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Microsoft Power BI Interview Questions and Answers

teacher avatar Arindam Mondal

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Self Service Bi

    • 3. What Is Power Map

    • 4. What Is Power Pivot

    • 5. What is calculated columns in Power BI?

    • 6. When you should use radial gauge chart

    • 7. When you should use tree maps

    • 8. When you should use funnell chart

    • 9. What Are The Different Types Of Refresh Available In Power Bi 1

    • 10. What Are The Different Types Of Filter Available In Power Bi 1

    • 11. What Are The Different Types Of Data Sets Available In Power Bi 1

    • 12. How do you create a paginated reports

    • 13. What Is Cards Visualization

    • 14. What Is Dax

    • 15. When you should use combo chart

    • 16. When You Should Use Key Influencers Chart 1

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About This Class

In this class You will find frequently asked questions on Power BI.It covers all topic including Power BI Desktop,Power BI Service,Power BI App and DAX etc.I am sure you will find value out of this course.

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1. Introduction: Hello and I will come to my course in this course Barbie interview costume and and so we will discuss the world frequently. Questions are coming in the interview fizz, I hope youll enduring all the questions listed here. If you have any questions or comment, let me know in the message. 67 2. What Is Self Service Bi: What is self summits? Be I Self service business intelligence, also known as they're not reporting, is in a prostituted analytics. Nothing events. Businesses that work corporate data, even if they do not have a knowledge in the eight cell service. Be a tools allow users fielder, sort, analyze and replace that with out in probably in the organisms being and I putting. 3. What Is Power Map: wontons department. Foreman is truly, visually central for Excel. We went on immersive experience for making discoveries in dinner that my neighbor was seen in traditional two D tables and charts. Parnham blitz super or geographic and confronted Thomas Foley in a laser that today and three D and create cinematic troops to Syria retailers. 4. What Is Power Pivot: 40 stock you want are we? What is the future of Microsoft Excel? It is a 11 as in everything example 1010 in 2000 tapping in separate downloads. And there's an Aaron included with a simpleton. 16 programs far we would extensive locally instance off because of Journalists Services Doubler that is evident directly into in its and work. This alone. He was have to be the owner model in poor people, and it was people table stakes below the modern. Once it is built, this alone excepto happens self service bi implementing pro personal expression minutes to query the modern and Cal grit and pants measures. 5. What is calculated columns in Power BI?: what is calculated Columns in Power BI. A calculated column is an extension offer table using a decks phone that is a polluted for each room of hellos in calculated columns are rev alluded when you faster defined them or when you refresh your detested once every looted, the values are stored in your data model, which means your data model side increases and it consumers more than the values in calculated columns are evaluated when you first defend them. Or do we know the first year digested? One saluted. The values are stored in your data model. Louise means you're determined inside increases at any cons. Um, more them. I haven't opened power bi desktop clicking on your data and sequel server. I'm selecting my local school. Sarah. I'm selecting adventure works. Great service there. I have a personal person table clicking on Lord so that details loaded on par bid with that it is loaded on pariveda Stop freaking on data so you can see here. Here I have three columns named with personal middle name and last name, so I would create a new calculated column with those column so really create a full name column with first name. Middle Lemon. Last time I click on the new column, and here, in the formal of Are We Have to Read the Dexterity. Let's rename. The column is full name. You can see here whenever we're typing in Collomb name, we can see letting the auto populated column name from the drop down. After writing the formula, you can either press in Turkey or click on the comic button. You can see her. The full name column is there in the first name in the lemon last name. Also, the full name column is there in the economies. 6. When you should use radial gauge chart: When you soon lose the idea, lingered charts ready and get turned. Has this on on display? Single Marilou. That means l from guess towards here Going up here. The goal or target value is represented by the line. Progress toward that goal is represented by the shedding on the hello that represent the progress Schoening Bold inside our our forcible values are straight in evenly along dark from the minimum it is the left most run. So the maximum that is the right most well, they didn't get should be used in real scenarios. When you need to show your progress to answer part two global, it also present your personal misery like a k p A. It may also be used to so the health off a single misery. 7. When you should use tree maps: Quentin should use tree maps. Tree nuts display header Conductor is a state of Mr Rectangles. It's living off. The hierarchy is represented by a commander rectangle, sometimes called a branch contents. Other rectangles, we just can't lives. The space inside each rectangle is allocated Western of Hello being measured and the rectangular instance sides from top lip. We just are not just one. So the bottom like which is the smallest want. Three maps would be used in Miller. Scenarios could display large amounts off harder can later. Quinn. A bar chart can be effectively, and then the large number of values. Three maps should be used in below. Scenarios to display in large amounts of powder can later, but in Bocian cannot effectively Hamilton the large number of hellos. Two for the proportion between its Ferg on the whole two for the pattern of distributed off the missile across its level of categories in the hierarchy to show activity it was inside . And the color, according the sport patterns out liners Most important contributors and the exorcists 8. When you should use funnell chart: for managers funnels individually, a process that estates and I do. This floats, you conceal it from one stills. One example is the sales process. Let's start to police and inside purchase fulfillment. Financial Sonic clip show is when the debate she concealed and moves through at least four states and the number of items in the first states is extracted to me better in the number in the final states to calculate for themselves revenue from sales and deals that shelter by states. To calculate Jacqueline Woodson and the Denson, this track is something got wonderful to trick them. Broke this and successive click through advertising and marketing campaigns in this financial visual edge is an example. Medics. It is selling opportunity count myself. Stage for different cell states has different values, top to bottom, the loser decreasing the lid Hellos has the has number on going down, qualify, solution and proposal. And finally, age values are decreasing, so you can see the subsequent values are sharing Mr in the morning covering or whatever this place they will. Information hovering over Rivard displays a lot off information. The name of the states number off opportunities currently in this stage overdone corn Merson, my name and states to stage also known as and drop it, which is the percentage of the previous stints interesting in the misplay. 9. What Are The Different Types Of Refresh Available In Power Bi 1: What are the different types of repressive level importante? Their full mental repressed, not FN reading probably back is replaced. The synchronize your arm indexed up excel between the party service and wondered or shelf in. Only this does not for later from the original later sources The little sitting for me, only comforted with twenties in the final boarding Wondering or Shefrin only model. Are they reading first? This is the fishing this is lifting to refreshing that does it within the whole miniseries with data from Lawrence and Little Source, this is done way that was incredibly personal. This is the question gator for on premises data sources. Diana Empress. Time to present Detzner is for televisions on the desperate on a state. Touching this. This happened about every 15 minutes. You can also for certainly persuade slipping the analysis in the current off the dispute and selecting the first test for paints. Visual Continental it Chris refusing the official contain Abbott That test report this was we didn't report once that they're touching this 10. What Are The Different Types Of Filter Available In Power Bi 1: one in the different day. So filled us A level in party family has four types of immigrants. Fails Fielder. I have a list of all of this. One's on the report. Pains. He fell. Filter. At least it's an illusion on any input. Pinch. You only cities, well, little filter if you have selected lately, short on the report canvas report for leaders have less to all businesses and letting for real through filter close to a single entity in a report. 11. What Are The Different Types Of Data Sets Available In Power Bi 1: What are the different types of data states will level in power Bi Barbie and address. It's mainly categorized into two types. Hold it assets and the untimely does its full later sits, also categorized in three items. Important data sets. Do they created a distance. Life connected assets. These are the three types of pulled it us Now the ill timed it does. It's also categorized into three items streaming the dissidents booster distance and hybrid did is it? 12. How do you create a paginated reports: How do you create United reports in Power BI eight Barbie, a report builder, is used to create alienated reports. It's a new tune that sets the same foundation as the tools you're probably used previously to create imaginatively force for far Baby Port server or sequel. Several importing services. In fact, you know, telling force that you have created, for instance, of this 2016 or 2017 or for forbade reports. Suburb provides us are comfortable with the palm A service, the far very service Minton's backward compatibility so you can move your reports forward, and you cannot weird any previous with some resonated reports. 13. What Is Cards Visualization: What is God's specialization in Barbie Guard? Which religious on the president's a single number? Sometimes we are interested in a single help for the, for example, sales or market share se total sales Our total sales last year. This type of a visualization is called the card as it almost all off vanity. For very rich relation cards can be created. It was in the report Editor or the Q. Any Carter two types. Single card and Monte record cards. Single number Single number cards. Display single fare a single late often, such as total offices, cards, Montero Montero cards. Display one or more data Friends 150 Let's see an example. We can create a card from the report any there. Here. I have opened my existing report customer analysis so I can create a new card within this report. I am my existing tables, which is sell Stevens. I'm selecting, um, total sales. Survive the front. It'll open and column chart with the one number total sense. So let's send to the visual ation. Rearguard can see hat. Just know it card. We can add this Michelle addition. So the dashboard, using this being who won who can be into existing. That's work. Are you in new Desperate? You can see here the sexes message. You can see her. We have different type of formatting option available with the cards. For example, you continue the column for that category level. Also, we have the option in the little level Canton, the color. Here we continue that pick sides also the phone. And so we have Who are that option here? A little background and someone that option. 14. What Is Dax: what is next? They don't notice these expressions is a library of conscience, and operators that can be convento will crumble us the next person in poor Vedek stop a jewelry analysis services, SQL Server Analysis Services and Barbie work in Excel. 15. When you should use combo chart: one more chance a commuter commence. A column featured in the Ranger Commotions can have one or two y. It's best to scenario when you have a line chart and the Columbia with the same make sexy to compare multiple measures with different renders to Leicester, the relation between humans. That's in one which will put check with one missile made that are getting a different way another missile Kwanza and must piss. 16. When You Should Use Key Influencers Chart 1: the organization, in this example, has three rules guns in love and when he stricter and family ship Being councilman is the top factor that contributes well or anything. More precisely. Your constables are to fund 57 times. More likely, don't give your service and negative score. Lucky influences jump this rolling in organization, inconsolable first in the list on the left by selecting role in organization, its consumers. For me, I saw additional details in the right foot, the competitive effect off its tool under leg load off nor edition. 14 foreign 93% of condiments and even local low scores. On average, all of the rules given law score 5.78% of the time. Cons won't start to fund 57 times more likely to give a low score compared to a lot of rooms you can determine. This is by dividing the green bar by the red dotted line. The key influence official compares and ran inspector from many different variables. The second influence that has nothing to do with role in organization. So look best I can influence that. In the least twitches thing is used over beauty, the second most important factor is the letter to the team of the customers. I just want some commented over. The usability of the product were to fund 55 times more likely to give in law school Compared took us two months. Who commented on other teams such as the level ity designer speed We didn't have this one. The average we just soon by the red dotted lines Chance Trump I 0.78% to 11.34 forces. They were registered enemy because it's based on the average off all other values, while the fast influencer they already excluded like a struggle for the second influencer it excluded that used every little thing.