Mind Mapping for Communication Clarity, Creativity and Strategy

Ritu Advani, MindMapping

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12 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Description, Assignment/Delivarables

    • 3. What is a Mind Map?

    • 4. Benefits of Mind Maps

    • 5. Mind Mapping

    • 6. Gathering Materials

    • 7. Laws of Mind Mapping

    • 8. Creating a Mind Map - Step 1

    • 9. Creating a Mind Map - Step 2

    • 10. Creating Images on a Mind Map - Step 3

    • 11. Boeing Corporation Story

    • 12. Final Thoughts


About This Class

  • In today’s times creativity, communication clarity, strategy, good memory & www.yourmindmap.com time management are mandatory for high performance, better productivity   we need to think “Creatively and strategically”. That is, in an organized manner. We are so overloaded with information everywhere.. that it is important to focus on the correct information with clarity, strategy & saving time!!    
  • Mind Mapping is a “ visual thinking tool”. Its concept has been reconized globally. It is simple, fun and effective in bringing memory enhancement from 50% to 500% immediately.
  •   It is considered the “Swiss Army knife of the Brain”
  • It has been invented by Tony Buzan who is officially the most creative man in the world.
  • The phenomena of Mind Mapping are now world-renowned.  Why is it that millions of people around the globe find it such a useful tool for creative thinking, planning and collaborating with others?
  • Evidence shows that Mind Maps can facilitate the learning process in a variety of ways.
  • A Mind Map can help you think with greater clarity to explore relationships between ideas and elements of an argument and to generate solutions to problems. It also becomes easier to integrate new knowledge and organize information logically as you aren’t tied to a rigid structure
  • Mind Mapping encourages critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Mind Mapping brings together your left brain and right brain which dramatically increases your mind power. By using both cortical sides simultaneously you are maximizing your brain’s potential.