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    • 1. Wordbasics


About This Class

Learn Microsoft Word by watching this video. It will show you how to:

Select Text

Format Text

Manage Number Lists

Manage Bullet Lists

Find And Replace Text

Use The Navigation Pane

Spell Check The Document

Using Page Setup

It covers the newest version of Word, which is Word 2016 or Office365. These techniques will also work in Word 2013, Word 2010, and Word 2007.


1. Wordbasics: Hello, everybody. Today we're gonna talk about Microsoft, where 2016 and the basics of Microsoft Word. Now in today's webinar, I am using word 2016. But the same thing should work pretty much the same way and where 2000 13 2010 and 2007. All right, so if you have these earlier versions, I think everything I want to show you, except for one or two features, should work the same way. All right, so here we are into a Microsoft. Where a document. And first of all, let's take a look at this screen that we see now. We have our menus here. We have home insert design, and actually, I'm going to show you something. If you double click on one of the men use, then the toolbar comes back here. Some people like it so that it will show more of the screen. So if you double click on one of the men use that toolbar goes away. If you want to bring it back, just double click on the one of the men use again, and then the toolbar will come back so Microsoft might call the menus the tabs might say, Pick on the home tab now. Then the whole toolbar changes, and then Microsoft might call the toolbar the ribbon. If you hear or see the word ribbon is where all the icons are that we always used to call it the toolbar. Now notice how on the very top of the window we have the quick access toolbar here. We have saved and undo and redo, and that stays up there all the time. Eso this way you can put your favorite like concept are so they're always available. The mission. A couple quick ways that thinks the quick access to a bar. If you click on the arrow to the right of the quick access toolbar, then I could just pick any one of these. So I picked in the word new. And then you see the new icon is up there, so it's really that easy. We'll cook in the hour for the quick access toolbar, and we'll pick in the open, and now the open icon is now up there as well. Another way to add things to the quick access toolbar is to right click on one of your favorite icons So I'm gonna right click on Bold, for example, and we'll pick on add the quick access to a bar, and then you see how the bullet icon is now up there. So I do use the quick access to a bar quite a bit. I just showed you two different ways to add things onto that. And it works the same way in word and in Power Point and access and Outlook as well. Okay, so let's get started with our document Now. I like to show you a couple of years, So I'm gonna come over here to the View menu, and I like a view that's called print layout. Now this. It kind of looks like the printed page, and it's just a nice way to look at the document. Some people might want to use where to make a Web page, and you might use Web layout. Okay, now, if somebody sends you a document that maybe you can go into read mood and then it makes the type small, larger, and then it might be easier to read. But I would say I would stay with the print layout whenever you can. So that was under the view menu, and we're gonna go back to the home menu now. Good. Now I'm just going to start to type in here. Now, if you look at the bottom of the window here you have your status. Bar has page one of one. How many words and then some other things might appear on the status bar. And if you look down here at the bottom on the right hand side, that's where you can zoom and resume out. Now, if you like to add different things to your status bar, here's what you can dio No. So I'm gonna move my mouse to the status bar right there and you're gonna right click there and then you can pick and choose which things that you like to say. Eso those reasons to use different sections in your document. So I'll pick in the words section there. I like the page number, the word count. So you just check the ones that you want to see and you uncheck the ones that you don't want to say. So when you're done with that, just click in the document over here and put that away. So what? You do is you move your mass down here and you're right. Click on the status bar. Then you can pick and choose which ones you want or which ones you don't want. Like for example, I'm gonna pick into our caps lock. And no, it knows House checked now, and I'll click away from this to put that away. Now I'm gonna hit the caps lock key on my keyboard and knows how. It reminds me the caps lock is on down here on the status bar. So I like that one. That does remind me that the caps lock is on. Now I want to press the cops Lockheed again, and the caps lock is off. And now that's no longer on the status bar. All right, now, in this case, we're just going to start to type in some text. Eso I'm just gonna type in. This is some sample text now. I don't have a type. It was way back on typewriters, okay? And at the end of the each line, you had Teoh press to the carriage return right here. And word You don't really have to do that, so I'm just gonna keep on typing here. I said, Please excuse typing. I, um, the fastest hyper. They just okay, but I get the job done, then I and just typing until to end. I noticed when I got to the end of the line, it just did the automatic word wrap. So when you're typing in a paragraph, you know you have to hit the enter key or the car the old fashioned carriage return until you're at the end of the paragraph. Now, at the end of the paragraph or healthy and okay, okay, so you could just keep on typing in the word wrap kicks in automatically now knows how the word this word is misspelled. You can tell because it's underlined in red. So that's actually that the spell checker. Sometimes it might be underlined in red, and that means it's either a misspelled word. Or maybe it's a proper now that's not in your dictionary. Eso, or might be underlying in green or almost like a bluish color. That means it's a grammar error. If you ever see that here is a quick way to fix it, I'm going to right click on that word that's underlined in red right click and then you'll see a quick way to get to your spell checker for that one word. Now I can pick up the word typing, and it will replace that. If I say ignore, then it will just take away the red line without making any changes, or I can add it to my dictionary. Maybe if you have a lot of proper noun or specific terminology to your industry, you might wanna keep on adding worse your dictionary. So the next time they will not be shown as a misspelled word. So in this case, how picking the word typing and there's how it replaced that. So if you ever see something, it's underlined in red, then you right click on that word and you could do this spell checking right from there. Now, let me show you one that might be underlined in blue. Or maybe it's a greenish color and some computers that I've seen I'm gonna purposely type in two spaces between these words. And sometimes when you do that, you might get a ah blue Underline or a green underline, and you would right click on. That means it's a grammar mistake. It didn't happen for me this time, but sometimes it does. Maybe you'll see the green, the green underlines of the blue underlines or the red, and you just right. Click in those words that you can fix the grammar or the spelling about that word. Now let's talk about holidaying. Some text. Oh, it actually did, though, when I clicked away from the paragraph, Knows how that's underlined in blue, and that one means there's more than one space between the two words. So when I right click on that and now you can see it gives me some suggestions and up in the one that has only one space and they fixed it for you. All right, so you usually I'll try to fix those as soon as I see them. Now there's another would have spell. Check the entire document, and we can do it very soon as well. Now, let's say you want to change the fine or the font color. You have to slack your text first, initiate a quick ways, and he shows them quickly is to select your text. If I double click on a word, then it selects that entire word. By the way, notice when I do that, the quick formatting toolbar comes up so you could do formatting right from there. Now, also, many of her format features could be found under the home menu. So after you double clicking that word, I say it could make it bold. Metallics underline your find your fund size. Um, this will make it to the next fun size up right now to 11. If I click there, that would be 12 and you could see how it's changing, right? It's 14. 16 and this one will go to the next fun size down, as you could say. All right, so you have different formatting features that you have to hide it your text first. So I'm gonna go to a larger document now that I made previously. So I'm gonna pick on file and then under fire will pick on open, and then you have your recent documents. So knows every here, it'll shoving my recent documents. So I'm gonna go to this one that's called a sample large documents, so we could do some other things here inward. All right. So you can always go back to previous stockings by second file. Open good now. Now, this is a document I actually just found on the enter that as a sample larger file. Let me show you some other ways to highlight your text. If you double click on a word, then it will highlight that one word. Here's a new one. Go ahead and triple click on a word. If you're triple click, it does the entire paragraph. Did you see that? So that's a quick way to hunt the entire paragraph. I'll show you again. I'm gonna scroll down a little bit if I double click on the word. Does one word if I triple click on a word, does the entire paragraph so it starts smart enough to know where the paragraph begins and ends. Now what if you just want to get one sentence, you gonna click on a word and then do control click control? Click that same word. When you do control, Click knows how hollow. It's one sentence of text, so it's smart enough to know by punctuation. When one sentence begins in one sentence ends, watch again. So here I'll do a control click on that word, and then there's how did that one sentence okay, so that's an interesting way to do it. Now, here's how to highlight one line of text. You come over to the right and excuse me, You committed to the left and you get the white arrow. So I'm gonna click there, and that will highlight the entire line. Now, just dragged that line and you can dio multiple lines of people go into multiple paragraphs like that. All right, so that's a quick way. Also, you go to the left of the line, you get the White Cross and you click there and that'll have to do that entire line. If you drag it down, then it'll do multiple lines, right? Whatever you have highly is what's gonna be formatted so you can have as much as you want it toe. Now here's a way to highlight everything in the entire document. You could say control a control? A. It's a keyboard shortcut and a highlights everything in the entire document. So that's really handy. Now let's see. I like to show you as something a new way to highlight. So I'm just gonna ah, triple clicking this paragraph when I make it bold and when it hotted another paragraph is bold as well down here on the right. A triple clock in this paragraph and make the whole tired of bold And I do another one triple clicking that paragraph and I make it bolt Good. Now I'm gonna go back to the top again. Now I'm gonna highlight some of this text is bold And let me show you a new way to highlight your texts. I'm gonna say, here we're on the home menu. By the way, sometimes during the session, I make my mouse do that. You could see where the masses took in the home menu. Come way over here and pick in the words select. And then I would say, select all text with similar formatting and look what that did it. Holiday. Everything that's bold throughout the entire document. There's another paragraph. So it highlights. Everything is bold in the entire power and the entire document. This way I can change the formatting all at the same time. So that was kind of interesting. Watch. Ah! Ah! Pick a word and then I'll say, select select text with similar formatting and then everything that has the same, you know, the same bold in the same find. Find size will be highly throughout the documents. That's really handy. All right, so there's a couple quick ways Teoh, select your text. Once you have your text selected, then of course, you could apply your formatting under the home menu. Or we can also right click on the cell and start to get the quick formatting toolbar in there as well. Now, if you use the word a long time ago, we used to have something that was called Format Font and used to be under the format menu knows how we don't have the format menu anymore. But maybe you still like some of those choices. So watch what? Although I'm gonna highlight the paragraph again, triple Kleck on that word and the whole paragraph you're gonna pick on the home menu up top home. Now, you look for this word font right there and you go to the right of the word fine and you click in this little iro and that will bring your classic screen that's called format font . And from there we have similar choices. But these over here, you know, that might be the only place you can get to the so some people still like that scream. We used to have the format menu, and you pick on the word fun. Now what you do is your highlight, your text you pick on the home menu. You look for the word font right there, and then you come over to the right of the word fun. You click on the arrow, and that'll get you to the screen that we used to call format fun. It's very similar. Here's another one similar to that We used to have the format menu, and we would pick on one that's called Paragraph now on the home and you look for the word paragraph right there. Go to the ready to wear paragraph and you click that icon, and then that's what we used to get when we would do for in that paragraph. So this way, if you've used the older style the older versions of word, he could still get to some of those older futures. All right now, you can always right click. Don't forget about right click from there I could get to find, and from there I can get the paragraph as well. And then there's what we call the quick formatting toolbar now. The next thing I like to show you is, ah, where do we find pays? Set up? He used to be under the file menu, all right, but now it's going to be under the It's going to be under the layout. Minya. So if I pick in the world layout, then you're looking for the word pay set up right there and then you pick on the little arrow. And then there's our classic pay set up screen. The screen itself hasn't changed in a long time, but it's important to know how to get to that. So what should we did again? You picked on the layout tab. Look for the word please set up and you go to the right of the word pay set up, you cooking the arrow, and then we have our classic pay set up screen. This that's one way to get into that. Now, by the way, under the layout menu, you have a lot of the features that are in the pay set up screen. Anyway, this is where you can see your margins. Orientation is portrait or landscape, the paper size so a lot of those features are already under pay set up. But you know what? I still like the pace, that of screen that I'm always usedto So when I want to see that picking the layout menu, not picking this low arrow to get the pay set up. Good. Okay, Now a lot of people will ask me, Can we set a default font? So let's say you if I highlight this text, let's see what fine it's in. It's in Calibri 11 size. Okay, so let's say you want that to be the standard size. Here's how you'll do that. Your highlights and tax that has the format that you want to use or after you had it detects that you formatted from appear in the way that you wanna the one that you would use into your order your your red or format. Then you go back to format font right there with that iro and look what it says down here, it says, set as default. So it knows how it took in the calibri. Fine, the regular font style in Evin size. And then, if I pick on set as default me just share with that old? Oh, we're going to set his default. I'm gonna click on. OK, so that applies to every new document. After that, for example, I'm gonna pick on file. I'm gonna pick on a file, and I'll pick on, um, New look, a new document. I'll goto a blank document, and I want you to notice that it has the calibri font style 11 fund size and whatever else did I chose there. So that's now my default. Fine. Now I'm gonna close this window, have to say close and we're back to the other file. So you highlight the text that has the former thing you want, or once you have that text highlight, then you would just format it the way you want it to the bay. Then you look for the home menu and you come over here and you click in this hour to the right of the word Fine. And then, you know, obviously you can change it Here is well, But then you come down here and you say, set as default so that that'll be now your default. Fine. And that will apply every time to make a new document. So are cooking. Okay, Good. Now the next thing I want to show you is how to make a number list or a bullet list. He's come up all the time, So we're gonna go to the end of a paragraph. I'm just going to click the end of this paragraph right here, and I'll hit the enter key to go to another paragraph and ah, follow my mouse up here on the home menu and you're looking for these two icons. This one says bullet list and this is has number list. So let's start with the number Lesser are picking that 123 And now you're in the midst of a number list. OK, so let's say ah, recording this from Pennsylvania United States. Let's say I want to have some of the states that are close by to Mitt, so I'll type in P A or Pennsylvania. I'm gonna hit the enter key. And now how? Nurse out When the next line of the number less of people NJ I hit the enter key again. Now this one just happened to go to the next page only because of the location of where I waas. So if you're in the middle of that page. It would not Obviously going to the next page had been And why? Actually, I'm still I want to still be on that number of that. So I hit the enter key it I'll do end why and then Oh, itch de And you could start to see how my number list is growing. So just type in what you want and then hit the enter key told immaculate into the next number. Now I'm gonna hit the enter key again. And if I want to get out of the number list, just hit the enter key a second time and then you're out of that. Let me show you how to start to grow this number list. So I'm gonna go back there. I'm just scrolling back up and down and I'm gonna click at the end of N Y. Now let's say I want to show some of the cities that air in New York State. Here's a quick way I'm gonna hit the anarchy. Now Those Saleh has number four. But I don't want that to be number four. I wanted to be like 3.1 or something like that. eso Here's what you dio you gonna in den the number lest you use you're going to use this icon ever here. Or you could use the this one actually want to increase the in debt, which means we're gonna shifted to the right now. I could have also hit the tab key there, but this icon does the same thing. It's called increase in debt. It's the little blue, our pointing to the right. Now there's so I'm on better a So I want to hit the That's type in New York. I hit the enter key, and now I'm still within that that that middle number list. So I'll type in Albany and I'll hit the enter key again. And ah, type in Rochester. Good. So why should I did that again? I'm gonna click at the end of Ohio. I want to hit the anarchy to go to the next line. You come up here, you could hit the tab key on your keyboard right now, or I let this icon over here does the same thing was an increase in debt and then those have us making a sub list within the main list. So here I'll type in Cleveland, Toledo and so on. Now let's say I want to go back to the main list of this point. Then you'll use decrease in debt. What washed up that are, see when I hit the decrease in debt now knows how. It's back onto the 1,000,000 list and I'll type in another state like Florida, All right, so you could start to see how these air working. That's called a number of list. Now you're going to find a bullet list, is gonna work in a very similar way, but with the boldest will have somewhere flexibility under the home. And you will pick in the three bullets right there, and that will start the bullet list. So in this case, I'll type in, since I'll do some of the States again. So well, how about some of the sports teams that around my area? So we have a baseball team that's called the Phillies. I'm just hitting the anarchy again. We have AH, football team is called the Eagles, and we have ah, hockey team. That's quote the Flyers, and then we have these. They're called the 70 Sixes, but people around here called the Sixers. That's our basketball team. Okay, now, just like with the number list. If I want to get out of the boat list, I'm just gonna hit the enter key a second time. Now, I'm out of that now, just like with the other one. I like Teoh. I like to go inside of one of those bolt list. So we'll go back to that text here. This and same kind of thing. I'm gonna pick on the end of that word, Phillies, I'm gonna hit the NRK now. This time I actually hit the tab key on my keyboard or it would do the same. Thing is, if you increase the endemic we did before. Now, when I was growing up, some of the Phillies were like Mike Schmidt, one of the best of all time. Actually, Mike Schmidt, we had a really good, short stopping Larry Bowa. This is the way it going way back. But that's what I grew up with. One of the best pitchers of all time for a while. Steve Carlton. So notice how I'm on the sub list. As you can say. All right now, this is interesting. It didn't recognize it didn't recognize? Uh, boa. Now that's a proper noun. So I want to add that to my dictionary. So I'm gonna right click on the word boa, and then I'll say, add to dictionary so that the next time I use that it will recognize that as a word. So I'm always adding things to the dictionary so that, you know, my next time I used the word boa, it's not gonna be It's not gonna be shown as a misspelled word even up here. Now, this one time I misspelled the word Toledo. So I'm gonna right click on that. Workers is underlined that red. And then I pick on Toledo from the list and give you some suggestions there. Excellent. So it does have a lot of words that recognizes, but maybe, like proper noun czar or terminology it may not recognize. Now with the boat list, let me show you where you have you than more bullets than what. Is that what you think it comes with? So we have a lot of flexibility with the bullets. Actually, we actually have a lot of flexibility with numbers. Let me show you the numbers first, so I like the highlight where it says a New York, Albany and Rochester highlight does. What you do is you clicking to pull down next to the number less right there and then you have different styles. So maybe I want those to be Capital Capital A I or the Roman numerals. And then even here Ah, highlight. Does I make there's the same format picking the pull down for the number list Amadou's capital? A. Good. Now let me share some features. Do you have with the bullets I'm gonna highlight Where's his Eagles, Flyers and Sixers. Now we're going to click on the pull down next to the bullet, Less straight fair. And that is how we have we can use these bullets. Let me share where there's even more than that. There's actually a lot more. So in this case, I'm gonna say, Define new bullet. Right? So now, first of all, if you pick on the word symbol, then you can use any one of these as bullets, Okay? And there's quite a few there. You could scroll up and down unless you find quite a few. Any one of those could be bullets. Let me show where there's even more than that. If you click on the pull down whereas his funt and specifically scroll down and find a font , it's called wing dings or Web dings or wing dings. Two or three I'll pick on Web dings, and then any one of these can be aboard. Now you have all these little pictures. OK, so for example, let's say I'm going to use the globe. All right? So picking the globe and I'll pick on okay. And I'm picking okay again. And this is how the bullet is now the globe. Okay, Watch that again. I'm gonna highlight these guys right over here, and I put on the pull down next to the board. Up there, we'll pick on the fine, new bullet. Now, if you're picking the word symbol, it'll show the ones that just showed you watch again. Took on symbol, and then you have all these. But if you want even more, you pick a fight that's called wing dings or Web dings, as you can say right there. All right, that's one way you can do it. Now let me show you where you have a lot of built in, uh, bullets. It maybe didn't know about on this screen instead of the word symbol, OPIC endured picture. Now it actually has a lot more than it used to, cause it's getting these from the Internet. Give it a second, and that should start to populate eso. In this case, I actually dio what will search being, which is over the Internet, right? So we'll search on Bing. And now any one of these can be a bullet item. Now there's a lot more than the use today that was, like many, many of them. Okay, so maybe don't know about that. In fact, what did I just see? You just saw a baseball, right? So pick on a baseball on a visit him or baseball's after that. So I mean, there's just so many things you can uses boats now, So ah, what one would make it the the No. I'll use a baseball. So I pick on insert and you could see the baseball's. They're going to be there when I click. OK, now the baseball's air in my actual Nesta's Well, so that was pretty interesting. You can start your boat, Lester. Your number list off with this. The bullets right there are there 123 Once you have those, then you can select the data. How did the pull the next to the bullet worth in the number, and then you get more choices here we picked on defined new boy. Then you need to pick on the word symbol and you get over those symbols or pictures. We'll get you even more like many more from the Internet. All right, so that's how we could do a number list and a bullet list here in Microsoft Word. Now, the next thing I want to show you is how to dio formatting of your paragraphs. This could be pretty important, because sometimes we want double spacing or single spacing of the paragraph, so I'm gonna scroll down. They don't show you how to add pictures to your documents. Well, like this one already has. So I'm gonna scroll down and we'll find a paragraph I haven't touched yet. Okay, good. Now, first of all, it might be helpful to turn the ruler on the show. Had to turn the ruler on. I'm picking the view menu of top view and I'll come over here. Pippen word ruler. Now knows what that does. It turns the ruler on of top here. And that might be beneficial for you. And I'll show you why in a few minutes. Now let's say I want to do the whole paragraph. I'm gonna triple click on that paragraph once again, like I showed you before. So a triple click. And now it does the whole paragraph, as you can say hi this. Okay, First of all, let's figure out how we can make this single spaced or double spaced. We're gonna go back to the to the home menu. And now it's this I kind over here says line and paragraph spacing. So I'm gonna click there, and the one would be single spaced and the two will be double spaced. And you can see it's going to show me what that looks like before I choose it. That's called preview mood decision. A lot of time, it's going to show you what it looks like before you pick it, right, so that the one is single spaced and the two is double space and have some other options here. Now, if you want it, more choices beyond that, Look what I'll dio are picking the word line spacing options. Now this is what we used to get and the way I should you before, if we picked on form at paragraph, we will get the same kind of the same kind of screen over here where it is spacing. Then I can pick on single or double their at least, or if you want it more than that you can. You can pick different choices there now. Sometimes in your document, it might be single space, but it still looks still looks like their space in between those lines. Even though you have the word single there, here's another thing to check right over here. Make sure that the before is the number zero and F. The number after is zero as well, because those can make a difference on then, like if I make them both zero, you'll see it will tighten it up a little bit. Thou all right, so that could be an important choice. By the way, you could said those as defaults also, So every time you make a new document that would be the default setting. You'll see what I make the zero. It'll probably take away that little space. So while cooking, Okay. And it did tighten up a little bit if you noticed that. All right, So you hot at your paragraph and you look for this icon under the home menu. It's called line and spacing. So you can pick the choices there If you want more choices, you goto line spacing options. Then, um, here, I can do single or double space right there. And these could make a difference. Knows when I made them zero tightening up a little bit. So maybe I'll just say, like, one point or the smallest number it gives me a six was just fine. So if I click that with Okay, you see, it should issue widen out a little bit. Yeah, just see that it made a little bit more space between that paragraph in the other paragraph . Let me show you some more options to format your paragraphs. I want to show how we could do what we call a hanging in debt. So this is where the ruler is going to come into play. Now, you really I'm gonna zoom in for you so I can show you something very specific here okay, resumed then. And when I hunted that paragraph again with the triple click. Good. Now nurse, the other ruler up here you have three icons that will be very important for you. And it's here is one that is pointing down, and that will change the first line. Onus called the first line in that. Let's see what that does. If he knows the paragraph, everything is pretty much lined up with each other. Now, I'm just gonna go to that first icon that's pointing down right there. And I'm gonna drag that over and knows how on Lee the first line change the in debt That's called the first line in the that might before the beginning of a paragraph, for example. Right, so that was a really handy way to do that. I just use this icon and it's gonna change the ending of the first line only for the paragraph, remember? Right there. Now let me show you something is called a hanging in depth. Let's say for the rest of the lines you want those to be indebted even further beyond the first line. So you go to the second icon right here. The one that's pointing up. And then we're gonna drag that over and just moved the one that's pointing up like that specifically. Good. Now the nose had The whole paragraph is moving over, and that's called the left in debt. All right, so this one is the first line. Only a smooth that over here. And this other one is going to control the whole the whole paragraph, a move that over back and forth. Okay, Now, they used to be that if you just move the top icon, it would do the hanging in debt. Let me show you another place to find a hanging in debt. Yes. Yeah, that's moving. The whole paragraph over, which is fine to get the hanging in debt will go back to the home menu. Okay, home. Then once again, we'll look for that word paragraph right there, and I'll pick on this icon to the right of there were a paragraph, and then we get something that's called format paragraph were just kind of in this window. So in this case, over here, it says the word special. And I make sure that I pick in the word hanging, which means every other line except for the the top line. And let's say I want that to be in by an inch. So when I click OK, this gap should change a little bit. Keep an eye on that gap. Wait there. And when I click on OK, it really did move over. As you can say, so that's the way you're gonna do. You're hanging in down you go back to the format paragraph skinny right here. And then you make sure that you picked a word hanging here and you picked a number of, you know, the amount of size you want for the in depth. And the effect of that is that the first line is out here and the other lines are in debt. That's called a hanging in debt. And usually I would do that for one paragraph where I could have hot it more than one paragraph there as well. We're remember how we did control a and that would have had it the entire document. Now, in this case, this like I will move the whole paragraph over left and right. Where is this icon can specifically change the first line. That's called the first line in debt, and then you go back to format paragraph. If you want to get some more of those choices, I'm gonna zoom back out again. Good. All right. Now, um, this how this document has pictures. So let's see how we're gonna insert a picture onto our document. Now. Usually I'll go to a blank paragraph. So at the end of this paragraph, I'll hit the enter key. Oh, I'll show you how you can move in the picture into the text as well. Lister on a black line. First, we're going to use the insert menu of top in certain and then those over here Issa's insert pictures. Okay, Now you're going to get your pictures from your computer, and you can use any pictures that might be out there. So in this case, I'm going to use the pictures right there. Pictures, folder, and let's see. See if I have a picture somewhere. So it could be any picture that you might have on your computer. All right. So let's see if I have something in, uh, in my one drive. So I'm gonna go to ah, in my camera roll, and I really should have had a picture prepared for this. I thought that I did, but I know where this one. I'm gonna go into the desktop and I'm going to this father's called class files and then I have some pictures. So all years, I'll use one that's called, um, the PC logo. So I'll pick on that and pecan insert, and now you can see that picture is there. Now, if that was a picture that came from a phone or something, the picture might come in rather large. Listen, came in rather small. So you probably want to resize it to resize that you're going to click on that picture and then you're going to get the sizing handle in the corner here, right there. I like to use the one in the corner, settle Cupid in proportion. So I get the double arrow and stretch it out, and now it became bigger. Sometimes you have to make the picture smaller. If it was a picture that came from the phone that I have to make it smaller in that case and made it larger. But he's in the sizing handle right there, and you stretch it out or your stretch it in. Now I want to show you something. If I try to move that picture over to the middle of the line, it doesn't let me. So what I'll do is I'll just standard that Here's I should have. Should have a standard some text. So you pick in the picture and then you pick in the centre icon up here, and then it is Senator on that line, okay? So I could make it left centred or right? Justify make its center again.