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Middle East Cooking | Learn how to make Hummus

teacher avatar Saad-Eddine Ouasti, Teaches Moroccan Cuisine

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Hummus Ingredients

    • 2. Cooking Chickpeas

    • 3. Mixing All Ingredients

    • 4. Perfect Hummus Texture

    • 5. Dressing

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About This Class

Hummus is a widely famous dish in the Arabic cuisine especially in the Middle East. It is now being consumed all over the world as it is very delicious and healthy at the same time.

Hummus is made from cooked chickpeas (fresh ones) mixed with tahini, garlic, lemon juice, and salt. It is a very rich meal which contains a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin B and protein.

Hummus is for everyone. This gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free spread pairs perfectly with snacks such as Wheat Thins, apples, pretzels, carrots, celery, bell peppers, pita bread, and pita chips. Hummus also pairs well with falafel, grilled chicken, and eggplant.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Saad-Eddine Ouasti

Teaches Moroccan Cuisine


Saad is a cooking expert with a deep love for Moroccan cuisine. He is an expert in the areas of cooking and meal preparation. His upbringing is deeply rooted in his cooking as he was raised in a Moroccan family that believes in the traditional cooking techniques where he witnessed the different tools, secrets, and guidelines followed to create wonderful vibrant Moroccan meals. His courses are intended to demystify the Moroccan cooking, with very simple and easy to understand content. His secrete is fun, loving, and easy to follow guidelines. Taking one of his classes will take you back to the streets of Marrakech and the luxury restaurant of the wonderful Moroccan cuisine.

Saad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the areas of Finance and Marketing.  His work is in the area... See full profile

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1. Hummus Ingredients: So now we're moving to the ingredients on our chickpeas and how we're going to make our homeless. So four ingredients we will need chickpeas. Those basically are overnight, so should be not by entropy's, but use var ones and make sure to over soviet him at night with what? So the next one and you will have them ready to cook. We will use as our issue. We will use here a pressure cooker. That is, we are going to encounter chickpeas. We'll would need have read audience and will need some salt, will need around 7000 years or lemon juice to hadn't granted of a hinny work need a crushed garlic. That is who He was it to put our chickpeas. And we will need the bailiffs and of course water. So now the first process that we weren't going to let you start with is to show you how our chickpeas. 2. Cooking Chickpeas: And then for my webinar, I will make sure that my water is on top of my cheek pieces so less I cover all of my chickpeas gets me is the weather is and I'll make sure to cover your chickpeas with water. It's for me, it's fine now. Then I'm going to add those pieces of on it just like this note guide them, just add them in small pieces so they can give more favors. And once that you'd be talking, thinking, as my babies, crushed garlic and or without around. When you have this trauma has to be an a because I'm going to need to add the rest of the salt nature what we are doing to mix our others and those ingredients basically, we will use them later along with the ice. So the British basically they are already prepared for you to check on the PDF documents. So electro to see which the ingredients so that you can know exactly when to use each ingredient separately. So now I will just close a pressure cooker and they will let these chickpeas cook for around one hour. Okay, So wherever they are after one hour, our chickpeas, you can see now the Pizarro cooked, but we need to remove the skin out of the chickpeas. So to make sure once we mix those GPS to get the hummus, of course, we will have a good texture and by the end. So now we will move to remove the skin out of the GPS and it will get back to the full process. And one tip you can do to make sure that your pharmacies welcome. There's one request them like this. We should have the scandal extra. So this means that Israel had neurology Bedard. Well, so this is a good sign that we have a work with the GPS. 3. Mixing All Ingredients: As you can see, my chickpeas, arcane. I removed the skin out of these chickpeas. So those are all this case which I paid on those GPS. Make sure to remove that. Okay. So you can have clean chickpeas for your hummus. So now when we start mixing our hammers and making it a smooth taste helmets. So when we start by putting our hands on a blender, you can use a normal random or biochemistry, use this one. So you put some on your chip is another small one size which you can be tolerated for this. And just makes it a little bit so that it can get a little bit of texture before I add all the other ingredients. So for the other injuries are clear. Here we have ice cubes and lemon juice, behave, and salt and clear I use only have carbon. How do we start to make sense? Now? Let's make sure that, that should just get it out a bit of texture before I've been the other way ribbons. That is very important because we want first to mix it a little bit before we add the end of the other ingredients. So obvious at this point you can see here, somehow I were to add in the user device. And are we missing? Here we are this because sometimes it gets sticky. Depends on the mixture you have. I will add some lemon juice, just half of it. As if it's going to give me extra to my comments. And also this ice basically what it does, it gives a better camera for you. How my suicidal having a darker yellow to having a white color, which is very question. That's the cutaway find in restaurants basically. Okay. So now you can see the x-rays are starting to, uh, to make it happen. But now we are going to go smoothly. I don't want to add the rest of the ingredients until I get my chickpeas first well-mixed. Okay, So that is very important. Make sure to get whenever you do have it here and we can see for it down and mixing it. You see the thing about Thomas is that in restaurants where you see it. So beautiful and so didn't see because they keep on mixing and the chickpeas at each time. So each time they make significant mixing it for enough time. Sometimes it does it affect gene and that was 20 minutes of Nixon. Okay. That's so that they can get the right extermination. See you later. Okay. So again, now in Coupon makes sense. Can we go one round again? Since we have cell types here actually can be broken down. That's why it's important. We think it makes it a lot. Wow. Some of the different entry fees. 4. Perfect Hummus Texture: Well, as you can see, that texture is starting to smoke, so where it gets sticky and a little bit more. See, that number was odd, that handy so that it can get our homeless very smooth. Then we will add helpful garlic and around left this formula salts that we already use thoughts at the beginning when we're using our inner cities. Cities would you should be able to mix those ingredients. Here we would put them in the render so it can mix again. Again, remember, the tip is that you mix it each time so that you'd have to get the best shape for your families. Make sure that all the sides are, I guess it into this mixture so that once it is getting mixed, two are getting oligo, the flavors that next. Again, even in a bit with the Haiti at the end, this one, and I will see if mindfulness, we need more money going out. So as you can see, this are the planet. Thanks to this, you're going to get for your comments. See how smooth this time it is. This is because I'm happy. Then induce an ice cube. It gives this freshness and this beautiful Kinda there you can see you absolutely amazing. And look at the shaped. Please make sure to mix one mixin at each time when I was referring is very important to get such smoothness to the new Thomas. So this is how the Lebanese restaurants, they make the commons. So mixin is key and also pursued the right elements and write about and how the honey and lemon juice will help you with the prisoner's dilemma. 5. Dressing: So right now, as you can see, this is the final texture of our harmless. It should be not too much sorted, but it should be smooth. And also it needs to have some shape. So this is the right shape that you should get for your happiness, is when our program starts with the dressing. And I will show you how 11 is restaurants and how you make your hands look like the restaurants harmless. So that's the goal of our course. And by the end, you should be able to treat yourself as if you are in a band in the hemisphere. So you can see, I can make around shaped then our B, the wind kind of shape on the sides. Just like that. So this is how you shape it. So the reason why we're increasing these layers is basically to make the Hammerstein the size. And also I will add some olive oil so it can go on all along with those layers. So that's why we're using kind of the shape. We serve Hammerstein different methods, but this is the modern way and the one I prefer. So now I have left some cooked chickpeas, okay, so I can use it. So I guess in health, as you can see it. And they will just put it on top like that. Make sure to put them on the mainland. And then I will use will folk, okay. I will just need to put some water on it. This is the tip. So how you can use ethics in the rules like this, put it in some water, then you just take some paprika like that. We create this layer just like that. And now I'll put a little bit of olive oil. And this is your hammer. So with some vegetables or some red, you can just dig in and enjoy your hummus. I hope you enjoy it. Have an S1 and see you on the next row.