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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019: Master Basics in Just 20 Mins!

teacher avatar Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction - New PowerPoint Presentation and Templates

    • 2. Tabs, Ribbons and Groups

    • 3. First Slide and Designing the Slide

    • 4. Home Tab and Updates

    • 5. Buttons

    • 6. Inserting Pictures

    • 7. Presentation Mode

    • 8. Animations Tab

    • 9. File Options

    • 10. Closing and Reopening

    • 11. Thank You!

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About This Class

Create easy, stunning presentations in PowerPoint 2019

You will learn all the basics in just 20 minutes in PowerPoint.

The goal is for you to understand the essence of presentation concepts without memorizing them.

How is the course structured?

This course is effectively organized into appropriate sections.

Understanding the interface of PowerPoint

  1. New Presentation and templates
  2. Tabs, Ribbons and Groups
  3. Home Tab and Updates
  4. Buttons
  5. File Options
  6. Closing and Reopening the presentation

Working with the Slides

  1. First Slide and Designing the Slide
  2. Inserting Pictures
  3. Presentation Mode
  4. Animations Tab

Step-by-step approach is followed in each practical lecture to help you master the concept behind the approach. Every lecture can be followed along so that you will be able to recreate the presentation that I am teaching you.

Prepare yourself and enroll in the class so we can start working and master making presentations now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

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1. Introduction - New PowerPoint Presentation and Templates: Hi, it's Brian Harman. Let's talk about PowerPoint 2019. So the beauty off this course is you can apply this regardless off the versions that you have. So whether it be 2013 or maybe part point, that's the office tree. 65 You can also use or apply the lessons in this course for this. Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, let's just go to using part point. So you have two ways. Either you have it, p. And over here, for example, you could just school straight and click part point. Or you could do a quick search and it's just type in part point to start it up. Okay. And then we have PowerPoint ready. Okay, so not up where? Inside part point. So I could see on top over here, right? We have a couple off. That's a templates over here, so we just go for more teams. And the beauty of this one is it has a lot off ready to use templates for you, and you could just scroll down and a swell over here you could search for online templates . So let's say let's just go for diagrams, for example. Okay. And it's just going to show you a lot off pre made templates for you to use right away in case we have planned girls. Over here, we have spirals. We have a lot in here to just go back and just select different categories in here. But we're not going to be focusing on the use off. 10 plays are teams in here. What we're going to be doing is we're going to focus on creating one from scratch. So to be able to do that, you just go to new over here unless you're select black presentation, and now we have our first light ready to be edited. 2. Tabs, Ribbons and Groups: so before we start editing are part points Night. I know you're itching to go. You want to start creating your slide over here? We need to go first on the top. Over here. So what is this for? So we have tabs over here, right? And then ribbons and groups. So we have tabs on top over here. So we have the home tab. You could see this entire section. So Microsoft has group this into the specific tap, so it's a lot easier to navigate. We have the insert tab. We have the design tab so you could just explore the different taps over here. And the next part is we have iss the ribbon. So we have this entire ribbon over here. Okay, so it's more of a fancy way of showing that this is the specific location or grouping that we have. And the next one is the group. So we have the clipboard group, for example. We have sliced group. We have the fog group, we have paragraph group, and if you just go to different tabs, you would have different groups. A swell. So for review. For example, we have the comments group over here we have the compare group. So the good thing with this oneness, it makes navigating a lot easier. So if we want to tell you to that, say, pick a specific feature in par points that we could say review, go to the comments group and then new comment. Okay, wanting to take note off. Let's go back to the home tab is some of the groups have launched bottoms on the lower right corner. So, for example, over here with the clipboard group, we have this launch bottom over here, okay? And then we also have, let's say, for the front, you have the launch button. So let me just select any text over here. If we select this large bottom, there's gonna be a lot more options. Okay, because what are they for, right? It's more for showing the different options that are possible. Okay, to do it, let's say for the front groups, because Microsoft PowerPoint won't be able to fit everything in inside here because there's just a lot of functionality. So what we have right now is the group's okay. So watch out for does if let's say you want to look for more options. When it comes to editing paragraph, for example, look for the large bottom, and then it could be over there. Okay, and then another nice tip. ISS, for example. If you're looking for a specific feature and you're unable to look for it just goes right here. Okay, you have the lightbulb over here, and it's more of like a quick search off the different features that say, I want to change the font sites and it's able to show you right this specific option over here. And it's the same thing that's going through here and then changing the font size. So you know, it can be overwhelming sometimes on finding the specific functions inside part point. And if you get lost, for example, just go straight here, search for it, and it will give you a matching result. 3. First Slide and Designing the Slide: Okay, Now, let's go to the fun part and get our hands dirty. We're gonna be creating our first line and then start to design the slide in PowerPoint. So over here in the left side, we have the Tom nail. So it's just a quick preview to show you how your slides looked like. So now we just have once, like, but we're gonna be adding more later now, Alexis, let's just go for editing the initial slide that we have so click to add tattle. Okay, so let's click on that and it start typing. Let's say our title is the top five XO formula. It's just think off, one that's a reading by Brian. Okay, so we have our first night pretty easy, okay? And let's try out different teams that we could try out here to even has the design ideas already shown on the right side. But let me just show you the design tap. Let's go straight here, okay? And there's a whole lot off teams over here. Let us select the down our over here, okay? And maybe I'll just pick one random team or design. That looks okay for me. Okay, so just like that, are you could just select different wants a swell. And the nice thing with this one is asked you over around the different designs offered to you right inside PowerPoint. Okay, It shows you a quick preview in the background. You could see it changing, and you could just get a good or quick feel. Okay, if it fits your needs or not. And I say to select this one. Okay, this one looks good as well. And there's also violence off the same team. So if we said like this and say we want it to be green or wrong to be blue, Okay, Are we're happy with the orange just like this. Okay, so it's really nice on how PowerPoint can do this for you, and it just takes a couple of clicks inside the design tap. 4. Home Tab and Updates: Now let's discuss about the hometown. So let's go through to the home tab and what we have here. This are the most commonly used functions in part point. So if you want to look to do something in PowerPoint, the first place to look at would be over here. So let's start to add new slides. Lets go to home slides and their Nuesslein. So if we to like this, okay, it's gonna add one straight here. There's a couple of ways you could also right click anywhere here in the tub nail view and then just select new slide as well. And we have another one. Okay, so it's just a lot of ways that you could use in adding new slight. Now let's go to the second slide. I'll just right click on the turf slide and let me just delete this one. Let's go back to the second slide, and then let's start adding our list off formula. So let's say this is our title, okay? Just a formulas and then our top five. Let's say so. I'm just heading in as we go along. Candidate, enter V. Look up. Okay, account. If an essay end Now we have our five more minutes, so we're good. And the cool thing with this one is we can change the design. Let's say hold on. I don't think this fits. Well, All right, on how I want 2%. So let's go back to the sign and let's go back to the area of options that we have. And let's say like a different one. That's a this one, for example. Or maybe this okay, And it's just a lot of opposites pic. Okay, And the cool thing when this one is, it automatically arranges everything for you. So if your template has a different kind of layout, there's no extra work that needs to be done. It just changes everything for you. You could see right now has a different layout over here. That's compared to a while ago. Let's say let's just select this one and it changes the smell, right? The layout over here and gave you go here it changed its well 5. Buttons: Now let's discuss about buttons that we have in the options are PowerPoint. So let's go back to home. And when we say about on some of them. So, for example, new slide, right. If you select the one on top, it's just gonna add a new slide directly to your part representation. But if we select this one, there's gonna be a whole lot more options that you could select. Okay, so if you notice about ago if you go new slide right, it's just at a use light over here for you. But if, for example, if you want a different type of layout, so let me just right click the lettuce want and select the bottom right off new slide. There's a lot more options that he could use it to say. We want a picture with caption if we want another title slide and just collect that, and we have this straight away. So for bottoms, don't forget to explore. Either you have a one pick option or it provides more options for you. 6. Inserting Pictures: Let's talk about inserting pictures. So this one is just text. So let's spice things up a bit. That's add some more flavor into our apartment presentation. So let's go to insert. Okay, and then there's a lot of options over here. We have pictures, we have online pictures. We have icons treaty models. So I stopped to you on what you want to insert inside your presentation. So, for example, if you have pictures already stored in your computer, you could just select this and then get from your hard drive. But in our example, let's go for online pictures. It's gonna do a like a lot of categories that you could use over here, right? So let's say I want to add the picture off the Microsoft. No, go over here, right? So let's just select this, OK and go insert and it's gonna get it straight from the Web. It's really cool over here. And then you just resize this bet. You could just drag this and make it smaller, so we had to unite as a spell. So once we're good, we just removed that for demo purposes. So we have this one over here and we could just add more. We could just add on my pictures as well. Okay, lets go for Excel, for example. This we're discussing about Excel formulates. Let's go for insert. Okay, that looks good. It's resi status. Well, we're here. Looks a bit big, Okay? And once we have that, okay. And then it's and another picture. Let's say Microsoft Office, for example, type and Microsoft. You could also check the different categories over here, right? If you I want to see what comes out from being so this one looks good. That's a mix of office. Okay? And say I'm happy with this one. Let's go for this, OK? It's recites this well, okay. And once we're good. Let me just did it. This texts and I were good to go. Okay, so we have different ones even just inserted over here. We could also even have treaty Models are icons, so I'll just select one icon by random. Okay, Happy with this alone. And you're gonna add this? I kind of swell. Now, once we have this, we can resize them, and we can rotate this well. So, for example, if we select one of them, you could just make this or turn this around so you could see this icon over here, right? The spiral. I come over here and you could just turn this around anyway. That you want and wanting to take note off is whenever you have an object selected, let's say like images. There's another tab that shows up so I could notice over here that there's a former tab here on top, and there's a lot off powerful options that you could use. So let's go to the former tab. Let's elect a couple off effects that you could just try out. Let's say, just like the picture of style over here, right? You could make it circular. You could make it may be a shadow, right? Or have some borders. You could just play around with it to see how it goes. This one's pretty cool, right? It kind of gives you a floating treaty effect. So there's a lot of options that you could play around inside. The former tab over here, and one of the most commonly used wants is Thedc rap option. So let's go for this image over here and select this right and let's select the crop feature. So let's say for excel we don't need the utter portions off the picture. So I could just drag this and make this smarter. So I just want the Excel part to be the one remaining. Okay, so now, much for good, You just click away and PowerPoint will leave that crop image for you so you could just retires this. And now we just have this specific portion, missus reading eyes. 7. Presentation Mode: Okay, Now, this is where we start to see the fruits of our labor. Okay, so we're gonna go into presentation mold so that we can try out our slideshow and it see how it looks like. So to do that, we have two sides of the moment and it's pretty easy to get started. Just click this button over here, right with slight show, and we'll get a look on how it looks like right now so you can see it in presentation mode . If I go back. If I scroll back here, you can see the 1st 1 I'm just using the arrow keys to move from left to right. And then you can also use the space bar to navigate. For example, I'm using the space bar, or you can use Enter write. It goes to the end of the Slater because it's just too slight. Okay, so there's quite a number of options that he could use. You could just navigate, or if you also have a blue to promote the one that percent our shoes to click from one to another, you could use that as well. And then, once you're done with presentation mode, to escape that you could just press escape. Okay? And if I press that it goes back to our editing mode. 8. Animations Tab: Okay, now what we have is let's go to the second slide and we're gonna be doing the animations. True, the animation tab. Because right now, if I go to presentation Motor, let me just click on this. It just appeared straight away, right for the images for the tax. But if we want some sort off sequence on the order that we want the images to appear, we can use the animations tab to control on how the images are showing one by one. Okay, so I'll just press escape and let's go back to editing mode. So for this one, let's do some rearranging first, just to have someday ing that's better looking. Okay, it's just rearranged this. Let's say let's go back to the picture format, right? And then make it a normal picture, Rotate it's again and put some level off organization to the images. Okay, now it's looking good. Okay, we're happy with this one, and then what I'll do is let's go to the animations tab. So for this 11 important pain that we need to look at for animation ISTEA animation pain over here this election under advanced animation so that it gives us a bird's eye view on what are all off the animations that this slide will be doing. Okay, so the 1st 1 ISS Let's just select Microsoft. Okay, we want something to happen with this image, so there's a lot of animations in here, So if we just open this up, there's a lot of them over here. And let's just pick one, just to see how it looks like if you select bounds so you could see that bouncing motion in here Oh, our If we said like Spin, for example, so does that as well. Okay, so let's just change this and make. It's just a fade effect, but it just shows up, right? So if I go now to presentation mode can just click this so it's not there yet, right? If I click on the mouse or if I select right or anything that will progress to the next step, it will start to show up. So we're gonna be doing this for all of the images. So if we said like this, for example, let's just keep it consistent. I'll select faith so that selected as well as pick fade and then this is swell. Ascetic fate. Now let's have a look. Okay, so we have this four in here, right for the fading effect. If I click on the mouse Microsoft right, then the next one next one and next one. So that's the really nice thing. We part point is there's a lot of things that you could do just to make it more dynamic. OK, because it's not just a set of static images or text, right? You can even do that for tax. For example. If I said like this right, you can also send lechon animation and then it will add over here, right? Take it. See? It's critical. So you just added for all of the tax in here, another thing to take note off ISS. You can also add some sequins when it comes to showing this images over here. So, for example, that say, that's just focus on the 1st 2 images one and two, right, So for one and two. Okay, let's say if you want the two images to appear right away on the first click, we can do that as well. So what I'll do is also like the second image and Then there's this timing group over here . So if we select this is starting clicked, which means if you click on the presentation, then the animation will start. You can also change this to after previous or with previous. Okay, So when we say with previous, then whatever the trigger is for the first image, it will also trigger for the second image, which means they will appear at the same time. So let's just try this with previous okay? And you notice that the number now it's one for both of them, which means they will appear at the same time. Which means there's just one trigger that will trigger their animations. Okay, for both of them. So let's just try to see if I select this. And if I click right, you see the two, you may just showing up right away. And for the rest, it's gonna be one by one for the clicks. Okay, so you can change the sequence A swell. So, for example, that's trial data. One toe also like this image again. Okay, start after previous, which means it will automatically animate this image over here. After the animation of the 1st 1 finishes. So let's try that again. Okay, so I'll just click ones. Let me click now. Okay? I'm not doing anything. And you see that there's a certain delay that happened before the animation of the second image or the XO logo when it appeared, okay? And I didn't need to do anything because I already told PowerPoint. Okay, after you do the animation off Microsoft show the animation off the X a local, and for the rest, it needs my clicked. I'll just continue clicking until everything shows up. Okay, I'll just press the escape so he could see us well over here, right? He could see that it's some sort of time line that happens. You could see that it's one and K for this to images over here, and you could see that there's a get there's a gap in here that after this finishes disagreeing bar finishes. Then the second Hamish will take place. Okay, so that's radical, and you could just chain multiple images or multiple attacks in here, depending on your needs. 9. File Options: Let's talk about file options in PowerPoint. So let's go through the file time right now because we're happy with this presentation. Okay, so once we're good, we want to save this and we just go three to foul, Okay? And then we're able to save this over. Let's click save, and you'll just ask to be browsing for a specific folder that you want to save the set. If I select, browse and inadequate, just save this anywhere in the desktop, right? So I'll just select a stop and then let me say that this is a demo presentation. And what's your good just kick save? And then it will be saved on your hard drive. So that's good for saving. And then what we can do A slow is, Let's say, let's go to file. Let's go to print, okay? And for printing, Okay, you can protest a pdf, so that's what I have right now and then You can also change a couple of settings in the printing section over here. So, for example, it's a Pringle slice. Do you just want to print a couple of plants? This is just the first, or you could just use. Let's say a couple of pages in here. So it's up to you on how you want to print your slight. Another one. This really handy. You can select this section over here in this election over here, and let's say you just want to slide for page right to make it some sort of hand out. So if you're doing a presentation and you want everybody to have a copy, you can put multiple slides in here and then they would just come out in this more compact format. So let's say Let's just select two slides, Okay? So that it's just so I could see a preview over here so that it's more compact, right? And then let's go to print, okay? And let's see, it s a PDF format. So I'll just say this again on that Stop right And then, let's say demo presentation for pdf. I'll just save this and I'll open the pdf so that you can see on how it looks like. So now I have the pdf open, and you could see over here, right, that this one page that we have here. So we have all of the site in here. So it just a lot of settings that you can try out in printing, and it's up to you on how you want to give it its a handout. 10. Closing and Reopening: Now let's talk about closing and reopening our presentation file. So once we're done saving, so we're good to go. Okay, so I'll close par point right now. Let me reopen Power Point over here and opening your files. It's pretty easy. So there's two ways that you could do this. So either you could just go to open over here and they just look for your foul. Or you could also look at the recent ones over here and you could just click on it and it will reopen right away. Came because we touched this a while ago. Just two minutes, right? We just want if I this a while ago and you just open this and it's just pretty easy to see . Okay, so daughter thing ISS pinning It's a good way for you to make this stick on your main screen over here in part point because, for example, if this foul you need to modify this or you need to work on this fairly frequently or it's a very important file to you so that it's safe your time right into himself, searching for it are locating it. You could just pin this right over here. So what I'll do is I'll click this pin. I had him over here, right? And if I scroll up right, there's a pin section over here. So if I select pen, it's always there. Okay, so it's like a sticky, sticky note, in a way. Okay, So whenever you try to look for your most used presentation files, for example, you can pin them. It's a quick reference for you to just go here and then click and your slide will reopen right away. 11. Thank You!: Thank you so much for taking this course. Okay, So if this has brought value to you and you have learned something new piece, leave your feedback as well. Okay, so just click on. Sure. And then you could just give your honest feedback to other students can also discover this class. Okay, So what I have here opened, it's actually one of my classes. If you want to learn more about what I'm teaching at the moment, just click on the link over here, right? My name is over here. Just click, OK? You just scroll down and you could see over what in my up to okay with my profile. And if you just scroll down, we have over here a lot more courses that I teach to you. So if you're more curious about Excel Goodness, I have a lot off Excel stuff to teach you. Okay? Shortcuts. Park re. Okay, par be. I accept formula. This are few to sequel. Okay, for data basis, writing sickle Caries. Check it back up a swell. Okay. And I'll be able to show you a lot more on what you can learn. Okay, So thank you so much again for taking this class. And don't forget to live on honest review