Microsoft Excel - Learn Excel Pivot Tables in 1 Hour! | John Michaloudis | Skillshare

Microsoft Excel - Learn Excel Pivot Tables in 1 Hour!

John Michaloudis, Stand Out From The Crowd

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12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Welcome Introduction

    • 2. Why Pivot Tables?

    • 3. Excel Tables & Tabular Format

    • 4. Creating your first Pivot Table

    • 5. Formatting a Pivot Table

    • 6. Summarize Values By: Sum, Average, Count

    • 7. Show Values As: Year to Date & Variance

    • 8. Grouping Your Data

    • 9. Inserting Slicers

    • 10. Inserting Pivot Charts

    • 11. Creating a Dashboard with Slicers & Pivot Charts

    • 12. BONUS: Pivot Table Tips!


About This Class

Microsoft Excel - Learn Excel Pivot Tables in 1 Hour!


Who is this course aimed at?

No matter if you are a Beginner or an Advanced user of Excel,  you are sure to benefit from this quick course which goes through the most important tools that are available in an Excel Pivot Table.  The course is  designed for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.

In no time you will be able to analyze lots  of data and tell a story in a quick and interactive way, learn how to build stunning Dashboards and get noticed by top management &  prospective employers.

What you will learn?

  • How to set up your data and create an Excel Pivot Table in less than 3 minutes which will increase your efficiency!

  • How to put your key business metrics like Year to Date Sales, Monthly Variations and Top 10 Customers in an interactive Excel Pivot Table, taking your analytical skills to another level!

  • How to create an Interactive Excel Dashboard with Slicers & Pivot Charts that will WOW your boss and get you noticed by top Management!

  • Pivot Table tips & special Bonus material that you can keep and use to become better at Excel straight away which will skyrocket your personal development!


I have been helping thousands of people further their careers by teaching them Excel the easiest and most comfortable way and I want to help you out as well because you deserve it! These tutorials will give you career-building skills that you can use to become better and more efficient at your job.

So  go ahead and learn from the following Microsoft Excel tutorials right NOW... every hour you delay is delaying your professional progress ...

John Michaloudis

Chief Inspirational Officer - Sign Up to receive FREE weekly Excel lessons





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John Michaloudis

Stand Out From The Crowd

Hello fellow Excel lovers/beginners/experts/users!

My name is John Michaloudis and I am the founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at and long time lover of Excel.

I hold a bachelors degree in Commerce (Major in Accounting) from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and speak English, Greek and Spanish.

My journey in to Excel began after I graduated and have since helped many of my colleagues around the world understand this underutilized but powe...

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