Migrate wordpress website- Two quick and easy methods. | Ronak Parmar | Skillshare

Migrate wordpress website- Two quick and easy methods.

Ronak Parmar, Visual storyteller

Migrate wordpress website- Two quick and easy methods.

Ronak Parmar, Visual storyteller

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8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Get a free domain name

    • 3. Duplicator Plugin


    • 5. Create zip file and database

    • 6. Transfer wordpress files

    • 7. Copy Database

    • 8. Replace links in the database

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About This Class

Two quick and easy methods to migrate your Wordpress websites from one server to another.

I will be migrating a website from my local server to a live server in this short and simple tutorial series by showing you two methods of doing the same thing.

  1. By using a plugin called duplicator and (Download files)
  2. By manually moving the website.

When I was starting out I had to face a lot of difficulty in understanding this simple thing of migrating websites and I want to make it easier for those trying to do the same.

In this course you will learn to:-

  • get a free domain
  • Connect your domain name to your hosting account
  • Migrate your website Using different plugins
  • Migrate manually on a free webhost

We won’t be able to use plugins on a free web hosting platform because of file size limitations.

After the course you will be able to swiftly move or migrate your websites between different webhosts.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ronak Parmar

Visual storyteller


Hello, I'm Ronak and I am formally trained in film and video communication from National Institute of Design, India. Studying in a design college has it's own advantages. Not only I had access to some of the best filmmakers in the country but I also got exposure to all forms of design- from graphic design to animation, from textile design to ceramic and glass design. I picked up a thing or two from there but the most Important thing that I learnt was to learn how to learn new things. Since then I have taught myself web development, graphic design and music production.

I am working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer in Bangalore, India.


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1. Intro: Hello, guys. This tutorial is about offloading your website on the server on the the process is fairly simple. All you need to do is get a plug in part. If you don't want to use a plug in, you can do it manually. Now the plug in will make her life so easy that in a matter of few clicks you can either of Laurier website on the So are you. Canteen servers are If you don't want to do that, If you don't want to use the planning to do it manually, doing it manually can be challenging at times. But it shouldn't. How do we That's why I have retrieved the scores and it shows us the best of process. Remove your website from once over for another and the process is fairly simple. All you need to do is just coffee. Your WordPress files from one so and stare into another transfer the database, hand up data links outside. So yeah, I'll see you in the course 2. Get a free domain name: Hello, guys. Welcome to the course. Let's begin it by getting a free domain name for ourselves. So goto www dot free norm dot com and sign up for our account. After you sign up and log in this will do is show up. And here you can search for our domain name Andi, check availability. And yes, it is a really will my new free Domi named Arctic. Now you won't be getting our dot com or darknet or dot org's or any such premium dough means because they are paid moments right there. Premium no means. And you are not going to get it for free. What you will, however, get is are your article domain a dart ml domain, darty and so on and so forth So you can select any one of these. You can get it now. All right. Now, as you can see, my new free domain named RTK is not a really Well, someone must have registered. Okay, so this one is available. My new for you dummy named Art ml and I can get it. No selected on you can one domain and guard Checco. All right, forward this room in use Deanna's, um, we leave this for later on. Select the period. Um, get it for what they would be like. You can get it for 12 months for free. So you condoms and continue total you today. $0 your details. Then I can complete my order from here. All right. Now, I'm not going to buy this domain because I have already bought one, which is my no means we're hosting class, nor TK Now to connect. This do mean to your hosting provider. What you need to do is you need to go to manage to mean go to management tools. Names are worse. And here, as you can see, everything and its windows hosting their Norton names There were two and a student horse trainer Norton. I guard these from my hosting grow wider, which is hosting their dot com. All right, so I went into details and I searched for names or words, and these are the names are worse. Start I that Host Tender has so I need to copy, lease and paste them here, and it contains names are worse so as to connect my domain to my hosting provider. All right, so this is how you get a free domain name and connect your domain with your hosting provider. If I go here and opening in a new tab, I can see nothing because I have not put any website in here. So in the next. Really? Well, let's see how to install a website on the domain name that we have just connected to our hosting provider. Okay, so I'll see you there by 3. Duplicator Plugin: Welcome back, guys. This is the website that we will migrating today. This is a fully functioning website. As you can see here, if you want to check out how to big this website, you can check my previous tutorial on skill share when I go through creating this website from scratch. No, to move this upside. Let's go toe their dashboard on goto plug ins I knew are in search for duplicate er Here it is. Duplicate our WordPress migration plug in by snapped leak, install and activated. I already have it installing my WordPress. So here it is. I can click on it on Goto create new. Here it is. There are some settings here. Let me go through them. Storage. This is where the snap short or a copy off your upside will be stored Our cave. What this is telling me is that I have a back up off this upside inside the folder, which is goingto be duplicated, so I don't need the backup. That's why I have enabled this file filter. It is showing me the part off the backup. All right, so I have excluded it Similarly database. Now, don't touch this because the skin is really break your upside. So let me close this An installer. Now, this is a file which this plug in will export along with our databases to install our website on our server. All right, now let's click on next, and it is standing on our site. Okay? Files enabled. The size is 214.81. And me and issuing an order isn't size checks alerts off in this Andi. Okay, so basically, the the file size is a little big. That's waiter showing in orders so we can ignore that. Everything else looks good. Okay, so let's continue Handmade. Alright, Just done. Let's download these want, like don't load. I don't know. See what? In my stop, we create a new folder website Back up, duplicate turf. I will intrude. These fails in their description known below. So if you want to practice, you can download them. All right. On, save again for this one also. Okay, We have saved back of duplicate er I don't see you. All right. Boat off her files on downloaded. No, let's go to the file Manager off for hosting provider. So here it is, and We need to copy their two files here, so let me import them. So upload fails. Select files Website backup Replicator. So, like the to fail and open upload and wait for it on radio file upload is complete. Now, what we need to do is create a database first. Okay, so let's go here and in your date. Obvious is create a new my SQL database 100. It obvious. Jozo, check this out in your web hosting provider Way to do this. So my a security W s name. It's named this who most? Okay, It won't let me. Okay, so let mean Green Emerton Web posting class My skill user name posting class on the password on Create Let me scroll down in here is aware the tubby's the user name and host. All right, now here is overdue. Mean we're boasting cast rtk Let's open it in a new tab on and we need to type slash Install not know installer not be h b and stronger dot PHP and click enter. All right. And we see this Everything else. Archivists past validation. Best I heard next. Now this is installing or website on the server. All right. It is done. Now. What we need to do is we need to put the date obvious name, which we created earlier. So let's go here. And it obvious is my school databases. And we created that this one soul. It's created a popular late, obvious name. Korpi. And we stood here, copy the user name and be stirred here. And the password that we made on yesterday Tubby's and reduce access. Now it's click on next and an installer with the aesthetics. Yes, Here. You can specify the title off your upside Select committee in there too. We're posting class. All right. And you can specify the U. N. Name and the part on the server. Now, let's click on next. Okay, let's click on admin. Log in now. We can log in from here, so and we have successfully migrated our website. Now, the Replicator plug in is showing us this notification to remove the installation files. Now, for security reasons, we should remove those files from there. All right, so the slicker, this option here and we are done. Let's take out our website. So copy Onda, let me open on a new private with low on faced and go turn. Here it is while our easy peasy and our website is working. Fine. All right. Now in the next radio will begin the process off moving this website manually. Okay, so I'll see you there by 4. Downloads: Welcome back, guys. Now let's see how to move our website manually. To do that, we need to pieces off software. The first Jonas Pfeil Zieler, which is a typical lined. This will help us Tobu, our website to our lives over. All right. So Goto files l a project dot org And in the download section down, Lord, the version which is compatible with your operating system. So I have a window 64. I can download it from here If you have a Mac or Lennox or when nose touched Albert, you can download the versions from down here. After you have download it, install it and open it up. It will look something like this. All right. Now, the second piece of software is this one. Goto interconnect it dot com and under the love tab scroll alone, download the search and replace script in PHP in data waste storage and replace script in PHP. So longs for long. Yeah, just accept everything. Put in your details and it will send you, and they will send you any well with the download link off the plug in. All right, now, before moving forward, make sure to make a backup off your website. All right, because the mattered that we're going to look at can easily break our website. And the stool is actually a very powerful tool. Okay, so be ware maker backup off. Everything related with your upside from the databases through the files. OK, All right. So I would see you in the next radio. Why? 5. Create zip file and database: Welcome back, guys. Knowledge's maker back up off our website before transferring it. So let me many my little less on Goto the fuller It doesn't see Zampa. You need to figure this out Very. Our local host is You must be knowing it obviously. So here is my website portfolio. No, um we need to make us the file off these files. Onda we can exclude the WP Snap Shorts folder because this is from the plug in duplicate er from the previous videos. And we can also leave the WP conflict or PSP file for now. It is a very important while, by the way in, but we can't leave it. So let me select everything except with WP conflict PHP and a blue via snapshots start. Yeah, and obvious. Now, shorts. We will competence later on. So let me right click on any of these and creators of folder. All right? Yeah. No. Where did it happen? What we can do is copied this WB conflict file. We shouldn't mess with all these fails. All right, So, um, competed a loopy conflict file on and be a studio. All right? Yeah, the file is creator. Let me rename it toe. Poor for Leo. Okay, Littered. Stay here. Now we need to go to over, um, hosting ruler and into their database a section we need to create one We need to create a new right away. So you 100 of its new web hosting class on. Well, on the web hosting class, man will transfer standard password. All right. And create database has been created. All right, let's scroll down. Here is over database. Now what we need to do is export their database from our local host. Unimportant here in the street. Obvious. So let's do that in the next radio. All right, So I'll see you. That by 6. Transfer wordpress files: All right. Welcome back, guys. Now let's go to the file manager here and we can move our the file. All right, so let me go tos. Ah, but Folio. Yeah, we can move this file to our web hosting provider. All right, toe over. Boast on again. Just dragged here. And law, it won't allow me to upload a file which is bigger than two after six MB. Okay, so what should I do? Um, what I will do is I will use files. Ella. That's where we downloaded it previously. Onda, uh, where is it? What fool you here? It s support for your Lordship. Andi, what I need to do is connected the Sahwas. So to do that, I need to go into my hosting provider on and look for if DVR cones Well, great Onda, select my domain. We will stink last rtk And here are their details. All the FTP access. All right, so my ftp who was just this, um All right. Got be on be stirred here in my user name is this thing copy on da bi state here and my password. And the port is 21 Afghan people. 21 Andi 21. Quick connect. Yeah, it is connecting connecting a successful so we can see it here. Um, we're into my public. There are public under school HTML folder, and I can copy my portfolio drawers of file in here. All right, Now, I made of the file because if I would have applauded and usually if if I would have applauded these failed and usually than it would have taken a lot of time. As you can see, these file sizes like they're very small. All right. So it is much easier to have Lord a single big file, then a Plourde multiple, hundreds or maybe thousands off small file size files. All right? No, Until this happens, let's get our WP conflict files. Um, sorry. Our are the loopy conflict file. All right, So what is it? Um, is there will be conflict dot PHP? Let's open it up. Yeah, So I have visuals through the accordance trial in my computer. That's why it opened in this one. But if you don't have visual studio Warden, what you can do is just open it up in, um Lord Bad ordered any extra Dido there. Do how All right, so you can open it up in the north Pare down there. Yeah, but I won't be using your parts or let me open. We scored? Yeah. On and no go door hosting provider and into the data basis. Open their database. And here it is. Now, we created Israel W's in the previous video. What we need to do is get our conference WP config dot PHP file according toa these. According to this data, this this information All right, so my school DWS name is this It will copy this on and be a studio. Okay. Why did this happen? Be very careful about this. Alright. Even a space matters and copy this could be he was a name. Andreae beauty user. Replace Yeah, on the bus word. All right, I see it and goes it. Okay. Now what we need to do is wait for this file to upload. Um, now, if you're, um, using ah, free. Well, simple writer like buyers host or to Brazil with whole store from five. To be free or anyone, um, they won't allow you to upload a file of this size. So what I need to do is upload these Fails laying Abdo, select all these fails on DA dragged them here. This site? No way! Yeah. Transfers finished. All right, Now let's go to a bar file manager at a fresh on. Right click extract. Andi thought because to find out as your location if you want to extract compressed file in the current Fola. So yeah, not hand extract. Mm. Let it happen. We can close files. Elano, Now that WP config file. We have to cooperate here. Extraction completed. All right, close on. We need to copy this. Failed of Rubicon fix Just drug intend. The Blue Peak confident dot PHP on upload. Done. Now we're done. No words left is we need to upload a word. UW's in the street obvious, right? It doesn t Right now you have not done anything with it. So let's do that in the next video. So I'll see you there by 7. Copy Database: All right. Welcome back, guys. No, let's so knowledge Strong's for our database. So to do that, um, let's open our local server. So I'm using the ZAM control panel on and my skill. Oh, sweetie, I need to start the my SQL database first. My SQL more duel, Andi, I can goto admin. Oh, shit. Yeah. Oh, yeah. No checkbook. Yeah. Now I am in my PS three mired media, um which is stored in the local server. And here is my project port for used so I can click on it. I know. Here are all the entries Go to export Onder Export My third Jews custom because Vini roll possible options on school down and you can go. Yeah, to Stern. Let's see it. All right. Intruder The stop portfolio project or SQL All right, say on it is downloaded. All right, let's close this and exit about zam Stop, Stop! Okay, now let's go to the PHP Aardman off the database that vacated earlier. So let me click on this and here we are. So this is our databases were posting class. Man will click on it, click on import on import. The data be is that we just created. So who's the database would for your product or SQL on open school? Now go. And we're done. Hundreds of inquiries executed on. Right? It's close. This Andi, you're close This now, that is all for this video. In the next video, we'll see how to use the search and replace plug in. All right, so I will see you there by 8. Replace links in the database: Welcome back, guys. Now what we need to do is important, though. DW sergeant, replace Blufgan. So here it is. Um, before importing, what we can do is rename this full up. So something simple. Um, let's write Search. Yeah, is here. Ch search. All right, Now let's import this into our file manager into the yeah, into the public's underscore html fulla. Make sure to imported here only in where else? Because this is a very powerful tool. All right. And the scan breaker upside. Make sure that you important here only and nowhere else. Okay? No, just let me import it on upload. I'm just done where it is. Here it is. Search. All right. Now what we need to do is goto. Um, Webb was being glass, nor DK, and I've been Sirte. Okay, search What? They were the name of the four that you gave earlier. So our domain name were posting glass door T k slash search on click on. And now, before moving forward, what we need to do is replace their local link with the link that is on our server. All right, so let me open Zampa again. I shouldn't have closer What, anyway? Yeah. So my website is stored in local host slash Poured for Leo. Here is my website, and they're stored in the local host. All right, so what we need to do is we need north replace this in our database. So let me copy it and based it here. And let's remove everything that we don't need. Yeah, just a bare minimum, All right. And we need to replace it with this thing. I will sting last rtk so copy and place baster to and remove their studio B. All right, that's enough. Andi. School down? Yeah. Check the DWS name and the use. Any weather discouraged on your password and everything. Okay, um, no school down on DWard dry run or dryer and will Ooh, is it will check where all these changes have to be made. And it'll tell you all right. Yeah. So there are two during the 18 days in this particular file. Three dangers in this portable file. Three D. Indy's in this particular file. All right. No. Now, just imagine if you had to do this individually. Okay? Now, what we can do is click on live run, and it will do it. It is asking you. Are you absolutely sure you that you need to make the industry ordered obvious? And yes, we are sure. Oh, because they already have added backup. Overdid. Obvious. All right, so click on OK. And 321 zero. And it is happening. This is the final step. Our website, or upside, should work. From now on, three teenagers were three teenagers made 20 year genius made, and we are done. Total 234 cells were changed. Scroll down and delete me. Now, what is asking you to do is the lead the plug in religious search flagging? Because it, uh, poses. Ah, high security risk to Europe side. So it let's just delete it on. Okay? Don't just sit there going from here. So the place has been successfully replace removed from your sour. Um, let me refresh this. Yeah, you're just going now, what we can do is just delete this and press enter and a lot of upside should be here. Andi? Yeah, it is Allah. Our website is live as you can see your to, and it is fully functioning. Okay. And this is the end of the street where a TV is my friends and we can close this on. Let me close this, Andi. I will see you soon by