Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners 2: PowerPoint Basics | Brian Jackson | Skillshare

Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners 2: PowerPoint Basics

Brian Jackson, Author/Publisher/Educator

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10 Videos (1h)
    • Choosing and Configuring Your Template

    • Configuring Slide Size and Orientation

    • Inserting, Selecting, Deleting, Moving and Duplicatiing Slides

    • Creating Title and Standard Slides

    • Selecting From the Other Slide Layouts

    • Editing Slide Contents

    • Previewing Your Presentation

    • Configuring Slide Transitions

    • Adding Simple Slide Animation

    • Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners Course Overview Slides


About This Class

Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners 2: PowerPoint Basics

In this series you'll learn everything you need to know to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 like a professional. I'll teach you the basics from the ground up, spice things up with some intermediate additions, and finish things off with advanced automation and presentation production techniques. This series provides complete Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 from beginner through advanced training.

In this class, you'll learn the basics:

  • PowerPoint Window and Screen Layout
  • Creating and Saving Presentations
  • Inserting, Deleting and Moving Slides
  • Editing Slide Contents
  • Configuring Slide Transitions
  • Adding Simple Automation

Then we'll add some intermediate and advanced flourishes in subsequent classes.

I'll see you in the classroom,






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Brian Jackson


Born in Los Angeles in the middle of the last century, I have always wanted to be a writer. After twenty-five some odd years spent working in the computer industry in the heart of the Silicon Valley, first for Lockheed as a Systems Programmer and later for Cisco Systems as a test tool developer, I managed to retire early and begin my next career as a self-published author.

Along with writing and publishing my own novels I also publish the works of my wife, Melanie Jackson. During the p...

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