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MikroTik Hotspot with User Manager

Maher Haddad, IT Trainer

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26 Videos (4h 58m)
    • Course promo video

    • The need of the wireless Hotspot

    • How MikroTik Hotspot works

    • Main requirements for the MikroTik Hotspot

    • LAB #1 - Configuring the main requirements of the MikroTik hotspot

    • LAB #2 - Configuring the Hotspot on the MikroTik router

    • LAB #3 - Setting up Cookies and trial profile

    • LAB #4 -Limit user uptime based on time or upload download traffic

    • LAB #5 - Creating users profile for speed limitation - Part1

    • LAB #5 - Creating users profile for speed limitation - Part2

    • LAB #6 - Advertising on the hotspot

    • LAB #7 - Bypass user authentication on hotspot using IP Bindings

    • LAB #8 – Allow access to a website without hotspot authentication using Walled Garden

    • LAB #9 – Changing the look of captive portal

    • LAB #10 – Hotspot Https redirect using self signed certificate

    • Introduction to PCQ queeing on the MikroTik Hotspot

    • LAB #11 – PCQ queueing on the MikroTik Hotspot - Part 1

    • LAB #11 – PCQ queueing on the MikroTik Hotspot - Part 2

    • Introduction to MikroTik User Manager

    • LAB #12 – Install User Manager to the MikroTik Router

    • LAB #13 – Connect your MikroTik router and the User Manager to each other

    • LAB #14 – Create Users profiles and Users on User Manager

    • LAB #15 – Changing the logo and user statistics login

    • LAB #16 – Generate automatic vouchers for user login

    • LAB #17 – Reset the password of the User Manager

    • LAB #18 – Reset Backup and restore user Manager Database


About This Class


What Will I Learn?

  • Be able to configure MikroTik Hotspot from A to Z
  • Be able to understand what are the different options available on MikroTik hotspot and know when and where to use them
  • Understand how to create profiles and account for users to get connected to the internet with the hotspot
  • Understand what Walled Garden is and where to use it
  • Understand what IP Binding is and where to use it
  • Limit the bandwidth for the hotspot users using the bandwidth profiles
  • Install a new captive portal theme to the MikroTik Hotspot
  • Know how to generate automatic vouchers for users to be able to connect to the internet via the hotspot
  • Be able to connect the User Manager to the MikroTik hotspot router
  • Know how to backup the User Manager database
  • Be able to retrieve the password of the User Manager in case lost
  • Configuring QOS for users who are connected to the internet via the hotspot


  • You are familiar with TCP/IP protocol
  • You have basic knowledge in networking
  • You have basic knowledge in wireless technology


Have you ever been in a cafe, restaurant or a park where they offer internet on wireless? You normally get connected to their Wi-Fi and it is mostly asking you to enter a username and a password to be able to get access to the internet - This is what a hotspot is.

You, as a MikroTik network engineer, may be asked to install and configure a Wireless hotspot in your company or at your customer place and things look too complicated to you to do this task. This course will help to go step by step using a lot of LABs to understand how to install a wireless hotspot and what are the best tips needed to be used to have the hotspot working well.

In this course, I will start installing the hotspot from scratch and I will go through all the options available in the hotspot. Things like user management, profiles, bandwidth limitation, Walled garden, hotspot advertisement, IP binding, connecting the hotspot to the user Manager, generating vouchers for users and many other topics will be covered in this course so you have the full knowledge of how to configure the wireless hotspot when being asked.

The course will be based on LABs to make things very easy to you when you want to deploy this in your real network. The LABs are designed on step-by-step methodology which is always used in all my courses.

If you are interested to learn how to configure wireless hotspot on MikroTik, then join me in this course and let's get started. 

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested to build a Wireless hotspot from scratch
  • Network engineers who wants to develop their knowledge in MikroTik hotspot
  • Network engineers who are already managing Mikrotik hotspot(s) in combination with MikroTik User Manager





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Maher Haddad

IT Trainer

Hello everyone. My name is Maher Haddad with a very long experience in the IT sector. I hold a Bachelor in Computer Communications and a Master in Computer science.

I work as a trainer and I hold the following certificates: CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCDA, CCNP R&S, CCDP, Microsoft MCP, Microsoft MCSA , MikroTik MTCNA & MTCRE, MTCWE, MTCUME, CWTS, GVF Level1, GVF level2, GVF Level3 and much more.....

My experience in IT goes to year 2003 and I have been working all ...

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