Microsoft Excel Essentials: Level 2 - For Intermediate/Advanced Students - From User To Superuser

Alan Jarvis, Everything Is Easy, Once You Know How

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82 Videos (7h 6m)
    • 0 - Introduction, And Welcome To The Course

    • 1 - Proof Of Concept

    • 1 - Planning Ahead

    • 1 - Creating Our Data Entry Screen

    • 1 - (Custom) Formatting Dates & Time

    • 1 - Simple Calculations With Time

    • 1 - More (Useful) Calculations With Time

    • 1 - It's About Time!

    • 1 - Adding Time

    • 1 - Creating A Template From An Image

    • 1 - Importing A Template From An Existing Excel File

    • 1 - Converting Time To A Decimal

    • 1 - A Little Bit Of Simple Data Entry

    • 1 - Simple Conditional Formatting For A Cleaner View

    • 1 - Calculating Time Out Of House Using Travel Time

    • 1 - Simple Logical Testing And Nested Logical Testing

    • 1 - Building Text Strings With A Formula

    • 1 - A Tick Box Exervise (Of Sorts)

    • 1 - Auto-populating Check Boxes

    • 1 - PRACTICE EXERCISE 1 - Time To Add A New Entry

    • 1 - Defining A Working Area And Protecting Your Work

    • 1 - PRACTICE EXERCISE 2 - Set Up A Working Area And Limit User Entry

    • 2 - Simple VLOOKUPs

    • 2 - Step1: Get Some Data In And Split It!

    • 2 - Using Data Validation To Get The Right Input

    • 2 - Let's Build Our Database!

    • 2 - Importing Data From A Text File

    • 2 - Importing Data From A Word File

    • 2 - Pulling Data From Multiple Sources

    • 2 - Using OTHER Look-Ups To Look Up!

    • 2 - LOOKUP From A LOOKUP With No Intermediary Step

    • 2 - Data Arrays Don't Have To Start At A!

    • 2 - Some Common Reasons VLook-Ups Fail

    • 2 - One Inherent Flaw In Vlook-Up

    • 2 - POWER USER - A Breakdown Of Looking Up Backwards

    • 2 - POWER USER - The Other Way Of Looking Up Backwards

    • 2 - Backwards Look-Ups In Action

    • 2 - POWER USER - Dealing With Inconsistencies In User Entry

    • 2 - POWER USER - Fuzzy VLOOKUPs

    • 2 - POWER USER - VLOOKUPs With Multiple Inputs

    • 2 - POWER USER - Looking Up From Multiple Inputs Using An Array Formula

    • 2 - VLOOKUPs Brother...HLOOKUP

    • 2 - POWER USER - The Holy Grail - How To Return Multiple Values From A Single LookUp

    • 2 - What To Look For When THAT Formula Didn't Work

    • 2 - The Fastest Way To Modify Your Column Numbers

    • 2 - POWER USER - VLOOKUPS With Moving Columns

    • 2 - Putting It All Together

    • 2 - The Finishing Touch: How Many Records Did I Find?

    • 3 - A Simple Static Named Range Using A Single Cell

    • 3 - Creating A Named Range Using A Range Of Cells

    • 3 - Using Row Labels To Name Multiple Ranges

    • 3 - POWER USER - A Magic Trick Using Row And Column Labels

    • 3 - POWER USER - Dynamic Named Ranges

    • 3 - POWER USER - What To Do With Dynamic Names Ranges With Titles

    • 3 - POWER USER - Dynamic Charts

    • 4 - Welcome to "What Can I Have For Dinner?" or...What Would I Use THAT for?

    • 4 - Hyperlinking To A Different Sheet In The Same Workbook

    • 4 - Creating Our First Macro

    • 4 - Assigning A Macro To A Button

    • 4 - Creating A List For Our Dropdown Using A Dynamic Named Range

    • 4 - Using A Conditional Format To Know When A Value Is Missing

    • 4 - Copying Conditional Formats And Creating Our Drop Downs

    • 4 - Building Our Formula...INDIRECT Function

    • 4 - Building Strings For Indirect Sheet And Cell References

    • 4 - It's A One Or A Zero

    • 4 - Working The Percentages And Adding Traffic Lights

    • 4 - POWER USER - The HYPERLINK Function (And Problem)

    • 4 - Exercise 1 - Fill In The Blanks

    • 4 - Exercise 2 - Pretty It Up With A Macro

    • 4 - Exercise 3 - Create A VLOOKUP Using A Built String With INDIRECT

    • 5 - Creating A Gantt Chart Using A Worksheet

    • 5 - Building The First Part Of Our Logical Test

    • 5 - Multiple Logical Tests At Once Using AND

    • 5 - Conditional Formatting

    • 5 - Gantt Charts Using The Built In Charting Tools

    • Bonus 001 Creating UK License Plate Numbers

    • SQA 01 - Casing

    • SQA - 02 Choose

    • SQA 03 - Calls Text Data - How to Return A Column Title Based on a Value

    • SQA 04 - Calls Text Data - How to Return A Column Title Based on Text

    • SQA 05 - Extracting Phone Numbers From A Cell

    • SQA 06 - VLookUps With Pictures!


About This Class


THIS course will take your Excel skills to the next level!

So, you have an understanding of the basics, but would you like to use Excel like the professionals? If so, read on…

For students who have already completed Level 1 in this series, or already have a good basic understanding of Excel, what you will learn in this course will supercharge your skills... and your career.

So, What’s inside?

  • Over 70 bite-sized lectures
  • 6 hours of quality content
  • All the source files for each project
  • Access to me (in case you have any questions)!

You will learn powerful and little known techniques to enable you to build your own powerful spreadsheet solutions. We will do this by creating multiple projects together, step-by-step, and in depth to guarantee your understanding. Each projects builds on the last, so your skills develop cumulatively.

You will learn how to combine multiple functions in a simple way to create powerful solutions that most users believe can't be done in Excel!

Each project in the course is designed to introduce a range of concepts that showcase the true power of Excel, and show you what is really possible.

In project one:

  • The fastest way to create powerful dynamic templates (by cheating!)
  • Custom formatting
  • Manipulating calculations with time and dates
  • Conditional formatting
  • Simple and nested logical testing
  • Building complex and dynamic text strings
  • ActiveX controls (and how to customize them)

In project two:

  • Building a fully functional complex relational database
  • Masterclass in Vlookups (WAY beyond the basics here!)
  • Importing data from multiple sources
  • Controlling user entry

In project three:

  • Creating named ranges (and why you would want to)
  • Building dynamic named ranges
  • Getting Excel to create them for you!
  • powerful trick very few users know about!

In project four:

  • Hyperlinking (so it ALWAYS works!)
  • Creating Macros, and using them to automate your work!
  • Executing Macros from buttons
  • Dropdown lists
  • Building dynamic formulas using Excel’s Indirect function

Projects 5 and 6 coming soon!

This isn't just a course with a bunch of formulas, it's hands on guide through real life projects. You will learn how to build complex solutions using the very same methods I use. 

Become the Excel guru I know you can be, with the help of this course!

Enrol now, and I’ll see you in the course!


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To say I'm impressed by Alan's teaching style is an understatement. I've learned so much from just skimming through the first two levels of his Excel "masterclass", I'm definitely going to have to go back through it all and *really* learn it. I always used to sort of write Excel off as a nerdy accountants' kind of thing, but gosh have my eyes been opened! Thanks Alan.
Love these classes. I hope to see more that include charts and graphs, etc.
Blake Jones

Personal Finance Coach





Alan Jarvis

Everything Is Easy, Once You Know How

Hi, my name is Alan!

I have almost thirty years of experience in teaching various subjects and have held senior management positions at several blue chip and Times Top 100 companies. I now specialise in consultancy, interim work and teaching.

My love for Excel began soon after the program was released. Back then, we really only used it for typing tables in our production planning department. If you can believe it, I was taught to then calculate with a calculator and TYPE the answers into'd be surprised how many people I meet who still do this!

There were two turning points for me in my journey. The first was a chance conversation with one of our accountants when I was complaining how slow it was to keep having to flip between worksheets to see different bits of data. He introduced me to VLookups and a new world of possibilities opened up. I found that I need never have huge paper accountancy pads (remember those?) and a calculator to produce a production plan again! Suddenly, I could produce my plan in 15 minutes, rather than the day and a half it used to take. I began delving into other features of Excel, and finding ways to incorporate them into the planning "system" I had created, and remember this was back in the day when the internet hadn't been invented! Through trial and error, I refined my Workbook until I could chomp through days of work in seconds, and what's more, using these powerful features of Excel, I could optimise our production runs to get more output from the same working week, something that had never been done before. Promotion soon followed, and I became the "go to guy" for anything Excel related. This was the 90's.

Then, in manufacturing, came the MRP revolution. We had an army of programmers developing a system for us. This was my second turning point. I was awestruck with coders. The skill they had, and how clever they were, and that they were smart enough to go to university in the first place. I wasn't like that. I had no formal education beyond primary and secondary school, but a really cool programmer named Mark let me into a secret...

He said "If you can describe, step by step, how to cross the road without getting killed, you can be a programmer". I recorded my first macro, and took a peek under the hood. I deconstructed the VBA code, and played with it until I understood what everything did. Then I changed it to make it do what I needed it to do. 

Since then, I have developed accountancy systems, simple planning systems, full blown MRP systems and scores of stand alone "helper" systems to simplify and speed up work in almost every department in every company I have worked in. Some of the solutions I created 20 years ago are still being used today! If you doubt the power of Excel, it may surprise you to learn that you can run the procurement of a £1.3b (yes, billion) company with an Excel file with a bit of coding behind it. This is a skill that people will pay highly for!

Not everyone wants to go that far, so over the years I have taught people to create efficient solutions for themselves, either with or without coding. Those who took the time to learn have since had multiple promotions, or have started their own businesses! At the very least, they are getting more work done in less time with less headaches :)

If you are a complete beginner, just want to polish up your skills, or want to create sophisticated super efficient solutions for your business or personal life, my series of courses will help you achieve that. All you need is a little time, and a willingness to learn...I'm looking forward to working with you.