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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals | AZ 900 Exam Preparations

teacher avatar Arindam Mondal, Azure Cloud Technology Specialist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

40 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is cloud computing

    • 3. Capex and Opex

    • 4. High availability

    • 5. Azure Regions

    • 6. Azure Advisor

    • 7. Resourse Group

    • 8. Knowledge center

    • 9. TCO Calculator

    • 10. Disaster Recovery

    • 11. Agility

    • 12. Availability Zones

    • 13. Scalability

    • 14. Fault Tolerance

    • 15. Azure app service

    • 16. Azure key vault

    • 17. Network Security Groups (NSG)

    • 18. Composite SLA

    • 19. Azure Portal Preview

    • 20. SLA

    • 21. Azure Subscription Offer

    • 22. Azure Subscription

    • 23. Factor affecting cost

    • 24. Azure china

    • 25. Azure government

    • 26. Service trust portal

    • 27. Trust center

    • 28. Azure Networking Service

    • 29. Shared security model

    • 30. Azure free acounts

    • 31. Resource Locks

    • 32. Billing Zones

    • 33. Minimizing azure costs

    • 34. Organization hierarchy

    • 35. Azure cost management

    • 36. Azure firewall

    • 37. Azure update page

    • 38. Alternative support channels

    • 39. Support plan comparison

    • 40. Azure SQL Database

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About This Class

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals | AZ 900 Exam Preparations

This course is designed for absolute beginners who want to start their cloud journey with Azure.

Here is AZ 900 official course curriculum - 

  • Understand cloud concepts (15-20%)
  • Understand core Azure services (30-35%)
  • Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust (25-30%)
  • Understand Azure pricing and support (25-30%)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arindam Mondal

Azure Cloud Technology Specialist


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the courts. My, except as your fundamentals. And is it 900 example Oppression. This course is designed for absolute Viggen. It's on Microsoft easier. If you have zero knowledge on as your or you are just thinking to start your career on club services, then this course is perfect for you. Also, if you have already experienced in a zero, you can repress your knowledge on his ear fundamentals. This course follows the official guideline for Is it 900 example? Let's see. The content of our view for is a 900 exam curriculum. So is it 900 Exam Divided into 46 AM The first warnings Cloud concert its contents Basic idea on cloud computing and keep down some cloud services. Life off cloud models like prime it Cloud family clown and Hybrid Cloud. And then he does cloud models. Then it has size of cloud services I. E. S fast and says the second model is quarter as your services its contents videos as your services, including as your architectural companies, as your reasons as your joins as your geographies except ER and in this section also, we'll find Well, yes, said. Your services, like as your network services, your as your storage services. It's a and also we'll see as your Scheller sense. Like I official, Gerson's Ph. Tillerson's. It's Such a and the part section ease as your network services like as their network services and security controls. Few of the topics are as your father win an S, e A S E and different security tools and their features as your policies and monitoring options. It's a, uh, and the fourth and last model is monitoring as your its contents. Really? Yes. Topics, including as your subscription as your cost management. As their pricing calculators on the list, it's itchy. 2. What is cloud computing: What is cloud computing? Probably had this stamp cloud computing many times. Now let's talk about the definition of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. The service includes subtend databases, networking, servers, storage, minimum. In other words, where he was in someone else's computing power from their datacenters. When we're done using them, we give it back to them. Instead of purchasing and tell her do it. We ran them for the time that we name them. That we can quickly start with the cloud applications. You need to pay only for the services. Instead of purchasing own hardware, networking system, and storage. We ran them from the cloud providers. As long as the Cloud providers take care of maintaining hardware and infrastructure. What are the benefits of Cloud services? It helps reduce your operating costs. Because we're not purchasing the entire infrastructure. We're just entering Cloud services from the cloud providers. Need to pay for only the services really was linear applications more efficiently. Because Cloud Service provides high availability and scalability options. So that applications can run more efficiently. We'll learn more about high availability and scalability options on our videos. Upgrade or downgrade your replication as PR business needed. Whenever Cloud applications required more resources. For example, more stolons, we can allocate more memory in the applications so that business can smoothly. Once we are done with their usage, we can downgrade the Cloud resources as per the requirement. This is one of the important benefits of Cloud services. 3. Capex and Opex: graphics and all fix in previous yachts. Start up companies needed to a very physical premises and infrastructure to start their business and begin trading. Large amounts of money were needed to get a new business happen. Running are to grow an existing business. They would have to fight new, distant that's or new service to allow them build in new services. Who's they couldn't deliver to their customers? But now it is. That is no longer the case, so the organism can sign them for a start with prominent cloud provider, get up and running this in development to begin selling are providing services to their customers events more quickly without the need for significant upfront cost. These two approaches to investment ready for US capital expenditure and operational expenditures. What is capital expenditure or Catholics? This is the spending of money on physical infrastructure up front and then directing the expense from your tax bill Over time. Graphics is in a prime cost, which has value that reduces over time operational expenditure or off. It's this is the spending money on services or products? No and being built for them Now you can direct these six months from your tax bill in the same year. There is no up front cost. You fear for the service or product as it used. So companies want to start a new business or grow their existing business. Do not have been kind of front costs to try out a new product or service for their customers. You stupid. They can get into the market immediately and be as much as or is leading for the infrastructure as the business secrets. They also contaminated the cost if and when they need to. If your service is busy and you consume a lot off resources in a month, then you will receive a large meal. If those services are minimal and don't use a lot of these sorts is the newly civil small out building it business can still use graphics. Expend each other's strategy if there was, but it is no longer a requirement 4. High availability: high availability. That ability give service is off and running for long periods of time, with very little downtime, depending on the type off services. 5. Azure Regions: Microsoft as your Microsoft. As you consist off many data centers located around the globe. These data centers are organized, and many of living toe the end Users buy it easier. The reason is a geographical area on the planet containing at least one there doesn't bets , but actually region consist off many data centers that are in close proximity and network together with their loyal Evans network for most as their services. When your reply resource is seen as easier you choose, that is, you know where you want to every level your resources. A few example of reasons are West, US, Canada, Central West you're off Australian East, and Jeff analyst has your has more globally reasons than any other cloud providers. This provides customers that flexibility and skill needed to bring her Flicka since close up to usurps around the world, reserving it out residency and offering complaints in complaints. And it is, and there's Lansing options for customer hearing. The official Microsoft is your state. You can see there are few people reasons, every level in one, right every level in 140 countries, this member of shuttering your level of museums along with every level, T. Jones 6. Azure Advisor: as your advisor as your advisor, is a pre service building to Azar that provides the commendation on high availability security bar fallings, operational excellence and cost advice. Are analyzed your deployment services and looks for where stream proof your environment across those five India's with As your advisor, it provides best practice. You optimize your A zero uploads simple step by step guidance and quick lings. One place to review and act on the recommendation from across says you're a lot still notify. You have our new condition and I shall help soon find all your off human additional common listen in one single place, let's go toe the idea portal and such for is your advisor. So here is the A zero advice that service. So now it is sticking for off sense for current sub solutions and services. Every level in this second, he's sticking for high availability, security performance, operational excellence and cost. Although we live security in details in a securities in depth, we get a small information in this security section. Also, you can see there are three impact level sowing its category. Hi. In fact, medium in fact and law in fact, it will take sometimes process that he Crist. Once it is ready, we can tick by bibulous section because so now it is ready in high of level T. I'm getting three the condition and security. I'm getting 11 recommendation and in performance section. So you just ring. I'm falling. All the performance stick condition in cost. I'm getting to recommendation now. Let's go toe the higher Valeri dissection Here you can see total recommendation mystery All our medium, in fact, and total number of infected in services are 50. And here we can see about that little description and 14 shell benefits, and I'm not off infected resources, so it is very useful to improve performance of the current subscription. 7. Resourse Group: the search roofs the service groups is like a container. Where you can manage are they agree it all that equipment the sources in a single manageable unit. By using research group, you can manage your application collectively, rather than managing components individually. You can manage and apply the laugh sense at the research group level. The options are metering and billing policies. Monitoring in a lots, court, US and access control. While creating a research group you must consider, Villa finds. When you're deliberately certain groups, you'll delete all the resource is contained within it. It to the circle must existing one and Onley one. At a certain group come content resources that recited different regions you can add. Remove a resource to any surgical at any time. You can move a resource from one recent group toe another. Let's go toe. There's your portal and such for research group. Finally, I don't have any research look created under this subscription, so we'll create a new resourceful Yet you can see the option to add a new research room. You have just like the subscription, and then that is a group name. That's some name, and the artists the text said Off Chyna parks, we can steep it. For now, it's click on the We will create. I'm Lee Kanda re adoption to create that this is group. So it is validating now in the notification in can see, the research group is created and the option is we're gonna go toe there. You said let's click on Go to research group. So he had The new group is created from here we can add resources and that this this is group. We have also the option to believe the research group I mean prissy are moved. I this is We can also add tags from at exemption. 8. Knowledge center: as your knowledge center. It is a searchable data vis that contents, most common, several cost since from his ear community. Let's go toe. There's even on its center. We're in as your knowledge center important. Here you can see two boxes 14 such options. Another four browsing through a specific product. We can search anything the letter to as they're like story account or my Children since and then he do two, such for the most common questions related to the such items. For example, let's such for actual masons. Now you can see all, of course, since the letter to the actual masons. I love living here so we can browse through space constants to get the details information . So as your knowledge center is very helpful to find commonly all card. But I've let him starve. Seen areas 9. TCO Calculator: PCO calculator PCO calculator used to estimate cost saving by migrating crazier. If you want a planning to my great your resources, so the easier you can get an estimation off. How much cost you'll save by migrating to raise your with the hill for fusing peace circle glitter. To use the circle glitter, you need to follow three steps. Be find your workloads and just as, um, Soon and view reports. Let's see an example here. Hey, are you having the TCO calculator? Kids? It involves three. Step. Defend your workloads at Just Assume some and view reports. So in that define your workload. 6 a.m. We need to provide Defined what lord information make salvors little. It's itchy. The first option is synonymous. You need to enter details off on premises. Salvo, Let's click on and Salva workload. Here. You need to understand very information. Let's keep it as before. Off sense can see different off sons are here workload environment affording system salvors in the rate of a 16. Let's look ahead. Let's keep it as default options. The story. It's six and let's league and storage and let's use their default options in any Dorking six. And let's use that default one degree off since click on next. In their justice, Um, some we can sense their currency. And some of the additional off sensor here makes up Tele students coverage and G Ettus story. It's cost electricity costs, and some of the other options are also available here, like hydro costs after cost. Need a center costed sitter? Let's click on next and here you will get by default. Five year. It's estimated Cost saving. Let's send it to one yet. Okay, so now you have around for ticket. He was stall of saving comfort to the UN premises. Cost here. Are you having a graphical representation of the cost? It is also divided into a few six cents lake Conclude didn't center networking storage and I delivered. And they haven't we ever graphical representation. Enough. The cost breakdown so D. C. A calculator is very helpful, so check the cost savings amount by migrating toe as your 10. Disaster Recovery: disaster recovery, their ability to recover from an event we just taken down a club service, cloud services disaster Deka Money can happen very quickly, with automation and services being really every living for used and services being really every level to use. 11. Agility: as it may be, that have little to react quickly. Club services can allocate and reallocate resources very quickly. They're provided on demand, my self service. So a vast amount of computing resources can be provisional ized in minutes, so there is no man one intervention in presenting or do provisioning services. 12. Availability Zones: have 11 to Jones every level. T. Jones are physically separate locations. We didn't as your reason. It's absolutely to John. It's mind off, off. One or more did ascent. That's decrypt with independent power cooling and networking. It is set up Toby Em I solution boundary. If one absolutely John goes down the other continuous working the absolutely John Sepp difficulty connected to each other through very fast and private. Five. LF Tick networks Absolutely Jones allow customers to run mission critical applications with higher availability and low latency replication have a little too Jones out of fund. As a service, we didn't as here and to ensure residency. That's a minimum off through Sephora germs. In all, Interval these ills Rezian's that support availability Jones include Centrally Was Knocked You Off Southeast Asia and more 13. Scalability: scalability that ability to increase our Victory City services for any given workload. As part requirement, you're gonna add additional Easter sits to servicing work alone, which is known as skilling out, or add additional capabilities to manage an increase in demand. So they existing research, which is known as Skilling up scalability, does not have to be done automatically. 14. Fault Tolerance: for tolerance. They have little to remain off and running. Even in the U went off here, confident our service failure are no longer functioning. Difficultly, Dormancy is willing to club services after picture. So if one confident feels a back of confident takes its place the dive off Sotheby's, the dive off service is set to me, tolerant of false. 15. Azure app service: Now let's discuss about as their F services With as your F services, we can quickly willed deploy and skill the wave EFS we can use for flight from or plague dot man Norges Java PSP. Who we are by tunnelling wits. We can use continents or in the operating system so we can create interface ready EFS using the fully managed platform. Let's see some of the key features off as they were. Absolutely. First of all, it supports multiple remarks like SPDR made this with dot net core. Do we fight on Java? PHP? It's a You can also use parcel or in the scripting language. As a background service, we shall studio integrates and dedicated tools at every level in his shell studio for creating their flowing, and they're bugging by security I S O r P c. A complaint have said Mrs complained to it S O and P. C. A. It can also use as your active directory for authentication. Or it can use social flagging like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft blankets and template. You can choose from a wide range of templates. Every literally. There's your marketplace, including WordPress, Simla and rueful cess. platform and on princes did that connectivity. You can choose from a wide range of enterprise connections, such as Is it be, says services and online that that's what's like Facebook. Also, you can access toe any on premises near the connection serverless code. You can run a cold or a strip without any managed infrastructures. They've offs, integration, continuous integration every level it as your develops, feedback it, etcetera. 16. Azure key vault: Now let's talk out as your keyboard. We can store applications secret keys in as your keyboard, which is a centralized cloud services, as their Cuban provides. For me. Some controls logging, cover bookies and secure ex ists as their key want can be used in below. Scenarios. Secrets Management. You can store tokens, fast forward certificates and they're pikeys and any other secrets in as Erkki Vault, which provides tightly Contra Lexus G management using give all you can create and control in groups junkies to include your debtor certificate management. Using keyboard, you can manage and deploy your public and private. This is the land realists certificates, store secrets back by hardware, security modules or racism's. The secrets and keys can be protected either way, this off their world by now if I just one for big toe, 11 toe talented eight ISMs 17. Network Security Groups (NSG): Yeah, and we'll discuss network security groups are in NC The talks secreting roof used to filter in mountain outbound talk traffic. Um, problem is your research says in and as your Bactrim network basically an SD contents. Some security rules which will allow, are denying when a doctor fee in a talk security group contents five powerful information. It is source source. Sport Distinction districts in port and critical. By using this five duffel information, you tell street lower meaning we left our feet. Let's see an example here so that we can understand how traffic momentous control. Right then, ISI First, let's discuss how in van traffic is controlled by the NSC. 14. Run carefree as your presses the rules in their tracks. Security group associate ID to a segment. First, let's see this in any off of him. One. Yeah, that's security rules in NSC. Wanna process as it is associated with sub net one and being one is on that summit one. Unless you are creating any rules that allow sport Etienne mound that traffic is the net way There deny all involved rules, which is a default security and it never comes. Somebody in is it. If an everyone has a secret, it'll that allows 14 80 end up taffy. It's processed by name. Is it'll to allow the forte to tow them? Archer Mission being one What NSC one and in institute must have a rule. The Fellows port 80 from 19. Let's consider BM to know I am, too. Is also under sub mental, and you can see him cool. It's not necessary to do it in a in SZ so b m to receive while taffy that allowed by in a C one are ordered traffic denied by that in it. See one. So here, What about rules? This meant something in everyone that follows, too. PM. Two. Now let's consider will be M three as there is no in a scene. Submit to traffic is allowed into the summit, and then it expresses by the and as it. Now let's see them him for after figures alone because there is no NSC notes of nectarine, so on traffic is allowed through this summer. Three. Now let's see how our bond traffic is. Allow that the name through 1,000,000 etc. Now let's sponsor that the VM one have the security rules, immunity to our process. If your message to has any security rules that deny it's the port city, that traffic is denied and Nevada was to the in is the one. If you want to know the name for T 80 from the virtual mission, so why did or would have our trip? So I didn't want that. Innocents must have a dual toe denying the port eight no danger. Now let's see the scenarios for him. He are our trophy goes into them. A drug interferes toe the seven it since him who does not have any. And this is e that rules in their Enezi wanna process now the m three. If an Insitu has any security rules that denies the port 80 then that our figures Dinant and if it is allowing the port 80 then the outbound traffic is also yellow. Now let's see the B m for so he had on the doctor figures I loved because an S e is not associated with done it or so the sub net three. Let's consider the scenario for interest on net traffic the security rules cnnsi so affect the interests of name connection The connection between the PM's we didn't. For example, if you let it go the NSC one, which denies all the involvement out Bon trophy being one and B m doing no longer be able to communicate with each other. You must add another loon to allow this communication. 18. Composite SLA: Let's discuss composite is a list we can combine multiple services to create composite easily. That is something composite easily might be hard or rather than individualist lists. It defends on application architectures. Let's see an example here. Let's CNF service wherever and and as your secret letters. It's a layoff. F sub is where it is 99 foreign 95 person and it's a layoff. Security services 99.9 in person. Now, to calculate the composite, Yesalis will multiply these two numbers. The composite is least 99.94%. You might be wondering why the numbers it is lays Remember individualists Aly because it the events on multiple services. Who says more potential failure? Forints. So in composite Yesalis, if one service fails, the whole application a refill. But the good news is there are some work around 11 to improve composite easily we can create independent for back parts. For example, if sickle that services not every level, we can pull that on extending trick you for processing and they lit up thing 19. Azure Portal Preview: accessing as important preview bids. You can exist as your preview chips on previewed port under as their dot com difficultly. This spits prevents, featured some performance navigation and extrapolate improvements. Today, as the airport is your customer is gonna provide Vic on this cast once can also provide ideas and sadism on the feedback from. 20. SLA: it's in. There are service level agreements. It's Ella contents that time. Some conditions have led by Man Christoph about their product and service. Full payments. This includes Polishes, Standups Practices Institute. It's a lesson available for each individual products and services that I have your or force . It's a little so Swiss, very in case it's a result for that fails to power from it's specific ism. Then how Microsoft compensate their customers? We'll also see it's less off some of the edge of services in next section of videos. 21. Azure Subscription Offer: as your sub scripts, um, off as there are four different type off subscript since for different needs pre account, you can start tweeting pre account who test 12 months off police services. You will also get $200 as your credit to explore any as yep, service. Also, 25 plus services are all those pre you're at. Your services are be 71 step To help Syrians, you may have led to a paid subscription director. Pay as you go money. In this type of subscriptions, you will pay for the service you use in as your unit two at. That's a debit or credit card to your account. Next type of subscription is member of us. If you have any existing members, sit for a second. Microsoft Products off Subsys Human get reduced rates on a zero services. For example, Member ofour Sir David Aluminum, for example, member off what's available to Michael Results to do subscribers. My guess is a partner may talk me Must Microsoft beats back members and Michael, stop imagining me butts You can visit Microsoft are part speeds for current level offers 22. Azure Subscription: a zero subscriptions before using any other products, you must tell him as your subscription. It will provide you access today as their products or services and as their subscription is a logical unit off as your services that links twin as your account, which is an identity off as your active directory, or in any recurring that has already trust. You can have one or multiple subscription under one. As he reckoned, different subscriptions can have different building models you can use as your subscriptions to defend boundaries for different as their products or services. There are two types of sub scripts and boundaries that you can use. The first Tony's billing, bound in multiple subscriptions, can be created for different types of building requirements, and separate billing reports converge in ated for each subscription. So it will help you to easily minutes and organise the cost. The second paper boundaries access contraband early. Here, you can apply access management policies. He needs subscription level based on your requirements. For example, within your organization, you may have different type of departments, so it's unit. They have played different types off sub scripts and management and policies. This allows there two minutes access control and also effective cost management. It's 23. Factor affecting cost: pecked that's affecting cost different time for phase their product. Have different type off pricing as your use usage Meters toe track. How is the resources? Are you released as your creates one or more meter instance for that particular resource? The meat that stack the sub Susan's and each meet up two minutes? The records, which is used to calculate the vetting, for example, a single virtual missing can have a different Dave off me. That's like computer arts. Get a transfer in data transfer out standard ministers standard I oldest etcetera. We'll discuss three main factors that effect as your cost. These sorts, faith costs defense On the suit state, for example, 80 cents might have a meter, for Ben would use its and and and that is so its main temp. And we did for number off operations. So the meat that attracts for its resources and this tracking al used for each billing period services, as you're building, depends some type of services you are losing. The cost varies between enterprise. We have billy and Cloud solution providing customers location as their costs might very between locations, for example, cost off story. The accounts might differ between s your location and not a medical questions 24. Azure china: Let's talk about as your china going toe on vanity Azarias physically separated instance in China, which is operated Way 21 violent. It is independently operated and transacted price and high blue cloud technology. It is their own subsidy eating off, waging doing to one minute broadband data sent that limited. Jenna, 21 handed prevents one class security and complaints as recon binder. Chinese government is your trainer. 21 minutes supports Most of the same is your services that global is Uranus Onley locally lead start companies with less than 50% for an investment, anything for as your trainer. 25. Azure government: as your government services, as your government is a secret instance from as your public cloud this recently designed, and they will not too prevent security and complaints to us for their allegiances. State and local governments and their solution providers is the government uses physically isolated data. Sim perhaps, and it works so that it can prevent has clever love. Security as they're coming, prevents the broadest complaints and level faith department off defense approval is the government also? What's the most complaints that Sikhism off any other cloud for minutes has your government customers have subject Toe Mel addition off illicitly. In case of any questions are concerned, you should consult your accounting. You can check out Microsoft a Quintus, um, to compare as a government with a zero global Harry can see the service availability for LeSean from Leak and as a government 26. Service trust portal: Now let's talk up. Salvi stressed. Porter. This dippy contents the complaints men yet service hair makes up promising audit reports and other complaints. Related information for Mike so crazy. It's two p also provide information, and we'll complaint street standards, laws and legless since such as I s o S o C in ste. You deep yet it's it before accessing. Needs to be you must sign in, Witten authorized as your cloud account, you cannot get office to six straight or dynamics to six trip or with as he reckoned. 27. Trust center: now let's discuss Just symptoms prevents legal and complaints are put. Oh, as if customers. The trust Intel is, the wife said. The sorts containing information and details about how my toes up supports security, privacy and complaints provides in depth information about security, privacy and complaints offering Wentz this week information, according to the organization rules, including businessmen in its it means Primacy Office. That's and that's cross company look win sets also every level in that center. 28. Azure Networking Service: Let's discuss as their networking service as their networking allows you to connect cloud and on provinces infrastructure to provide your customers and use herbs. Best first rule experience as their creates a Ranger print working services so that you can build your own applications on a global scale. You can secure your detainees. Syrian women with more complaints act eviction offerings than any other cloud service providers. You can create a monitoring strategy who recommend the effectiveness off your applications . Energy sources. He was in tools like as their monitors, etcetera. Users can create a private and fast secure network connection to a zero with as your extra Stroup. Let's see some of the most common as their networking service as they're much your network . Using a zoom a juniper, you can connect your is very success. Stickley. To communicate with each other Children. Turk help you to extend your own promises. I 10 moment into the club like you set up and connect really want branch office. If actually it was cooked racing. Religion, however you can connect multiple virtual networks from different regions isn't about uniter , period. Is there much? Genital gives an isolated and political environment to run your Burchill me since and applications as they're known, balances users can skill waziriyah applications with the help off Lord balances and create high Evel beauty for resources, not balancing provides, say I 11 off availability by spreading incoming request across multiple virtual Mrs and as their load balancer is a layer for load balancer that poor whites. Hi Evelyn. Guilty by distributing incoming traffic among healthy years. A load balance that help prop monitors given four on each BM and only distributes traffic twin off a lesson out of him. Partial masons connect reload Walesa using their virtual network interface card or in I See to distribute traffic, pull them him in backing and this particle contents that I fear. This is the actual an isis connected to the load balancer Vivian Deeply, if you feel separate, is a specific type off March tournament or get way that is used to send encrypted traffic between an exurb actual network and an on provinces location over the public Internet. It provides a more secure connection from on premises to exert over the Internet. We feel ghetto it's can be deployed in as your every level regions. This brings residency scalability and I have a little p toe actual network get with as your affliction. Getting as eerie implication get me is the way traffic not been answered. That animal suited minutes traffic to your way of applicants, since you can. Now you can allow traffic distant source. I feel this is import pull distance, and I paid too simple. You can protect your own replica since, with oil replicates and Pharrell doubting, really election, some afternoon tea and many more confidence in available content. Delivery Network, a content delivery network, is a distributed network off salves that can efficiently deliver with content reuse that's in online content Delivery. User experience is everything as your content delivery network. Arsene in Let's reduce low times, save bandwidth and speed responsiveness City in get content with desserts in their local region. To minimize the agency sitting prevents one college, and it has massive scalability Options City in Canada. He was studying as their or any other location difficulty that scenarios include wherever Ricketson containing multimedia content, distributing streaming media and giving content 29. Shared security model: sand security model makes a pleasure. Cloned works in sales secret wanting. When a customer uses on provinces debt, isn't it? Just one has all the responsibility. Well, like a storm moves to the cloud operational, Weatherly becomes but Microsoft and as What's this 1 30? You can see the Cloud Operation model here, Brenkus twenties and on premises. Castellon has all the responsibility in the eyes. Wanted Mike Septics care of physical hosts, network and later center the past model in a gentle eyes except extend off rating system in the self swindle. In addition, to pass except extend fixem and network, you can see security is now a concern for what makes up and customers. 30. Azure free acounts: as their pre account you can sign up for is here with absolutely zero cost. All you need is a phone number, a credit or debit card, and they get a second order Michael counties and and then there Preah Khan prevents toe a nebula credit to explore any as absolutes for captain is, and 12 months off, most populous Aries 25 plus services are all esprit. When your $200 credit expect or hope that opinions you will be notified to upgrade your accountants pay as you go pricing. If you do even have access to all three products, and if you don't, your account will be disabled and early to upgrade tourism. Is it? 31. Resource Locks: as their research longs to prevent accidental deletion or modification off your razor resources it can use as your locks. You can go to the sitting six and off. Any resources settings bled and you dig adoption to add law. You made a cut, too. Laki critical resources to prevent accidental relation or modification from other reserves . There are two types off lock levels available. Cannot believe in this type of law authorized. That means can I lied and modifying a resource, but they cannot believe the results. Second, pay for flunkies read only This type of law allows authorized means to read a resource, but they cannot tablet or delete any sorts. 32. Billing Zones: as your billing zone used to set pricing for data transfers. So even as they're mostly by inbounded atoms, for that is death going into as your representatives actually for our bombed it. And answer that, is that going out coffee as your data center are not free, and it is salvageable. Western Available Willing Jones. So I believe in your knees. A geographic and Regions group together currently a Xerez. Four willing germs zone one which contents west us is tears can I know ist we're stewed off Sam Central and others John two Contents. Australia, Central Japan, Honest Central India, Korea, South and others. John. Three contents rattle south, and these are the one contents Germany Centrum and Germany North tees. Please note that billing Jones and every level of regions are different. Willingen usedto simp data plans for prices for particulates here. Productive services. But every living me to Jordan used for the dissenter for Texan and failure 33. Minimizing azure costs: Let's talk about best practice guidelines to keep as your costs many ways a zero and myself , a Syrian way serves. Identify face unused or underutilized resources, and you can use that the condition provided by S zero at myself by removing unused resources. Cost analysis is before purchasing. Is it products or services? You can go through re level na quints to understand better about as airport you can also use as their pricing and total cost of ownership calculators. This will help you, Leonard projected costs spending limits as their prevents the spending limits, which had to set spending limits on your account within its billing period. If you have a credit based subscription and they will eat your configured spending, the meat is your sustenance. Your substance, Um, until a new billing period begins. As you know, these emissions, as you reserve is, um, first, discomfort prices on certain products and services. To get a discount, you need to pay in advance. You can prepare for one year or three years off. He was off natural medicines sickle that Davis and other as your resources as your reserve since are available for only interface RCs for customers and beers ago. Substance you can save up to 72 person with their zero reservations. Use low cost reasons. Pricing on phase IT products and services, Mary said. Cross Street Ian's It should choose locust regions Wherever first bill used eggs, you can apply text to group opposite products and resources to organise blinged it. For example, if you run civilian, stole it. Services for different teams such as humanists, assists, marketing or sales, you can take each of them separately so you can adjust your results spending accordingly. Flem For cost saving offer You can check for latest as your customer and substance in offer and switch to the best off, which is greatest got serving minute. 34. Organization hierarchy: Let's talk about organization headed in this video. We'll talk about how you zeroed organ. It's It's the success as, um, intense. It's resistance in four Living Self These Sir militant groups subscript sense reserves, groups, enmity, sort management groups come clean US helps you to manage X policies per manageable subsections. After 10,000 Minuteman groups can be supported in a single director. It also supports up to six levels up there. It's management group and subscription can support only one billion. Medical group can have many Children. The next level is subscriptions. Subscript sense minutes use that accounts and every level sources pleaded by those user accounts. Organisms Can u subscript since two minutes costs and provide limits to the substance, since on the amount of the sources you can create, the next level is distorts groups. It's just groups of responsible for menacing and deploying the sources for Is your reps and the next and the last living off hierarchies. Resources researchers defends instances off its services. I'm actually since databases. It's a 35. Azure cost management: Let's talk about as your cost management. As their cost management provides, set up tools for monitoring your as their costs. You can Jeanette report using historical data to forecast future visits and expenditures. You can create and minutes, but it's my money doing the search. Steven trains condoms, inlets and cost fattens. You can sit there like, based on your cost, and use it budgets. You can also the Sibley commendation about off cleansing Your as your resources is there. Cost management is a play product available. Toe is your customers. 36. Azure firewall: in this video, we'll discuss as your father as their federal is the minister cloud with the truck security service that protects your as your natural network resources. Let's discuss few under is your federal pictures built in high availability as their Fallon has wilting high level everything. So you don't me any additional competition? Every never. T. Jones. You can increase up going upto 99.99% by configuring is a fellow deployment to spend multiple evolution teachers. I'm not restricted cloud scalability as their fellow can skill up, expand their precautions. Need applicants? Um, if human filtering goes as if Federal can limit album is two defeats. Traffic Chris persuade List of fully qualified domain names are killed Ian in a truck traffic frittering news using as their federal. You can centrally create a lower Benigni Torkild telling rules my source and distance, and I peered this port our protocol. If to be in texts, you can easily drag your known as your service with their beauty in texts, for example, you want to allow windows. Some slip through your friend. You can create an epic center and include the window summit. Think no need dock traffic from Windows a bit can go through your father. Some mistakes. It's a mistake Li presents and grew for by P and just for fixes to help minimize complexity for security rules. Creation, as the final substance can be used in the network rules that in some field you can use them in flys off specific I Beatrice Threat Intelligence, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Field Help says You're Farrell for threat Intelligence monitor. You can configure it Parenteau a lot and daily traffic from or to non ministers idea, justice and moments. Our home is lance. Stuff a wound on March Monitor Traffic idea. This is translated into there is the federal public I, P or Source NATO and this translation in Mount Minutes support involved in turn in a truck traffic were further public. I'd be in this. It's translated or distinction it took and this translation and feel that the private idea this is on your Children. Multiple public I p addresses. You can associate upto 250 public I. Candice's with your family as their money on leaving inside Interview to be as the monitor so you can easily analyze your longing needles. Force tunnel you can confidently, as the federal to route all Internet brown traffic where the senator next top, instead of going directly to the Internet certificate sense as their Farrelly's payment card industry. A PC service organization controls Assoc Internet Sin Organism for standardization when I saw and I say it's the left's complaint. 37. Azure update page: in this video, we'll talk about as your rabbits pitch as your tablets with prevents latest informational as their products and services. Now I am in a zero lips Pigs. You can stop state for Alyssa Speed Hedican such for cabinets. You can see, um, gets based on that skeptically. Now, we were living in preview and in development. You cannot sub house by category. Also, you have the option part specific up that night by different you can see on latest tablets . So by using as your rabbit spirits, you learn about important updates on as your products and services. 38. Alternative support channels: Alternative support channels. You can use additional support tenants about from a 0 official suffered plants. Let's see few of them. Msd in or Microsoft developer network forums. You will find technical questions unanswered by developed first in MSDS platform stack workflow. This is very Faulkner community. You can find them review as utility, technical topics, syrup for. You can lead coasts himself, system in network administration here as your feedback forums. As if customers provide feedback and ideas here, be improved as your product and services. 39. Support plan comparison: As your support plan comparisons. In this video, we'll compare different levels of support available from Microsoft. Let's go to the l 0 F ST. Now I am in a zoo support plants page header. We can compare different levels of support. You can see the full Leanna suffered off some civil level. Basic development, standard and professional leading. Basic support is available for all Azure customers and for other three tax maybe purchase. Additionally. This far-off science available for all Azure support plants category. These are 24 by seven self-help resources. You can submit as many support tickets you want. Azoulay and when sun on server level for all four paths as their health status and know deeply concerns around saving them for all footpaths. Now time for the software support is not available in basic pin 247 access to technical support by email and phone. It is available to standard n professor man direct support plan and for developer it is available during business hours. By imminently, you can see guess civility and the response time for developers tendon and professionally, it very set cross these categories. There are few other advanced support of sensitive 114 for efficient analytic category. You might get ecosystem from support plan of some in 89 and remix them. 40. Azure SQL Database: Now we will discuss a sequel database. It is based on Microsoft Sequence server databases. Ever live alone as your as your Sequel Database is a pulley minutes Platform as a Service. And it is a high-performance and 1111 database. So you don't need to manage infrastructure for secretly while creating any data-driven applications. Let's see some cave he taps in as you've sequel database built in high availability. It has built in high availability and Middleton EI so that it can maintain high performance and also maintenance. It easily. Security features. It provides built-in controls, intelligent threat detection for keep your data secure on DOM salaries. As data grows, similarly, applicants from its storage stepping the changing requirements, intelligent app development, using popular platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac, with family or tools like Visual Studio and hazardous Studio. Developer can be intelligent applique some task times in popular language, Java, Node, Ruby. It's not so it can be combined with Deseret, have service, manager, skill Intel applications. You can use advanced query processing phenotypes such as high-performance in-memory technologies. And in Belgian query processing. Whenever there is a newest second server capabilities still, it also Evelyn damage without any overhead of fetching or abrogating. Save slots uptime.