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Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Training

Kalyan Chevuri, Technology decides future

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20 Videos (2h 15m)
    • Introduction

    • A. Importing a Flat File into a SQL Server Database

    • B.Importing Multiple Flat Files into a SQL Server Database

    • C.Exporting Results into a Flat File

    • A. Incremental Loading using Change Data Capture (Part-I)

    • B.Incremental Loading using Change Data Capture Part-II

    • A.Excel file handling Part-I

    • B.Excel file handling Part-II

    • A.Union ALL

    • B. Look Up

    • C. Sorting

    • D. Re-directing Unmatched Rows

    • E. Data Conversion

    • F. Derived Column

    • G.Conditional Split

    • A. Configuring DFT Error Output and Redirecting Bad Data

    • B.Loading error records into a table with specific error description(Script Task)

    • C.Error Handling by using Event Handlers

    • A.Deploying a package using SSDT and executing it on SQL Server

    • B.Deploying a package using command-line and executing it on File System


About This Class

If you ever felt like learning SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) then this is your chance. This is an extensive course that will leave you filled up with all the details working with Business Intelligence (BI) tool. It will be the golden ticket to your success in this industry. This course will cover everything you need to know about SSIS and how to apply it in your career. You will get the chance to learn simple beginner lessons like where to find different tools, and escalating from there to the level of details of various issues that you might face when designing your packages and how to overcome those issues. By the end of this course you will master data migration for different environments. This course also includes the process of cleansing data and how to get the end result after applying different transformations. It will also give some real life issues faced in many companies and what salary wages to expect when you get into this field.SSIS stands as a good ETL(Extract,Transform and Load) tool out of many tools in the market that are available today.

From this course you will be able to know concepts like

  • How to create an Integration Services Project
  • An overview of the basic SQL Server Data Tools' features
  • How to create Integration Services Tasks
  • How to create connections to and from an Integration Services Package
  • How to write data to a SQL Server database
  • How to execute a package from SQL Server Data Tools
  • How to create a Foreach Loop and map Variables
  • How to control Data Flow for multiple Flat Files
  • How to change a Flat File Connection with Expressions
  • How to change command-line application arguments using Expressions
  • An overview of some Change Data Capture(CDC) database objects
  • How to prepare data for CDC and perform Incremental loading





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