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Microsoft Word 2019 : Create a News Letter

teacher avatar Prashant Gupta

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Basics : Introduction

    • 2. Basics : About the Interface

    • 3. Basics : Creating a Document

    • 4. Basics : Basic Formatting

    • 5. Basics : Inserting and formatting images

    • 6. Basics : Inserting a Footer

    • 7. Basics : Reading Text Aloud

    • 8. Creating Newsletter : Introduction

    • 9. Setting up the document

    • 10. Inserting and formatting text

    • 11. Creating a Columnar Layout

    • 12. Creating Drop Caps

    • 13. Inserting and Formatting Images

    • 14. Cropping Images

    • 15. Wrapping Text around Images

    • 16. Inserting and formatting Video

    • 17. Inserting Charts

    • 18. Creating and inserting tables

    • 19. Creating and inserting Word Art

    • 20. Exporting as PDF

    • 21. Protecting with Password

    • 22. Summary

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About This Class

This is a project-based course through which you will learn to use Microsoft Word 2019/ Word Office 365 in detail. Initially we will learn the basics and then we will learn to create a News Letter using Word. This course covers the latest version MS Word and we will keep updating the course to cater for any upgrades which is made in the software in future. You will learn the following: -

  • About the interface of word

  • Inserting and formatting text

  • Inserting and formatting images and other media

  • Setting up a News Letter

  • Creating column-based layout

  • Inserting text and formatting it

  • Inserting images and wrapping text around it

  • Creating drop caps

  • Inserting and formatting images

  • Inserting and formatting charts

  • Inserting and formatting online videos

  • Inserting tables

  • Inserting word and smart art

  • Saving the document

  • Exporting as interactive PDF

This course is useful for all levels of learners.

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1. Basics : Introduction: Hi French Welcome toe this course title word 2019 Creating a newsletter from scratch. I impression Gupta and I'm the author of this course in this course you were learning initially the basics off how to use a word to their 19 thereafter. We're goingto be learning based on a project that is creating a newsletter. Why I have done and taken this approach in teaching because learning the basics is quite easy. But putting it into practice is a bit difficult, and therefore I've taken a kind off, for example, a really world project wherein you will learn to use word to throw 19 and use almost. It's entire potential, right? So initially I'll be teaching you certain basic aspects, like about the interface forward to their 19 so that you exactly know where all the tools are and how Toby various commands for any kind of action on your document they're after having done so. We learn how to insert and in protection a document. We will learn how to format that text in terms of changing the forint, changing the side of the phones, changing the color of the fourth etcetera We'll also learn how toe insert media in tow, our doctrines such as the immediate and video. We will learn how to form RD's. We're going to be going into great detail. We also going to be learning how to create a COLUMNA layout for our newsletter. We will learn how to format images. We're going to learn how to use smart out within our document. By the time we finished doing all this, you would be conversant with almost all the tools a word to their 19 And you have created a real world product which will give you confidence in using word toe. There a one line No. Having done this kind off detailed learning, you will be armed with creating any kind of documents using words to their one line. Today. Work to the 19 is much more powerful than the page layout software off yesteryear's, which have used and I can tell you with experience, that word can now do much more than what page layout software could do earlier, using which people used to create magazines and books. So do we really need to go and you then lunch some kind off other barely our software in case we need to just create a new letter, I think No. If it just, you know, for distribution within your company or your organization, I think words should help you out quite a bit. Having said that, let me assure you that we are going to be learning to use word to throw 19 in totality. And by the time you finish this course, you will be almost expert at using word to the 19 and will be able to create any kind of real world document. Maybe. Ah, business report. Even your resume is any kind of book. Later. Go on to create format e books on, of course, creating a new later all that he will be able to create using words to the row 19 Having said that on white uto, enroll in the scores learned from it and benefit from it take and happy learning 2. Basics : About the Interface: hi French. In this video, I will acquaint you with the interface off Microsoft Word to their 19 Or shall we say, Microsoft Word Office 3 65 Now both are when it comes to working with it and the interfaith , they're almost the same. So if you learn how to work or Microsoft word off the 3 65 you can work with Microsoft Word Toe the robot ninth. Now the only difference is that one comes to the sweet and it'd subscription based that if you have a sweet off Softwares, which included an officer 65 concludes Word, which includes Excel, which includes PowerPoint. It also includes Microsoft publisher in certain cases, certain versions of the subscription, and you also get one TB off space in the cloud that it offers. Dr. When it comes to Microsoft Word to the robot nine. Then it is just Microsoft Word to the 19 you buy it, you install on your computer and use it. Actually, when it comes to working with it, there is no different between Microsoft Word to the 19 or Microsoft Word office. 3 65 They are almost the same, so I would be working with the copy off Microsoft Word office 3 65 because I was trying for the complete sweet. But as far as you have. Ah, understood. Working on this is exactly the same for Microsoft Word two through 19 That's the worship. Now, when you launch a word, this is the kind of interface which will be getting on top. You have, you know, certain icon will let you create a blank document also some right up about your word and then your various template, which you can use. And you can also invoke more templates if required. Then here, at the bottom, you have all the files which you have worked on recently, which are listed out here. You can open any one of them and work on it. Or you can also see certain files which you have pinned right now. Since I'm starting a fresh, there are no pain fights. And from Lily any fires that you shared with you because inward you can also share files which I shall be speaking about a bit later that can also be open here. Right now, I don't have any shared files. So this and died. Canvas is blank right now on the left panel. Find home new and open. And we also have at the bottom account, feedback and options. We shall discuss about this bottom thing a bit later. Now this is the home interface. When you click on news, then you are offer a number off templates and neither are you can be used for various things like when you will see here it says business cards, fliers, holiday, the education, resume it and cover letters and letters. And if you want something specific, you can type in here and look for it. Let's say we want to have ah so it for new letters. Let me see if something comes. Yeah, and now we only have the templates which apply toe newsletters. Now you can open any one of them and we should open one off these to be ableto or we can even create a new this thing. So let's go back to home. And from here we're going to create a blank document. You click on this and here now we have a blind document. You can see a page open in front of us and a cursory blinking on the top. This is the river, but this is the menu system off Microsoft Word, which is God ribbon right on top. You have a number of taps, you click the tabs and you get various commands. Like right now it'll insert, and you can see that we have command in groups. That is pages, tables, illustrations, Adan's media links, comments, header and footer text. Then we have symbols on. We also can insert kind of media. Let me first just explain to you the layout, and then I shall discuss aboard this group in this area where you have this white page and the curse of blinking. This is the document area. This is where you work, actually, on the document, they said, I said it. The ribbon on top, left corner of the screen. You have certain I go on that This is the quick access menu, certain commands, which you're going to be using again and again. That is what can be available here. For example, toe save the file. You also have options where you can add more commands on your quick accent menu, for example, lecture you want toe add open so there once I click, I get this icon that is for opening the folder. I can also remove This will likely call. This narrative does so as Pargo requirement and convenience. You can add as many of these which are listed here on this particular drop down menu. Right in the center. We have the name of the document, and in the right corner we have the name of the surprise for for this offer on this icon helps. That's true, either or to hide the ribbon or show the tabs or short taps in command. So if I click here on auto hide ribbon, the ribbon is completely hidden. If I click here back and I said sure taps, then the taps are visible and I can then revert back to short Babson Command. And you also have this particular icon, which helps you to minimize the document, and this one helps you to restore clicking on this. You can close the document and word or together on the left corner, and you will see her. This gives you certain information about the document you're working in. It saves paid 101 Then it stays there over that, as you'll keep on typing. The words will keep on adding in on. It also tells you the kind of language which you are going to be using here now, in the right corner, we have certain more icons. You can switch to read more, you can go toe print layout and you also have this slider here using with you can no doom and then zoom out of the dark right now coming down to the ribbon because that is the main aspect. And I explained to the number of tab Firstly, you can revert back to file and when you reward back to file, you are actually going where we were earlier on day certain, you know, task that you can carry out right from here. For example, you can create new knock man's From here you can open a document and many other path add listed here, for example, you can save the document you can save a dope, Pdf you can print share export transform and close it. You can also protect me. Look on, you can revert back to basically where we were. I just explained to you a bit about the ribbon when you were the home ribbon. Basically, you have certain groups likely board formed paragraphs. Styles did all commands and they help you toe improve your document. And for matter, Doc. Then this step insert you can insert whole or off things and again the leather all grouped the command for group are no various headings like pages, tables, illustrations just to give example. When it comes illustrations. You can insert pictures, online pictures, shapes. I can't three D models, smart art chart and screenshots. I'll be discussing about all these commands every move ahead in the scotch. Then you have a group of Adan's media links Cummings, header and footer, Text and symbols. Why I'm explaining this to you because when you're working with any software, you must exactly know what tools are available and what commands are available for you to be ableto work with your document or whatever you're tryingto create. Then we have been a tab for draw these tools you can draw. Then we have the denying aspect we have fully out. I'm just in a sort off going through it right now, and we're going to be working in detail with almost all these commands. Then you have references. You have mailings. I'm again going to be telling you how to make money, etcetera. Then you can review your documents on. Then you have helped. Now, in case you have other plug ins install. Then they will appear Leg, acrobat text aloud. And fox, a period leader. All third parties off, which are which help you work in Microsoft. Word on about did I would not be discussing because it all depends on which one you purchase for your requirement. Andi, have it available here on top. Right corner again. This one dimension there to you know, tabs shared and Cummings. So when you click on Shared, you can share your documents. I'll sell speak about it in a separate video together. Similarly about Cummings. Right? Friends. So in this video, I've given you a basic all of you off the interface off Microsoft Word 2019 and same with applicable toe word. Officer 65. And here after we shall be working to create documents and I'll explain to how we can interrogator and how we confirm it. It how we can make it look, you know better how we can work with images, videos How can we stray? Are documents? How can we, you know, create various kind of documents? There's going to be predict based learning. I'm going to be initially in the first couple off. We do it explaining to you basic aspects. Absolutely essential aspects are working with word to their A one line. And there, after we will take projects one by one so that you get an idea as to how to create a certain kind of documents using word to the row one line. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 3. Basics : Creating a Document: hi French. In this video, we're going to learn how to create a document from scratch. To do that, we need to go down her toe new and click on it and you will get this kind of a screen. And you see initial, you have an option to create a blind document or else in case you want to you that template . Then there are many templates which are available from where you can select the template. You can also search for Templars. Now, for this video, we're going toe create a blank document. So we're going to go here and click on this. Now, when you click on this, you get the inter fees as you are seeing, and I have already explained to you all about be interface. Now we have, ah, new document here, but this is what default set up is. No, you can change the layout for your requirements. So if you go down here and click on layout and find that you have many options, were going to be basically dealing with the space set up option. Now you can, first of all, between the size effect, click here. You'll find that very that drop down menu, and there are many options available by before it is a four. Because sitter standard when it comes to you know, many countries, many countries use this. You also have various options that you can see right here, including letter and then upto you can go down to a three. We have many options. We're going to live with that default. You can also teen the Martin if you require. If you click here and find that many options are available once again, I'm going to leave the millions to default. You can also change the orientation. Right now it is portrait. You can goto landscape. We leave it at the fort and go back to portrait side. I only mention now you can also have columns within your document. If you click here right now, we have got one column you can select either to three left or right, and there are options for more columns to so you can select from here. You can also customize your problems. You're going to be discussing the the in detail as we progress. And when we were working on various products right now, I just want to give you insight into what can be done, so we will leave it at default. This current document, you can input text images, videos within your document, not input, any kind of text. All that really ruins pipe on your keyboard. And there it is. Now you can type in the text with you need for your document. I'm not going to do that right now because that takes quite a bit of time. If I right click, I get options. I'll connect this and you can also insert images within this particular video. I'm going to be discussing all this as we go along in the course. So in this video, I gave you a basic idea. So how we can create a new document and how we can set up the page orgy in the paid settings have required and how we can input text. In the next video, we will take a sample document which is not yet formatted, and we're going to learn a bit of art formatting our document, and that's going to be basically a formal letter. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning 4. Basics : Basic Formatting: hi French In this video, we're going to learn how to format. Ah, formal document right in front of you There the document which I have typed in and for typing in a document. All that you need to do is open up the page, Jane, the page settings as I explained to you in the previous video and type in the text which you require tohave in your letter using the keyboard just like typing on your typewriter, having tensile there certain formatting which can be done to improve the quality off your document. Now here I have a document and I want to change firstly the forint and side of the document . For that, I need to select the entire document. So I'll go down here to select and click on Select all and you will know noted that the entire document had no been highlighted. So I want tohave this formed at Ariel. Click on it and we're going toe search for the aerial funds the narrative and click on it. But this has been now selected and I want to increase the phone sites so either you can go down here and select whatever foreign trade you need or you can click on the icon cierto in clean or reduced the foreign sides. So I'm going clear it. Click Once on there it is. The phone trial have increased click any rare and the text is going to get the selected. Now there are a few aspects which I need toe do to improve the quality of my document and toe make it more readable. First of all, what I need to do it. I need I want toe make it board so that the reader sees this aspect clearly. So I'm gonna go around here and click on Bold and you'll find that this has got Borland. But this particular line subject request for tourists without parents I want this to be in the center. So here in paragraph group, you have the options. So if I click on center, you'll find that districts has got centered. Oh, I want to increase the phone size toe one more while click here and I want to make it bold . So there it is if you want to, can also change the foreign color here. So if I go down here, there are many options for color available, and we can go in for more caresses. Also, let's cancel this. Let's go down here and let's make this Toby read and you click anywhere. You'll find that now The foreign color here is red, but I want to reward by two black. So I select this again and go down here and goto automatic. Or you could pick up the black color from here. Let's do that one more aspect, but I want to explain to here is that you know, right now the email which have been typing by default is blue because any kind off hyperlink which is going to be there on your document will generally have this color. But I don't want you know this to link straight away. I don't want people to be ableto click on this so that they can go in and for the email. Therefore, I'm going to remove the hyperlink for that. We need to selling this and then right click. When you write like you have many options from the fly out menu, for example, ended hyperlink open hyperlink won't be hyperlink and remove I pulling. I want to remove this or click on this and the happening now gets removed. Yeah, it'll go to moved and we want to make this death collectible black. Now, what else can we do? There are many aspects of formatting which we can do. I have just about touched on a few of them and we will keep on learning about this aspect as we move ahead in the course. But one more aspect I want to deal with here is did I want to appear at bulleted text therefore, here that options are applying bullets and you have many more options of any kind of bullets can be applied. I'm goingto go over default. And if I click here, you'll find that now this particular checked has become bulleted for the time being. I just want to do this much as far as this document is concerned. And in doing so, I have explained to certain basic formatting which you can do to your documents toe improve the get up and lay out off your documents. So I explain to you how toe can deformed I explain to you how toe increase the front side. I explained to you how you can, you know, board certain areas off your text. I also explained to you how you can remove hyperlinks for insert hyperlinks to a particular section of your document. I also explain to you how to center the documents and how to use bullet. Now there is much more to formatting a document. And as we move ahead in the course, we're going to learn about all that for this video. That's it. Thanks for listening. Big and happy learning. 5. Basics : Inserting and formatting images: high fence. In a previous video, we have learned how to insert a made in our document. In this video, we're going to learn how to format enemies. Now, here we have a me which has been inserted in a similar manner which we learned in a previous video. We'll select this and when you do that, you will find picture tools and you have options for formatting. If you click on it, there many options. First of all, you can remove the background. I don't want to get into removing the background in word not really required. So I leave it at that then is corrections No, Here you can correct exposure. So right now, the image which have got have got okay, enough exposure. But just to give you idea, if you who are over these you know images good, I can see will get a feedback as to what your immediate went to look like. Now let's say I want this a bit brighter than I could go here and click on it. It has made a bit off difference now, right now. That is one thing I know we can also change the color, so if we go down here to color, you'll find that many options. Right? Hair? It said collectible. You can whore over it and you will get various options. Similarly, you can re color your images who are over the icons, and you will get a feedback and whatever you like, you can select. No, I find this, uh, not really worth it, So I would not use it now you can also you know, you have more variations from here, or you can even set a transparent color. Or you can also have picture color option from here. I will leave it the way it was. I've just explained you that options are there. Then you also have artistic off extra duplicate. You get a window within which there are many options available. Just hold over the like ones. Anyone was here. More feedback here again. And let me try one more. So in case your project required this kind off artistic, if it go ahead of you with it, I'm going to do with the default. I'm not going to work on it. And then you have the option off transparency. You know, if you go down here and click on it you re making is going to become quite transparent. I don't want to try and want to go here, and I know this. Then you can also compress your picture. You can change picture if you click on it except from file from online. Social icons will change it from a fine. So click on this on Let's say we want to replay that picture with this picture. Select that and inserted and there you pick. You have jeans. You can also apply certain styles, fear, pictures and all the options which are possible are listed here like if you want. Oh, the moment horror over these icons, we will get a feedback and whatever meets the requirement off a project. Go ahead and do it, but be judicious about it. You know, the more you try and format and put into many things, it may in fact spoil the look and feel of your document. But the options available, it's your choice, and you get a life feedback when you also want to decide. OK, this money is good enough for me. Go ahead and click on it. I will leave it additive. You can also add picture borders I've clicked toe were without line. Let's say wonder standard colors. Maybe Green Green will not show off in this so we can go here and let's say, Let's make it this color or dark brown on will entertain the weight off the literally we put see how the free Majene said. This option is very much available. You can go ahead and use it, and if it serves their purpose, nothing like adoptions are available. I'm going to live with it before then. You have also picture perfect in the sense you can. You know there's certain presets or you can drop shadows. You can give reflection to your images. You can also add glows. Soft ages be Valls. You can actually make it through 12 and you can also going for three D rotation. Let's say you go here, see how the thing is done. I'm well underway. All the the fix available French. But I will advise to you that you will be very judicious about using these because at times instead of adding on toe any kind of. But while effect, it can sort off, you know, make your document look awkward. So be careful in this video. I explained to you the kind off options which are available to format your he made with you . Insert in your document. If you're predict, requires that Go ahead. And you that that's it for this video. Thanks for listening pick and happy learning. 6. Basics : Inserting a Footer: hi French In this video, I'll explain to you how to insert off footer in your document. There may be times when you want to add some kind of information right below each paid, which will be available on all pages. So let's see how this can be done. This is a small document about photographing birds and flight, and I want a footer to be inserted below at each page to insert the footer. We need to click here on in third and then here on the right side, we have a header and footer section on the ribbon. So we are going to select for tell and then you get many options as to how you should be entering your foot. No, we are goingto take the first line and find that this kind of ah dashed line has come up here. And at the same time, they were spaced to start typing Well, type birding. No. All right. And now let's just you don't start off. Include the front for that. We go back to home, click on we make it bold. I would also change the color. So go down here and we'll take the sculler exchange now were inserted a footer in our document. And by just inserting on the first page, you launder that this porter is now available on each page on their double click and your foot gets applied. Did this easy to insert of Fatah in your document, as we explained to you, and it is quite handy swiftly. If you want some kind of information available on all your painted, let's read this on the news later than this photo here, available on all pages announcing the birding trip, which you want to announce and people can contact you and I trained. So in this video, I explained to you how to insert a photo that's it take and happy learning. 7. Basics : Reading Text Aloud: hi French In this video, we're going toe. Learn about they speak aloud Feature in word. This is a new feature which has been added to a word to the 19 and word office 3 65 So using that you can start reading a text. Know how to do that? Normally what was required to do it you need toe Place your cursor from where you want to start feeling. Then, on this ribbon, go down to this review tab. You have this option off. Read aloud. Click on it. In our tech heavy society, there is working procrastination to be done around the clock. Friends and co workers The moment you click on the read aloud icon. Very. Were you cursory from there? The text will start getting red. Now you have here as you see on the right, right? Did I? Can't they come up? Once you press that read aloud button there on the River Elbe. This gives you a bit of everything that's in that you can start reading on. You can stop reading. You also have option for Weiss's. So if you click here, you can adjust the reading speed and you can also select various voices. Let's say you want to select this deal always. And now let's plate Time Management is about taking charge and setting boundaries. It's a way of attacking the distractions that prevent you from focusing on what's important to you. It's a method of making the most of the fixed amount of time you have each day. Once we're finished, you can close this in case you use this feature quite often. You can also add it onto your quick access menu here. If you click, you'll find that read aloud is listed here. So just click on it and you get this icon. Now you place your karsa anywhere in the text, and you just click on this icon here. Time management is about taking charge and setting boundaries. It's a way of attacking. It starts reading from the point with cursory at the same time, the state of icons come in front of you so you can, you know. If you want, you can change the reading speed, or you can select a voice. Let's select David and then let's now plate the distractions that prevent you from focusing on what's important to you. It's a method of making the most of the fixed amount of time you have each day. Well, I think this is a very good feature and we must know about it, which I just explained to you. And if you have a long document which you don't want to read, but you just want toe, listen to the content and go ahead and use this feature off. Read aloud. Thanks for listening take and happy learning. 8. Creating Newsletter : Introduction: Hi. Friends will come toe this section off the course and in this section we're going to learn to create a newsletter. I've chosen to create this document and go through with you step by step so that you learn a great deal about word to the Roman nine. This is a document where we will require to use almost everything rich we have in world will have toe use most of the tools most of the commands to able to create this kind off document. We will learn how toe enter text. We will learn how to format text. We will learn how toe insert images. You learn how to crop images. We will learn how toe inside text boxes. We will learn how to change colors or forms etcetera. We will learn how to attain the side of forms. You learn how to create a heading. We will learn toe insert interactive elements of hyperlinks and videos. We will learn to savor documents we learn toe export our documents as pdf So that is a lot in store for you in this section on building on this section. Subsequent will be creating more documents which is going to give you an in depth knowledge off word. So let's get cracking. And in the next video, I'll explain to you how toe set up your document, take care and happy learning. 9. Setting up the document: Hi, friends. Welcome to this video. And in this video we're going to learn to set up our news later. There are two ways in which you can go ahead creating your newsletter for that. Let's just go down here to New and click on New. Now, as you will notice here that there are a large number of templates available at the same time, we also have options to create a blank document. We're going to be creating a newsletter, so every type here newsletter and search for it. You will find that many for match for templates come in front of us and we can choose from any one of them and start creating a new letter on the benefit off. Using a template is that you already have a pre designed template, all that you need to do it. Replace your own content with that, and you have a new letter going. But we're going to learn how to use templates later on. For this particular lesson, I would like to explain to you how to create or rather set up your document using a blank document. So we'll click here and we now have a blank document in front of us. We need to set it up before we start creating our newsletter. Therefore, what I want to be doing is I'm going to be, firstly going down here to lay out. And then we're going to be working on the size off the newsletter. Click here and you have many sided available for this demonstration. I'm going to select a four and click on it. No. Then when it comes to the margins, I want toe have a narrow margin that gives a better look and feel when it comes to newsletters. So click here and we get a narrow margin for ah newsletter. Now, this newsletter first grade is goingto be a column based newsletter. So click on this and we have options for creating various kinds of columns. I'm going to take this right Russian and click on it. Columns are now been created not to explain what our content is going to look like. I'm just going to be pasting some text in this particular demonstration. Know Either you could type it out or you can, in case you already have some type content available. You can use that. I want to be using the type contents or click on this. And I would have just select this content here, right Click and come pit Go down to their document, which I am working with on hearing the culture right click and best it. Now you will find that when I pasted it only abortion off this page Or shall I say one column has got populated with content and we have a column on the right, which very nothing at the moment. But as you are goingto be in clearing this particular content here they're going through, they're going to overspend into the right column. Now, in this particular video, I've just explained to you how we can go about setting our newsletter. In the next video, we will learn a bit more how toe add on to more content to our new later. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take care and happy learning 10. Inserting and formatting text: hi friends in this video we are goingto be learning how to insert a text box in that we will be in 30 a sidebar for that we need toe around here and click on insert and then from here text box. Once we click, we get many options you can scroll through and select one which meets your requirement. We are going to be selecting this bandage sidebar. So click on this on We are going toe change the title to read burning and, uh, like so that looks good to me. And then here on former Gonna click here and I want a great colored side band. We have more options. It's a tirlea prove what you want to choose. You can go with any one of these. I am goingto go with the regular and I am going toe change the font color of this school black and we're going to make it bold. And then all the sticks we could see here can be changed. We should be doing that as we progress in this course. So we now have inserted a sidebar within our newsletter. In a bit, small steps were going to be refining a new later, we're going to be formatting it toe, make it look more appealing and more useful. So in this video, we learned how to insert a sidebar. That's it for this video. Thanks for displaying pick and happy learning. 11. Creating a Columnar Layout: hi French. In this video, we're going to learn how to insert a page with two Collins. And those columns should be equal columns. Our first big has got one column, which is larger in with. And then the second column has got a narrower with. But we want now that hereafter, when we add content to our newsletter, the pages should have equal columns. We need to pay attention to this. If we don't follow this correct procedure which I'm trying to explain to, the whole thing may go haywire. So what we need to do actually is Ah, you know of it like a surplus here, right at the bottom. We need to go down here doing insert, and we need to insert appeal, drink, click on it and find that the period got added. We need to place the cursor on the first page. Then we need to go down to lay out and we need to go down toe columns and from your don't inserted from here, go down here to more columns, then select this one on. You must have this checked, you know, equal call of it. And then it said apply it to a whole document. No, we should only apply to this point forward. So select that and click on OK, now the two column page should have got added on to take that you're going to add some takes. I only have some Texas. We're going to first select district, right click comp it go down to us Darkman, with which we're working right, click and paste it that I think that's working fine. And we're going to add some more text, go long toe despaired, and we're going to select this entire next right click compelled on. Go back and go back to the Darkman, which we're working with, And let's face the texture which we copied Delete the third big ridge of that thing Come by , Think so. Then we have our document which have got our first wage we pre formatted earlier. And now we have created a two column pig and inserted some text into word. And as you can see, it has flowed in tow. Two columns. We need to format this particular page, which we shall do so I will select this entire text here and I want it to be justified. So click on justify. And there the whole thing gets justified. And now we can work with headings etcetera like I want Oh, make this like, bigger on board reduced the side here a bit so like this and greed the front and make it board on. Similarly, we're going to do that here. Also include the funk, Make it bold, right friends. So in this video, we learned how toe add a page with two equal columns on, I explained you the process of doing it. Do kindly follow exactly what I explained to you. Otherwise, you may get formatting problems. That's very important. And having done so in the next video, we will learn how to insert and image and how toe wrap text around that image, because to make your government look a bit better that maybe one of the trade off doing it . So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning 12. Creating Drop Caps: Hello French. In this video, we are going to insert some more text in our newsletter and then we're going to learn how to format certain basic aspects. And we'll also learn to insert a drop cap. So this is what is in store for you in this video. So to insert some more text, either you could type it in or you can from another document carton based that particular text into your document which you are editing to save time. I am going to pick it up from a document which I already have. And this is what I want to insert. So I will select this right click and copy now, other practice. What I do is in case I'm creating a newsletter or any kind of document. I first work on the text and type written in another document so that I don't get the stubbed while I am creating my main document. And I just cut and paste the content on to the final document on which I'll be working. So that is what we will do here. Go back toe our main document here. Have the CAS already here. Right click and I'm going to paste it and ah, blend text. Very active. As you see this is coming here. No, let me do a bit of formatting. First of all this heading here, I want o create. It has a heading. So I'm going toe increase the size. We could also change the form, but for this particular video will leave it at that. Then we're going to make this bold and we're going toe sender alignment narrative. So this becomes are hitting. We couldn't clear the Sizemore. That depends on your and I would just Did you do this basic It That's fine. All this text, I want to be justified, so I will select it. I'm gonna work down here. It says justify. That means the text is going to get distributed evenly and I'm going to click on it. And there it is. This looks much neater to me, but justification has its own problems. At times you will find extra spaces between the world. Now you have to consider that Andi rectify in case that issue takes place. And maybe that I'll be explaining that that if you have any progress ahead in this, of course so we have done this. Now what I want to do is I want to insert a drop cap. So for that you need to place your cursor very want to insert the drop cap. Then you go down here to insert and right here and and you have the option of drop cap and they're certain options here. I want to be having a drop cap. In fact, this is a bit larger than what I require so you can go toe drop cap options on here. I'm going toe reduce this. They're going to be dropped, and then we'll reduce this toe to and click on. OK, so there it is and similar thing I want to do here also. So click on this go down toe drop cap drop cup options dropped. I want to select, and it's going to be again to click on OK, you know, I'm goingto actually undo it, because or maybe just no, I won't go under work, go down here And would I want to leave it as it is. Another thing which we can do is we will go here. Go toe drop cap Doc of options. Click here on. We're goingto reduce this tool. Sorry to do this too. One Let's see how it looks. Okay, that should be okay. I don't really sub any public, so I want to do the job cup right now. I have just explained to you hear how toe insert text in your document. How toe carry out formatting. Whatever you want to change. There is much more to formatting, which I've explained to you earlier where reformatted a formal letter. But there are few things which explain toe you here and specifically how to insert a drop cap. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening cake and happy learning. 13. Inserting and Formatting Images: hi French. In this document, we will learn how to insert an image toe. Do that. We need to place a cursor where we want they meet. So we're down here. This is where I want to insert the image. So I placed my curse today. And now we go down here to insert and we click on pictures. And then we have certainly media than Iraq Victory. Or you never get to the directory where you have placed two images and select that I'm going to be inserting this image, click on it and click on instead. No, there it is. The immediate got inserted. I'm goingto increased the side of this. So grab hold off this corner here and drag it like this. So notice that now it is over spilling. So I am going toe sort off. Cubitt had this much, and that should do the work. Let me just create a bit of separation between the Texan inmates. I wanna play center here on. That should be good. So in this video, we learned how to uncertain. Emit. All that is required is going down to the tabs. Click on insert, then click here on pictures and select the pictures from the folder where ever you have stored it and place it on to the document, as I did earlier. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take it and happy learning. 14. Cropping Images: hi French in this video, I'm going to be discussing with you how toe insert crop and format Any major before that I just want to explain to you few aspects. You must have noticed that the right side bar has got more content than what was there in the previous video. No, this I have done in my own time because I already have explained to you how to insert text and how to uncertainty made earlier. And therefore I didn't want to waste your time doing that. Now, here will not say that I have inserted some text and normally when you are, you know, going to be publishing a newsletter. Maybe that displace you can use for putting exerts off topics or articles which are within your newsletter toe door attention off. Your viewers may also like to highlight certain things like I put a photograph off the photograph of the month and I will support a Lincoln, which we will make active later on. So this kind off, you know, small snippets, which makes your newsletter more interesting, can be put as content in the sidebar. Having said that, let me insert any made and then we'll crop it. So we're going to put on her to insert Andi, click on pictures and click on pictures. And let's select this picture. Not this actually in the wrong way, which I did it. So I'm gonna delete this. No. Wherever you want a picture, you must play so concert there for So you're going to place it here. I can go to insert pictures and we're going to select this picture and insert now this picture, the beard where our course awas and I want to make it rather increase the side of it. So I went to go hear on and really the most. Now you'll notice that you know this sense. The picture is large and it's moving beyond the boundaries off the previous big. It has gone to the next page. Now we can rectify this. My cropping this inmates. So I will keep it selected. I'll go here toe crop and click on crop. Once you do that, you find that bounding box has changed. Grab this handle here. Let the course a change. As you can see and then dragged. Known here Still nothing much has happened. So we're going to take this on. We're gonna do work on this. No, no, There that Sylvia Crop. This picture it has got add a scripture of it. I've edited. We have the big head. Oh, we can actually, once again goto Crop Onda Uh, you know, let's just pull the side of the picture that it lives, will with the sidebar, let's click on it and look anyway here so that it is No, we have this image on our page since it was not fitting in, it had gone toe a new page. I cropped the image and it is now well formatted. So this is one way of using crop. You can use it. In many ways, they was to explain you how you can go about cropping any meat. Haven't done that. We already have a maid here, right? So I just want to explain to you that there are options to format images and we are going to do that on this, but limit their selected you'll find here in picture tools. You have this options off format. Click on it there many things that you can do to the picture. But for this, we're going toe. Restrict changing the pictures tiles, and if you click, he'll find that there are many waters tiles which are available. I would also like the 1st 1 click on it, and we have now a free around this picture, which makes it look better. But then this picture now going beyond the boundaries because once we add the frame, the side of the picture has increased so we can grab hold of this corner on drag it in. There it is that we can leave it on there. You'll notice that we now have a frame around our picture. This is one way off styling your pictures, right? Friends with this video explained to you how to insert a picture, how to crop a picture and how toe put a frame around your picture. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take a and happy learning 15. Wrapping Text around Images: Hello, friends. In this video, we will learn how to insert any made in our document and wrap text around it. This is a nice way to lay out a page which is visually very appealing. So let's see how we can do that. We need to play soccer PSA, where we want the image Toby inserted. And then we will go down here to insert and click on pictures. And then from the folder where we have the picture, we will select the picture and inserted. And there the picture has now got inserted. But this is not how I wanted. I want it right in the center. You must be noticing a small I cord on the right top. Hear this? Click on it and you get more options than you can say the red li out options said in line with text and with text wrapping. So there are many options like square tight through top and bottom behind text and in front of text. You can experiment with all this for the time being. I just explained to You want to say, If I click on square now, if I move it anywhere, see how the Texas getting wrapped around this image on what do you play? Clicked on top and bottom? See how the textures no shifted in a different manner. What if I clicked on behind text they made goes behind text? What if I click in front of text? They made it all come in front of text but it's not wrapping around and I go here to square and click on it. And this is what exactly what I want. Once you're finished, you can close this Now you can experiment with this, you know, wrapping around your text and see how best you can place your texted places where you want the ways to be a new also one text all around that image A nice way to lay out door It is your text any ridges? So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning 16. Inserting and formatting Video: hi friends in this video, we're going to learn how to insert and online radio in our document. It's quite a simple affair. All that we need to do is go down here to insert on here. We have the option online video, click on it, and it was noted that you options off. Either you can search a video from YouTube or if you have embed cord than you can click here and inside that inbred cord, you're going to search for a video. So I'm going to just pipe birds and flight. And so it's for it. The dead. We have many options on, Duh. I am going to be selecting. I think I'll take this one that made us try this out. Some problem here, let me try this out. So, like this hemp click on insert? No, the read you have got inserted here. I want to make it a bit bigger. Divers out. I didn't find that since we had a two column layout. Therefore, this video is not going beyond that column. So we're going toe. Delete this and we are going toe click here. A couple of times we were back. Two column we are goingto go here and we are going toe Insert a one column layout, so click on insert. On my bigger part, click on layout and hear from columns. We are going to click on more columns. We're going to select one on from here. We're going to take this point forward and click OK, now here, after from this point, it is going to be anything which we end up. It wouldn't obey in one column. So now we go back again to insert on online video, and we are going toe. Look here but in birds and flight and sides for it. We have many options. I wanted to like this one and click on insert. Now you see what a lot of video and we can make it even bigger. Let's let's increase the side. I think they should be okay, and we'll center this video for that. We need to go down here toe home and then click on center. There are really with God centered, and we're once again going to insert, and this time we're gonna know. So layout. Google columns. We'll take more columns. Click here on two columns on, and we are going toe this one forward and click on. OK, so this is how we inside a video inside our document in word. And if you send a pdf file after greeting a pdf file that's becomes interactive and people will be able to watch your video. Right? So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take it and happy learning. 17. Inserting Charts: hi French. In this video, we're going to discuss how to insert a chart in word documents. So when we have to insert the chart, we must go and place the car show where we want the charge for. Let's just scroll down on Let's say I want to place a chart here where the cursor is and this charge is going to be telling me what has been the migration data for this particular region. That is what I want to insert because there's a newsletter about burning. Now I need to go down here to insert and then click here on shot. You get various options now on various types of charge, but you can insert as you can see, we're going to stick toe the column chart and the really basic one. So we will go down here and click on OK, now, as you can see, a chart has been inserted and below that, they're either detach it. We can now change all the data here and the first of all, I don't want so many categories. I just want one category because it's going to be information just about birds. So I'm gonna select these took series and I'm going to right click, go down toe delete and it's a table. Columns click on that and I'll find that now We only have one cities of data which is available right now. I am going toe changes categories. Two years, so just type true. Zero 16 two little 17 201 it and 201 name. Let's clean this 2 400 for then for 15 390 And they're all our date. I have no being changed now. Since we don't require routine any data here, we can close this data shit. And guess you want to again invoke it. You can go down here to edit data and click on Edit daytime. You will get the start here to change the data. Let's go this again. Right then. We also have now options to format this. Either you could use these particular I can't hear or you can just double click lecture. You want to change the color off these? Ah, charge. So click on this and double click and you get a panel on the right side using which you can Jesus. The colors lives like this fill color on. And now, with that being selected, we can go down here and let's say you want this color, you can click on it and find that the color off this particular item has changed. But if we wanted all of them, Toby, you know, change. Then what you need to do is you need toe, select all of them right now, lease electrical of them on. And then you go down here and click on this maroon icon and they're the date I have change . What if you wanted? You know the data for each year, Toby in different color. So you can go down here and click on very colors by point. Click on it. And there the data has changed. You can select Bill individually to oppose you. Click here and you can select the originally right. This is how you don't select them individually. And now, based on this, you can change the color. Everyone collectively wanted this to be green, so you can go down here and make it Toby Greene. So I'm sure you got the idea. You should just go through these options which are available for formatting data and you will come to know there are many more options available. I don't want to go into all of them. At the moment you can explore this on your own. I've given you the basic idea as to how to go about it right now we can also Jane, this heading. Let's say we can delete this and call it bird my operation and click anyway here if you click on it here and click on this. But let charge style. You have various tiles which are available to you on as you hovered over them. You get a feedback, lets you want discharge style, you can click on it. And there it is. So there are many options available left. They want to go, you know, So some things like this, you can click on this here, we'll go back. I like that black thing. So we are going to select this one and editors. Good. Now we have this particular chart pattern here. Now let's show you want to increase the side of this in just in case the texture is not visible. You can do that. You click on this, grab this handle and you can increase your child saves lecture about this much. But you find that certain data has now got hidden is because the text is not wrap. Technically, so we can use this particular option that really out option. Click on it and you get more options here. I want to select this. Put cloven square click on it. And there it is. We have the chart which has been expanded. At the same time, I have formatted the word wrapping, and now the text is wrapping all around this particular document right front. So in this video, I explain to you how you can insert a chart and how you can change the data in the chart, but the same time how you can carry out certain changes in color and format off your chart for that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 18. Creating and inserting tables: hi French. In this video, we're going to learn how to insert a table in our newsletter, and the same thing will apply for inserting a table in any kind off document. So right now we are in a two column moored, so we need to first chain that to one column, or because we want our table Toby spreading across the pig. So we're going to go down here toe lived, and then click on columns and then we're going to go toe more columns. We're going to select one. And here in applied toe, we're going to select at this point forward and click on. Okay, Now click it. And at this point, now we can insert the table. So get down here to insert Goto table. We're going to have it as four columns on three off, maybe four rows. Right now, the first line off the table is going to be the heading. So I'm going toe select this and type and burden door toe, little 19 And I want this to be in the center. So I would you select all the columns here? Right? Click on it. And then here we have this option off merged cells. So click on that and noted that the cells have merged. We're going to select the text, go down here to home, and then we have a new center. It and that would also increase the side of it. Well, Jane, the phone toe acumen bro on. We're going to board it by clicking. Yeah, I really do this form toe. Let's say 14. Now we need to give some headings for this So we will talk about destination talk about period. We'll talk about reconceived and we'll talk about a tour guide. Okay, I want this. The headings all sort of a sentence. Or select the columns and click here on Centre and I wanted to be born. So clicker bold tonight, having done so Now we will write Don't destination. Let's say India on. Then we're going to say period, the 25th upper. We can see his total 10 and tour guide John. Okay, now, next one, let's say, is going to be Brazil and let's say it will want Toby 25th. No. Huh? 15th door that Oh, June. I can see that going to be total. Let's say it and the guy to go to be Peter. Now we want to add in literal so we can right click here and you have this option of inside who don't hit. And here you can say insert rose below. Some really would have added a rule above all. So, as you can see and there are more options so I'm not going to explain the quite self explanatory we'll add a row below on lit rate. This is going to be put on and the data you want, Toby. Little second do 15. Remember it conceives 10. And this is going to be again. John would go for this truck, John. Right now we owned all this sticks Also, Toby centered. We will select all these. Go down here and click on center there. This guy center right front. This is how wins at the table. One more aspect, which I would like to explain to you, is having the selected. Once you click on it to get a context sensitive menu using this also, you can format the data which is there in the table you can insert if you click on it. You have this option insert above and said well, you insert left and right, and you can also delete cells. Delete column, delete rule and any table that is one aspect. If you click here on table tools, you get more options. Toe former there certain precepts which are available here. Otherwise you can use you know, these options here and options on the right. You're going to use the preset. Let's say you click on this one and see how your table has got formatted. We can add more data toe this table. We can also do a lot. For example, here there are certain issues. Destination has become onboard, Soviet, going toe, bold it for that Go home on board. Now the three columns here have become again roll, which I don't want them like that. So I want to go here, are relieved as bold. I want that to be problems, right friends. So in this video, I explained to you how to insert a table in your newsletter. I explained to how toe inside text another bitter. I also explained you how to format your table using presets. Now you can play around with the controls which I've explained to you. You should be able tow. Learn how to add more data. How to add more rows out where more columns should your table require it? So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening Take and happy learning. 19. Creating and inserting Word Art: Hi, friends. In this video, I'm going to introduce you to work with word out and smart art. Not either. Two ways. Very you can, you know, spruce up on, make your documents look better. So I already have some text typed in here, so we're gonna select that and to use smart art we need to go to insert. And from here, you can see word out. Click on that and you get various options. So anyone off these styles can be applied to the text which your selected, I think. Let's go for this one. Click on it. And there it is. Now let me go toe home and Ah, Okay. So I need toe. Probably go here and then, you know, move this like this. That should be okay. So this is how you inside smart out. I hope you got died. A clear if you require. You can, you know, sort of double click on it. You get the options of styles, click on the right. You can pick up from here or from here You can, you know, select anyone off these with You want toe? Apply to your document. We live with that. What we did earlier. That Okay, enough not formatting. This is a bit different. So that you need to understand. Play around with it and you forget the hang off it. Now we will learn how to insert smart out. Place your car survey. Want it? Won. The smart are Toby placed will take it to the center And then we would on it to insert on from this ribbon. Click on Smart. Now there are a lot number of options. Right now it is doing all you can win for list process, cycle, Iraqi relationship, mattress X, pyramid, picture and office. Now we are going to be using this picture option, and here you also have a lot of options available. What we're going to do is we are going toe select this option Here on, click on. OK, now the the template which has been applied here. Let me just increase the size and you will not do that now, There, side to side. So this is the maximum side which you can get on this page. Otherwise it feels below to the other prey. So relieved that that now, to insert the pictures, you need to click on this picture symbol. Click on it and Harry of options from a file online pictures from icons will bring it in from file. And let me take this one here on inside. We'll fill in the text of it later. Get another from file on that. Let that be this one here and said and then lives inside another one from a fight. Let's say this one and of the one from a fine let that be this one. Okay, now let's just name these by whom it was taken. So this one by John on this one Waas one was by Peter on this one War by merely on this one was by Karishma. So we now have two more elements at itwas new letter photo by members off course using word out. And then we had the the millions come again by using smart out, right French. So in this video, I'll explain to you how to use a word. Art and smart art play around with it. You know the way to learn a sort village that I'm stuck. I can only tell you how to go about it there after you goto play around with it. and you should be able tow. Get the hangover quite well. That's it for this video. Thanks for listing take and happy learning. 20. Exporting as PDF: high fence in this video. I want to explain to you how to export your document as a pdf, especially in case you have created a new letter like we have in this course, we have embedded a video. Not this can only work in case you export your document as a period on disk rooted at a pdf . Then people will not require toe have anything else. But there will be a little view it provided they are doing this in a brother which is ableto display interactive objects. So it's very simple. You just need to go down to file and then here click on export. And from these options, I recommend you do this cleared really of expiry document l click on create. No, you get this option here on you can save it as it is, has standard publishing online and printing and publish it. Let's click. Yes, and once or document is published, your pdf file opens and you can just go through and have a look at it. Now here we had embedded a video, so we click on it. This will link toe the concern repaid from you, Linda video and we'll play for it. So this was done from YouTube. Click on it. And there you are, off to YouTube. Check out all of these wildflowers. It's wildfire season in Colorado. I'm a real high in the mountains right now in this, and the file now plays. So let's go back to a 1,000,000,000. And our complete document is now converted to a pdf and available for distribution. So in this video, explain to how toe export your document as a PdF. So that's it for this video. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 21. Protecting with Password: hi French in this video, I'll explain to you how toe export your document as a PdF and protected. That means you can provide a password to your exporter document and a person will only be able to access the content within the document in case he possesses that password. Otherwise, that is safe. So nobody who is not supposed to see that document will be able to excess this document. It's a very simple affair. We really learned how toe export as a PdF. So we go down here, profile, click on export and we click here on Cleared Pretty If click here on create pdf XPS, And in this option, we will go down here. Two options and right here in the energy include the document with a password. Click on it and click OK on. Let's just name this X. Why? That sailed past but must be six characters. So x y that a b c and then we need toe reenter. So again, x y that a B c. Okay. See, I've gone this password just to demonstrate in your case give a password, which is strong enough. Try and add text, some special characters and numbers idly going. Okay. And now we need to just click here on publish. I'll change the name as a be on publish. So the document is no published, and it has opened up in a browser. And as you can see, we have a Dalek box here which saved Enter your password. If I entered something around on, click on. OK, it will say that possible. Incorrect. Please try again. But this time let me feeling the correct password. And okay. And they're they're document had opened, right friends. So in this video, I explained to you how toe password protect a document, especially the one with you export as a pdf for sharing with others. And I'm sure you got it. Thanks for listening. Take and happy learning. 22. Summary: Hi friends. We have come to the end of this video course about learning word to the river nine. I'm sure you will agree with me that we have covered a lot of ground. We have learned to use a word to the River Nile wearing. We have learned the basics off, using various tools inward to create nice looking documents. Then we also created a real world product, right as you see in front of you. And in this we learned how to create a columnar layout. Then we learned how toe instead fixed in our videos and formatted. We learned how to insert images and format the wages. We also learned how toe insert images and then wrap text around it. We learned how toe insert a video in our document, and we learned how to form it. That video on this video, which we inserted, was from the Web. So we learned how to embed videos from the Web. In our document, we learned toe layout or document in a manner that it is visually appealing. We also learned how to insert a chart in a rockman on. We learned how to change data if required. We also learned how to insert a table and then toe form at the table in our apartment, we learned how to use the word art. We also learned how to use smart art in our documents, thereby making our document. We really more appealing French on this course. We've gone step by step and created a really well project. Using word on, we also learned almost everything there is to know about word. You know, in a course like this, you cannot cover all the aspects. But I've given you a launch pad. Very now you can go ahead, create other documents, maybe. Ah, business report. You could try and create resume, ease a document, a formal letter on the light, and try and hone in your skills and build up on whatever you learned so far. And that will take you a long way as far as creating word to the Robin nineties concern. Remember that word is a very powerful program. Lot off hidden aspects are there within word as you will keep on working with it. You will learn toe, create much better documents using word to the 19 Let me also tell you that this is not the end off our association. I will be available to you. Discourses. I will able to you through our till you tell me. Is there Everman? You have any kind of difficulty in using words or you want to learn more about it? If something has come to your light, do send me a request through your Demi and I will certainly try and answer your queries with this. I take a leave and wish you all the best in all your endeavors in life. Take a and happy learning.