Microsoft Project 2013 - CLASS 1 - Getting Started with Microsoft Project | Srikanth Shirodkar | Skillshare

Microsoft Project 2013 - CLASS 1 - Getting Started with Microsoft Project

Srikanth Shirodkar, Senior Manager at a Learning Tech Co

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6 Videos (19m)
    • WELCOME to Microsoft Project 2013

    • Where to start with Microsoft Project 2013

    • Basic Interface of Microsoft Project 2013

    • Fluid Interface - Ribbons - Microsoft Project 2013

    • Microsoft Project 2013 - Backstage View

    • Customize the MS Project TOOLBAR


About This Class

In this class, we will start with a quick introduction to Microsoft Project 2013.

Following that, I will briefly touch upon 3 editions of MS Project 2013 popularly available in the market.

An important distinction in this course is that - you will learn how to use Microsoft Project - but NOT how to do Project Management itself. I have separate classes for "Simple Software Project Management" if you are interested in that, please join. 

The subsequent lessons are aimed at getting you familiar and comfortable with Microsoft Project's powerful interface. 

The interface is the first stumbling block for many practitioners - but you will learn very quickly how to traverse around it with the lessons in this class.

Specifically, I will show how Basic Interface, Ribbon Interface, Backstage, and finally how you can even Customize the Toolbar - to your own preferences. 

This class is just a precursor to the "MASTERCLASS" course to follow. 





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Srikanth Shirodkar

Senior Manager at a Learning Tech Co

Srikanth's recent leadership role as Senior Software Delivery Manager for one of the World's Largest Learning Management System implementation for online structured higher education - with more than 400,000 students pursuing online Masters/Bachelors and Certificate for one of India's largest and most diversified Education Providers with a global footprint in countries including the US, Singapore, UAE-Dubai, Malaysia etc.

Srikanth has directly managed clients including Telegraph Media G...

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