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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. Final Project

    • 3. The Air Flow

    • 4. Body Resonance

    • 5. Lower Body Vibrations

    • 6. Head Space

    • 7. Our Body: Home of the Sound

    • 8. Creating an Intention

    • 9. Overview

    • 10. Bonus: Recording Your Final Project

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About This Class

If you are curious about your voice and how to improve it on your own this class is perfect for you!

We will be concentrating on the process of producing the sound and learning how to notice it in our bodies. 
This class will guide you towards becoming your own singing teacher and being in control of the sound you produce. 

In this class you will:  

  • Learn how to connect with your body through sound
  • Understand how to gain better control of your voice
  • Some useful tips and techniques on how to become your sound master
  • Learn how to develop a strong and powerful voice, not only physically but also emotionally
  • Experience how to use singing as a tool for mindfulness 
  • Improve your concentration
  • Develop some new skills for balancing your everyday life

    No previous knowledge is required.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Neringa Kaminskaite

Create with freedom


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1. INTRO: Hello, everyone. And welcome to mindful. Singing essential. My name is Manning, um, singer music teacher. And I'm here to share some insights with you on how to become your own local court. While using to Mike this course, we will be exploring how the sound travels through our body. We will be sensing the vibrations and connecting our body voice and the mind to work together so we could produce the most beautiful sound. Pretend to forget that we have all the tools we need to become the best versions of ourselves in this case, to become the best singers that we could ever be. So here we will be exploring all the tools you might have for gotten that could help us to reach the results that we want. From my experience, I have learned that most of our results depend on the right mindset and where we direct our attention the process, not the outcome. This is what we will be working on. The scores will be concentrating on how we're feeling while we're producing the sound. Because at the end, this is what matters the most. The quality of our sound depends on how we're creating it. We'll be exploring how to improve the skills that we already have and hopefully learn something. This course is suitable for anyone who's interested in singing for only beginner done a bond singer, I'm sure everyone will find some useful tools to rich their daily practice. It is also suitable, for those were just interested in the voices and how to use their roles as a tool of expression began. We will be preparing connecting all the tools we will cover and following lessons so we can produce an amazing sound and expressed our motions that were feeling at the present. Let's get started. 2. Final Project: for our final project, we will be creating and recording a melody while concentrating on the process of producing . I would like you to forget about everything around you and concentrate on what you're feeling at the moment. What you're feeling at the moment off singing the melody doesn't have to be fancy or complicated. You could use only two notes or even one. If that is what you feel at the moment, we will cover different techniques and tools and how to notice the sound and how to connect with sound better. Hopefully, you can use them in your project. I will provide a couple of different backing tracks that you could use as a tool to record your melody so you can get creative and use your own backing. Track one note or don't use anything at all. The most important part is that you try and forget about the outcome about the result about the actual product in this case, the melody and concentrate on what is happening while you're singing. I would like you to write a live description below your project and tell what feelings what visual things you've seen you've sensed while you're recording singing your malady. You can use any device, your full computer and maybe a recorder. The quality of it doesn't really matter. The most important part for me is so you would connect with yourself and express your feelings and emotions through the voice while actually being in the present moment. This course we will cover a few different techniques on how to achieve this result. How to actually connect our mind and our voice. So our voice becomes the bestowal off expression. I'm very excited to see what melodies will be floating around in this space in our project gallery. Good luck. And most importantly, don't forget that all that matters is the process. The moment off, singing, not whatever comes out of it. At least not today. No. In this course, good luck. 3. The Air Flow: everything begins with the breath. There is no sound without air food. Therefore, we really need to feel how the air comes and leaves our body so we can produce beautiful sound. Afterwards, singing requires a clear mind set. We use air as a tool toe, clean our bodies and prepare ourselves to produce this beautiful sent. We will be doing a very simple exercise that will help us to notice the breath. You can do it as often as you like pretty much everywhere and hopefully you find it easy to . There are a lot of exercises that help us to notice the breath. And they all serve the same purpose to slow down our mind and hopefully connect with what is happening with him. Who? We will just close our eyes. We will be inhaling through our nose, feeling our body expands and slowly exhaling pushing the air for our It always helps to visualize the airflow as a snake or dragon or some wave that comes and goes out of your body. Okay, so let's try and Teoh together we will close our eyes. Imagine the air as this big wave or snake. Whatever comes to your mind and we will start slowly inhaling for our nose feeling how the board expounds like a bullet and slowly exhaling through the mouth. Who did again inhaling through the nose eggs, hailing food, imagining that the air this big, strong classing way that prepares our body to sing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling This is really good exercise for you to just release old stress. You've gathered through the day and as I mentioned before, a good preparation for us to sing, because at the end, the air that we exhale becomes the sound. Therefore, really need to know what direction that's air is going so we can control the sound. So weaken direct this airflow to the correct places in our body so we can sing. We can produce this beautiful don't rush into the following lesson where we'll be exploring how to connect the airflow with sound. Even though this exercise might no be new to you and a tall really recommend you stick around with it, you try and explore. You try and did a couple different times, you know, you do break. Then you come back to it again because, as I mentioned before, the air is the base of all the sound of all the singing. Therefore, we really need to learn how to notice it so we can control it and direct it to the right places. 4. Body Resonance: our body is like a bowl of water. Tiny disturbance makes all the water moves. In our case, this the Starnes is the sun to be more precise. Sound vibration, our body consents, thes vibrations and it's borns, muscles, organs, chest cavity, hat speeds, even our blood. That's why music effects is so much. We've got this amazing instrument to produce the sound. Therefore, we have all the tools we need to actually enhance its quality and change the sound ways we want to change. We can be lied, quiet and can dio a lot of other things with it hour maybe less obvious that we will try to export. In this course. The most important thing is done. This find that on Lee way, the only way toe actually learn how to become the master of sound. The master off your own expression is to start listening to what is happening at the present moment. I would like to invite you to notice your vibrations in your body that arise when you're talking to someone just like that. Try to tell a story to someone in your family, your friends, or even record yourself on, See what vibrations you can sense in your body where the sound is, try to change the amplitude of the sun tried to be a louder, a bit quieter. Maybe make some funny voices and see how the place how the vibrations in your body are changing. This is the only way for us to actually learn and control this because we cannot control something we don't understand, right? We cannot control something we don't feel. We need to have at least a little bit of know it. And the sensation of sound vibrations is the first step we can take in this journey and the following lessons we will connect the airflow that we've covered in previous lessons with producing the sun will see how strongly those who are connected will be sensing the vibrations in different parts of our body, eventually connecting them with our emotions, feelings so we can express ourselves in the best possible way 5. Lower Body Vibrations: Okay, I'd say we've talked about the airflow enough. Let's see how we can connect it with actually producing this. This lesson will be working on the lower pitched sounds and paying attention to the vibrations that okay in the chest and the neck. Again. I will ask you to close your eyes and visualize the sound. Visualize the airflow. Imagine. But when we're exhaling, the airflow is coming towards our vocal folds and actually like a trigger triggers something so sound is born. Then all these vibrations are created. Slow down this process as much as you can see, we can see a clear picture of what is happening. I find it the easiest way for me to actually connect with sound and feel it and expect. So let's try and close our eyes. We'll use the same technique off breathing. We will be inhaling through our nose and eggs healing, but this time will be exhaling. While let's do it together, and I'm sure it won't be difficult. We will inhale through the nose. Then we will hum on a local sound, feeling the vibrations in our check. Good. Let's did one more time. We will inhale good well done. Obviously, the vibrations are not only in the chest as I've mentioned before, all of our bodies capable off feeling the sun, feeling these vibrations. But I just want you to draw your attention to this area in mountain that your capturing the sound in the cave that your chest and the neck. It's some sort of a cave, and you're just capturing the sound there and letting it did a little dance. Whatever your imagination brings on you in the following lesson, we will be exploring the headspace area and noticing the air vibrations in there again, the lessons are short and the exercise air really easy, but I really highly recommend to spend time on each exercise so you can actually connect. You can actually feel because everything requires time and practice the more you did. If you did every day for a couple of minutes in weeks time, you will start feeling a deeper connection with the sun. You will start being able to explain what is happening much in a much better way. So I really recommend doing Russians and following less and spend your time here. Have fun with it and season 6. Head Space: I hope you have sense the vibrations in the lower register well, and I hope you feel a bit more connected to the sound you're producing. Let's have a look into the higher pitch sounds and what is happening when we're producing them. In a way, it's a bit easier to imagine this. Let's go back again to the X elation and how the X elation triggers are vocal, fooled by relying stare as a engine as an engine, so they start producing the sense. In this case, the air as we exhale, will be coming up, triggering the wukan folds on coming into our head space to vibrate and resonate all over head all over our face. Everywhere again, we will use the same technique of breathing will be causing our eyes and visualize ing the sound, trying to sense the smallest details. The smallest sensations that all care. Let's go their eyes. We'll be inhaling through your nose, exhaling with humming sand. What we will choose a higher pitch than in the previous list. Let's inhale and uh huh. Now humming can really change. The vibrations can really change if you start moving your tongue. If you start imagining that you're sort of like yawning with closed lips if you tried to move your inner facial muscles in different ways. So I would like you to try an experiment with this and see how different vibrations have. How do they change? Okay, let's take one more time together and you can probably send from the way I'm sounding that I'm doing something different. Let's close their eyes, inhale through the nose and home way. Okay. A lot of funny noises coming at, um I hope you've tried to do a little changes inside your mother, even though maybe now it's hard to tell what you've done differently. If you know what was happening. If you know what you were doing, please share with us all. I'm very curious to see if you felt any different sensations while you were changing some specific positions in your mouth of your tongue of your throat. Whatever happened again? Take your time with this exercise. Take your time exploring these possibilities of different vibration, explore the possibilities of the sound being able to fill your head okay. And try to be mindful. Tried to be with some. Try to imagine what it sounds like when the sound change. Try to imagine how different you feel, what a different emotion it could represent. While we're changing these vibrations from a bit flatter, toe the rounder from yellow to blue or again, whatever your imagination brings on you, you go. 7. Our Body: Home of the Sound: So we have explored two different kinds off vibrations that talk You're in our body if you could see to really narrowing it down, obviously the ERM many different ways of vibrations. Now let's try and imagine our body as a tool at off expression. We will try and connect these two different types of vibrations together, imagining that our body is like a home space for the sound that the sound feels like home in our body. It can go up and down the stairs without any worries, being completely relaxed and do whatever he wants inside of our body. Using the tool off mindfulness, we will try and create an intention while travelling through our body with sound. Let's say we're in a really good mood today, and we will try to control the vibrations. Control the sound with this happy feel. Or maybe you feel a bit slow or melancholic today, and your sound, your vibrations will feel the same way, too. We will be humming using the same breathing technique, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mud with humming son, this time just coming in between different pitches, going up and down, maybe staying high been coming little or just staying alive than coming high. Whatever it feels natural for you again, the exercises very easy. It's all up to you to actually do it to its full potential. Most important thing is to be with sun Imagine color the sun, Create a persona out of it. Make as a picture as vivid as possible because that will help you to express yourself the best. Okay, that's close. Arise We will inhale through the nose again. I will paint humming picture way. Okay, Wasn't hard alcohol again? It all depends on you Whether you take advantage of this exercise, you can have a lot of fun with it if you want to. It all depends on your your imagination. With this tool with this humming tool connecting the airflow and the vibration, we can really understand how the sound is traveling through our body, weaken slowly, start feeling different parts of our body but in the fraud and in our face. And start feeling different vibrations slowly understanding how to improve the quality of our sound. But this is for another time. He were just learning how to connect it all together. Spend some time with this exercise. Have fun with it. Maybe if you feel up for it, ask your friends or family if they can guess if they can tell what you're humming feels like. See if it matches your riel emotion or ask them to try and do it and see if you can get that. See? See what's happening. Coleman. Please ask questions right comments and share What is happening while you're exploring this beautiful, beautiful body mind connection through sound. In the following lesson, we will be talking about creating an intention. We slightly touched it in this lesson as well, but we're concentrating on how to actually express ourselves and how important that it's. 8. Creating an Intention: this lesson, we will be creating an intention for our son. The previous lesson we've explored, how different the sound could be like be happy, sad, melancholic, slow, fast, funny And all the ways you could actually in mind here. Now we will talk about how important it is for us to have the intention off the sound when we're producing the sound to other people. A lot of the times we forget why we are singing. Ah, lot of the times we forget why we have our voices. They are giving to us so we can express and share our emotions, our feelings, our insights, maybe teach someone else, maybe give someone some support. He'll someone with our voice music inspire and do all sorts of beautiful things. So when we're singing, it is very important that we set the right intention. There's no such thing as the right intention. What I mean is, we set an intention. We think what we wanna make, what we want to create with this sound reproduce. Let's say I chose the sun that is very colorful, fun, happy and fast. So it kind of imp flies that my intention would be to make someone feel happier, inspire someone or support them in Sant situation, that is very important that I know what I'm trying to say. Like now I'm trying to share my insights with you, and my clear intention is to share my knowledge, my discoveries with you. A lot of the times when we're singing, we forget about this. We try to compete with others. We try to be better than someone else. We're trying to win against someone, forgetting that we're all so unique. We're all so unique. We can never be like someone else. And there's no such thing as better works because we're just all so different. I spoke while law about visualizing the sun and I would like to hot. It's important. Maybe you can see the sound like a cloud. And with your Han, you can just shift it, shifted through the space and make different shapes. Maybe again, you see that huge snake or dragon or you imagine, see, and all these things that really helps us to connect with our intention, because happiness as a thing is an emotion is a sensation. But we all see things that make a spank off happiness. that could be nice. Memories, some places, some things flowers, son. Everyone has a different sense of happiness. So I would like you to use your emotions, your memories, to help you to create this beautiful sand and to help you to express yourself. I would like to mention it wants more that again. We're working all the process, not the outcome. Because the process is our result in this case, being part of the process, being able to enjoy the sound, being able to connect with it and tell a story the purest way. This is our results. This is our goal. Whatever comes will come naturally. If you're really putting yourself 100% in this. If you're trying to connect with the sun and feel it and visualize it, the result will be amazing. I promise you. We just need to spend more time and be patient. Be very patient with yourself. Don't think that I didn't feel this. I didn't feel bad. The melody came out wrong. It didn't work. That was wrong. That was wrong. Forget about this. Think about how you're feeling at the moment. Think about your intention. Don't forget that if you start blaming yourself for not doing something right. Your intention changes with it too. So be very gentle and patient with yourself and just dive into this exploration open sound and your book. 9. Overview: I'm so happy I had a chance to share my insights on the sound and how to connect mine on the sound with you. I hope you enjoyed this journey, and I'm very excited to see whatever melodies comes out of your beautiful voices. Please share them in the project gallery with all of us, so we can hear and we can see what you felt while you were singing. Don't worry if it doesn't come out the way you wanted it to is not a piece of music. It's a piece off exploring the sound. This melody doesn't have to sound like a song or a part of the song. It can be like humming that we've done together in the previous licence. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It's just about you and your connection with your voice so you could express yourself. I would like to remind you again that we all have all the tools we need to express ourselves and become better and what we want to be better, especially when it comes to sound and singing and speaking. Ah, lot of the times we feel like we don't have what it takes. We are not able to do this because someone else is better than us. But that's really not true. We all have everything we need to succeed. We just need Teoh. Connect our mind with the boys, set the right intention and sing Express Er's. One of the most important things in this journey is learning how to draw your attention and words while you're singing. Imagine, like you're dropping yourself in a could off sound that when you're singing, there's nothing else around. It's just you, your voice, your sensations and your emotions. There's no one else around. No one can disturb you. And if they do, you don't actually have to be a start. It is very important that you relax and and enjoy. Enjoy that time for yourself. Endured time with yourself and your beautiful beautiful. The techniques that we covered in the this course can really be used if you're performing a song. Uh, we use the same tools. We try and notice the sound. Even though we're singing with Larry, we try and create the right intention would try and imagine the sound traveling through our body and really, really paying attention to where it is when we're singing. So this could really be adopted Any any practice you're going through and can assist you in your everyday life, even if you wanna talk to someone fuel. If you need to do a public speech and things like that, it's all about the same thing. It's all about creating an intention and connecting your mind with your voice. So you speak as one, and the body language comes with it to afterwards. Naturally, you'll sends how you're flowing through the music or through your speech in a really natural weight. But you just need to forget about all the outside world and concentrate on yourself. Thank you for joining me on this course. I'm so looking forward to hear all the melodies you've created and read everything you felt about yourselves while you were producing those melodies. I hope to see you soon in some other courses and good luck. Enjoy music. And don't forget that you've got all it 10. Bonus: Recording Your Final Project: everyone. I thought, I'll take you for the process of creating your final project, recording melody and show you out. You see, it actually is. So I'm using two devices. Have two devices today, nights to make. Got my phone to record my Indiana got my laptop there. If I choose to use the backing track, make sure you choose a very comfortable space for you sitting on my coffee caps today, and you choose to sit as well. Make sure you're created enough space in your body for the Air Force to come in. Not so meaning you're not crunching like that are sitting in a very weird position. You can choose to stand standing. Sometimes it's better for keeping the correct washer. You could do somewhere in nature that could be quite inspiring and interesting, because you always have some other natural backing tracks. That true background sounds that could really inspiring While you're singing, you can do it somewhere else, but it's basically any place you feel you want recording normality. So let's just try and record with Melody without backing track at all on I'm just gonna please my food here hit the record button and start singing, We'll see. What? - So there you go. Got Mandy. That's just under a minute. So it's very short, but I just wanted to show you Good. So let's just check. It will work. Well, yeah, I can hear it pretty well. And now if you're Melody is longer than that, you're really turns out to before five minutes. That's great. Because when you start saying you might get carried away in time flies, so inspiration companies keep singing. I'll be very curious to hear melodies quite long. That might be interesting. Okay, so let's try on record the second option. We will get back on track. Guys provided. Let's yeah. Used backing tracks number two just around choice. Got it. Brandy, make sure phone is ready as well. So I'm gonna hit record button, then gonna press play and start sending. Oh, oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, yeah. No way. Oh, Okay. So I got my second maladies. Well, let's see the work that we captured everything. Yes, I can hear back. Try and my boys pretty well. We just recorded just with four. So as you can see, I've used a couple of different sounds, not just humming this time use different balls. Way can really get creative. Use all the sounds from different languages. Basically just ship. Everything feel is rising. And there's no limits. Lecturer, there's no normal this. So I'm gonna pull thes both backing tracks. Both these backing tracks online to the project gallery. Right. My descriptions we concede what was going on? What did I what did I you While I was singing these melodies? I hope you do the same, I hope. Now see as well how easy it is to record your D And please have really encouraged you to share it with everyone because it could be very interesting and inspiring to others. You show what you've done. You can always be an inspiration to someone else without even knowing it. So please don't be afraid again. Just use a couple of different nodes. You can use your own back on track. So I don't recommend playing an instrument while singing this because our goal is to concentrate on the vibrations in our bodies. Was better for just completely blacks. But you can pre recorded do get whatever you feel like. I hope this was useful and good luck again. A very, very exciting, very curious to hear What melodies will you come? And I hope to see you