Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 365 - Exciting Morph Animation in 10 min! | Andrew Pach ⭐ | Skillshare

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 365 - Exciting Morph Animation in 10 min!

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Designing the piece

    • 3. Zooming the first frame

    • 4. Expanding the Explainer Video

    • 5. Finalizing the project

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About This Class


If you know me you know what to expect with this class! Here we will learn a cool, quick and fun way of animating slides in your PowerPoint presentations.

The goal of this class is to:

  • Teach you to make animated explainer videos
  • Share techniques of using MORPH transition in PowerPoint
  • You need PowerPoint 2019 or Microsoft365 subscription to utilize this function

This is a part of our animation:


I hope you will all enjoy the class, see you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome here, where I want to show you how to create this type of design and how to beautifully Macon explain your video out off it with the help off, the more of transition where we would have a video like that and he could highlight their video, for example, go to its Commons, then approved those comments. Then move to the next section. And this is how we can build animated explainer videos in Power Point right away with just one click without knowing how to animate. Then we will bring back the entire composition together, and this is how you can approach doing multiple interesting animations and animated explainer videos in Power Point. I hope you are excited for this because I'm surely AMP. Let's start all work and let's create something like that in your apartment. 2. Designing the piece: Hey, at first a little bit off information about how I designed this. Basically, this design is made out off two shapes around the rectangle and the triangle. You can either use the filer provide. You can design this yourself, or you can use an outside source like free pick or another website to download and vector like that. If you'd like to create something like this of your own, it's pretty simple. You can go to insert shapes and make sure that you use this shape, which is rounded corners rectangle, because this rounded corners rectangle as you see it. Here, you can change the roundness to erect angle, and you can even change the roundness if you maximize it, which will make it basically a circle so you could do this entire design, creating with just this element and the triangle. If you want to play buttons the way I designed this, I designed the elements first, and then I group them into a video into a comments section and into little videos on the right side. If you'd like to practice, I'll show you how I created one of those videos. So at first I used around the direct angle. Before those videos, I made it without any corners. So I created erecting like that. I made it like this. Then they went to shape. Forward shape, old line. No hotline shape, Phil. I've decided upon a little bit less saturated color, something like that. Correct. So this was the beginning. Then I duplicated this object with control D and I gave it around that corner. I made it very, very small. I can even press the left old key. So I have more freedom and nothing gets in the way because those red lines get a bit in the way and they place it next to a video. I duplicated this element. Of course, I made it smaller. And instead of coming closer because right now we don't see the middle point. We can use the size open. So I just took the size options. I changed the value here again. Control de change the value here control de changed the value here. All right. At this point, I just had to change the colors because I wanted, like, headline and subtext, something like that. So I went to shape Phil and I used either a bluish or a grayish color. You can, of course, select more free colors and change the colors. But it was a mistake to the basic ones because I do not want to waste your time. I just wanted to show you how I've created those videos. Then I took the bottom tax and I gave it Ah, light or great. All right, so this was the initial video design. I also made sure that I have a play button in the middle so I can again a click on this object I can duplicate. I can maximize those Ah, this roundness. And for the width and height, I just need to give it an equal amount. For example, to and to right now this becomes a circle. I made a circle very small shape film. We do want no feel shape, old line white. You can, of course, change the weight off the outline by going to shape outline. Wait six points, for example, putting it on the middle. You get the idea, Then I just insert a triangle in the middle and you will be ready with that. So this was the initial design. Once I was ready with design. Okay, That doesn't look like perfect right now the way it is. Still a bit too big, but and it doesn't matter. No group this. You can just select this and press control G on Windows. Or if you are on the Mac command option and the G, which will group. This s an entire section. Perfect. As I had this ready, I just control DE to duplicate the videos. So I had more off those little videos. Here I click on the group a quick again toe access. Like the video background. I went to shape former and I changed the color. This is how you can create a design like that. If you'd like to train a little bit, you can create its yourself. If not, you should be ready to work using my first. Thanks for listening to the initial lecture about designing this piece. And now we can move forward with the entire animation 3. Zooming the first frame: If you want to make animations animated explainer videos Using just the morph transition, you need to be ready and have a design property. So this is the exact design I plan to display, and I just want to zoom into parts of it. For example, if I will explain something about my video, something about my comments and something about the section next next to my video or playlist or whatever. This is why I took everything and I group them into bigger sections. So this will be very easy for me now, toe enlarge to modify, and later I'll show you why it is important that you keep everything that way. All right. For the first animation, I wanted to display the actual video. So I take the slide a press controlled D and I let everything stay. I have all the elements on their video itself. I'm taking the videos to the right side just so they like. They are here, but just slightly now I take the common section. I put it on the bottom and I take the video and I enlarge it, pressing the shift key So everything states on constant proportions and you will notice in a moment. Why? Because currently, as I go to transitions and I press on morph automatically, more force applied because the first light had already more. Because when we duplicate the slight, they will all ready, have more. If you do something like that and you click more, you will see more very smartly places everything to the right and in largest video. And this is how you progress through this animation. Your quest for the first lecture will be to enlarge the video, give it a more of transition and just make sure that the second slide will look like that. They played a video. Everything Stasis is. But if I move forward, the video becomes like in the main shot in the mainframe. It's zoomed in. 4. Expanding the Explainer Video: all right. With this lecture, we are actually going to complete the animation. Now. It all depends on what you want to display. And it is important that you keep all the elements on this light. I will just take the slight and duplicate this light. And I want to make sure that all the elements I've prepared are still there, right? I take the elements and they put them aside. I take also the video and I put it here on the top side. Maybe I take it and I enlarge it just a little bit. So for the little animation. And I take now the common sections because I would probably if this would be an explainer video talk about the common section. Now, I have some icons here which I could also display if I want. And I will maybe do this on the next light. And this is how you progress through the animation. I want you to replicate the steps or just create your own spin on it. I understood placate the slight. I take the icons and I placed them somewhere here, have off. The comments may be here because I want to highlight this important that you like and answer comments from people at this stage, you should have highlighted the comments. You can always click on the more transition just to see a little preview off what will happen? All right, the icons animate now on the previous light. The morphing is pretty severe because we are highlighting the comments. All right. Everything is okay. I'm person control de. And on the next light, I wanna move aside the comments. Maybe I just want to display a tiny bit off them. But I don't have toe and a tiny bit of the video. Now I want to display the videos because I would probably talk about the videos and let maybe highlight the blue video. So I'll take everything to the bottom, this red to the topside and this blue video. I'll make this a bit bigger because I would like to talk about this. So I will talk. I will talk. I will talk. I take this light control D and now I'll talk about orange video So the orange video gets bigger, the blue video gets smaller and the blue pill you should be moved aside. I like that. Okay, here. Those should be moved to the side, like here. All right. And this is how I could progress from one video to another. Just take a look. At this point, I'm displaying this. Then they move forward to the videos and the blue video gets highlighted on the next light , with the more of transition orange video gets highlighted. This is a very clean and cool away to display elements and zoom into elements off course, they are a bit unequal. I could maybe make this a bit better. I would should try to make this off equal sizes. But it all depends on what you want to achieve. This is what I wanted to bring forward in how you build your composition and move around with everything while still holding older lemons. Because in the next lecture, I'll show you how to close this entire composition. 5. Finalizing the project: this will be no very important. And that's a big advantage here off using power 0.2019 or the Microsoft 3 65 subscription. Because we have access to the more of transition older versions like 16 4013. They didn't have it. So using the news version will ensure that you have all the features available. Why did I tell with the more feature that it is important that we do not like change upto elements? We have a beautiful and seamless animations between those slight because we use the same element. Look at this light. For example, If I take this light I duplicated and they enlarge the orange element, it will nicely move with the more tradition. Let me press more. You can see it beautifully and largest. But if I would duplicate this slide and I would, um, group this element Ellen group with control shift E g. So right now this is a separate group and this element is a separate group. Power point would not exactly know what to do, because right now, if I press more instead of morphing, the default thing is that power point fate between elements. So it is very important that you keep the group in, keep the element even here, for example, I changed elements. I change the position all off this one. Even if I group this back and they present more, you can see Power Point makes a weird thing between them because PowerPoint doesn't exactly know. Is this the same shape? I'm not sure. And this is why PowerPoint fates instead off, like morphing beautifully between us. If you want to close this entire composition and you still have all the elements, you didn't mess up with anything. You have all the elements and you just want to hover back to the original like screen. You can take the first life control, see, and you can place the same first light again. Since we have all those elements still on this slide, they are a bit put to the side, but they are still here. Power Point will beautifully with the transitions more beautifully put everything back. One thing I don't like the icons. I would just delete the icon here so they don't get in the way and they would just fade off . So if I click on the last slide, Empress. More. Everything comes beautifully back together, and this is how you basically build a scene like your You zoom into parts of the scene using only the morph transition. You can select the first light shift, click the last light to select everything and express more. You can change the duration. If the animation is too slow for you. We cannot do many changes, but we can change how long the animation progresses between two slight. This is how you can make those animated explainer videos and like those beautiful, seamless morphing between a scene and enlarging elements without even knowing how to animate apartment, just using the more transition.