Microsoft Word 2016 - Basics | Nejla Z. | Skillshare
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6 Videos (16m)
    • Getting Started

    • The Ribbon

    • Quick Access Toolbaar and the Ruler

    • The Backstage View

    • Page View and Zoom

    • Understanding OneDrive


About This Class

Hello and welcome to the course where you can learn word from the very beginning. it is nicely designed for beginners to get a great start,
while at the same time helping more experienced users to fill in any gaps in their knowledge.
My name is Nejla and I will be your instructor during this course.
Microsoft Word for beginners guides you trought Microsoft Word and looks into the practical applications of its numerous functionalities, the video lessons
touch on several topics such as text formatting, working with objects, inserting section breaks in page numbering.
Besides that we will discuss how to insert footnotes and end notes, improve the layout of text documents, prepare mail merges and how to take advantage of word's spelling.
Finally we will focus on the track changes feature which allows you to collaborate with several people in a smooth manner and smart art graphic feature.
It is important for you to specialize these features because emloyers consider this software a neccessary prerequisite before selecting you for a given job.
With this course you will be confident with Word in the workplace, but also you have a possibility to do everything you need for personal usage, hobbies, non-profit volunteering or runing your own business.
This self-learning video format allows you to study on your own pace,whatch video as you have time, then come back to learn more later.
Now, you have a chance to become a master at using one of the world's most popular computer applications - Microsoft Word.





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Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies

Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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