Mind Mapping for Communication Clarity, Creativity and Strategy

Ritu Advani, MindMapping

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12 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Description, Assignment/Delivarables

    • 3. What is a Mind Map?

    • 4. Benefits of Mind Maps

    • 5. Mind Mapping

    • 6. Gathering Materials

    • 7. Laws of Mind Mapping

    • 8. Creating a Mind Map - Step 1

    • 9. Creating a Mind Map - Step 2

    • 10. Creating Images on a Mind Map - Step 3

    • 11. Boeing Corporation Story

    • 12. Final Thoughts


Project Description

Create a MindMap with the Topic of your Interest

Mind Mapping is a easy thinking tool for Communication clarity, Strategy and Time Management, Creativity, Memory Recall, Planning, problem solving, presentation skills.   It enhances productivity on a daily basis. Hence, you can achieve much more in being strategic with your decisions in a much shorter period of time. A Mind Map structure shows you the whole picture of your thoughts on one page. Mind Map is beneficial for several reasons. In this class I will focus on communication clarity, strategy and Time Management. I will teach you how to make a Mind Map with a simple topic. So that you learn how to draw a Mind Map for several other reasons of your requirement.

I shall explain the science of Mind Mapping. I will teach you how to create a Mind Map.

At the end of the class you will be an expert in Making a Mind Map to share with your colleagues, family and kids.

Project Deliverables:

  1. Upload your Mind Map.
  2. Explain the Mind Map created
  3. How & Why do Mind Maps inspire You?.
  4. How did you benefit from a Mind Map?
  5. What other benefits do you see presently and in the future
  6. Where and how would you apply it henceforth?
  7. Any thoughts you would like to share !


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Ritu Advani
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