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Microsoft Forms - Use Surveys to get repeat business from your clients

Georgi I.

Microsoft Forms - Use Surveys to get repeat business from your clients

Georgi I.

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16 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sign into Microsoft Forms

    • 3. The Use Case

    • 4. Creating our First Form

    • 5. Enhancing our Form

    • 6. Modifying our Form

    • 7. Branching

    • 8. Improve the way the Form looks

    • 9. Settings and Miltulingual

    • 10. Testing

    • 11. Creating our first Quiz

    • 12. Finalize the Quiz

    • 13. Sharing with Others

    • 14. Sharing our Form with Users

    • 15. Analyze Responses

    • 16. Thank You

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About This Class

Whether you want to use surveys to improve your relationship and lifelong value of your customers or simply create quizzes for pleasure, you have come to the right place!

This course will give you a deep understanding of Microsoft Forms functionality by using hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase how to use Microsoft Forms with real world examples.

By the end of the course you'll be able to:

· Easily create a survey in minutes

· Use Microsoft Forms to create a quiz

· Manage customer feedback using Microsoft Form

· Be able to use Microsoft Forms to collect any feedback

· Share feedback forms effectively

· Build surveys using best practices

Why Take this course?

By taking the class and spending time on the class project, you will become an expert in Microsoft Teams and understand how to use it to improve the relationship with your clients.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Georgi I.



I am Georgi. I am a software geek that have been using software tools for years to increase my productivity and advance my career.

I love teach and my goal is to help people master software tools that will enable them to achieve any one of the following goals:

- Get the next promotion at work by utilizing software to set yourself apart from the competition
- Make your CV standout by adding trending skills
- Improve the operations of your business

My mantra is teaching by doing. Let's get going!

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1. Introduction: Hello, thanks for choosing my course. I've been using Microsoft Forms for years in order to collect feedback. And although microforms is really simple to say, there's some best practices that you need to know. These are going to allow you to better engage with your clients or users, collect feedback. This is going to really help with client retention. In this course, we're going to cover everything that you need to know from how to create your first form. Water's the best practices to keep in mind when creating your first form. How you can modify it, how we can add some more complex branching logic, and how you should amend the settings so it best fits your needs. Also, we are going to do a really quick example of how we create a quiz in Microsoft forums. If you want to use that, then we're going to further look into how we share the forum with people, how we analyze the responses once we get them. And overall, everything that you need to know, you learn in the next one hour. Always teach by doing. So is going to be great if you follow me along. What you see on the screen is actually what we are going to achieve in just one hour from now, you're going to be able to create forms like this in just one hour. It actually includes all the different question types that you have available in Microsoft Forms and the different options. So I'm really excited to be a teacher on this topic. Let's just get going. 2. Sign into Microsoft Forms: Okay, so the first thing we'll do is to look into Microsoft forums. Just type Microsoft Forms in the search bar of your browser. Then we need to click on the first link forms Here I'll click on sign in. In order to use Microsoft forms, you are the need to have Office 365 account or a personal account with Microsoft. So if you don't have one already created one, I already have one. So I'm just going to use that. Hey, Conan login. It asks me if I want to say sign-in. I usually say no because he used this in public places. And now we are already in Microsoft Forms. Let's have a quick look at interface. So you see that this is probably one of the easiest interfaces out there. We only have a few buttons. So we have this top menu where you, we have my forms. Currently, I don't have anything created yet in this account, so I don't have anything displayed here. Form shared with me in case someone shares a form with me. Again, we don't have anything. And then the last one is group forms. So you see that I have a few just comes straight from Microsoft teams. If you have looked in into your free 65 account and you're part of some groups in their US, USE these groups here, but it doesn't mean that you have forms for this group. So as you can see, I don't in the projects that I am part of, we actually don't have any force. So that's why I don't have them here. And you can also search at the top for foreign title name or the owner name, the owner of the ashore for you also cover psycho being here where anything that you've deleted, you will see it here. Then in the top left corner, you can switch to the different max of 365 apps. You also have the my account details in the top right corner. You have a quick help button here, which I don't really use. So that's it. In the next lesson, we're gonna create our form. 3. The Use Case: Before we begin creating our first isoform, let's talk about the use case that we're going to use today. In India example today we're going to be a logo design company. So imagine that you're an owner of a freelancer of global design company and you're designing logos to customers. Once you've finished designing the Logos, you want to send a server to the customer in order to understand if they're happy with what you've provided. I believe this is really crucial for businesses and not a lot of people do this. But here are the benefits. First of all, if a customer is not happy, then you'll be able to engage with this customer straight away. When we talk about customer behavior, it was found out that if you address unhappy customer immediately, they may actually turn into long-term customer of yours and actually recommend your business to others. If you just leave it as it is, there really unlikely to buy from you again and to recommend it to anyone. And even if you think they were happy with the service, and this is what they said. Some people were actually going to be more open to give you real feedback if you structure a survey in a way that makes them do so. So before you start tracing the Microsoft form in the actual tool, it's a good idea to brainstorm some questions on paper or Excel. You don't want to start without any idea in place on what you want to achieve. So this is always a good practice. Obviously. You, you, you'll be able to enhance these questions and we're going to enhance this questions as we progress. But here are some questions that they could quickly took in Excel for our logo design business. So we have, how satisfied are you with the logo that we designed? Is there some thing that he could have done better? How likely are you to recommend this to other people from one to ten? Do you have any other feedback for us? What do you like the most about our surveys? Please rate the below, right? And these are not in the proper order. We're going to reorder them. Nursery starts creating the form. But just remember two things from this lesson. Service can contribute in you keeping customers for longer and thus increasing the lifelong value of a customer. And not only that, but happy customers. Customers from which you get feedback are more likely to look to recommend you to other people. And before you start creating of survey, it's better first to brainstorm it on a piece of paper. So you don't start from a blank page. Let's now create our first form. 4. Creating our First Form: Welcome back. Now we're in the microforms interface and let's begin creating the first survey for our logo design business. I just want to click on new form. And I'm going to title this logo design survey. And you can enter a description here. How happy are you with our service, for example? And then click on add new. The first question that we want to include here is how satisfied are you with the logo that we have designed? And for this, we're going to use a rating. Don't worry, we're going to cover all the options now with real example. So we're going to go through everything. So we want this to be a rating where the customer can, can actually provide a star, one to five stars. So this is going to be how satisfied are you with the logo designed then that set? So let's add a new one. The second question is going to be, is there something that we could have done better? This is going to be a Text E. Is there sampling that he could have done better? K. Then the next one is going to be, how likely are you to recommend this to other people? And so let's add a new one. So as you can see, we have a text. So the text format is this one where there'll be able to simply write Taves. Then you have the rating one where they can rate you with a star here. Then you have a date where they can put a date. We're going to cover this later. What you want to use for this one is the Net Promoter Score. Because the question is, how likely are you to recommend this to other people from one to ten? And this is exactly what the Net Promoter Score is. I'm going to select the native promoter score. And this is actually going to feel directly the question here that's use usually for net promoter score, actually gonna keep the question as it comes. Then the next one we want to include this. What did you like the most about our service? Rank, the options, so we want them to actually run quote div like the most. So I'm going to choose ranking here. Put options, speed, speed of delivery, price, communication, the design. And these are the four options that we want to give them, this one. So, so far, we've covered text with governors rating. We've covered ranking and net promoter score. Let's now continue to the next lesson. Where are we going to explore the other options and then see how this actually looks for our customers. 5. Enhancing our Form: Okay, so let's continue improving our form. So far we've created four questions. Let's see what this actually looks like for the customer. There is a button here called preview, so let's click on it. And this is what the firm's gonna look like for your customers so far. So you'll have a title, you have the subtitle. Then there is this disclaimer here saying that when they submit, a firm will going to be able to see who submitted the form, including the email address and name. Then we have the actual questions. How satisfied are you with the logo designs and they can provide a rating. For example, four-star. Is there something that we could have done better? They can actually type here directly. How likely are you to recommend this to a friend or colleague? Day, simply choose from something from 0 to ten. And then what do you like the most about our service? So this is a ranking one which they can actually put them in order. However, it seems that it's not that clear from our title here for the question that I've put in. So let me go back. And by the way, you can also see what is going to look on mobile, because a lot of people nowadays use mobile. So this is what it's gonna look like on their mobile. Let me go back in. Just type here around from highest to lowest, Just to make it a bit more clear for them what to do. And then let's proceed with the next question. In the next one, we want to choose this one Likert, so I'm going to choose it. This is an interesting one. So let me show you how it works and I'm sure you have seen this in other surveys that you have completed. So a general say, please rate the below. I'm going to say I'm happy with the speed of delivery. And not say strongly. Disagree. Strongly disagree. Disagree. Or agree. Agree. Strongly agree. I'm happy with the, then I'm happy the price to quality ratio. I am happy with communication. And then I'm have the design that I have received with zines received just distributed the charter. Hey, let me quickly switch to preview to show you how this works. Now, for each one of these questions, they can put what they believe, whether they agree or disagree with the statement. Which can be really helpful to get a bit more detailed information. Because even if they rank it here from what they lack the most to the least, you, you're really not sure how, how happy they would each individual item here. So this helps you understand this a bit more. So let's go back and put the last question which is going to be this is going to be text. Do you have any feedback for us? Okay, that's going to be text. Let's add one more, just show you the functionality. So let's add the date as well and put a question on when you order your logo, for example. This is something that I wouldn't put in a survey course. You should be able to check this from your databases, database of customers. But just shirk our discourse, I can add it. Okay, this now handed to now see that we've used text, we've used rating, we've used the date. We've used ranking, we use like Earth. We feel the net promoter score. And the only thing that we are left to do is to use the file upload. So in case you want the customer to upload something for you, you may want to do that. So in this case, just for this example, although I'm not going to include it usually, again, in the survey icon. Click on File Upload. And something to keep in mind is that anything that's applauded attachment in Mike's reform is going to be added in your OneDrive in a newly created folder. So this is where the files are gonna be kept. Skip going. Okay. And then I'm going to say, please, in the design that you like best. Again, this is just to provide an example. Probably not something that you're going to include. And then you can limit the number of files that they include here from one to ten. And the size, especially if you're using the free version of OneDrive, which is five gig, you may not want them to upload a lot of files here. And now if used oh, the question types and our form looks pretty good. Now, let's now continue to the next lesson where we're going to further enhance this form. 6. Modifying our Form: We've now created all the questions for our survey form. We usually don't want to have more than at the Maxwell say ten questions. The less is better because this is going to make it more likely for customers to actually complete the form or users to complete the form. However, there's a problem. When we scroll through the questions, we see that they are not really in the proper order. For example, we don't want to have. Please include the design that you like base of the last question. So what we can do is rearrange the order, and this is really simple. So let's first decide on what we want to keep first. Actually, I think I'll keep the how satisfied are you with the logo as the first question also, is there something that we could have done better or gone? Leave it. A second question so they can straightway provide me a bit more detailed information goes nicely with this first question. How likely are you to recommenders are gonna keep this after the word, Did you like the most about our service ranking? And in order to move this is simply going to click on it, click on the question and just click on Move question up. So this is now the third question. How likely Urdu recommenders is forbidden? We have to use raid the below as a fifth. Do you have any other feedback for us? This is, this usually needs to be the last question, so I'm going to move this down. We're going to move down to the last place. When did you order your logo? As we previously discussed, this is usually not something that I include in a survey. So you can actually delete this from here, delete question. And now we're left with seven questions. Another thing that we can do is to divide the questions intersections. So in order to do that, you click on adding new. Then from here you select section. For such a small form of seven questions. You don't need sections to be honest, right? You can just leave it as it is. But in order to show the functionality, let's say a divided. So I'll say this, this is detailed information. And That's it. We now have this section from which you can see you can duplicate the session, you can remove it and you can move it. In the moving of section means moving it before the first one that we have. It doesn't mean that we can put it in between the specific question. Now what we want to do after we have the second section is to move some of the questions in there. So the detailed information is our move that do you have any other feedback for us? I'm going to move it down. And this is now going to be in section two, also the attachment. I'm gonna move it to the second question. So what does sections are going to do? It? Is that they're going to divide your survey into a few pages. So let's see how this is going to look. Let's click on preview. And you see that we have five questions on the first page. And instead of having submit now, we have next, which is going to take us to the next section where we have two questions. And they can submit the form after that. And I can also go back. Let's now go back to the design mode. And the other thing that you can do is make some questions required. So they cannot submit the form without fitting and so forth without filling it in. So for example, the first one I want to make it required, is there something that we could have done better? I don't want this to be required question. I can make this alone, counselor, if you want, which means they're going to have more space here that they can see if you want, you can actually put a subtitle to make it a bit more clear to users what you expect from them. And don't wanna do it for this one. But for example, in the ranking one, you can put us title saying you can drag and drop the items in the order that you wish. For example. And now they're going to have this explanation as a subtitle. You can also put restrictions. So let me show you how this is done. So let's go again to the east there something that we could have done better. And let's click here on the more options are going to cover branching in a separate lesson. So let's not worry about this for nowadays Glickman restrictions. So I can make this a number. And let's see how this is gonna look. When it starts trying to type text and not a number. It says there must be a number. And when you tried to click on the next page or submit, if you have only one section, this is what's going to be displayed. You need to complete two questions before you go to an expert question one and question two. Question one is because it's a required question. And question two is because we are trying to enter that's not permitted based on what? Based on our restrictions. So if we go back, you can see all the different restrictions here. So number greater than, greater than, equal to, less than, less than, less than or equal to, equal to, not equal to between, not between. This is mostly going to help you. For number formats, right? If you want the user to enter a number and you want to restrict them, you can do it from here. Okay, so let's go to the next lesson where we're going to explore branching. 7. Branching: We now want to use branching in order to make our forum a lot more flexible. And in order to use branching, we need to add the only type of question that we haven't added yet in our form. So let's do that. Let's go to Add New. And now we want to use the choice type of question, which is the first one here on the list, which is actually the only one that we haven't used. This is going to be the first question on the survey and it's going to be, are you happy? Are you happy with it? The service we provide it. And then we simply is simply going to be option one. Yes. And option two is going to be no. Let's move this to the top. So this is our first question. And let's explore the options from this one because this is one that they're going to be using really often. You, you see that you can allow multiple answers here, so they can select more than one answer. In some cases it's going to make sense. In this case it doesn't make sense. You can add more options. You can also do the shuffle option, which means each time a new user opens the forum, these are gonna be in a different order. This is more useful for quizzes or tests where you don't want the answers to be in the same order each time, so they can be copied. You can make this dropdown. You can again put a subtitle. I don't need the HSO_4 and dropdown at the moment. And you can have branching, which is going to work we're going to explore today. Branching allows you to make them more flexible in based on what the customer provided us an answer. So for example, if they're happy with the service and they select Yes, we want them to go to the next question, which is, how satisfied are you with the logo redesign? And is there something that we could have done better or did you like the most? But if they're not happy, we don't want them to say how happy. Maybe some cases we want them to ask them how satisfied they are, but perhaps we don't want them to rank. How likely are they to recommend us. We want to further understand why they are not happy. So we just switch this to please rate the below. So what happens now when I go back to the forum and I preview it? I only see one question here. How are you happy with the service we provide it in an elite click, yes. They immediately see all the questions from the forum. If this select No, but let me go back so you can see it from. So again, I go back and go to preview. And this time I'm going to click on No. This is gonna take me directly to this question. Please rate the blow which is actually number question number five, phone or form. But we're missing a few questions because we don't want our customers to see them even if they're not happy with the service anyway. And then when I click on next day, go to the detail to one branching. It's going to make a lot more sense if things are in a different order or if you want to do branch, if you want to create branching, you need to think about it when you are designing the survey at the point of designing several, not once you've designed survey the orders in the order of the questions. Because in our case at the moment, it doesn't really make sense because if they're not happy with the service, we still want them to complete question too. For example, we still want them to complete questions. Maybe, but we don't want them to complete question five. So in this case, perhaps we should move question five after the please rate the below. So my advice here is two. Explore branching. This is going to be best learned by doing a few examples and see how this is going to fit your needs. It's really useful, especially when handling customers that are not happy. Because if a customer is not happy, you want to find out on the service straight away that they're not happy. And then have a section that's only going to be aimed towards customers that are not happy in order to find out more on why they're not happy. If they are happy, perhaps you want them to go to all the questions. So just keep that in mind and see how you can utilize branching in your own surveys. 8. Improve the way the Form looks: Okay, we've now created the structure of our survey. And I took out a branching. So let's see how this looks. Hey, it looks pretty good, but some people want to customize the look of their surveys. So let's see how we can do that. The first thing we will explore is the deme here. You can change the background like me. Sure. So for example, I can choose one of the ones that are available here. I can also upload an image. So if you have an image that you want to be your background, you can do that from here, or you can upload it from one drive here. Or you can upload it straight away from a computer. Or you can search for background on the internet from here. But let's, for example, just keep it to, for example, DS1. Ok, then let's close that. So this is the background. Obviously this is not a very good background for our logo design business, but let's keep this one for now. We can also add a logo. So let's look for, again here for something that Fiona imagine like if, if, if it's our logo. So let me, I'll just going to choose this one for example. And then when you click on preview, you can see if you, if you add your logo here, then it is going to look more professional next to or that survey design. Then if I go back, I can actually add media to the actual questions. So let's not, let's select, for example, what do you like the most, right? The only difference here is that the image is going to appear in a different place. So let me show you. Okay, let's choose this one. Is going to take a few seconds to load. You can, from the options. You can make it smaller or larger. You can zoom in and zoom it out. And let me show you how this is gonna look. Notice this is not a good place for this one. So let me just delete it. I'll, I'll say in most cases, to be honest, you want the survey to be as minimalistic as possible. So I usually choose a background or just one color, for example, like this. Then what I do is I only had my logo here. And then in my opinion, this looks much more professional than having some images next to each question, which also distract the attention of the user from the actual question to the image, which in this case you may not want to do, especially if the image shows emotion. So in the example with the smiley face, right, when you put a smiley face, this is actually going to trigger some people to give you one extra star here. So I will say if you want a proper feedback, just keep minimalistic. Change your design, perhaps change a background, put your logo here. But really don't go overboard with adding a lot of images and video. This is going to be more helpful if you're creating a quiz, right? Because there you can actually integrate the medium to make it a bit more interactive and more fun. But when it comes to surveys, I would say just stick, stick, stick to the basics. 9. Settings and Miltulingual: Let's now look at some of the forums settings that you may want to tweak around based on your preferences. So here in the top right corner, you'll find settings and here are the different options. First of all, who can fill in this form? The option that currently selected. We have selected only people in my organization can respond. And then we can decide whether to record the name, whether to allow just one response per person. The other option is to select where anyone with the link can respond. However, there is a limitation here. And you see that because we have a file to upload, we can only have a forum with Faust applaud when, when we select the option people in my organization in this version of Microsoft Forms. So let's go ahead and delete the flower firewall quote. We can simply deleted here. You'll notice also that you have options to copy a question if you want to quickly amend One of the questions. But anyway, let's switch back to settings and then we will say anyone with a link. The other option is whether you want to start accepting responses immediately. You can also specify a certain date, date. So for example, I can say, I want people to be able to start submitting responses starting, for example, on the first of September. And I want the end date for the survey to be 30th of September. Then you can also customize the thank you message. For example. Thank you for submitting, for letting us know how I felt about our logo design service. And yeah, just have a great day, just things sample. Then you can decide whether to send email received to the respondents. However, in this case, we cannot select it goes, we haven't chosen the own people in my organization came sponsor we not freely recording the name of the person. And then you can decide to get an email notification when, when someone submits a form DC the settings, then you have multi-lingual. So at the moment, this is the forms in English. You can actually make the form into another language. For example, German. And let's click on Edit language. Then you can do it from here. Maybe we'll translate. For example, all designs, every let's see how this one is going to look at when to switch it to German. Hopefully this is right. Obviously how advise you to use a professional service if you want to translate the form, but I just want to show how this works. Okay? So let's go back. And let's click on preview. And you see that now we have this option here to switch between languages. So at the moment is English, United States. And if a switch to German, Here it is, it is going to change things automatically for me. In other places you have, you have to design it yourself. So I forgot to switch this OS wondering why this one didn't work. So let me properly copy and paste it. And then let's go back. Let's go to preview. And let's try one more time. German, here it is a changed and you'll notice that it changed some of the items that it can, for example, require it, it automatically change the war German. And this is how you use the settings and the multi-lingual MOOC lingual option in isoforms. 10. Testing: In this lesson, let's actually go ahead and test whether what if created actually works when someone submits a response. So in the way we're going to test that these two will go to preview. And we're actually going to flip the server so we can say, are you happy with the service we provide it. How say yes. How satisfied are you with the logo designed? Let's give it a four. And is there something that we could've done better? It took a K, c, the, so the first thing that we need to check that the value must be a number, which doesn't make sense for this one. So let's go back and fix this. And this is why you need to test things before sending it out. So it's finite. And let's take out the restriction. Let's launch it again and say, I'm happy with the service and we'll give it a 40 say it took ten days to deliver. And not the prom is seven days, for example. What do you like the most Bowser is shrunk. It tries to lowest, let's say the design was the best thing. Then the, the, the price was good. Communication was the third one and the speed of delivery was obviously the worst one. I'm happy with the speed of delivery. I would disagree. I'm happy with the price ratio quantity. How agree? I'm happy communication, I agree. And I'm hypermedia design. How like Larry tremendous. I'll give it a nine. And then I'll proceed to the next one. Which is, do you have any other feedback force? I really like the design. Thank you so much. Five star service, think actually gave them four-star. So let's go back and change this to five. Goes. If we only not happy about one thing, it's not fair to give them four. So let's go to the next one after service, and then I gonna submit this. And then there's another one. There's another mistake that we need to check. So let's go back and let me go to settings. If you remember. We said that there's a start date. So we've said that the service goes starts on the first of September and the end date is going to be 30th of September. So because it's not first sustainability didn't let me submit it. So yeah, another another thing that I had fixed now, and then I'll quickly go through every gain, speed of delivery. Then I quickly go and change that. So create, create, create, create. Nine. Next great service thing Q, The Netherlands submitted, and now you see that we see we see the message that we've implemented. And then I can actually submit another response cause I'm not we didn't put the limit on how many responses someone can, can actually provide. So let's do one more. Just for the sacred. And let's say this is not a happy customer. So he's saying no. And he'd give a two-star and delivery took 20 days and I needed a in 57, for example. So he didn't like the speed of delivery. He liked the price, he liked the communication, and he liked the design. And he strongly disagrees with this one. He's happy with this. His summer high-producing, he is very happy with this. So and his, let's say six. So he's not sure whether he's going to promote you. The biggest issue was long it took. Otherwise that the design is good unless emit this one. And let's go back. And you see that we've received two responses for this surgery now. And hear the responses. We're gonna cover responses in another lesson. But this is the way you need to check your service because he saw that this was a real simple survey. So it's only seven questions. And there are few things that we have to fix here. There is one restriction that we had to delete, and also we put something in the settings that was preventing the user from much resending the form. So It's always a good practice to taste it and even give it to someone else to test it and before sending it out to a wider audience. And that's how you test your surveys. Let's continue. 11. Creating our first Quiz: In this lesson, we're going to explore how to create our first quiz. So we've created our form here with faceted out. Now, let's see how we can create a quick and simple quiz. So let's click on new quiz. And then straight away, let's say some, this is a typo knowledge. Let's this knowledge. Each, each question, we'll be 20 points, for example. And then let's add a new item and use the choice format here. So I'll say, for example, what country is sushi from? And then I'm gonna give a few options. So I'm going to say, for example, UK, Japan, Thailand, China. And what you need to do here is to select which answer is correct. To do that, you just click on here correct answer. You can also put a note to display a message. So for example, this is not the correct answer. And then I can put the copy and paste it and put the same message on each one. And then on the one with the correct answer, I'll just say, great job. Then I'm going to let me add one more. Let's do a really simple three key questions. K, orbit, country, the most population, say, US, India, China, and then, for example, France. The correct answer is China alone do the messages now. And then I forgot to do that, but let's give this 22. This is going to be 20, then this is also going to be 20 points. And let's do one more. For example, this is going to be approximately what percent of the Earth's surface is water. Then say 9080706050. And then the correct asks her is 72 and I'm just going to mark that. And then this is also going to be 2020 points. Let's quickly preview what we have so far. So here it is. Each question. I can see it, I can see how many points it is. If I select UK here, just to get it wrong, then I'll select china, which is great. And it also takes 70%, which is correct. And then I'm gonna submit this. Then the response was submitted to me and I can view the results here. And then cos I'm Mark UK. I can see that this is not the correct answer. If want to go into more details, you can actually provide some teachers. For example, if I selected the most population and someone selected India, and I can say, You almost got it correct. India is the second most populated countries, et cetera. And they can see that I have 40 out of 60 points here. In the next lesson, we're going to finalize our quiz. 12. Finalize the Quiz: Let's now finalize our quiz and see what are the different settings available. Before we go to the settings, I just want to mention a few things that you should know are available in the quiz options. So if a, for example, select this one. You see that, for example, I can make it requires again. But the most important feature here is probably shuffle. Which means that every time a new user opens the from this is going to shuffle the answers. I can also put a subtitle to explain better what was the, what I'm expecting from the answer? You can actually do a math question. So let me, I should create a new one for this. Also, remember that you can do texts if you don't want to give them multiple choice question here You can. You can, you can say something like how many contain? Subtitle is? Take out the subtitle here, then you can under answer here, had answered reaches, say the correct answer and then they need to guess the correct answer. Also, if you own them to put a date, what year was the US? This freedom, then you allow them to put an actual year-end date here using, using this option. You can also do math questions. You can also do this kind of questions here if you want to, but this is something that you might explore and you also remember that we have restrictions. If you want to use them, we again have branching. Let's now go to the settings. Settings. Here you can decide to either when they respond, they will be able to see the correct answer. So not by switching this off and on. Then you can decide who can respond to you, whether anyone with the link or anyone just within your organization. Then again, whether you starting to accept the answers now, that's going to be at a later date. Here we also have overall shuffle questions which we can choose to you just to make sure that everything is done or you can lock it so they always stay in the same place. And you can again, customize a thank you message and you can get notifications for each answer. Watson, important one is that you can switch this to one response per, per person so we don't get the same people submitting multiple answers. And that says the quizzes are based on the same platform, is the same logic that fused in form. So that's why we're not gonna spend much time on them. So if you need to create a quiz, that's how you do it. 13. Sharing with Others: So we've created our form and now we want to share it with people. And there are a few options on how to do that. So let me go into the forum. We have this Share button here. Now, if you want to share the form in order to collaborate with someone, you can do this from here to share, to collaborate. And you have a few options. You can share it with anyone that's got Office 360 work or school accounts. They'll be able to view it. Only people in your organization can view it and edit it, or you can share it only with specific people. So let's say we want to share this with someone that's got a free 65 accounts so they can edit the form. If we're working together with them on this farm, we just select this and then you have this link here. You just copy the link and you can just shoot them an email with the link. And when they open the link, and this is going to open the forum for them and they'll be able to amended. Okay, let's close this. The other option that you have to share this as a template. So let's say you have a colleague that wants to create a similar form to yours. And in order to avoid starting from scratch or you have the design here ready, you want to share this with them as a template. So you click on share as template, you click on Copy link. Then when they copy and paste the link in the open this page, and from here they can just click on duplicated. Let me click on duplicated. Ok, so this created a copy of the forms or if I go back to my forms now and refresh it, let me refresh it. It takes a few seconds for this to load. Now you see that I have this copy of my form, which is one-to-one duplicate, and anyone will be able to use this template this way. Okay, in the next session we're going to see how we share with, with actual users in order to get responses. 14. Sharing our Form with Users: Sharing your Microsoft form with people is really simple. You just click on share. And then here at the top you have the scent and collect responses. You can send it to anyone with a link or only people in your organization. But let's continue with anyone with the link. Here. The first option is just to copy the link. This way you can just include the link in an email, for example. The next option is to provide this QR code to your users. You just click on the load. Then you have the image. And then anyone that scans this on their mobile phone, for example, will be able to take the survey. The next option is to embed this. So Microsoft Forms will generate the code for you. So you can include this in your websites, for example. And the last option is to straightaway email this. So this is going to ask you to sign in into your email account. And from here you will be able to straight away sending it to your users. It's as simple as that. This is the way you share, you form it users. And for example, let me copy the link. Now the link is copied. Let me, so let's say you send this link to someone and they click on it. This is, this is what they're going to see. Though. See the from straight away. There'll be able to respond. And once they respond, you'll receive it in the responses tap here, which we're going to cover next. 15. Analyze Responses: Okay, so you've created your survey. You shared it with the users that you want feedback from. And to give them two weeks, for example, and they came back with the responses. How can you use these responses now, quite simple. So you go again to the survey and instead of questions, you just click on responses. And straight away you can see that I have two responses on salary that we've created. Let's click on it. At the top, you're going to have the summary coming responses. What was the average time to complete your survey? Whether the survey is still active? And then what's important is when you click on More options. Let's say for example, we just tested the survey to see if it works. Then once you test it and before you send it out, you may want to delete all responses so you don't get any test answers here. Then you have a print summary, which is going to print the details of the host cell array, which is quite useful if you want to take it to a specific meeting. Then the next option is create a summary link. So if I want to share with, shared the results with someone, you just provide them the link, they copy and paste it, and they open the survey responses page. And this is not going to allow them to go to the questions and edit. So this, this is great if you want to share this online with someone, instead of printing it and taking it to meetings. Another thing that I wanted to show you is if you click on view results, you'll be able to see the individual responses and how they answered the survey. And from here, you can switch between the responses. And for example, if you want to delete one of the responsive, for example, someone entered a few responses by mistake. Or again, you want to delete a test response. You just click here and delete it. You'll notice that we don't have a name for each respondent. This is because in settings, if you go back to settings, we shared this with anyone with the link. And because we share this with anyone with the link, we cannot really record and record their name. If you share it within our organization or team, then you'll be able to record the name and just allow unresponsive one response per person. Then if we scroll down, you'll see the details around different questions. Again, you can double-click on them and see more details. You have the average here. You have this nice responses with the quote on what they were. As we scroll down, you'll see that we have this really nice summary. So this is how you view the details online. But we know that if, for example, you're sending this to hundreds of people, you may want to further analyze this in Excel, for example. And this is why Microsoft formed provides this opening Excel button here. Because they know this is going to be one of the most used features. So in Excel, this opened for me in Excel. And then the first column is the unique id. Then when the server started, when it was completed, what was the email, the name in this case, we don't have them. The language it was completed in. And then the answers for each question. And from here, you'll be able to easily do things such as PivotTables and do any analysis that may wish to do. The great thing about Excel is that it's going to open the answers in a table format, so it's really easy to do further analysis with them. And this is how you use the responses in order to analyze the data that you get. 16. Thank You: Hey, so you've made it, you've actually completed the course and now you're able to do any kind of survey acquis in microforms. I really believe that microforms who be a good asset in your skill set. And I really want to thank you for taking the time to go through the whole course with me. I've really appreciated. Please leave a review and let me know whether you found the course useful. I'm always here to help. So if you have any further questions or if you have any issues, let me know. Thank you again and good luck.