will get them the result. Yes, sir. Leverages your purpose if you have a strong why, Yeah, for example, something that's very emotional, something that you've been attached to for a very long time now for it could be emotional reasons such as confidence or anything like that. Or it could be family kids being a role model. If you have a strong leverage, a strong why you have no problem doing what it takes And that's a guarantee. If the f if you attached to a very strong word and it's no why that you just made up. Yet it's why that you resonate with and it's different for everyone. But if you have a very strong leverage, you're following it and trusting it. Yet you will follow and trust the process also, because every time an obstacle comes up every time a setback happens, Yep, you know the exact reason why you're even on this journey in the first place. And you know that there is a greater cause behind what you're going through you and that you're willing to go through the setbacks of failures in the pain in the short term to get what you want and feel for field in long term. So, honestly, if you have a strong leverage, every small obstacle will be crushed by a leverage because the white your leverage out way that you an example is Martin Luther King, which I like to use. Yeah, a lot of people ask body. Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement successfully because he wasn't the only man that suffered. Yeah, but why him is because Martin Luther King had a strong leverage and a strong y in what he was doing. And you can see that any speech. I have a dream, so that was very, very clear. That's a very obvious example right there. Yeah, So write down your wife somewhere that you can see regularly. So it's always in the front of your mind. And even when you do feel like you're having a bad week or a bad day and you feel like giving up, which will go through, you'll know exactly why you're in this. You can write it on a piece of paper. Stick on your mirror, keep on your fridge. Or you can write it in a gratitude journal with some of my clients that I've had in the past like to do. I have a little gratitude journal now right there. Water in capital letters on the front of that journal say they can keep it close to the heart and always look through it. Yes, so that's basically step number one. Having a strong leverage? Yes, right now, if you don't have a strong leverage, you need to find out exactly. You ask yourself exactly why doing it in the first place and have ah attachment to that. All right after you have your leverage. Basically, when you have that you're willing to commit. Yes, so you'll never commit to a process fully unless you have a strong leverage that once you get that, it's time for you to commit. Yeah, and there's there's, ah, story that I usually tell with taste with commitment. And basically it's called the Egg and Bacon story. Yes, I just were One morning father and the son were having breakfast together, and then the sun asked the father question. So the question was, what's the difference between contribution and commitment and then ask The father thought about it for a war on the replied to the sun, he said, You see the egg and bacon on your plate and then the sun said yes. And he said, Basically, the chicken contributed to your breakfast. But the peak committed to your breakfast? Yes, So basically, commitment talks about going or been, even when it's difficult, even when a lot of people think that you're not gonna make it. Even when it gets tough, there's an easier option. There's a There's another door left open for you to go through. You're not gonna You're gonna ignore because you know the reason why you on this journey And you know that going through the difficulties going through the setbacks and, you know, accepting the failures, that's what's gonna make you become a better person. That's what's gonna get you through and basically, ultimately get you where you want to go. Yes, I just remember the right journey is never the smooth one, right? The right journey you choose will never be this move one. The only way to learn and grow is through the tough and experience that you go through. Yeah, I know it's a it's a lot easier said than done, but at the end of the day, if you're willing to push through, you will notice that that is the reality you have. The right journey is never the smooth one. Commitment is the process of all the achievement you can ask any successful person out there. Their commitment is the process off all achievement. They're all successful people you see will not have or would not be where they are. If it wasn't for the commitment to their work and having a strong leverage pushing them. Let me ask you a question real quick. If you are searching for water because your loft depended on it, would you stop off the two hours because he couldn't find any? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Off course you won't going through these next 12 weeks. Yeah. You need to have that commitment. Just like your life depends on it. Because at the end of the day, when people are in life or death situations, they tend to succeed because they have the strongest leverage awful, which is their life s. So when people are unlawful death situations, they tend to succeed because they commit fully and they just won't give up until it is done yet is they're saying, if you want to take the island, burn the ships same thing, commit 100% and you will get it done. The idea that you can't tiptoe around to get what you want, you have to own it and go after. I've never seen the line slowly walk up to a gazelle and hope that it falls over. Yeah, they go at it with speed and strength. Okay, so I want to show you guys a little table that I have made up just to explain what I went through so far. Eso Basically, we all start from pain. We all start from something that we want to get out off. You know that we that we don't like whether it be our financial situation, whether it be our physical situation or emotional situation, there's always some pain that we want to get out off in order to get out of that pain. Obviously, we need to have that strong leverage as to why I want to get out this pain. What's what's in it for us or someone else that we care about your only once we have that strong leverage, we have the commitment over the fear and that fear is the fear of being uncomfortable to the fear of stepping out of their comfort zones, stepping out of what we used to our habits, unhealthy habits, stepping out of that, we need to commit over the fear of, you know, the comfort that we're in for pretty much our whole lives. And after that awful we commit, then we fully take action. So if you commit 100%. Then the action comes in week by wakes Week in, week out. We take action like no other week before. Yes, Every week you you do something strong to do something new, you learn more, and then you just keep moving forward until we eventually get shaved. The results. So this is a very simplified the A simplified timeline of what you need to go through. It actually may change. You get the results you want. Yeah, but nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Yes. So, in saying all of this, the next point that I want to talk about is having patience. Every journey you taking your life will most likely go down before it goes up. It's sad to say Yeah, but every journey you take it will most likely go down before it goes up. Even for May. Yeah, but once you go up, you'll be hard than you have ever imagined in the first place. And that's what you're gonna go through in these next 12 weeks. So you have really committed to the process. You're you're ready, Fanjul Leverage? Hopefully, Yeah. And then you know what? Why? You're in it. So you've committed to the process and that you hear Week one. All right, so this is the first week. This is when it all starts to happen, and I know it's scary, and I know it's something. You guys might be worried and thinking all men is it's actually gonna work out. Turn your doubts down. That's what I'm going to say. All right. Of course, we're gonna have doubts when you start something new. But if you trust the process yet and you know, you hold close to your heart, you know, exactly wearing here it real work. But you just need to be patient so you don't need. Don't expect after the 1st 6 weeks months, you listen to all of you know you're gonna block, sweet arm or good. I can do everything. Now you will go down. You will go up. You know, there will be times when you feel like this is not gonna work. There will be times where you enjoy the winds. Yeah, and then there will be times where you you think Oh, man, what am I doing with these 12 weeks here? It's not all gonna be smooth sailing, but at the end of the day. I guarantee you the results will come if you stick it out. And you be patient, You have to stay the course. Always. Still, every time I meet someone new and they told me all want results in you know, this this this area in this this this time and I want it now. Basically, it's very unrealistic. And they're setting themselves up for failure. If you expect things real quick, real fost and you want it right now? Yeah, it's just unrealistic. You need to be patient. Despite our differences in age, culture, race that we are compared to everyone else. We are all very similar in terms of we're all people in progress, even myself. As a coach, I'm still progressing myself. I'm still learning and I'm still far from perfect. Yeah, we are all in progress, and we are all a work in progress more than we are a success. Yeah, and that's including myself also. Yeah. I just want you to know that Yes. So you shouldn't be seeking perfection. You should always be seeking progress. All right, so be patient. All the setbacks and failures that you are facing is just a test of your mental strength and capacity to endure the road and ultimately achieve your goal in the end, Yes. So there's a couple of graph c up which I'm sure you got seeing something like this before , so we all know it, but we never really soak it in and understand it. Because every time we tend to keep the faith that we hit a road block, we tend to give up. Yeah, but this is very, very simple knowledge. But we really need to bring that into our own self awareness. Yes. Every time you go after something, we expect to always be progressing up, up, up and making sure that we get there. Yeah, but what we don't know is you know, the things that we need to go through the learnings that we need to go through. Yeah, we always see the top of the mountain. But what we don't say, use the mountain. Yes. So what you see and what your vision is, you can get there. But the road that you take to get there will never be what you expect. Yes. So that's something that you need to understand and be aware off and just have the patience to go through it, because at the end of that you will get the results. I just want to assure you of that. All right, so you can still make that impact in your own life. You can students by others to lead a better life. You just have to stay the course, all right? And through this whole process of staying with the course and having that patients, yeah, it will teach you to go from fixed mindset to growth mindset. Now, I don't know which one you guys right now, but there's a massive difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset. And I really hope that you guys start to adopt the growth mindset in the next 12 weeks. Yeah, because there is a massive difference from basically when it comes to fixed and growth mindsets. If someone is really good at something, there tend to fall into the trap that they are really smart and they don't need to work hard. Yes, So when something when any sort of adversity comes up, you know their tents of break because I never allowed themselves to be conditioned to fail and learn from it. Yeah, At the end of the day, luck will show up here and there in a relieve you justice fast. But if you're constantly improving who you are and what you give, then game over. You got it. You got this in the bag. There's a teaching from the Stanford professor. Her name's Carol Dweck. And basically, she says, some people say intelligence as fixed, which is the fixed months. It or they see intelligence as a quality that can be developed, which is a growth mindset. You know, these two months later, different behaviors and results. And we need to change your mindset to a growth mindset in order to succeed, because a growth mindset is what grows success. Yes, there's a massive difference opportunity. So basically, people with a fixed months it they're worried about how other people judge them, and they worry about more of the outcome of the result and looking good. While growth mindset focus more on the learnings that they go through. And when people hit adversities, fixed mindsets tend to conclude that they're incapable, so they protect the ego in that withdraw, or there lack interest of the right now and I'm not gonna do that. Yeah, because they think they can't do it. It's not within their abilities, whereas the growth mindset understands that setbacks are a part of growth. So when they hit it, they find a way around it. If they don't know how to do it, they ask if they want to get better or something that will go and they'll learn it instead of just thinking now. I'm not good at that. I can't do that. It's not within my capabilities, great months. It will go after it. If they know that they want, they'll go after it and I want to learn it and they want to get better at it, and in the end they will get better at it. So that's the difference between growth and fix months it. And going into these 12 weeks, I really want you to go in with an open mind and remember this every time something happens that isn't according to plan. Instead of thinking army and I knew it, I went into another sort of process and it didn't work. Same thing different day. Instead of thinking like that, I want you to switch that mind mindset and men tell you around to a growth mindset in thinking, OK, what can I do better and what didn't work? What caused this to happen? If you have any questions that I saw her stuff, you always have coaches. That's what we're here for. Yes, sir. Change that mindset around and make sure that instead of thinking that you left the capabilities, think of how you can grow to increase your capabilities. Okay, when you go through anything, at the end of the day is perspective. Okay, so look, anything you go through, Google bad setbacks. It's all about perspective. Nothing in your life is really good or bad. It's a perspective on it, our thoughts and opinions on it that make it good or bad. And if we were taking every single step back as a message that we are not good enough, then that's a pessimistic view, and that will never lead to success. Yeah, but if you view them as upgrading your wisdom and knowledge through experience, which it actually is, then that's the optimistic winter day and I right there. And if you have that sort of monster and perspective on things, then there is No way you're gonna lose. You know, I have no advice View from one set. If you are thinking off an optimistic view because you can always grow. Yeah, and the person that's always growing always beat the person that's born with talent. If talent doesn't work hard. Yeah, I'm sure you heard that quite before. U S. O. It's all about perspective. When you're going into things on dust, make sure. Like I said before, when you're going through these 12 weeks, anything that happens, it's all about increasing your knowledge, upgrading your wisdom. Yeah. This is a lifestyle that you guys are gonna change. All right. So you can't expect these changes to just sink in, shred away. You can't expect them yourself to be perfect, that them straight away. Yeah, but as long as you're progressing, then you will be happy. Yeah, because progress equals happiness. As humans, we are addicted to growth. We always want to get better and better and better. Yeah, And even if we're not at where we want to be, If you're on the right track, you will be happy and excited about it. Which you should be, because at the end, of a You'll never be perfect. But you always be progressing. Yeah, if you stop growing, then you start doing pretty much all right. Um, I'm gonna finish off with, um, the attitude off going in through these 12 weeks. So there's a difference between stress and passion when you do something. All right? And I really hope everyone goes into these with passion. Yeah, because there could be two people going through the exact same life situation. Same job, you know, the same sort of family circumstance, living in the same area. Whatever. Yeah, three people going through the exact same sex scenes. But one can feel very happy and feel passion. And the other one can feel stress. Su completely different emotions. Yes. So what's the difference? Yeah, when you're working hard on something that you hate or that you dislike or they don't find value in, then that stress. But when you're working hard on something that you love, something that you do find value in and something that you know, you can grow you and the people around you, then that's passion. And whatever you go through, passion pulls you and stress you push through. Yeah, and it's always easier to be pulled through life than it is to have to push away through. Yes, so that's why I go through these mindset talks. And that's why I say that. You know, you need to find your leverage. You need to commit to the processing there to be patient, because at the end of the day, yeah, I want you to be going through these next four weeks with passion. You need to want to do it. You need to wake up every day thinking, Yes, I'm getting so much better with my health. I'm getting so much better with my emotions. With my mental state, I'm getting so much better and I want to keep going. Yeah, that's what I want you to go through in the next 12 weeks instead of waking on being like, I'll have to train again. Yeah, because you can do The three people can do this program and one of them can love it. Go through it with passion and love, and the other one can wake up every day and go through stress because I think I'll have to do this again. Yeah, that's what understanding your journey is very, very important. Yeah, and you need to make sure that you go through this with an open mind and actually take everything in graphs or the information and use it because at the end of the day, from speaking on personal experience, the biggest regret even is never what I have done. It's what I didn't do. And I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, but it doesn't bother me as much as the things that I have. Wish I did. I said, Now that you're in this process you've committed, don't waste your time, don't waste investment and go hard 100% for the next 12 weeks every single day. Love it, embrace it, know why you're doing it. You know what you want out of it yet be clear you and go through it with a growth mindset. And I'll see you on the other side feeling amazing and getting the results that you want. So that's basically for the first weeks video on mindset. I'm happy taken down some mate. You can always replay this as many times as you want. If you want toe, take down some more notes or just have a refresh up, but this is very, very important. I can't stress this enough. You need to go through this with the right mindset with the right attitude in order to get the success that you want. All right, So haven't awesome day. And I will see you next week for in the next video.