Microsoft Powerpoint 2010: Creating Killer Business Presentations

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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10 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. Intro to Ribbons

    • 2. Creating Powerpoint Slides

    • 3. Formatting Slide Text

    • 4. Inserting Images

    • 5. Using Illustrations

    • 6. Adding Manual Text

    • 7. Formatting Tables

    • 8. Inserting Videos

    • 9. Call to Action

    • 10. Creating Slideshow Effects

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Project Description

Create Bolier Plate Slide Deck

The project for our Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 class is creation of a boiler plate slide deck. This slide will serve as the template for every other slide within your presentation(s). Each of the below assignments is learned throughout the video tutorial series.

To accomplish this task;

1. Open up your Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 software program

2. Within the Powerpoint interface, locate the appropriate background for your presention and select

    Select either;

      a. Auto Default Theme(s)

      b. Color Backgrounds

      c. Patterned backgrounds

      d. Image backgrounds

3. Select any image assets and insert them onto the bolier plate slide deck

    An image can be;

    a. Clipart from within the program (these will no longer be offered by Microsoft in the coming months however)

    b. Custom images from an image search on Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines

4. Insert text and customize appropriate fonts, colors, sizes and placement(s)

5. Format all assets on the slide deck as they should appear to viewers

6. Duplicate another slide from this boiler plate deck

Once boiler plate slide deck is created, 'save as' an image file and post it here in this classroom for discussions and feedback.

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