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Microsoft Word 2019: Master Word Basics in Just 25 Mins!

Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

Microsoft Word 2019: Master Word Basics in Just 25 Mins!

Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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11 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction - New Word Document and Templates in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 2. Tabs, Ribbons and Groups in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 3. Zoom and Rulers in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 4. Editing the Document in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 5. Insert Pictures in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 6. Insert Shape and Text Box in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 7. Review Tab in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 8. Layout in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 9. File Options in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 10. Closing and Reopening in Microsoft Word 2019

    • 11. Thank You!

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About This Class

Last time you tried to write a report for your boss, however creating Microsoft Word documents proved to be a troublesome task..

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Master Microsoft Word 2019 Basics in just 25 minutes!
  • Understand the essence of Word functions, without memorizing them!
  • See how each of these functionalities are used with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you start creating Microsoft Word documents from scratch :-)
  • Impress your boss, coworkers, and your friends on what you can do with Word!

If you're like me, you use Microsoft Word on a daily basis for important tasks, text editing, or templating. Whether it's for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to use Microsoft Word freely and easily.


If you're ready to gain full control of Microsoft Word 2019 TODAY, take the “Microsoft Word 2019: Master Word Basics" course right now and master the following: 

  • New document and templates
  • Tabs, Ribbons and Groups
  • Zoom and Rulers
  • Editing the Document
  • Insert Pictures
  • Insert Shapes and Text Boxes
  • Review Tab
  • Layout Tab
  • File Options
  • Closing and Reopening the Word Document

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

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1. Introduction - New Word Document and Templates in Microsoft Word 2019: Hi, This is Brian Hung, and we'll be discussing about the basics off using Microsoft Word. So for Microsoft Word to starting self. Okay, if you have word panned over here, you can just click on it and then have it started. But if not, you can use the search bar, okay? And then just type in word. And then if you haven't installed in your window, turn your computer and it will show up. But if not, then of course you'll still need to install it. I think so. Let's starting soft. So I'm using Microsoft Word 2019 over here. But it should still apply to the utter versions off office. OK, on the things that I will be teaching here. So what we have here right now is we have our starting point so you can start off with a black document orders quite a number off templates that you have available over here, and the cool thing with that one ISS. If you need something like head start, if you want, let's say for a certificated, then you could just search your templates over here. And there's quite a number off categories that we have business we have cars were flyers, right? Education. So, for example, let's just try Russia me. Let's say you want to create a cover letter or Russian made and you have a lot off samples already over here. Okay, So, depending on your needs or whatever you fancy, OK, so you could just double click on it, for example, it's gonna download the template. Then you can add it it straight away in Microsoft Word. So one of the really nice thanks with using templates is it's a great time saver. Okay, So less deciding. It's just more are filling up. Okay. The necessary things that you need to put over here, for example, for this cover letter. Okay, So what we'll do right now is I'll not be covering templates for the tutorial. Okay, So what I will be covering is creating a documents from scratch. So what I'll do is I'll go to foul. Let me just close this. No need for us to save. And now go back a foul, and then let's go to new to create a new document Once we have blank documents selected. Okay, we're ready to go 2. Tabs, Ribbons and Groups in Microsoft Word 2019: So before we start editing our word document, what I want to show you first is what we have here on top. Okay? Don't be overwhelmed by this one. Let's go over this one by one. So what we have on the top? Okay, this heart tab. So we have the home tab insert signed layup chatterers so you can click on them, and then there's gonna be a whole lot off different options that will show up. So, for example, if you get home right if you click insert Okay, there's another set of options. So inside the tab, Okay. What we call it is a ribbon. So it's just morph like away off displaying this options to you. Okay, so we have this one, this insert ribbon over here, and then it's ribbon is divided into groups. So, for example, inside the insert ribbon over here. OK, we have the pages group. You could see the group name at the bottom. We have the tables group. Okay. Illustrations group Adan's group. Okay, so which means if we want to try to navigate to a specific option or feature in word and it's easy for us to navigate, we just tell you. Okay, let's go to insert under illustrations. Let's select pictures, for example. Okay, so it's just so nice way for us to navigate. True. The different options in this ribbon and different taps over here. Okay, So one thing I want to focus on ISS for the group's okay, You could notice. Let's go back to home. That home tab over here. So, for example, for some of the groups, not old, all of them, some of them would have this launch, but it's on the lower right corner. So, for example, over here to clipboard. Okay. The tipper group, we could see there's this bottom over here, OK, so you could use that launch button if you want to check for additional options because what's displayed over here are pretty much the most commonly used functions, but not all of them. There's just a whole lot of things that you could do it word, but not all of them would be able to fit inside over here. For example, if you resize the window okay to a smaller window, then definitely you cannot show everything in here. So what word has done is it shows you this button so that you can expand on them. So, for example, for the front right. If we click on this one, it's gonna show you a separate, different panel. And there's the complete set, features or options that we could do with your phones. We have the advances, Well, options over here. Okay, that you wouldn't be able to see over here. Okay, so let's say Let's just jump over to a different tab just to see. So, for example, Adan's over here. There's no launch button. But if we select, let's look for others. Let's say let's go to lay out there's pay set up. So if I cook this okay, then we have more pay set up options displayed right now. 3. Zoom and Rulers in Microsoft Word 2019: Okay, now that we've gone over the tabs, the rebounds and the group's let's go over on the zoom level off your document and the Yusof rulers. Okay, So for example, over here we have our blank document right now. And then let's say you're more used to seeing your document, like bigger. So you could see over here. You have your zoom panel over here, and then it just increased the zoom level so I could see our document getting bigger. Or if you want a nice bird's eye view, then you could also some out. Okay, so this is really useful. If you have a document that's many pages long and then you just want have a quick bird's eye view, okay? To look for margin errors or formatting errors, Then you could just quickly go true. This one. Okay, just come out and then you could see multiple pages. Side by side came. But if you're not used to that, if you want to see it like more close up, then you could just change it this way. Okay, so that's where the zoom. Now, if you're used to having rulers over here because if you've use a different word versions or older versions usually have your ruler here on top so that you could see the land or the width of your document, and that you could instantly change the margins a swell. So I would be looking forward ruler function over here on How can I show it up or here? So, for example, layout. I couldn't find it over here. So one of the nice things with word it's there's a quick search function so I could see over here right for the search. You could just go search and then let's say that's type and ruler and you could see that there is the best match off show router if I click on this and now you have your rulers over here. So if you're having a difficult time trying to look for a specific function that say, I want to insert picture right, you could just type it in here. And word is smart enough to give you suggestions on what you're trying to do. So it's this one. For example, insert picture is exactly the same as going to the insert tab and then selecting pictures over here. Okay, so this is really handy 4. Editing the Document in Microsoft Word 2019: Okay, now that we have our Microsoft Word right set up for environment, let's get into some action which is editing our documents. So, for example, let's say we just want to create a quick Microsoft Excel exam for students. Okay, so let's just type in, say, name right, and then I'll just hold the underscore and then all typing class for King and in a whole underscore. Right? And then let's go for a date. Okay, have them fill in and then let's say I'll just go for a title. Okay, let's say X so macros, final exam, and then it's type in, Just a couple a couple of questions over here, right, Second question, and then her question. Okay, and then Limoges add another one and spell this okay on purpose so that we can use the spellcheck function later. Cool. So now that we have this and let's say I just want to change the style off this one so normally what I would do is I'll go here home and then go through the font and then make some changes toothy size, for example, and then chased a farm color. Okay? And and they say make it bold, underline, italicize. They could do all the changes, but one of the nice things if you could just go to home styles and then just select the many stars that you have over here. So let me just click this down button so they could see everything. And you could just change this too intense, for example, on whatever is good for you. So, for example, let's just stick with this one. Are you just go for a bigger one. That's a title. OK, so whatever you want for the style, it's a preset okay, over here preset style over here, that's easy to use. So let's say if you're still not satisfied with this style, he could modify it. A swell that said, it's make it bigger for the science, OK, and then go for underlined and maybe both, as well. So now that we're happy with this one, in the case of what we have with the home tab, over here is the most common options that we're gonna be using. And another cool thing is, for example, let's say we just want to change the style for the name. There's also the pop up so if you highlight this specific text is going to show you a quick panel over here so that he can make changes to the text that you have selected or highlighted. So, for example, fecal styles. And it's the same thing. Okay, it's gonna be the same effect us what we did a while ago over here. So it's another handy tool that word provides for you. If you're if this is too far for you, right, you could just go here, and it makes the fun or design changes a swell for your texts. 5. Insert Pictures in Microsoft Word 2019: So now we have our document ready And what we will be doing next. ISS inserting off pictures into your document. So one of the really nice thinks is you can go for insert over here. Okay, let's go to pictures. And you could just insert any picture straight into your word documents. So just double click on any image. And over here, right, we have our image now, inside. So one of the things issue could see that it's not as flexible, right? If we try to move this around, okay, it's pretty hard it he haven have your line over here split into two. Okay? Because the image somehow got right in the middle. Okay, So what we will be doing is let me just look at how can we make this smaller? So it's pretty easy to just drag and drag this to the smaller size over here. Okay. But it's still not looking good inside our document. So what I can do? Issue could just see this panel over here. This bottle over here, off layout options, and you could just select. Okay, So the default one is in line with texts, so you could just change this into behind texts in front of text, right? So that it will just be free flowing. Okay, with your text. So what I did was I selected this the behind text right now, and you could just move this anywhere inside your document. So that say, it's just moved to somewhere here. Okay, so now that we're happy with this one, so I could just add okay, more decides, for example, with this option and another thing that's important to know office. Whenever you said at a picture or any object, this would show up. Okay, this set off options. Okay, so we have the format over here, and it's specific to an image for a picture because we selected a picture. So we just why this fall on the picture tools showed up on top if we sit back away. So, for example, if I said it here, you could see it disappeared. So if I select this back, then the picture tools will show up again. So the question right now is what can we do it? This format option Over here are former tab over here. So let's go over removed background. It tries to remove the background, but it's not doing a good job. So let's just discard this in case. But there's a lot of things that you can do. So, for example, we can go for corrections. You can change the darkness or how bright it is. Okay, so you could see changing or a preview of what's gonna happen. Okay, let me just go away from here. Let's go for color if you want it to be orangey. Right. So there's a lot off variations that he could do over here right out of the box. So, for example, this one, you have artistic effects. So if I go for glow, it's gonna be different. A swell over here. Okay? And there's also pictures now, so if I said like this drop down over here. Okay, you could see that it gets put inside frame, and you could even have treaty effects for this one. OK, so this one looks pretty nice. Okay, so let me just select this. So we have picture styles who have borders, effects layout, that you could just play wet okay to all of your images and then another one that's really useful is to use off crop. So if I use crop over here, Okay, you could crop your image right inside off words. So no need to added your picture outside of Microsoft Word. That's a use photo shop or Microsoft paint, right? He could do it inside off word. Okay, so if I do this, if I click away, then it's ready. Crops. If, for example, I had second thoughts and I want to make some additional changes. Let's say make it bigger. Okay, you could redo or undo your changes to swell with the crop, so that's really cool inside off work. Okay? So once you're happy, pick away. And now you have your image over here. If I go back again to insert. Okay, so that's for a picture. Okay, that's stored inside your computer or your hard drive If I want to look for pictures online , there's also another option off online pictures. There's also I couldn't write. There's a lot off options that you could do or play with inside word. So, for example, if I want to use this icon over here right now, just go insert and straight goes inside your max off word. So same thing he can go for their options gain. Let's go for behind text, and then you could just move it anywhere across your document. So same thing, right, since we selected a graphic this time, there's this graphic stools over here, and you could also have your options a swell to play around with. So I'm just playing around with the styles right now. I can have it field up with a different color, okay? And then let's say you could just continue to play with this. So let's go back again to insert and then let's try out online pictures. So if you don't have a picture available, then you could just go for online pictures. And let's say that select for dogs, okay? And it's gonna grab some pictures. So just wanting to be aware office the licensing of the pictures. OK, so you were going to be using it for business purposes, then you need to check first whether you can use that image for you or not. So they say they just picked this dog. Let's go to insert and then we have the same. It's right now over here. Okay, so let me just do this. And now we've gone over on how to insert pictures in Microsoft Word 6. Insert Shape and Text Box in Microsoft Word 2019: Now let's talk about inserting shapes. So if we want to have a specific call out or something that we want to add, that stands out over here, then we can use insert a swell. So we have insert shapes, right? So it is go to insert shapes on can. There's a whole lot of shapes that he could play around with over here. So let's say that's just add this shape over here, right? Just drag this around and same thing right? Once we had this object selected, we have drawing tools now showing up okay under the former tab and that you could just change your styles over here for a different feel and then same thing, a swell for any shape that you select. You could even add more shapes or whatever that you want to do, so we could also insert tax bunkers over here so we go to insert text and text box. So let me just go for this one quotation, and it's a really nice way off adding a coat in here. OK, so it's just at in a coat. That's a time it's gold. And I say I want this center just go to homes and center this, okay, and then make this a bit bigger. So you just make changes. And the Kolding with the text boxes. It's easily movable. Okay? Anywhere across your documents. So if you want to move this anywhere, same thing, a swell with the image. If you were having a hard time right managing the layout, you could also change the layout options. Okay. And then just select behind texts and same thing. You could now move this anywhere across your documents. Okay, so that's for tax boxes, and it's a really nice way to make it stand out inside your document. 7. Review Tab in Microsoft Word 2019: next one is I want to show the review tab off Microsoft for it. So let's go to review, okay? And there's quite a number of options. So the 1st 1 I want to stress out its spelling and grammar. So whenever you have document right before you finalize it, it's really a handy way for you to use spending and grammar. Because remember a while ago what I did Los Ice misspelled this on purpose. And let's see if it's going to get caught by spelling and grammar. So if I select this right, check the rebel Commander Sisko for yes. Okay, so it got the Ford Okay, incorrectly, so it will give you a couple of suggestions. But if not, then you could just change it. Man. Unity for you When King. So they just go here, since it's already been called out, right? And go to assume. And now that it's okay, it's gonna tell you that spelling and grammar check is complete. But if one of the suggestions make sense, then just go for that one. Just click on it and it will get reflected right away inside the document for you. OK, so it's a really nice way to just check those fat finger mistakes. Okay, if you made a careless mistake, no worries. Word has you covered, and it's really easy to do so okay. And a while ago you also saw that it's already underlined with that red line at the bottom . So it's already it wait for you to see right away that there's something wrong with your spending and grammar. Okay, now there's another thing that's important. ISS for word count. So let's say you were writing a blood article and you're after a specific number of words that he could just quickly check it. Just click word count, and it tells you how many words are there in the document. Right characters. Cheddar, in case I want were good. That's close. That another one. This detests hours. So it's a handy way for you to find similar words to the one that you've highlighted. For example, let's say we want to change this question with another work, okay, with another similar words, so I just double click on it. Hi. Let it go to to Cyrus, and it's going to show you a new immediate selection off words. So we have curry inquiry, right? Interrogation requested. Meant So you have to say we're happier inquiry, so I'll just click on this Go for insert. And now we have first Korean here. So really nice way. If you get stuck with words, if you're looking for different but similar words, okay, then this will be very handy for you. So there's a lot of more options over here, right? You have trapping of changes if you're having multiple people working on the same document that it's easy to track changes. Okay, We'll also have translation of languages as well over here, right? And then also for reading aloud for speech as well. So it's a nice way. If you want to proof, read your document just to have it read aloud to you. Okay, if it's a lot of speech, for example, that you just want to hear it out loud, 8. Layout in Microsoft Word 2019: Now let's talk about using the layout tap. So, for example, if you want to change the margins or spacing off your document, then you could do that over here. So let's go to lay out. Let's go for margins. Let's say this is the normal. Okay, this is what we have right now. One inch for the top, left bottom and right. That's if we want to make it more narrow. So you just select in our margin over here and you have this document, OK? So you could see the margins are now smaller. Okay, so we have wide swell, okay? It's gonna look very differently. So let's go back to normal. And another thing is, you could also change the orientation off your documents. So, for example, this is portrayed right now. Let's make it this one like landscapes. I could just change it quickly over here. Okay, so let's keep it this landscape next thing issue could also check the spacing off your document. So, for example, let's say we select the four questions over here, okay? And let's say we want it to be double space because right now it's single spacing, So you just select this paragraph over here. Okay, let's expand this right now and you could see the the lance basing. Let's change this to double. Let's go. OK, OK, there's a lot more options, but we'll stick with this. And now I could see that this four questions over here are now lips. Just undo that. They're now double space. Whatever you've only selected or highlighted on King and then make some changes with the options, then that's the one that will take effect on. 9. File Options in Microsoft Word 2019: next up. It's about file options. So let's say we're happy with this one, okay? It's not exactly the best document in the world. My let's say we want to save this and we're good with this. So let's go to foul tab over here. Let's go to save, okay? And there's quite a number of options over here. So, for example, you have the browse this PC. Okay, If we have recent sections that you want to say, that's perfectly fine. You have one drive. Okay. If you wanted to upload this to the cloud, let's just go for brow. So I'll just look for a location in my computer and let me just say this straight up, OK? And I'm actually saving this inside the calmer role folder. Okay, so let's say this is word. My first word document to go for safe right? Once we're good. Okay. What you're gonna be seeing a swell for adoptions is aside from saving for the final time, you can also go for print, right? So you have a preview off your document over here again. If you're happy, then you just go for a print and you can make some changes a swell. Let's say you want it printed out black and white or colored. Okay, you can make those changes as well. But another cool thing with Microsoft Word, it allows you to export this and straight into a pdf document. So if you want to share this with another person and save it in a pdf format, it's really easy to do so So just go to export and then select create pdf. So if I said like this and never just save this ass, Pdf okay, from word document, it's gonna open up a swell once I go publish its click on that and you're going to see the pdf documents straight the way over here, which is really nice to straight up from word, nothing fancy. And then once you're good with this one, what we'll do next is will close this document and see how we can reopen this from the one we just say 10. Closing and Reopening in Microsoft Word 2019: Okay, now we're good with the document. We've already saved it so we can close this and then let's reopen word and see what happens next. So I just select Microsoft Word right now. Okay, Office 2019 and could see on the left side. Over here. We have the recent section. Okay, So you've seen here that there's them my first word document that we could select, and then you could quickly open it from here. Okay, But if not, then you just go for the open, other documents, and then just look for your for a document. But here's one important thing it's gonna show here, all off the word documents that you've opened over here, right? It's just gonna arrange it in chronological order. But let's say, for example, there's one document that you feel that it's gonna be important for you, and you're gonna be opening it frequently. And what you can do issue Just select this pin over here, right? If you select the pin, it's gonna be having a pin section. And regardless, on when you have opened it or not, it's always going to be there. So it's like having it on priority so that it's very accessible for you at the beginning when you open word. So if you have frequently used documents, Okay, make your top five documents or such. You could just have them pinned over here so that just one click and now you have your document open over here. 11. Thank You!: Thank you so much for taking this course. Okay, So if this has brought value to you and you have learned something new piece, leave your feedback as well. Okay, so just click on. Sure. And then you could just give your honest feedback to other students can also discover this class. Okay, So what I have here opened, it's actually one of my classes. If you want to learn more about what I'm teaching at the moment, just click on the link over here, right? My name is over here. Just click, OK? You just scroll down and you could see over what in my up to okay with my profile. And if you just scroll down, we have over here a lot more courses that I teach to you. So if you're more curious about Excel Goodness, I have a lot off Excel stuff to teach you. Okay? Shortcuts. Park re. Okay, par be. I accept formula. This are few to sequel. Okay, for data basis, writing sickle Caries. Check it back up a swell. Okay. And I'll be able to show you a lot more on what you can learn. Okay, So thank you so much again for taking this class. And don't forget to live on honest review