Microsoft Excel: Top 50 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts in 20 Minutes!

Bryan Hong, Online Teaching Excel Expert

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9 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Why You Will Love this Excel Course

    • 2. Formatting Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 3. Table Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 4. Editing Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 5. Formula Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 6. Workbook Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 7. Handy Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 8. Bonus Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet!

    • 9. Thank You!

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Project Description

Applied Excel Keyboard Shortcuts in Real Life

Our project for this course is simple, just share an example on how you applied the microsoft excel shortcuts to your everyday work, or studies.

  • It could be something that helped you achieve a solution efficiently,
  • it could also be something that became a timesaver for you and your peers.
  • It could also be just a fun scenario wherein you just wanted to play around with shortcuts

If you are unsure on which one to pick, just pick any single keyboard shortcut. Like our example below (Flash Fill - Ctrl + E) which has saved me lots of time!

Here is an example, which is also explained in the course:

Cool Application with Flash Fill!

I've just used the Flash Fill shortcut! With pressing CTRL + E, Excel was able to infer that I'm trying to get the numbers from my sentences on the first column. I'm able to fill the rest of the table with this shortcut!


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