Microsoft Project 2013 - CLASS 2 - Creating a NEW Project File - Different Techniques | Srikanth Shirodkar | Skillshare

Microsoft Project 2013 - CLASS 2 - Creating a NEW Project File - Different Techniques

Srikanth Shirodkar, Senior Manager at a Learning Tech Co

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4 Videos (23m)
    • Create New MPP from BLANK File

    • Use Template to create New MPP

    • IMPORT from Excel to Create new Microsoft Project file

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About This Class

This is CLASS 2 of the 10-part series on Microsoft Project 2013.

First class of the series: 
Next class of the series:

In this section we will learn how to create new project files and then we will configure the project file to hold the first important parts of project information. Microsoft provides multiple ways to create a new project file.

There are three primary ways in which to create a new project file -

  1. Creating a project file from scratch
  2. Create from an existing Template and
  3. Create from an Excel Workbook.

In this first video we will look at the first option of creating a blank project file.

And in subsequent lessons we will explore the other ways.

But this is not an exhaustive list - there are more ways in which you can create project files - like from a Sharepoint task list, or an XML file - but these methods are used much less frequently. And the same techniques that you will learn in the course lessons will be employed elsewhere - so you are covered.





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Srikanth Shirodkar

Senior Manager at a Learning Tech Co

Srikanth's recent leadership role as Senior Software Delivery Manager for one of the World's Largest Learning Management System implementation for online structured higher education - with more than 400,000 students pursuing online Masters/Bachelors and Certificate for one of India's largest and most diversified Education Providers with a global footprint in countries including the US, Singapore, UAE-Dubai, Malaysia etc.

Srikanth has directly managed clients including Telegraph Media G...

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