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5 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction to mind maps

    • What is a mind map?

    • How to create a mind map

    • Rules for mind mapping

    • Create mind maps with free software


About This Class

Over the years mind maps have been proven as one of the best methods to stimulate creativity and to study various types of subjects. It has numerous applications in our personal and business life.

Tony Buzan, who made mind maps popular in the early 1970's, said "Learning how to learn is life's most important skill". It is an excellent tool to open up your mind and structure your thoughts.

It is still unknown to many people and I believe we should even teach our children from a young age to do mind maps. You can only improve your performance and efficiency by using it in your daily life.

In my second course Brainstorm Yourself To Success ( http://skl.sh/29ZQg6X ) I talk about mind maps as a tool for brainstorming. This class is a good follow up for the Brainstorming one.

If you are new to mind maps, or just want to refresh your memory again, then join us.

We going to cover:

  • Where do mind maps come from?
  • What is a mind map?
  • How to create a mind map and what rules apply?
  • Create a mind map by hand.
  • Create a mind map using free software.

ENROLL NOW and let us get going....





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Jan Nel

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My name is Jan Nel and it is great to be connected with you here on Skillshare. I am really looking forward sharing various interesting topics with you.

I am an engineer by training but was involved with teaching most of my working life, full and part time. The past 15 years I am involved in business consulting on various topics and was privileged to gain a lot of experience and knowledge along the way that I want to share.

I truly believe by investing in ourselves wit...

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