Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - Basics | Nejla Z. | Skillshare

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - Basics

Nejla Z., Manager of Information Technologies

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6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. OneDrive

    • 3. Creating and Opening Presentations

    • 4. Creating and Opening Presentation part 2

    • 5. Saving Presentations

    • 6. Exporting and Sharing Presentations


About This Class

All of us know that common feeling of pressure when we have to give a presentation. That feeling knowing that eveyone is going to be watching you and wait to see what you have to say and show.
PowerPoint 2016 class maybe will not tell you how to face this problems, but it will make you more confident by learning you to make amazing presentations which will give you power to believe more in yourself in front of the audience which exspect for you to shine!
So, if you are in the any field, wherre you can ever stand in front of the public where you have to present your ideas, or to defend your opinions and stands, you are at the right place to learn it from us!
These tutorials which are divided in several group of classes, are designed to be easy to understand, including the examples relatable, and as close to the presentations you will see in the real world.
Classes include things like videos, graphics, step-by-step interactions, and you can immediately practice on your own.
Presentations actually are standing out once you put your personal touch on it, because everyone can just put the words on and say it. It could be color combination or adding your own graphics or a little bit of humor, things that really come from the person.
So, if those things are something you are interested in, and youu need it, start listening and enjoy videos which will make you more productive in your future personal and business projects!
Welcome :)