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Mindful Stress Management for Professional Success

Stacey Miller, Career Coaching and Life Design

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Mindful Stress Management Intro

    • Mindful Presence & Slow Breathing

    • More Mindful Moments

    • Feeling Your Feet

    • Using Your Words & Power Poses

    • Protect Your Time!

    • Self Care Matters

    • Class Project & Resources


About This Class

In this 22 minute class, Career and Life Design Coach Stacey Miller reviews the effects of stress and provides a series of simple techniques and skills to manage it more effectively, particularly while experiencing a challenging day in the workplace. For the class project, students will develop their own one-month stress-reduction plan, starting with one workplace practice or self-care initiative to implement in the first week, followed by another to be added over time for additional support. 

Practices Overview:

Mindful Moments ~ Breathing Exercise to Calm the Nervous System ~ Feel Your Feet for Grounding and Centering ~ Reframing Self Talk for a Mindset Shift ~ Power Poses for Composure and Confidence ~ Protecting Your Time

Plus Self Care Essentials:

Sleep ~ Nutrition ~ Exercise ~ Community ~ Nature ~ Gratitude






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Stacey Miller

Career Coaching and Life Design

Hello, I'm Stacey, Career and Life Design Coach. Offering practical guidance and compassionate support, I coach busy professionals in cultivating more balanced and intentional lives. I work primarily with professional women who care deeply about making a positive impact and are struggling to manage multiple roles and competing priorities. Whether you are considering a career transition or simply need to shift your work-life balance to enhance your well-being, I can help.

Coaching is a ...

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