Mimicry to Mastery: Drawing Portraits from Reference | Cara Ord | Skillshare

Mimicry to Mastery: Drawing Portraits from Reference

Cara Ord, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Warm Up

    • 3. Shape Skeleton

    • 4. Character From Reference

    • 5. Facial Anatomy Mapping

    • 6. Measuring the Face

    • 7. Drawing Portraits from Reference

    • 8. CHALLENGE UNIT - Portraits using Multiple References

    • 9. Thank you


About This Class

This class will take you through the basics of illustrating from reference. Helping you improve your eye and hand skills in developing likeness in your imagery. This class is great for any skill level, it can help you with a basic understanding of drawing as well as improve the skills of a fine artist. We will go all the way from understanding the anatomy of a face and working with basic shapes to rendering a realistic or stylised portrait (your choice).

Here are my finished portraits from this class for some inspiration:







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Cara Ord

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

My name is Cara and I am a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator with 5 years under my belt. I am very passionate in what I do and love to share this passion with others. 

Other loves of mine include ice skating (I am also a professional performer), dogs, nature and snuggling up with a good book on a rainy day.

I am so excited for this opportunity to share my knowledge with you all and learn as well. I hope I can become a helpful resource for you and I am here at yo...

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