Mindfulness Guided Meditation: Anxiety, Stress, and Depression Management for Working Professionals | Shan Carballo | Skillshare

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Mindfulness Guided Meditation: Anxiety, Stress, and Depression Management for Working Professionals

teacher avatar Shan Carballo, Business Owner at Equilibri0m.com

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Mindfullness Meditation Part 1

    • 2. Mindfullness Meditation Part 2

    • 3. Mindfullness Meditation Part 3

    • 4. 10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation

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About This Class

This class explains how to practice mindfulness/breathing meditation.  By the end of this course you will be able to use mindfulness meditation to reduce your stress levels, improve your immune system and overall wellness.  This course includes a guided meditation.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shan Carballo

Business Owner at Equilibri0m.com


Hi friends,

My name is Shan. I grew up in Los Angeles and worked in the technology sector for most of my adult life. The most recent position I held was Director of Online Education at the Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California.

Seven years ago I reached a turning point which marked a new chapter for me.   I started traveling the world, focusing on self-care, self discovery, and entrepreneurship.  

Coming from a professional background related to online education, I thought it would make sense to share the most important lessons I learned along the way with the rest of the world.

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey :)


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1. Mindfullness Meditation Part 1: Hi, guys. My name is Sean. I wanted to create this video to offer practical methods to deal with the whole situation regarding the Corona virus. At the moment, I believe that everybody is a little bit anxious, and I wanted to just offer up some tools that can practically deal with a situation, deal with the anxiety and even boost the immune system. And the method I'm talking about is called transcendental meditation or breathing awareness meditation. And it has helped me immensely in my life, and I feel it's really applicability to the time that we're in the moment. So I'm currently filming this in Bali, Indonesia. So we're like, right in the heart of the scare, and I'm sure it's affecting all of you as it is affecting us over here. So the myth method, called mindfulness, meditation or breathing awareness meditation helps to reduce anxiety, and it also helps to boost it, boost the immune system. There's so much scientific evidence behind it, which you can go ahead and look up yourself. But I'll be talking about the methods of how boost the immune system and then also talk about how it reduces anxiety levels so What First, Before I get into that, I'll talk a little bit about my background. So I've been a long term meditator, have been meditating for probably about, like, 12 years now, and it really helped me a lot at a point about five years ago when I suffered a burn out at my old job. So I come from the big city, come from Los Angeles, and I had a job that was extremely stressful, and I had a lot of pressure on me to succeed just because of societal standards. So if any of you are from big cities, you can relate with that. It got to a boiling point where I finally just completely burnt out, and after that point, I really got obsessed with personal development on wellness and meditation became an even greater part of my wellness practice when I noticed that could really reduce my anxiety levels and just improve my overall well being. And so I delved into many different methods of personal development, even including talk therapy, psychotherapy and breath work and yoga and surfing and all sorts of different things up hypnotherapy and I always find that meditation is a cornerstone of my wellness practice. So what we're gonna be approaching today is we're gonna be talking a lot about breathing awareness or mindfulness meditation. And that's just one of the kind of fundamental meditation practices that I use. And I think it's really effective in improving self awareness and reducing anxiety altogether. So I'll go ahead and talk about that meditation practice. But first I need to talk about the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system, because these are the parts of the nervous system that are affected by mindfulness meditation. So the sympathetic nervous system, also referred to as a fight or flight nervous system, is a part of our nervous system that kicks in when we're in fight or flight mode. So back in the day when we were living in the savannas or living in the Cave Men times, the sympathetic nervous system would be activated if there was some sort of danger, whether it be danger from animals or threats from neighboring tribe or anything that possibly in danger, our well being in her life, the the sympathetic nervous system kicks in to get into fight or flight mode. So either we run like hell or we fight for life. And so what that does it stops the digestion of food. It stops all of these quote, non essential functions of the body in order to put all of our resource is into the things that will save us from the impending danger. So blood goes into our limbs, for instance, so that we can fights, and we're have heightened awareness. The downside of all of this is that in modern times we are kicked into the sympathetic nervous system, even if our life is not being threatened. So if you've ever experienced stress at work, you'll notice that, um, that you get a sensation like, let's say, if your boss gets upset at you or if you're experiencing some sort of terrible situation related to your coworkers or anything that could possibly put you under stress, you'll notice that you make clam up. You may get cold. You may. You may have heightened heart levels 2. Mindfullness Meditation Part 2: And that's the sympathetic nervous system kicking in your getting into fight or flight mode . So even though there is no impending doom, necessarily, your body thinks it's under some major threat. So the downside of that is that your body is only tuned to process major threats in very short bursts of time. So back in the day when we were cavemen, we could deal with a threat within the matter of minutes. But now we're in a prolonged state of stress for a matter of days or months or even years. So when your body is not conditioned to be in fight or flight mode all of the time, and what happens is that because all of your resource is air expended being in fight or flight mode, your body does not have enough resource is to rest and digest, and he'll and then our body begins to break down. Our immune system breaks down and disease happens. So in order to improve the immune system and unimproved the function of the body all together, we need to spend more time in the parasympathetic mode in rest or digest mode. So that's where breathing awareness and mindfulness meditation comes in is because it will actually put you in a more relaxed state, where the impending doom is left the side and your body is able to get back into rest and digest mode and your body actually begins to heal. And so that's what we'll be talking about today. So what is the method look like of mindfulness meditation? It's really, really quite simple. All you do is you sit in a relaxed state. You can even lay down if you so choose eyes closed hands on your lap or in some sort of relaxed state, and you begin to focus on your own breath. So you take a deep breath in, I choose to breathe in through my nose and exhale through my mouth. When you breathe, you breathe in through your stomach and your chest at the same time. It looks like this, so you notice your stomach expands in your chest expands, and that gives you a full range of breath, and then you slowly exhale through your mouth so you just repeat that relaxed and controlled full breath, and all you do is witness your breath. You just simply watch your breath again. You breathe in full stomach and chest through nose and you exhale through your mouth in a really controlled and deliberate fashion. I even put a little bit of a pause like a the top of my breath. 3. Mindfullness Meditation Part 3: on the exhale and through the practice. All you do is you just watch your breath and you will notice that thoughts will come into your mind. And that's not a problem at all. That's actually part of the practice. When thoughts come into your mind, all you do is you simply let them drop away. Let them fall away with the exhale and then go back to watching your breath again. Your ability to focus on your breath is not dependent on whether you're going to be good at meditation. Actually, your mind wandering. That's all part of the process. It's an intrinsic part of the process. So when your thoughts come in, just simply let them drop away. Put them aside and go back to your breath. And within time you will notice kind of a separation between your thoughts and your pure awareness. And that's where the the rial benefit of this practice comes in is because you become more self aware. In other words, you start to develop a separation between your thoughts and the pure awareness behind the thoughts, and that's when you can actually start witnessing your thoughts and taking deliberate action with those thoughts rather than just being controlled by those thoughts. But back to why this is so beneficial is when you do a breathing meditation. When you do this type of mindfulness breathing RENNES meditation, your mind will begin to really relax and your body will get back into parasympathetic states and your body will start to heal, so that will boost your immune system. And it also increase your level of communists so it'll reduce your anxiety levels. So that's why I wanted to offer this up is a really practical way to deal with how anxious the world is at the moment. You can take control over your own level of anxiety and calm and get yourself back into a state that is much more beneficial for your long term health and also improve your your immune system to deal with just every day, trials and tribulations of our world. So I'm going to include a guided meditation with this course, and it'll be a 20 minute breathing meditation that's going to be guided. So if this is something that's very new to you, just go ahead and play the guided meditation, and it will walk you through the process. And I wish you the best. And I hope that you can get through this and come out the other end stronger and healthier than ever. Thank you. 4. 10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation: so it really down in a comfortable position with your hands resting at your side or on your lap. Take a deep full breath in through your nose. I feel both of your stomach and your chest at the same time to fill up the whole upper part of your body. Take your breaths in a slow controlled matter with a slight pause at the top of your breath . When you fill up your lungs and your stomach and slowly exhale through your house with each exhale that all tension in your body completely dropped off. I stayed away that everything relieves as if its energy coming out of your fingertips coming out of your limbs, but it all dropped away with each controlled breath. Drop away more and more attention that your body sink down into your seat or you're bad the weight of your body sinking down with each relaxing breath. Attentions your breath with each inhale. Watch the slow movement of air with your attention going in through nose filling up your stomach and lungs. Just watch it. Just observe it. Watch the beauty and simplicity of it, slow controlled movements and at the top of your breath. Slight pause on the exhale. Watch it slowly move out of your mouth with each breath that your body sink down deeper into relaxation that all your limbs dropped down with their own weight. The weight of your own body sink deeper down into relaxation. I know that this time is just for you. It's just for you to be with you and to watch the simplicity and the beauty of your own breath. Pay attention again to the ease and smoothness of the inhale witness, huh? Simply beautifully. The air moves in through your nose. It feels your body with feelings so pure fundamental. Feel the air clear in your mind of everything. No way breast clearing out anything in your head in your mind, clearing all thoughts. Take another positive talk of your breath and slowly watch the exhale coming out of your mouth, releasing all thoughts, releasing all tension in your body, releasing every last bit with the exhale. Take a few moments now to continue watching cycle of your breath. Do it at your own pace slowly and comfortably and naturally, feeling both your stomach in your lungs. Just let the simple cycle of your breath, clear your mind and your body. - If you see any thoughts creeping into your mind, just simply let them drop away. Let them drop away Simply is the exhale. When you see the thoughts, just see them, witness them and let them drop away with the Exhale and return your attention back to watching the next simple breath.