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Microsoft PowerPoint Animation - Animate an Intro in PowerPoint

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Design the Background

    • 3. Design the Text

    • 4. Animate Text Lines

    • 5. Animate Secondary Items

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About This Class

Learn Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 / 365 or newer with my short class. With this class, I would like to present to you how to make a very quick and popular video intro for your videos or presentations. This is perfect for a youtube opener or any kind of presentation you wish to start with a little "wow" effect.

This is the animation we are creating:


A qucik and fun project to do in PowerPoint. If you want to have fun with animations and learn how to do it drop right in! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Do you want to learn something about PowerPoint animations? You are in the right place within this class. I'd like to show you this type of animation and really cool introduction for any type of video vlog, really anything you imagine. This is great for capturing your viewers attention and to switch phis focus for a second and introducing your topic. Within the class, I'll show you step-by-step how to create animation, how to design the entire thing. And a couple of tricks here and there about PowerPoint, which you will surely enjoy. There's nothing more to it. A super short 15 minute class. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Let see each other inside. 2. Design the Background: This is what you plan to do. Both are the same things, just with different elements on it. This is the end result animation. And in my opinion, we should focus at the design first. You want to create a new slide. You wanna right click Layout and select a blank layout or just delete everything, okay, we have a clean canvas. I suggest that we start with the background. I've selected a dark background because normally we have bright slides and this is a perfect way to introduce your slides. When you have a bright light, then you have a darker intro. So it distinguishes itself and it really says the viewer, This is an introduction. Alright, in order to create a good background, we need to right-click Format background and use the fill option on the right side. I will select a gradient fill. As you can see, PowerPoint by default gives me this for color gradient, I'd prefer to have only two colors to make it very clean, dark, just with one accent. To do so, you just click on the colors and you remove them by dragging down. Okay, to emphasize the middle, I want the gradient that grows out from the middle. For that, you will select type radial direction, select the middle one, because this will make sure that you go outside from the middle point. Our last step here will be changing the colors. Instead of a white. You want your main accent and you do not have to overthink it. Now you can start with even with a gray, but I will go either for a blue or red. Let's make it interesting and go for a very, very deep red. Okay, something like this, beautiful. Now the second outtake color, it can be even, even black. This will create a really cool fade. Maybe they're red is even too strong, so you can always go back to the red. You can select the colors, more colors, and you can go even further down to lower the red amount. Okay, as you can see, it gotta be darker. You can press Control Z if you want to get back, if you enjoyed this color. Okay, we've designed the first step. Let's continue in the next lecture. So we have small chunks of information at once. 3. Design the Text: Alright, we have this prepared. Now, let's work on the text, insert text box, and let's start with the middle textbooks. Huge impact. Alright. I wanted the middle element to be first. I center it. I make it white just so I can see it. And they make this bigger. Of course, if you need this box to be bigger, hold it here, press Control and it'll grow both sides. Alright, huge impact. Let's change the font because Calibri is not working for me here. I need a big and bulky font. Well, this would be better, but it depends on the type of individual. I don't want to waste your time with selecting a font, for example, I will select it in DIN progresses. Every cool font I like. And you can see it will work for so many designs. And we need to decide upon the color. If you don't want to leave it white, but you can always go to home. And in the textbooks here, in the theme colors, you can use the thin colors to like, have an initial idea for the color. I see yellow works pretty well. Yellow is overall good color to catch attention. Maybe it doesn't work perfectly with the red background. Let's not bother just now with it. Okay. This font Control D. Control D again to duplicate and make two other ones. And I want to make a bottom and top line with my shift key. I can select both. Always tried to work quickly, so do not waste time on unnecessary elements. Work on both text together. Color, white, size, smaller font. You know, you can stay within the same font family and I had been pro wasn't didn't pro. Okay, didn't draw. This was black. I can select Bold or light. Let's go light. And you can see everything looks consistent. It really looks consistent. I just need to change the text, but this is how you prepare a text. You can stay consistent within one font family, but different fonts from this family. If you want to change the color of the background because you somehow feel that it doesn't work with the yellow. No problem. Right-click Format background. This first color is open, or more colors. And here you are on the Moon, more colors, for example, you want to teach color like I had here, for example. Or really blue, dark blue color. No problem. Let's wash the color a little bit out. Let's make it very dark. Ok, completely different design with one mouse-click. This is how you can prepare for and how we can prepare the initial impact of your design. And as you can see, it is very straight in your face, but this is perfect for intros, animations, and even for thumbnail designs when it comes to YouTube, podcasts or anything on your block. I hope this is helpful. Creed funds like that, crete h3, font, textboxes play around with the size, with the colors. Don't overthink it. If you have no idea, leave it white. Just give one acts and color in the middle and you should be ready to move forward. 4. Animate Text Lines: Here we are with the ready design at the animation part. We have those three boxes to animate. If you have no prior knowledge of animation, it's no problem. Please go into the animation tab in PowerPoint and open the animation pane. Opening the animation pane will show us all animations that are applied to elements on the slide. At first, I want to select the first text. And the way I want, for example, by hitting this, you'll select this entire object. Now press Shift and click on the bottom object. This will make sure that both are selected at the same time. This allows us to add animations at the ones as well. Now, once you are ready with that, simply click on the fade. As you can see, two fate animations have been applied to those two objects. This little one number indicates that there is an animation on these very object here in the animation pane. I can change the duration and the delay. When the animation starts. I went to right-click and select started previous. So I do not have to click my mouse, but the animation starts right away. As I start the slide, you can always preview that by clicking play from or simply pressing Shift F5, which will play this presentation from this very slight. Alright, in my opinion, this animation is a bit too quick. So you can select, again would shift click Vote animations and increase the duration. The 1 second place elected. Okay, now it's a bit slower. Now let's add overdo this text. This text will get another animation. From the animations, select the fly-in. You can decide from which side the slice in by selecting Effect Options and changing it to from left. Okay, again, it's a very quick, is far too quick for my taste. This new textbooks animation, again, right-click width previous, sorry, they all start together and increase the duration to maybe 1 second, 25. Okay, this was a bit slow, so reduce the duration to 1 second. Let's preview. This should be predefined. This wanted to adjustment you can make to animation's, not all animations have the same adjustments, but the fly an animation can be double-clicked here. Going to affect options will allow us to change the smoothness. Smooth end. I can, I can even show you what that means. Look, I have two identical objects and one of those objects under the effect options will have smooth and the other doesn't have it. Now let's preview the difference. See this top motion goes always the same speed, but the bottom one goes faster at the beginning and then slower at the end. Let's preview it one more time, maybe from here. I think the bottom motion is far nicer. So I'll delete this and I'll leave this one where I double-click and had the smooth end. Maybe I increase the duration, maybe even to 1.5 seconds. Okay? Yeah, right now, once I see it, everything makes more sense to me. This is the first part of the animations which I wanted to teach you in the next lecture, we will do some adjustments and balance everything out and entities animation. So stay tuned to the next lecture because it'll be still exciting. Animations are so found that you should look forward to it. 5. Animate Secondary Items: In this second part, I want to show you how to add animations on top of animations and around everything up. Because previously, as we preview it, you can see I have a couple of more animations and it is like more, more style. This fades out. This comes closer to us. It's more complete. So let's do the same. Again. Hit the first animation and shift click the bottom animation. I want to add animation. At Animation allows us to add an animation on top of it. So I will go to Add Animation, This time in Exit animation, which is marked as read. And I'll click fade. You can see automatically PowerPoint added, add as a click. I do not want that. I want to again, Right-click, Start with previous, so I have full control over the animations. I can simply click here to delay them. Maybe 2.5 seconds should be ok. So the animation plays, and two seconds later, those fade out. Perfect. Now when it comes to enlarging this main text, and let's click on the main text. You can see it has one animation. So again, you wanna add an animation on top of it. This time we will go for the yellow animations, which are emphasis, they are not super-advanced. There's just a couple of we often use and grow shrink is one of them, may be the best. One of those. Grow shrink simply allows us to grow ending we see just for organization. I want to put it right behind this green animation. And of course, right-click with previous. I want to double-click on this animation. Because when we go to the effects that you can see that the grow shrink animation grows to 150% of the original size, and that's far too much. This is too dramatic. M1a, something subtle. Maybe 110 or 107%. I press enter. Maybe I will give it a smooth end. Okay? Far, slower, far like the pacing is completely different. And you want to extend this as long as you want dislike to be on your screen. For example, I will make the duration five seconds. Now we'll press, I would click a new slide and I will move forward with my presentation after those five seconds in order to make sure that PowerPoint will continue, after all the animations have played, you need to go to the Transitions tab. If you want PowerPoint to wait for your mouse-click to go to the next slide, leave it like that. But if you want PowerPoint to advance the presentation whenever an animation and click after and do not click on mouseclick, you can change this for Earth light for example, the next slide and the next slide, they can be onclick, no problem. But this slide, I wanted this slide to proceed after five seconds and clicking that we could make it here five seconds. It would matter because we have five seconds of animations. So I am just leaving it at 0 seconds, which tells Powerpoint. Powerpoint move to the next slide right away. But animations come first. Once animations we'll end. It will move immediately to the next slide. Let's preview what we actually created. Like this. The huge impact comes towards me. Everything fades out and after five seconds, the next slide arises. We can of course make a fade so, So it doesn't of so abruptly. But this is exactly the animation we were aiming for. A huge impact in the middle, which gains my attention a very clean and nice intro made in PowerPoint. And as you can see, you can adapt. You can change the font, you can change the text. It could be. You can change the color and the background. And in a matter of seconds, you have a nice introduction to your presentation, to your video, to your vlog, whatever you need and an additional bones. As you see here on the left side, it is a pretty cool thumbnail, whether for your YouTube or your block. It would be a great idea to just go to File Export and save this as a.jpeg. Boom, we have a ready thumbnail for our productions. I hope this entire animation is enjoyable for you. And you've learned a lot about innovation and about simple PowerPoint slide design. This is what I wanted to teach within those couple of lectures. I hope you've enjoyed it and we'll see each other in other similar tutorials. Thank you.