Microsoft Powerpoint 2010: Creating Killer Business Presentations | Brian Dale | Skillshare

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010: Creating Killer Business Presentations

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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10 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. Intro to Ribbons

    • 2. Creating Powerpoint Slides

    • 3. Formatting Slide Text

    • 4. Inserting Images

    • 5. Using Illustrations

    • 6. Adding Manual Text

    • 7. Formatting Tables

    • 8. Inserting Videos

    • 9. Call to Action

    • 10. Creating Slideshow Effects


About This Class

Learning how to Powerpoint requires, above all things, knowing who you are as a presenter and what your audience is expecting. Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 provides the ability for presenters, regardless of industry messaging, to 'paint the picture' in a way which combines personality with professional art tools.

Above all, Powerpoint presentation must combine the following in order to produce desired presentations goals;

  • Combine presenter's personality with software tools to create engaging presentation
  • Demonstrate formatting consistency throughout
  • Use free and readily available assets easily located online
  • Used not as a 'text' document but 'canvas'
  • Represent the thoughts of presenter according to subject matter
  • Combine images with text and background to formulate brand messaging

Whether 1, 2 or 3 dimensional design, Powerpoint is easily mastered with the correct training, offered here so join us today!





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Brian Dale

Internet Marketing Coach

Brian Dale specializes in teaching numerous areas and disciplines in online
marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He believes an effective
online marketing plan must be centered around industry specific
geo-targeted keyword strategies as well as executed through use of Internet
marketing best practices.

With each new product and service launch, entrepreneurs must have an
effective strategy which must extend well beyond their website. Key to

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