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Microsoft Excel: Top 50 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts in 20 Minutes!

teacher avatar Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Why You Will Love this Excel Course

    • 2. Formatting Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 3. Table Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 4. Editing Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 5. Formula Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 6. Workbook Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 7. Handy Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 8. Bonus Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet!

    • 9. Thank You!

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About This Class

Last time you opened a spreadsheet and are overwhelmed by the number of things to do. You don't know how to make the best use of your time.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Master the top 50 Excel keyboard shortcuts in just 20 minutes!
  • Understand the essence of these shortcuts, and see them in action!
  • See how each of these shortcuts is used with real examples!
  • Get a bonus cheatsheet with all of the keyboard shortcuts in one place!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you open a spreadsheet :-)
  • Brag to your friends about how you can use Microsoft Excel shortcuts confidently!

If you're like me, you use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis for important tasks, text processing, or calculations. Whether it's for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to use the Excel spreadsheet program freely and easily.


If you're ready to gain full control of Excel Shortcuts TODAY, take the “Excel: Top 50 Shortcuts in 20 minutes" course right now and master the following shortcuts:

Formatting Shortcuts
- Format Cells
- Time Format
- Date Format
- Currency Format
- Percentage Format
- Scientific Format
- Bold

Table Shortcuts
- Outline Border
- Insert Filter
- Delete Cells/Row/Column
- Insert Cells/Row/Column

Editing Shortcuts
- Edit Cell
- Flash Fill
- Copy Right
- Copy Down
- Redo
- Undo
- Select All
- Save
- Find
- Go To Special
- Replace
- Cut
- Copy
- Paste
- Fill Down

Formula Shortcuts
- Insert Function
- Check Your Math
- Enter Current Date
- Auto Sum 
- Array Formula

Worksheet and Workbook Shortcuts
- Insert New Worksheet
- Close Workbook
- Print
- Next Sheet
- Previous Sheet
- Insert Comment

UI Shortcuts
- Cancel
- Hide/Show Menu
- Repeat Last Action
- Move to Previous Cell
- Delete
- Move Up
- Move Down
- Move Left
- Move Right
- Highlight Upwards
- Highlight Downwards
- Highlight Left
- Highlight Right
- Highlight Data
- Open Macros
- VBA Editor

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

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1. Why You Will Love this Excel Course: Hi, This is Brian Hall and welcome to the Excel Top 50 keyboard shortcuts course where we want to increase your speed and efficiency. So let's go over the structure of this course. So we have a lot of shortcuts to carve A in this course, and we have formatting shortcuts when we want to change your data format easily. And we also have table shark cuts on how to tweak your tables with East and the next, followed by editing. Trick it so that he can manipulate data pretty quickly and informing the shortcuts. So how you can modify or formulas very easily a spell and evaluate them on the fly? And if you have your workbook circuits on how to work with workbooks so it can navigate true different worksheets, for example, very easily a spell to keep Archer cuts and last but not least, is our collection of handy shortcuts or more of like your tips and tricks on how to go from zero to hero. But first of all, thank you so much for taking this course and really put a lot of effort into this, and I hope that this will bring great value to you because by learning keyboard shortcuts it will increase your efficient seat in terms off, making herself look like an excel pro informed of matters because it's a lot easier and faster when it comes to using keyboard shortcuts, breaded and doing things via the mouse. And I hope that he enjoyed scores and peace recommend its course. Any honest review is greatly appreciated, so let's get started. 2. Formatting Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Okay, so we have the former and keyword shortcuts section, and you could see here in our table we have quite a number of formats that we want to go true, and it's very easy with the keyboard. Charlotte, I'll be presenting you. Okay, so let's start off with the first example. What we want to do is the formatting off self so you can press control one. If I do death what you see here, if the format cells pain and you can pretty much pick the format that you want to use, so we have a lot of options in here. But here's the thing. We want to try out the shortcuts for specific formats. So what I'll do over here is, for example, we have the time format and we have here, too. I am in here. So what I'll do. I'll just press control shift to and now that gets converted to 2 a.m. And now let's try out the different format. Now we have the date format. So over here I'll press control shift tree and now we see that it gets forwarded a date. Next, we have the currency format. So now let's try out Control shift four and you can see here the dollar sign gets a pendant fraud if it And now it's treated as a currency. Now we have percentage format. So let's trial control shift five. Now we have 50%. Now we have the scientific format, so we want to change this decimal value control shift six. And now you have your scientific notation in here. Another thing is, I want to add in here the bull format. So if if I said that one of the cells in here, I'll just press controlled be and you could see that it gets changed to devote formatting. 3. Table Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Now we have the table keyboard shark. It's so what we have here is a table, and what we'll do is let's go over this first example. Over here, we want to place the table with an outline. Border, so it's control shift seven. If I press this right now. Five. Navigate away. You could see now it has the black border on this table, and now I'll just play one of the cells in here. We want to insert a filter. So now I'll be pressing control shift ill and you could see that it immediately has the field there in here, which is pretty cool. Okay, now let's try a different one. We want to delete cells or rose or column with the use off control minus Okay. So if I try this right now, if I just delete this role, it's highlight this row and I'll press control mine. It's You could see that the needs the entire oh, and you could do the same thing. A swell for the column. So if I just select this column control minus and now it gets the leader of Swell. Now let's pick a specific cell. I'll do the same thing again. Control minus. Okay, so chef cells up. I just click, OK? And it deletes that. Sell a swell. Okay, now here's what I'll do. I'll just go on Do D changes that I've made. Okay. And now let's try out a different example. A key part Shark up for inserting cells, rows or columns. So if I select this column now, the keyboard shortcut is control shift plus. So if I press this right now, it's gonna add a new column. And if I try Rose in here, So let's pick Destro, for example, Control shift Plus And I get a new rope. And if I picked this one this specific cell control shift plus okay, he's gonna shift the cells down and it's gonna add a new cell in their specific location. It's pretty handy. 4. Editing Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Okay, let's go over the editing keyboard shortcuts. And we have a lot to cover in this section. So for our first shortcut, we want to add it a cell. So over here, for example, we want to change the contents of the cell. So we will be pressing f two. If I do that, just add an exclamation, and we're done. Next is flash feel flash feel. It's actually one of the coolest functionalities in Excel, in my opinion. And over here we have this table, and what you can see on the 1st 2 examples is we're trying to get the number from this sentence over here. And what flash feel will do this. If I go here, we're gonna be pressing control E. And it will be able to infer what you're trying to do in the previous examples and then do the rest on the entire table so you could see over here it got all of the numbers from the census. I didn't even use a former, never anything, but it was intelligent enough to know what I was trying to do. So our next example over here is copy, right? So what we want to do ISS press control are And I'll just press this one on this cell over here. Control are and it will copy in the world. Next one is copy down, which is control De So if I select this cell now in our press control D and it will copy the value down the next one is undo. So if we want to undo a specific action that we just did we press control Z So if I do this right now, it will remove the head of the world. So the next example is redo, which is redo. The less action that I did so wishes control. Why? So if I do that right now, it's gonna do the same thing and the next select all. It's a pretty handy way off selecting everything. So if I just go somewhere in the sheet, I'll press control A It's going to select the section Orefice Silicon here is going to select the entire ship. If I press control, A next one is control s, which is for saving. So it's similar to this bottle over here. And if I press control s, it's gonna save the work ship a swell when all of the changes that you did next one is fine , which is control f If I go here and I type and let's say let's pick the number 47512 go find next and you will be able to find what you need Next one is control G, which is go to special. So it's pretty cool as well over here. So if I press control G is gonna show up this panel and let's say I want to go to sell a 14 and you could see that it immediately highlights it on what I specified in the control G panel next one is replace, which is control H. So let me press that right now. Control H. And now you want to replace that? Say, 4751212345 In our click, replace all and you could see that it got changed us well, over here. Next up, ISS control X, which is for cut. So if we want to cut this one okay, so you could see that there's this highlighted sell over here. And if we go to a different cell, for example, and which brings to the next keyboard shortcut, which is pace and that is Control V. So do that right now, and it's gonna be pasting it to whatever you select it Next one is copy, which is control. See? So if I press control, see right now and that's a highlight all of this fields over here and I'll be reusing the pace keyboard Chaka, which is control V. It's gonna be pasting the content so you could see that it didn't move or remove the content in here because we didn't use cut because cut would pretty much move it to a different location and copy would retain it in its original value and just pasted it on whatever you have at it. Last keyboard shortcut for editing is feel down so we could see here that if, for example, I hide at all of this rolls over here. Okay, so let me add this here. I'll type in 12 tree the keyboard shortcut for Phil down is control. Enter. So if I press this right now, it's gonna fill the rest of the cells with the same value 5. Formula Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Now let's go over to formula keyboard shortcuts. So if you have a scenario where and you can't remember the exact formula that you wanted to use, there's a handy way for doing that. So let me just say, like a cell and what we'll do if the insert function shortcut, which is shift F tree. So let me do that right now, and it will show you the insert function pain. And you could see here the different formulas that are available. And there's a lot of categories as well, if you want to try a different formulas. Okay, so that's for insert function and the next one ISS. We have this table over here, and this is a pretty simple table where we have fruits. We have the quantity off its fruit and the price of its fruit. So we have here just the multiplication, multiplying quantity and price together so that you can find out the total costs off this specific fruit. So over here one times to have three times for find him six Cheragh. And what we have your is the grand total off the costs off the fruits. What happens to us is that We have a lot of complicated formulas, and if there's something that's wrong with it, we can't really tell exactly where or where. The obvious part iss on what went wrong. And there's a hand away in Excel where, and we call it as Check your Met. And to do that, it's by pressing F nine. So if we select a specific part off the formula and if we go F nine in here, it gets evaluated to the value off the specific part that you highlighted. So if I try it a different example right now, I'll just go d 16. I'll go f nine and you could see that it gets involved. Waited to the number four, which is really handy when you have a very long formal or complicated formulas. So that's for check your Met next one ISS enter the current date. So if you want the current date, it's very easy control. Cynical. So I'll do that right now, and you have your current date in here Next one ISS Odo. Some, which is out equals. So if we have, like this values over here and we want to add them all together, so I'll just go here. I'll press out equals and could see here that it gives you the some formula. And there you have it for the total. Next one is the air formula. So, for example, over here we want to write out a quick formula that takes in the grand total off this table . So what I'll do is I'll be writing the formula first. So I was select this strange for the quantity. Multiply it against the range off the price and for Excel to be able to recognize it as an iron formula. What will be doing its control shift? Enter. If I do that, you could see that 1 90 is exactly the same as what I computed over here with the grandchildren. 6. Workbook Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Let's talk about the different workbook and worksheet keyboard shortcuts, and what I'll try to do now is insert a new work ship, which is by pressing Shift F 11. If I do that, you can see a new work ship being added in here, and it's go back here. And if I want to print, so I'll just go control P. And by doing that, it gets sent us to the printer. If they go back here now, let's try out next sheet. So this is pretty handy if you want to jump from one relationship to another, so I'll just press control page up and try that so I could see that it goes to the next sheet. And if I go page down, control page down and it moves over to the previous sheet. So if I do this so I could think of Control Pay Shop as going to the left, and if I press control page down, it's going to the right. Another shortcut is insertion of comments. So if I want to enter the new comment in here, I'll just press shift F two. If I do that, then I could just type in and you comment and last but not beliefs is closing off the workbook, which is by pressing control. W if I do that right now, it's gonna tell me that. Okay? Are you sure you want to save your changes? And once I do that, it's gonna close the workbook. 7. Handy Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Now let's go over to our Handy Excel keyboard Shark out section, and the 1st 1 is cancel. So if we're trying to do something in here, you could just press escape and it will cancel your action. Next. ISS height and show Manu. So it's pretty much the same thing, and we can do that by pressing control F one so I could see here to Manu on top. And sometimes it takes real estate with our screen. And if we want to have a bigger spreadsheet, that's easier for us to see if we could just press control f one. So let me try it now, and it's gonna hide the minute. And if I press this again, control F one, it's going to show the Manu Bars. Well, okay, so next one is repeat last action, which just by pressing F four. So let's say right now I'll just copy this one and I'll paces over here. And if I go to the next cell and out press at four, it's going to redo the same thing that I did in my previous action. So that's press at four right now, and you could see it tried to do the same thing. Next, ISS moved to previous cell, which is by pressing shift tab. So if you are navigating or let's say I'm situated over here at the moment in our press shift tab, it's gonna go back to the previous cell. And if I press tab, it's going to do the same thing, but in the opposite direction. Next ISS delete, which is three use of backspace. If I do this, it's gonna did it. The cell. And that's for tearing up the competitive easily as well. Next ISS move up. So if I press control up, so if I go here, control up, it's gonna move to the top. Most cell. If I go control down, then this is for moving down. It's gonna go to the last cell at the bottom, and it's also pretty handy for, for example, if I'm situated over here, if I press control down, it's going to stop here. Control down again. It's gonna move to the end of the table and go troll down again. It's gonna go to the last cell and now let's press control up. It's gonna go tear at the end of the table control up again. It's gonna move to the top of the table. Control up again is gonna move to the top off the sheet. It's pretty handy if you're navigating across a big worksheet and you want to go across different cells, very city. And it's the same thing as well. If we want to move left, control left. Okay, so let's try that. And if I want to move to the right, that's press control. Right? So if I do that, it's gonna move here. Control left again to go to go back here. So if I try to strike now, controlled right, it's going to move to the start of the table control right again. In a move here, it's gonna move to DAND. Okay, Control left again. It's gonna go back here. Next is highlight upwards. So if we want to highlight, let's say this specific sale over here up to the top, we're going to do that by control. Shift up. So that's trying that now control Schiff up. And if I do this control shift down, it's gonna highlight downwards. So if I do this, it's gonna hide it everything underneath very easy. Okay, so If I do highlight left at the moment, it's gonna be over here to take its pick. This cell over here control shift left. It's gonna hand it this part. And if I do control shift right, it's gonna highlight it to direct to. Now, let's try out highlight data. So if I go back here, Okay. So let me just delete this cell over here. And if you recall in the previous tutorial, if I go control minus, it's actually going to delete the cell for me. Okay? And still eat this to sales over here. Control minus. Okay. Now let's try the next keyboard shortcut, which is highlighting off data. So it's gonna be control asteroids. So if I press this right now, it's going to highlight the entire table very easy for me. Next is opening of macro. So if you want to open the macro lists, so let's go out. F eight could see here the macro pain and there's the list of macron's that you want to run or edit. So let's cancel that one. And last but not least, we have the v b A editor, so it's gonna be out f 11 so if we press that right now, it's gonna open up the V B A pain over here and you can see your erection to swell. 8. Bonus Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet!: and as a bonus for taking this course and a big thank you to you. I prepared this cheat shit for you off all the keyboard shortcuts that we've discussed throughout this course. And it's very straightforward to use because what I did over here is it's color coded in the color violet over here. It means that it's out and whatever KIIS highlighted in here. So, for example, we have out of fade out 11 cheddar and then we have for the color blue it's going to be control. And whatever kiis so control s control de cheddar and we have for the color green is gonna be a combination of control shift and the character till they say over here, control shift l And last but not least, we have the color red, which would be shift and whatever the character is. So, for example, this shift f to shift f tree. So it's downloadable a spells. You can refer to this bonus cheat ship very easily. Okay, so thanks so much for finishing discourse. And I really hope that it has been valuable to you and you've learned a lot and also pick a couple off new excel tricks along the way and look forward to this base form or excel courses, And I'm looking forward to share even more valuable information. T See you next time. 9. Thank You!: Thank you so much for taking this course. Okay, So if this has brought value to you and you have learned something new piece, leave your feedback as well. Okay, so just click on. Sure. And then you could just give your honest feedback to other students can also discover this class. Okay, So what I have here opened, it's actually one of my classes. If you want to learn more about what I'm teaching at the moment, just click on the link over here, right? My name is over here. Just click, OK? You just scroll down and you could see over what in my up to okay with my profile. And if you just scroll down, we have over here a lot more courses that I teach to you. So if you're more curious about Excel Goodness, I have a lot off Excel stuff to teach you. Okay? Shortcuts. Park re. Okay, par be. I accept formula. This are few to sequel. Okay, for data basis, writing sickle Caries. Check it back up a swell. Okay. And I'll be able to show you a lot more on what you can learn. Okay, So thank you so much again for taking this class. And don't forget to live on honest review