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Mindfulness Flower Arranging

teacher avatar Madineyah Isaacs, Life Coach and Florist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Guided Mindfulness Experience

    • 3. Selecting Flowers

    • 4. Flower Prep

    • 5. Florist Tricks

    • 6. Vessel Prep

    • 7. Centerpiece Arrangement

    • 8. Front Facing Arrangement

    • 9. Last Words

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About This Class


Hello you

Join me, Madineyah Isaacs, life coach and florist in collaboration with Stems Brooklyn.

You’ll be guided in a simple mindfulness experience to connect you to the five senses.

From that peaceful and heightened state of awareness, we’ll move into free-form flower-arranging, where we’ll cover flower care, flower prep, choosing the correct flowers and florist inside tips.

You will learn how to confidently make a stunning, wild yet polished centerpiece and front-facing arrangement from start to finish.

The goal of the class is for you to have fun, learn a new skill, express your creativity and feel more relaxed and peaceful in the process.

Open to all levels :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Madineyah Isaacs

Life Coach and Florist


I love coaching people and helping them become a better version of themselves.

I also love designing a vibrant bouquet with what is locally available and creating something stunning.

Stunning people. Stunning flowers.

People are flowers too.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm modern Isaacs. I'm a life coach and florist. I have been practicing coaching and mindfulness for nearly a decade, and I am the head floral instructor at Stems Brooklyn in New York City, the two always mutually exclusive. I would wear my coaching at when I'm coaching clients, and then I would wear my flower hat. Should I say flower crumb when I'm teaching flower arranging workshops out? Often year people in the classes say it's so relaxing. It's so peaceful, so meditative. I can do this all day and the light bulb went off. Let's combine the tube into mindfulness flower arranging, and I'm happy to say we've been running this class with great success around New York City and also at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And now, year for you, a quick rundown off this class. I'm going to lead you in a simple, mindfulness experience, and from that relaxed and heightened state of awareness, we're going to move into three former flower arranging. You will learn about floor okay, flower print Flores inside tips and also hard to choose the correct flowers. And, of course, be confident to build a stunning front facing and saying to peace arrangement from start to finish. So this class is open toe all levels. Beginners especially welcomed. And if you're not really quite sure about the mindfulness and you just want to learn flower arranging, you are still in the right place. You're more than welcome to make the class your own. The goal of the classes for you to have fun learning new skill. Express your creativity while feeling relaxed and peaceful in the process. Welcome. 2. Guided Mindfulness Experience: And if you look up mindfulness, you probably find over 100 definitions and they probably all right, but a simplified version. It is just paying attention on purpose. How many times have we reached our destination or we reached the end of the day and we're not quite sure how we got there. We were just on autopilot, and mindfulness is just about bringing you back into the present moment. You don't need any special clothing, you don't need a Monta and you don't need a bearded guru. You just need yourself and ideally, acquired space for a couple of minutes. And if that is not possible, that is fine as well. I've practiced mindfulness on the busy New York City subway and also at loud concerts while waiting for the main act to appear on stage. So the aim is for you to feel relaxed and focus, but just a point that everyone's experience with this is different. Safe. You feel distracted. You are struggling. That is fine, just like breathe through it. Just that act alone of breathing in and out for a few minutes is going to be transformative . So this is the owner off stems Brooklyn, and she's going to join us in this mindfulness experience. Hi. My name is Susanne. A camera and modernity and I have been collaborating for several years together, and we've been having a lot of fun. A lot of laughter. Okay, so as you are, you're welcome to close your eyes. If you're comfortable, I'm gonna close my eyes. And so with you, Nic and your spine aligned with your hands on your lap palms facing upwards. Chris, relax your neck and your shoulders. Relax your feet. Take a deep breath in and breathe out with the heart sound. Yeah, expect another deep breath in on three and one more Take a big, deep breath in and out and just focus on being here. And now in this present moment that all the activity from before this come to arrest and whatever needs to happen outside of this exercise will happen. But right now you're year in this moment gifting yourself at this time off in a peace and stillness. I'd like you to feel the clothing on your skin. Just noticed the different textures and fabrics. Is it tight? Is it loose? I would like you to tunic with a taste in your mouth. Perhaps you had something to drink before this or something to eat. I just noticed what it tastes like. Now Place you attention inside the room. I'm just noticed What songs you can hear. Perhaps there's a clock ticking. Well, the cooling system. Just people close by. Just notice what you can hear. I have stretch your hearing outside and place it on the Ferb ist sound that you can year. Perhaps this cause in the distance there's wind blowing. And if any thoughts come into your mind, it's completely normal. Let them past and come back to this present moment and I bring you attention back into the room back into your body. Just notice the A on any exposed skin. So your hands, your face just notice wanted feels like. And with your eyes still closed, just notice what you can see behind your eyelids. One more. Take another big deep breath in and breathe out one more. Take a big, deep breath in ahem, pre that. Now quickly scan your body from head to toe. Just notice where you are holding any tension. Perhaps your jaw on your shoulders and your Nick, you're back. Lower body. And anyway, where your notice Any tension? Consciously, try and relax that part of your bodies. Just sit with it for a moment and I place you attention in the middle of your chest and feel the heart beating in your chest and connect to the rhythm. Just think about how you'd like the rest off your day or your evening to be. You can slowly wiggle your toes, move your fingers and when you're ready in your own time, you've been slowly open your eyes. What was that like for you? Well, I felt like when we started my islets felt very strained and that I had just relax my eyelids and that was the first thing I noticed. I just had to relax and feel my islands. And then as we went down to our bodies, I feel like I had a lot of stress on my shoulders. And so I just had to learn to just, like, just release that. And I didn't know I was holding my shoulder so tight, and I feel like I feel so much more relaxed now. The big mom running business. There's so many things going on. In my mind, it was next to just take a moment and just be here. And I think the breathing, like you said earlier, just breathing felt extremely transport with it. Yeah, beautiful. Well, I'm so happy you had that experience. And are you ready to create some flour? Well, I'm ready. 3. Selecting Flowers: for this class, all you need is a payoff shears and a mason jaw. So your focal flowers think of them as the diva is the star of your arrangement. So if you think off the cost of six in the city, this is your Carrie Bradshaw. So the 1st 1 that I actually picked up ease the pro tier, and I'm originally from South Africa, and this is actually our national flower. And this is also another type of prettier that also grows wild in the mountains back home. That's called a pin cushion. It's kind of reminiscent off if you so where you put your pins in the cushion. So there we go. Hence the name. The leaves are actually fireproof. Safe. We light them on fire. Now that is not going to light because it protects the blossom. And it's been around for many, many years at this pro tier. So this small, so fragrant, so decadent, I wish you can smell it. It is called a free spirit rose. It is a mix between 80 and garden rose, and this is called a blueberry rose, so it is currently spring in New York City, and this is available locally by the game. Like you know, whatever you have in season, just go to your local flower market or to your shop your corner daily and just pick out what they have. So the focal flowers, they are the stars of the divas. That's all you need to know about this. These are your secondary flowers. Think of it as your supporting role. So your Miranda, if you think of Sex and the City, if we keeping onto that theme and talking about Miranda thes tulips actually named after its called the Miranda Tulip and this tulip reminds me off the sun is just yellow and so magnificent. And then we have two types off Bernanke. Lis, this is called is Riley ridiculous. And this is probably the variety that a lot of us No, it's just ridiculous. And then we have snapdragon, and now we move on to the texture flowers. I like to think of this, Charlotte, because you get a different variety. You get nice and petite once, and then you also get a little bit of a wild side. These are called bellybuttons thes yellow guys over here, and these are called Veronica's And then we have these nice, spiky thistle that actually not picky. But just be careful if you have cats and little kids around, and I think you all know who this is, the base foliage kind of wild and free. I think this is so. This is the foliage. This is climbing Rusk us. These are going to be the base off your arrangement, and then as well we have full of flowers. It's wax flowers. It's wack. It's called that because it actually feels like the wax of a candle. Astro Miria is also a really great fuller, and it's widely available. You can get any type off foliage eucalyptus, myrtle. Whatever is locally available, it's going to be perfect. So today we going to make a mixed arrangement and to make a mixed arrangement, we need all these beautiful, different elements to create a stunning arrangement that has different heights, textures and shapes. 4. Flower Prep : way going to quickly go over flower prepper. And this is very important for the longevity off your arrangement. I'm gonna take the pinkish in, and as you can see, we still have some leaves on your and any leaves that are in the water in your vessel is going to cause bacteria. That is why we strip off. Believes I've got a little bit of a head start, but I'm going to take off this one leave. That is so on year off the tulips. So we just pulling off believes it looks quite nice if you leave a few leaves on the flower as well. These any lack dangling petals or just like one Pittle is not looking that great. That's fine to take it off as you can see all these dangling heads over here, so I'm just gonna slightly pull that off. Just kind of clean it up. Okay, there we go. That's how you pull off leaves off the flowers and with the roses, these roses up pretty great. The eastdil a few thorns on yet And you can just take your clippers and your shears just slip them off. I like to use the head of the sheer and kind of just slided long day that also takes them off quite easy. We don't want anyone getting cut. And also another big reason why we take the thorns off is because it gets stuck in between the flowers. When you are arranging and with roses, it's good to leave one or two leaves on because if allowed, the leaves are off, the rose is going to think that it's dead and it's not gonna lost as long. And now that allow our flowers are stripped off the leaves, the bottom part of the leaves, I'm going to show you how to trim them, so we're gonna cut all our stems at a point at a 45 degree angle. We do that so that the water could go up more easily and feed any leaves and also the head off flower. Easier, because if it is flat, I will show you, as you can see that to be the bottom of your ways, and the water could go up easily. And if I cut it flat a straight line, the water is not going to go up. So that's the simple reason why we cut it at a 45 degree angle 5. Florist Tricks : I think so. These are some of the questions we get asked most often in the flower workshops that teach . So how often do you change the water? You change the water daily in the arrangement so that you could pull out any off the leaves and bacteria or soil from the flowers that got stuck in there. Should they use hot water or cold water? You can use hot water if you have any being that day and you have something with the woody stem like a rose and you wanted to open. The heart order will actually help that bloom. But if you just want an arrangement to last as long as possible, cold order is perfect. How often do I need to cut the stems off my flowers? I would say from them at least every second day at a 45 degree angle because it can get mushy at the bottom. Is it true that I should put pennies, sugar, aspirin in my flower arrangement? I mean, no one is coming to the class with a headache or coffee. Or maybe they are. They need to get the sugar and aspirin after, but we just simply like to sterilize our vases with bleach and leave about 1/2 a teaspoon off bleach in court size mason jar, which we're going to make our arrangements after this and that will kill off any bacteria, and that's all that you need. So where is the best place to buy flowers off the back of the best place is your local farmers market, and if that is not available where you live, the flower market is great, and then your local stores and also the grocery stores as well. So also a great tip on story in your flowers. Once you have your arrangement, make sure it's in a cool, shaded area so, you know wanted on your windows. Soul Direct sunlight is not good for cut flowers. It is good for plants. If you have a refrigerator that is big enough, that is great. To store your flowers, just make sure that they are no apples and peaches because they do emit a certain gas that actually makes your flowers wilt quicker. And if you have cuts, please keep your cat's away. Cats love eating flowers. Eucalyptus can actually cause depression in cats, and we don't want that we want happy cats and also when purchasing flowers, make sure that you don't only look at the heads off flowers, but you look at the bottom as well if it's mushy. If these green like gunk all over that, that means it's not fresh, and the heads definitely won't lost as long. So I always make sure to check that stems are nice and fresh. 6. Vessel Prep: and prepare your vessel ease to make sure that there's no bacteria. We have to wash it with soap and water. Regular soap is fine. Just make sure you get the result you out, and then we like to use bleach. That's 100% pure bleach. It's not mixed with anything, and we're just going to add in about 1/2 a teaspoon. And this is a chord size mason jar. And if you're using a smaller draw, you are welcome to use a little bit less bleach and just regular tap water. We added about 3/4 into the vessel because flowers actually drink quite a lot of water. Just make sure there's no debris floating to the surface, and if they ease, that's fine as well. Just scoop it out and, yeah, and now we're ready to arrange flowers 7. Centerpiece Arrangement : So we start without greenery and what we're going to. Dewey's begin to cut it at a 45 degree angle, as we did earlier and stripped the bottom off the leaves so there's no 70 no leaves submerged in the water, and we can create a crisscross with zigzag pattern, if you will. And when you have that solid firm foundation and the grid, that is when you can slot in all your focal and your secondary flowers and your texture. So this is kind of like a nice base, solid base. So we're not using any oases or anything like this, which is much better for the environment. And we always encourage different heights, different textures. You can go as big as you want, where small as you want really make this close your own. There's just like one rule with building in a vessel or bays. Do not go twice the size off the vessel. Otherwise, it's not going to look visually appealing. I'm really feeling quite calm and relaxed all doing this. Such a beautiful practice, really being in the present and focusing on the arrangement. Okay, I'm going to add about two more and then I'm done, but you're welcome to go bigger or smaller. And as you can see, this is one stem and there's quite a few tendrils you don't need to put the whole thing in your arrangement. You are welcome to cut off a few off the tendrils, so you kind of also get more, more active it. So just like that, at a 40 45 degree angle as well. You get so many out of one steam. Look at that. I have one too. Three four said adds more volume for less. So again we're going to continue with the crisscrossing motion. And as you can see already, it's a different type of picture against the green. It's a different height as well, so the contrast is already coming into play. I'm going to turn it around and again. You can go is big away, small as you want, so I could literally keep going or I could stop. And if you feel that it is too high for you, you are welcome to pull it out and trim it down. I'd recommend doing that at this stage of ease, going to be more challenging to take it out when you have the rest of the flowers in. So if anything doesn't look right to you, do that now. So now we're going to move on to Step two because we have our solid grid. The foliage is creating that, and now the more easier part is just like slotting into those gaps and again, 45 degree angle. We doing that with every single flower and sometimes that out petals you can remove them. It's actually is just a protection layer for the inside. Okay, let the games begin, so I'm going to move it to know that's nice. Every guest will have a view off the focal flowers Carrie Bradshaw's and we used the design principle off numbers of 357 It looks really great in the arrangement, so it keeps your guests I from moving around and focusing on a pay. That is why we use the odd number principle. I think that might take off a few of these petals. This can be also very mindful, like pulling off the extra weight, if you would the deadweight. Now that we have our focal flowers in place, we're going to move on to the secondary flowers, and that shows some of the tulips and the ridiculous, and you can cut it shorter as well. You know, feel free to take it out. If it doesn't look right to you, that's always my guys. If the arrangement doesn't look good to you or write to you, then the ease probably something wrong. I want everyone to be happy with the arrangements that they create. And again you just move it around 3 60 and your slot in. And the great thing about the secondary flower, the ridiculous. It has already a texture flower touch, though that's pretty cool as well. And again, you're welcome to cut off the tendrils. So again you get like to anyone so you don't need to use it right next to the ridiculous. You can move it around, so I will leave it for later. Same thing here for you could leave it, and maybe I believe this one. I'm gonna cut this one shorter because, as you can see, it's the same height, and it's just a nice contrast if it's different heights and I have a pink relentless as well so as you couldn't see, the arrangement looks really good, but it looks kind of one dimensional. The roses around the Rin Oculus, the chill up is a similar shape. And to break it up, we're going to use our texture flowers. And I'm going to use some Veronica's You can just play with it. Which colors works best. We have some light purple. Well, I lack and then a docker as well. So just kind of play, you know, it's really about making this your own. I think I'm gonna go with the doctor. One Veronica is great, is going to add the added height to this arrangement. So before comparing the flower to the ways the height, you could just check it, drive next to it. So instead of putting it in and then having to take it out, it was not the correct height. You could just put it next to the base. You're like, Oh, is this the height that I want? Yes, it's in contrast, is not exactly the same. Might. I'm gonna put it in there. And as you can see, this one has more Bacall. This one has a cool on top, but it's more straight, and that's just the way it grows in nature and, you know, we need to embrace that every season. It's going to look different and just be creative, you know? And you know you don't need to follow. There has to first be focal flowers in secondary and then texture. If you look at the arrangement and you feel like something is missing, it needs maybe extra focal flour and you're right at the end. Don't be skate Go for it like please make this your own And I'm feeling that way now. So I've decided to use the pincushion Proteas, and again I'm going to measure it. Next. Dude, the base. I'm thinking this is a little bit all, so let me trim it down. I think it looks good on this side. It's kind of like a empty space years. So let me full that I'm just going to slide it in. There is more than enough space. I think I'm gonna add another one in. And as you can see with this one as well, it's more curvy and we're gonna make it work. As you can see, the beautiful contrast off these spikes of the pincushion and then you come down to the softer petals of the ridiculous and the tulips. Beautiful. And also the belly buttons. It's a nice straight line. It's also gonna add a nice high to your arrangement because we only have the Veronica's now that that are doing it. Okay, if you see. Okay, maybe I need more greens here at the back, and this is actually the first state. Can I go to the first step in the last day? Yes, you can. So I'm going to do that. - And there you have it. A basic ST a piece that you could easily make anyway. You are in the world. 8. Front Facing Arrangement: and I'm gonna teach you the Frank facing arrangement. And this arrangement looks really nice up against the wall because the front it does all the speaking and you don't really see anything at the back. The back is just the greens, the foliage. How I like to explain the front facing arrangement. Think of it as three rungs on the ladder, the background. We're going to start with the foliage. I just have two big pieces off climbing rascals. Then I'm gonna take some off the wax flowers. And this is a different technique that I'm teaching you. This is actually building the arrangement in your hand. The one before this we bolted in the bays, and it's just personal preference for electable in the ways you're going to accomplish the same result. I was just having fields. So this is the top rung of your ladder. And now we're gonna move on to your second rung, which is also your secondary flowers, which is the tulips we spoke about earlier. So you can see the latter information going and in front to be going to add our focal flowers. This is way your guests, I or you or I would naturally fall. We're looking at the arrangement. I'm using some of the free spirit roses and the big giant bad boy, the king prettier. I think he wants to live over yet. And once you kind of have these three rungs on the ladder, you have this in place. Now you can start breaking the rules. You can start moving at any way you like Ed in. But once you have this basic rhythm flowing, then you can start moving around. So the fissile, I think I'm gonna put it at the back. It's a nice contrast as well. And then a nice picture is the Israeli relentless. It's really like flowing and beautiful. It's the way grows and it's kind of gonna help us create a really nice arrangement and feel free to move it around, see way it's going to look the best. And also another tip Easy. If I'm working with the arrangement up close to me, it looks very different to win the arrangement, ease further away and different heights as well. If it's on a table where it's gonna be high up on a shelf, just kind of move around to the different label that you'd want it and see how it would look. I know some people even take pictures off the arrangement to see how it looks. I usually don't do that, but like if you feel that would work for you, go for it. So this is pretty much of the front facing arrangement. I'm going to put on the final touches in the Mason jar, so the same as earlier. Be sterilized the vase. Same size, same process, everything. So with this arrangement, it's basically Bolt already. We don't need to rebuild ID in the base, and we're just going to cut it'll at a 45 degree angle. I know at this point a lot of students in the flower workshops would be like, How is that going to fit into the Mason jar? Because so many flowers and they're always a little surprised to see that it fits in perfectly because it's quite a big opening. And again you could size it up next to the basil. Thank you. And you all know by now to take off the leaves. Why, yes, Because it had bacteria in the water. I'm sure you all say that sometimes it is a bit tricky to get off all the leaves, but it's well worth it. So as you can see, this is the back of the arrangement and you don't really want to look at that. So that's going to be up against a wall and you just focus on the front and it's all foot in, and now we're just going to finish it off. You know, you can feel free to add more greens at the bottom to make this really as big as you would like, and I'm gonna do that now and also something I like doing with my friend facing arrangements. I like to kind of keep the flow off the back going safe. I use some of the Ruskies here and the thistle. I like to use it in front as well. It's like a nice flow, so I'm going to add some enough and then I'll turn it around and show you. And there you have it. Your basic front facing flower arrangement 9. Last Words: thank you for joining me in this class. I hope that you have expressed your creativity and your feeling more mindful and more relaxed out. Love to see your projects. Please upload them in the project. Calorie! I want to see what you created and I promise I will reply and you feedback to each and every creation. And I hope to see you in the next class. And if you in New York City, please come visit us at Stems Brooklyn. We have workshops on all the time. I look forward to connecting with you and I'll see you next time.