Microsoft Word 2010 - Creating Professional Documents

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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10 Lessons (2h 4m)
    • 1. Intro to Functionality

    • 2. Text and Formatting

    • 3. Insert Tab Basics

    • 4. Tables and Hyperlinks

    • 5. Headers and Footers

    • 6. Working with Shapes

    • 7. Page Layout

    • 8. Review Document

    • 9. Cover Design

    • 10. Saving and Sharing


Project Description

Create Your First e-Book Cover or Poster

Creating your first professional Microsoft Word 2010 document will be the project assignment for this class. Whether a eBook cover, poster, recipe, memo, eBook, press release or other document, set-up and formatting is key. All project tasks are learned in the video tutorial series.

Once this class is completed, we'd like students to accomplish the following assignment(s);

1. Open the Microsoft Word 2010 software program and assign document a title.

    a. This can eith be as a 'headline' or document 'title'

    b. 'Save As' an appropriate document title

2. Prepare your first text paragraph

    a. Select appropriate font 'style' and font 'size'

3. Spellcheck paragraph and correct errors as needed

4. Insert an image into the document

    a. Resize image as necessary

    b. Position the image correctly

5. Place borders on document is appropriate

6. Insert header or footer (or both)

Once these tasks are complete, upload and share them in this class for feedback.

Student Projects