Mindmapping to create online courses using Scapple | Lars-Erik Lundin | Skillshare

Mindmapping to create online courses using Scapple

Lars-Erik Lundin, Ph.D, Ambassador (ret)

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Intro Mindmapping course

    • Why Scapple and what can it do?

    • Intro to Scapple

    • Illustration of a Scapple workspace dictating scripts

    • A trial and error attempt to use Scapple

    • A background story on how I came to use mindmapping over a period of more than 30 years


About This Class

I have just published a 40-minute course about how to work on your security awareness on Skillshare http://skl.sh/2xqAZag. It contains a lot of different aspects on a challenge which is often seen as complicated. I needed a really simple tool to make it very clear also for non-experts. 

So here is how I did it in parallel to developing also the course you are following now - and I invite you in the associated project to try it out for yourself developing your own course outine.

So what could be a more simple tool for brainstorming than a blank sheet of paper? That is what the creator of mindmaps Tony Buzan recommended a number of decades ago. 

Yes, but it cannot take you all the way as the very simple program Scapple does  in the way I will show you in this course.

Because here I have concentrated literally all the script used for the course on screen together with some of the illustrations. All in one single document where I can zoom in and out.

So I have actually used Scapple both to brainstorm, outline and create the course. This is useful if you do not know for a start what the course will look like. Or if the material you have for the course becomes too extensive so that you will have to save some of it for later courses.

In this course, I will show you how I did it - so that you can do it for yourself.

For your information, Scapple is produced by the same firm as the perhaps most popular authoring program Scrivener by Literature and Latte.

I wrote an entire book of 300+ pages two years ago using Scrivener and Scapple together. Because you can brainstorm in a mind mapping format on Scapple and then drag and drop the text elements over to Scrivener. I will show you that as well in another course. 

But for now, let's stick to the goal to produce an online course using Scapple.

If you try it for yourself you need to get the program here: Link to Scapple. It costs around 15 dollars but the good news is that there is a trial version

The course will show you in fact both how I did this course and the other one on one single sheet of paper on the screen. Because in my course channel I work on two parallel tracks: on one I am developing courses on tools for getting information, analyzing information and communicating information. In the other part of the channel, I focus on various aspects of security and I use my tools to develop that thinking.

I also could not resist the temptation to give you a short personal background in how I came to work with mind mapping already more than 30 years ago and how I now use a number of different mind mapping. tools in parallel which I will come back to.

This only to prove the point that mind mapping is not a luxury but a very useful tool -


often in stressed situations.

As a final note o information, I will use two additional tools to help me develop the course

  •  a dictation program (I use Nuance Dragon for Mac in order to dictate the text of my script for the course)
  • And a program that helps me to collect, store and retrieve illustrations. I use Evernote and the Evernote Web clipper. 





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Lars-Erik Lundin

Ph.D, Ambassador (ret)

Hello, I'm Lars-Erik security policy researcher and former diplomat on the national and EU levels. Long experience in mentoring and training students, interns, and collaborators as well as senior military and civilian leaders. 35 years of active personal development in the area of computer tools for information retrieval, analysis, and outreach, including open source intelligence. 60+K Twitter followers and 8K+ Linkedin. Personal website on Europe and security with 1-2 million page vi...

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