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Mighty Pen: Reflect on your life experiences in writing

Lauren J.

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7 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Chapter 1: Set your goal & warm up

    • Chapter 2: Writiing about people

    • Chapter 3: Writing about places

    • Chapter 4: Organizing stories around a theme

    • Chapter 5: Exploring styles and genres

    • Chapter 6: Writing tips to keep you going

    • Chapter 7: Publishing your story


About This Class

If I hadn’t written this all down, I wouldn’t have known how I really felt about it all. I’ve been carrying this story around my whole life.

—F.L., after taking a workshop taught by Lauren Jost

Are you carrying around stories you’d like to write about? This course guides you on the journey from your initial inspiration to a finished piece of writing you can share with others. After a gentle introduction, the course delves into writing about places, character development and dialogue. In the middle chapters you’ll explore themes that run through your life stories, and choose one to organize your stories around. The last two chapters help you finish and share or publish your written work. Handouts for each chapter include exercises, tips and examples (these are in a PDF posted with the course).

We recommend viewing one chapter a week. Of course, you can revisit previous chapters and exercises at any time.

About the instructor

Lauren Jost teaches memoir writing to older adults in schools, libraries and community centers in New York City. She has taught for Lifetime Arts, New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library and New York University.  She is also Artistic Director of Spellbound Theatre, New York City’s only theatre creating original works for the very young. Lauren holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Whitworth University and a master’s degree in Theatre and Community from New York University.

A participant in one of Lauren’s in-person workshops wrote: “This has truly been a memorable & inspiring workshop. I will not stop writing.”

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Lauren Jost is a very personable, gracious teacher. The pacing of her assignments is perfect - she gives thoughtful prompts that entice you into writing even more than what the initial prompt called for. The layout of the assignments made sense, the order seemed to build from relatively simple to more complex, as the courses moved along. Lauren was able to draw out of me memories that I thought were too obscure to write about, and she was able to help me shape the memories into thoughtful, short personal essays.
Kristin Rose