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Microsoft AZURE- Interactive Cloud Storage

teacher avatar Pranjal Srivastava, Subject Matter Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (2h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction to Cloud Storage

    • 2. BLOB Storage

    • 3. BLOB CLI

    • 4. File storage

    • 5. File cli 1

    • 6. File cli 2

    • 7. File cli 3

    • 8. File cli 4

    • 9. Cli cloudshell

    • 10. Cli cloudshell python

    • 11. Cli install

    • 12. Cli powershell

    • 13. Queue storage

    • 14. Storage explorer 1

    • 15. Storage explorer 2

    • 16. Static website 1 final

    • 17. Static website 2 final

    • 18. Static website 3 final

    • 19. Upload image website 1 final

    • 20. Upload image website 2 final

    • 21. Upload image website 3 final

    • 22. Upload image website 4 final

    • 23. Upload image website 5 final

    • 24. Wordpress 1 final

    • 25. Wordpress 2 final

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About This Class

This course is all about learning various cloud storage options available on Microsoft AZURE cloud platform. We will explore following storage services-

BloB, StorSimple, Disk, File, Table, Backup, Data Lake, Queue, and Archive. We would be creating resources for BloB and File storage. Each storage option is suitable for certain domain and we can decide what to choose based on price, availability, reliability, application, SLA (Service Level Agreement) provided, elasticity, retention period, hot/cold or archive option, etc

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pranjal Srivastava

Subject Matter Expert


I am passionate developer, machine learning enthusiast, coder and bug fixer. Developed many applications on various platforms including python, java, android, php, etc.

I have worked over cloud on IBM Bluemix, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Prefer digital marketing and SEO in my free time.

I am IBM certified Python developer.

Created own Programming language in Hindi .

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1. Introduction to Cloud Storage: Hi, friends. Welcome on board here. In this lecture, you're going to learn about store services on Microsoft as your cloud computing platform. Here you will learn very steps off store services with their features on their differences , and we will also want to find so diverse scenarios and the use cases where you could go with four type Auster's services. So we will go also going to perform the actual deployment in our practical session later in this series. So the door investing time Let's start. There's a wide range off stories options on Microsoft's you to choose from, like file disc blow, a little extra Ridge archive everywhere we've ever 64 as your so their various steps. Offshore services, which are of level on, is your You can choose each of them with their features. Like for fire. It is very simple distributor on the cross platform file system, which is just like our computer waste file system. We're going to have a lot off advantages like it is very simple. It is inexpensive, and you can easily move your data from your compromise to club without, according then come disk. It is highly persistence, a highly performance Suresh option with low latency high triple option, and it is mainly used for enterprise level applications. Then come blob. This is a massively scalable object. Storage for unstructured data on it is the most commonly used story services. Off. As you recall, it is cost effective for massive volume on there's option 40 year storage options. We're going to learn through their stared straight option later on. Then comes another type auditors store services that is Data Lake storage. It is highly secure and massively scaled world. It elects story with limitless stories for your analytics data, and it is basically used at the time off when you're dealing with big data so you can use this data leak story services when value are using a part of spark her Dubinin critics with SD inside and other services off Microsoft is your. Then comes archive. Here in your car, you can store massive amount of data on. You can also encrypt the straighter on when you're going to. You required that kind of data so you can use any tools to use that archival data, then comes every year. We've F 61st as you. It is also another type of stories ever since, which is a living, as you're grateful with high performance computing. So this Microsoft is your services. You can access either using restaurant P I or Rather, you can use your avian as your virtual machine, for if you want to use rest repair, you can use this Q stories. Table stories Brookshire is using this recipe I on. If you're going to want to use your five story dick stories, then you go to as your virtual machine. Other options, which are not on screen as you can, use you as your CLI to use all this kind soft as you're sure services, this blow up table fight and the Q comes under standard stories services, whereas VM Dicks comes under premium storages. You will require as your story cone for using all this kind of sore services. So first off, we're going to create you as your storage account. Then we're going to select that which type of stores services you want to use. Either it can blow up table file Q. Okay, I'm going through all this deployment in our practical session, so be ready for that also. Then comes eyes and pass Iceman's infrastructure as a service is past means performed services as name suggests. And I, as you were going to have your washing machine, networking stores, all this kind of things. So for that you having this kind off shore services like files you managers could very well , we were going to require the infrastructures, whereas in past where you will get all the distinct from books all the things which is already there, then you can easily use your object level stories, stable level stories. Or do you live a storage? Okay, so this is ah, shorting true regarding this as your store services. In my letter on lectures, you're going to discuss more details about this story services. We should have live alone as your platform. So for the little keep learning and keep moving ahead. 2. BLOB Storage: my friends. Welcome back myself. Brancheau's to your course instructor. Here in this lecture, you're going to learn about blob stories on Microsoft as your cloud computing player from they were going to learn about it and also find suitable scenarios and the use cases where you can use this block storage services. And we're going to also perform the actual deployment in our practical decision later on this series. So the dog, Mr Anytime that start as your blob storage, it is, ah, Microsoft off the storages solution for the cloud. This plot story it is very optimized for storing massive amounts of data, especially unstructured data on structured data means it can be a text. It can be a images, videos, any buying gladiators also, So you can used this bluster services in your user Klein applications by using extra DPS ST Pius from animal and devote. It means you can all the things we're going to stroll inside this box Jewish. You can accept it it anytime at anywhere, And this objects in the blob story asses are accessible via your as your store address. Trippy eye. You're as your Rochelle URAS, your CLI command line interface all you can use as your stories client delivery. Also, one more options there, like you can also use are you also have access this blow story at using your as your reporter very simple manner. So this has some important things where you can use your top stories like you can use it for serving images or documents directly to approach. Are storing files for distributor access. You can use it for streaming your videos and order life. Or are. You can write a law while storing our data for backup, and the restorers at the time off did Eric over your bitter loss. This kind off towards was very helpful. It also helping for data analysis for your compromised later or as your postal services. So there are different stories. Dear options are of level on this as your blob stories like. It can be hard, cool archive or proven storages. This four having a different features. Life of premenstrual ridges are for storing your performance sensitive greater, which is very sensitive. Later you have you have. If you want tohave stole your sensitive later in your block, then you can hope this premium storage its cause is high among all this stress here, but it will protect you. Sense it, you traitor. Then, if you're using your they have very frequently, then you have to opt heart stores here. If if you're accessing, is infrequent than you would go for cool, and it is if it is really exist, then you before archive. So these are different stores two years. Which off level for is your blob services so it makes it causes effective close storage is it can be a scalable also, and the most important thing is that you have to pay for what which you use for pay as you go model. It supports. There's a more advantageous off as your blood services, like strong consistency, object mutability, multiple block types. Is it to use the currency? It is strong insurgency because when an object exchange, it's ready for everywhere for superior data integrity, so it makes it, ah, strong consistency. Then comes object mutability toe. Get the flexibility to perform it. It's in the places to improve your application performance and also reduces the bandwidth consumption. Then this type of creature comes in your blob services. Similarly, multiple block types and easy to use is your residency mine protection of our Via access another Bedford's off block storage services and eat the cow chill. It means that you can store any inserted later as a discussed you're going to You can store images, videos, audios documents and back off anything you can store into it. So this is a basic structure of blob. Okay, you will require a storage account. Then you have to create a container in the storage account. Then you're going to have your blob inside the container. Okay, So as I discussed storage account a container in the storage account, a blob in a container. So here, as an example, Sally's and storage account name here inside the story account were created to containers, pictures and the movies. And in container, we're going to store the blob. This blob is an object very going to store your images, videos and any other things. So here, in case in picture container, we have storing the images. Where is in the movies container? We're going to store our movie of video fire into it. Okay, so let me discuss in more determined that body story account. This story account is ah to provide a unique new spaces. And as your for your data means, if you're going to create just really cone, you required to assign a unique name for that because it will be for global word. So your data will be uniquely defined using the storage account. Okay, so the combination of account me and the stories stores as users blah pinpoint forms the base addresses for your object for your storage account as I discussed the access two years . Then comes containers. This container organise a set of blobs similar toward that tree in a file system means in a file system. There will be a different actress. A containable will look like that only, and there's like in for a system in a directory. Wiki are images. We keep our video files, documents, anything else. Similarly, Condon is like a battery only here in Canada and container we're going to store applaud. We're probably going to store images, videos, documents and any other fights. Then comes blobs that three types of blobs, like blah blobs, apparent blobs and the page flops. This block blobs stores a text and the buyer a greater up to 4.7 TB. This block blobs are made off blocks of data that can you manage individually. Then comes another type of blob, Said services. That is a pain blowups. It looks like a block clubs, but it is more optimized because it having up brain apparent operations, as the name suggest, Then comes apace. Block was going to use for storing that random access files upto 80 venus size. Okay, then you can use this. Is it? Copy? Mattered. It is actually a command line tool for windows and in export. We're going to copy your data doing from your props tourists to your from local to block storage. Okay. For this, I am going to also demonstrated how you can use. Is it? Copy then? Comes as your stories data when they re lease for moving later to plop then comes as your data factory. These the three options. Where you going? Toe? Move your data into a blob. Okay, this blown fuses and other virtual fi system grabber for as you block storage is you can use this bluff used to access your existing block blob data into your story account using your Lennox file system Then comes as your data box disk. Is there another services for transferring on promises later into blob stories? Then comes as your import export services. It is another matter toe. Move your data into a block it had having our massive amount of data. If you have him at someone other than you go for this type of service is important export services. So this is how ah blob look like structure. Ah, straight A condom there, the contaminated there probably there. And the pages and block how it looks. So as as you can see, there's urine present this year in specified object for that boat block. So this account will be there in the first section, then blocked out cold or windows ordinate and comes the container name and you blocked me How it will look like the base you are for your objects. This is a simple example. As you can see here, I'm going to straw the images in astral blow. Okay, as I told you, really have required that you destroyed account and contained in strip. I hope you understand how you can going to store this image into your stores plot. Then you can use the stores blow using your even dreamed Evinrude, You can like and even take place. Then you were going to use this story for you. OK, just take it in. It was direction, OK? Like here for diggings that instance. Like here is an application richest, totally Beers run computer with an A p i. And it having a function of services dysfunctions another as your services fast. So drilling to happen like they would be an option where I'm going to select any option through the application, this function, we're going to trigger and dysfunction the trigger function will going to raise an event And this event, verbal goingto happen every dear to destroy its block and the image will be there means if you want to analyze any images for you conical services, then this is the part for that. If you want to have it all to look a male application, then this is another part and this is another. But where you can use the Web book. So this is different scenarios that how we can use stores. Blob! Okay, so in the sword, I have given the intro off the block storage services which is very massively you services on. Uh, I'm also going to have ah many practical demonstration on this as you extra services. Like, I'm going to upload the images using your as you silly. And after uploading the image we're going toe Donald, that image from that as your blob into our local system on then I'm going to also use delete option using the S u C l A. If I'm talking about is useless, it is. It doesn't mean that you can have optional for as you see, like you can also use windows. Bullshit. Also you can have are different options to use this block services. As I told you before, that there would be as yourself you as your power shell. You have windows, Bushell or you can also use you as your porter. A very simple manner. Then I want to also give a practical demonstration for the cow. You can create your application where I'm going to upload an image through on my website and this image will going to store in tow a plop. So this is the whole process. I'm going to show you in my practical section. And the most important thing is that this blob is very commonly services. You must know there how you can use this blob services, how you can access this blow services so that you can integrate into different services office Your so bigger deep Ennis's off this Aziz story services because it is mostly used other than a so your services, like fire skewered tables, it is mostly used, so I hope you understand it, or the importance of this block storage services. So for till now, keep learning and keep moving ahead. 3. BLOB CLI: and the friends of Welcome back. And this part of stories, I'm going to show you that how we can use Soleil to create a blob storage account group. Okay, on how you can upload that, uh, filed into your blob. Okay, so here you go. First of for you to write is in group create to create your source room. No, the provide the name for your resource group. No Storage Seelye. Location for the location for your resource group. I'm using East us, and it will create a resource group. Okay. Once your resource group is created, we're going to create asteroids account. Okay? Yeah. Our reserves, Lupus successfully created. You can see the location issue s name. Is there no, right. A A set storage account create known in this tragic cone and provide the name of your source group. My storage account giving mine. It must be unique if the name of your strata corn is not unique. If we're not going to create your store's account, know what the name of your resource group? All right. Story C l. A. Which is which is the name of Forage Resource Group and the location East us sq. You standard Eller's. If you want to encrypt at the encryption facility, you can also add this. It is optional. Are you going to use blob? Okay, Night. We're going to create our storage account. Oh, double distributor. Or you can do a single see a single density for your resource group. And for location, you can just write Dash l for name Dash and and also my best dish at name. Okay, so in this way, if we're going to create a strange account, if the name is a clever if the name is not available Serpent. Yeah, As you can see, it prompted Editor that the strike own name My storage account went to three. It's not. It's already taken. Yes. You're going to use this, right? ABC every city. I hope this name will be a blame forests. So they became Proceed for that on the create. Yeah, it's showing running. It means the name is of label sorted. It started creating Australia. Count on once Astra going relocated. Create our blob storage. Okay, so we're straining. Yeah, are struggling, successfully created, as you can see. No, right. Is it storage account to get the keys Okay, now, even some keys. So right. Is this story Akane keys? At least. No name. A few stories Air ConEd and your group name? We recorded this key because if you want to access your stricken, you must throw the keys. Okay. If you don't know the keys, you can't cater Blob services. You cannot create your file services. You accuse services your tables. Every says you can create nothing. So you required this key. If you want to upload or download anything you want toe do operate in this stricken. You will require this straight back on key. I'm just right. Bastards are put table so that reserve would be given in their tabular. For it is easily understandable. If you're not going to write, that's just are put tables. It will give the resulting Justin former. So this is a cave in Q two, having the full permissions okay and the team is dead. You can also resented this key. Okay, on $4. An option for originating this keys for the security purposes you can create. And great. Yeah, I'm going to create a container. Right is their stories continue. Create on right name off the container and provide the group name. You're storing the cone name? Okay. Strick on him as well as your story ski. If you're not going to give this step, there will be a rise. So you have to write the account name and account key. So this is my accountant. Copy this best detail and no required. A key. So copy from here. Account key basted here. And copy any off the keys There. Two keys of level you can call. Use anyone off them. I using our first key. No, I'm good. The book, then? No. I'm going to create our container. Yeah, dis creator successfully. No, Like Mr You don't know this nurses group that which were created after first you will get that. So it's really not refresh their You will get your problem. This is asteroid account. This is Ask Trish. This is a social, actually. Sorry. This is our source Ruben Samuel. Resource route is in strategical Inside structure. Cohen, you will get your block. That container which were created just right now and were for a while. Yeah. You're gonna also open this in stories, Explorer. Okay. Not leak from blob, and you will get your continued, which were created. It is your accidents private, so that continual going to upload it will be not accessible. If you want to change the policy, you can also change your They both option for public. Also for private also. No, I'm going to click upload. Choose the find will be upload. Copy this location and you can have blood. Option is you can use graphical also, but I'm going to use this seal a mood because it gives the power for automation. Just write those groups. And in this group and all the valuable computer you don't have toe open your portal and then selecting all these things and uploading the thing that Donald anything this all things will be completed. Just you have correct descript all those steps. So how do writing one script and during that Okay, No, right. Those continuing me, you're finally one. So this is I'm creating the blob. So here in file a couple, you have to get that address from here. The fight will be uploaded. Upload. Suppose I want to upload this file. Necmettin, in this file. All right. You can also copy that name also. Yeah, big wondered g pg, enter the button. And actually, you have to put, um former slash. Okay, this type of lesson not acceptable, which were we were using no intent a weapon. And we're going to upload this file into a container. There's two something missing. Um, - no . Name it other. Finally, a prosciutto. Jpg and right Avery zero jpg here. I think we have to be name this folder. Also, there's where the problem is coming. Keep it only cognitive nor quality services. This is sufficient. Left me go, Gandhi. Okay, Now remove this going into from your visit with Cog and now I think we're going to upload this. Yeah, If you don't put the credentials, it will give this problem. So you have to taste the corporatists are called name in the con keys and faced over there . And now it's going to upload your fight. This view have created this. We want to upload it. Okay, now refresh this to know there's no blow formed after refreshing it. It's the okay. I think it should still note uprooted years made for a while. If we're going to approach this, it means not only miss, you can also upload text or so is a fellow. So you can store it. Anything? Yes. It successfully uploaded. No. When we are going to difference this official the yes, which we have a right now. Now, if you want to know the properties, you can click there and you will get the properties like it's your little modification. Last modifier. Creation time. It's tight its size. Okay, Click on Egypt Block. You relate the image which we have uploaded at Now This is the only image which we have a border. No right is their storage blob list earned, right? The it's container name. Let me copy this. And are you should be in tablet form, sir. That's right. Add that stash are put table. So if we give the details the five year uploaded again I miss it out. You have to again copy your account Me and that your ako name? Excess key. You know, if you know at this it feel performed Nothing. Okay. As I told you before Yes, The blonde ensuring the block tab Is there the length of your file? The content of his image Jpg if you upload your text front for sure next plane. Okay, Extremely. The last modification. The snap shirt now. Right. Azure storage A. There comes as your download. That five. Mr Help loaded at now. Copy all the thing. This is the centers for upload again and coping this account name on going to see access key. If I would not do it, it will again from Panetta. I've been going to don't know that five year uploaded. No, I did successfully. Don't know that the file this you have to open it. - No . I'm going to change the name off file ABC Wonder Jeopardy! You don't know Tick. Okay. The location was I provided the don't refer. You go there. So just downloading successfully. No. Been fire location. As you can see, ABC when is dear? This is how I have downloaded the file. So I hope you understand that how you can upload the file. Don't know the file. Creator, Source group, storage account, block, container. Okay. So I hope you understand 4. File storage: my friends. Welcome back here. In this lecture, you are going to learn about five stories. Service on my crossover is your clock in particular form. Here you will learn all about it and also find suitable scenarios and the different use cases very used. This five stores are Racists. We're also going to perform actual deployment in a practical session. So with all this in time, that starts as beautiful offers fully minutes file shares in the cloud that are accessible via the industry standard as MBI. This s M B means several message block protocol. It is a coma Internet fire system. Actually, this SMB is a net for communication protocol. Where you going to operate a share? Access to the files to your other Externally west, like printers on also are different. Different share parts for different notes. Also, this is how a semi particles look like so you can mount you as your five shares. Concurrently, only cloud as well as on provides is deployment off your windows leanings and other operating systems. So this has some of the benefits which we're going to get using this file story services office, you like secure It is Isn't he managed this smart? It is before hybrid flexibility. It supports cross platforms as where it is harmonious. Selectman, discuss each of the one weapon like it is secure because you're all your data, but you're going to store in into this file. Storage services will be encrypted. And it is, he managed, because you don't have to manage your heart for your operating system deployment. He will be only focuses on your the things you're going to store into it. This mine, because it tearing the highly tenancy benefit links was marketing systems on it also before hybrid prosperity. Miss UK. If you want to use and send the rest over compromises, you can use it with you as you think and supports multiple open system that makes a cross platforms solution. I am just harmonious. Also, these are, as you can see on screen like replace or supplement compromised file servers. Simply factor or deployment, shared application settings, bag noticed share and deaf dissed development. So let me discuss each of them one by one. Like for replace or supplement on remains. File servers like it is used to complete your place or your traditional Prum Isis for services you can easily use your as you far share with different. Oh yes, whenever you want in the world. OK, then comes Lifton shipped applications as unified makes it is is it lift? And she replications through the cloud. Not expect a file share to store files, applications or your user data. It supports a classic lift. Also, lift reception areas also having a hybrid defensive scenarios where you can transfer your data to use your files. Then come simplified. Tell department here you will get different options like sure applications. There things, deafness. Oops, sheer deaf does your book. Then I'm going to discuss all the keep efforts off five star services like shared access, fully managed scripting and tooling residency on the familiar program. Really? So let me discuss with shared access. Like, as you feel unsure, support the industry standard as a member to call as I discussed before, which means you can seamlessly replace with your compromise. If I share with you as your Fleischer with offering about your application compatibility, then comes fully managed because you don't need to manage your hardware or any Oh yes, all resistant. This means you don't have to deal with patting your server overs with your critical security upgrades or any other things. Then come scripting, and the rulings on this support your partial. Come on problems you, as you see like you can use them for you can create and you have your first year's toe manage you as you for sure, and many more options. Just simply use this doings. It's our first. Then comes residency averages build on the ground of all, so it is always of level it. We're going to replace compromise five shares, but your as your files. It means there ever. You don't need to deal with your local power or courage or any unification. You will be safe from this off type of problems. Then comes familiar Probability. It supports you're rested P IES, your registration leverage, Rees and many more things. So these are some of the key benefits off the fire stories. Try share stories off as your services. As you can see, this is a one off the use cases. How you can use this is your fresh air for backup. So what is on it is on prices and when it is own as your as you can see. So this this will very helpful at the time off your data loss. Or if you want toe, get back your data a few. Today's laws are at the time of data recovery. So this is a process or how you will require to make it a successful data recovery plan using your as you. If I share, then this is another use cases very way we're going to use as your via mushroom machine as your file and as your 80 domain services. How you can use them. Interrogate them, then this is a sample How it will look. First of all, to use this file source services, you need to create your storage account. This is a unique name every unique name spaces which should be unique in you this whole global work because that will signifies your, uh, stories for this is your system. So once you created your unique storage account, like in my kids minds, you file a corn is my storage account me. Then you were going to get different options like blobs while stables and queues. Problem is, I've already discussed for files you're going to click here and most you click there, then you will get option to created that Greece in directories, you can start it from files. It will look like a simple file system. As you have on your text on on your windows. You're only next first like that, Mr B. A lot of trouble with their in several, directly there. Another direct rule with their I and that you can keep your any devil data. Can images can be videos? It can be period of or any type of other documents you can store in tow it. So this typo store services having the option for using cut copy paste option just like we have on our normal find system. No other president very going to talk about it means a friend of our system work can be, ah, Lena's file system. Okay, so this would be a whole prosecute. Totally similar means you don't need toe do all your come on from a set. You can use your see light, but you couldn't use graphical more. Also very easy to do. So So this is how the file storage looks like. I hope you understand on I'm going to also show you how you can use this fight and how you can deal with all types of services. Like copying, pasting, cutting the things Onder, deleting the directories. Okay, this will always be I will tell you. So this is another five share option. This is actually have refresher. They're both adoption on precisely optional there as you Unless you're as your solution will be there. Ok, so as against as I told you, that this is ah shortened robe or the files story Services office. You in my next video in my next lecture, I'm going to show you different applications selector to this table service is going to show different practical demonstration as they discussed. So I hope you understand. So for don't know, keep learning and give moving ahead. 5. File cli 1: and her friends and will come back in this part. I'm going to show you that how you can create your source group your stretch account, then how you can fit your silicone keys. Okay, In this section, we're going to deal with their whole. You can create a resort for file share. Actually, instructed account will get four things Blob file a few table in this part we're going to deal with Ah, file using our C l A. So you can use your adoption abortion. So here we go. First of all, you have to log into this Any social. This is months away. I'm going to run this locally, so I flowing into it. No, you have to. I'm going to create our resource group. That's right. Is it group create dash and name off your group. My storage now also provided the location. Him also My are you 123 I'm giving the name off my age Resource group on board the location . There are many offense for location. He and will use this issue s It will create a group off creating the group. We recruit our storage account. Frustrated cones recorded this group because on resource group all the service we're going to be at it. This is my Portela Resource room. Didn't know this RC My large 123 zone already. But after first thing it is everyone clicked there on here. There's no service of a little right now. As you can see, almost three knows resource of live with No, I'm going to see Yes, No. So statistically no, I'm going to create a source. You can either off graphical. More also. But in this part I'm gonna show you how you can date with all these things. Using consumed? No, right. Is it storage account? Create. Now the name your storage account and then in the resource group name first. So write the name of future sales grew my ours you've on the tree. I don't know the name off your storing account. My stories that come. 123 The name should be unique. Okay, now where the location east us not our sq standard A lattice. So this is how you can create your story? A cone using as your mood just to use the C l. A. You must install this as yours, Eli. Okay, it is ready to drink stone. And it was too long in to seal a curatorial straight. Is it logging? So now open your crew and taken refresh No notices knows Ridiculous created. Let me see on my console. It is very finder. The name is a level or not Firstly, and they were going to running. It means it will not create asteroid account. Okay, I love this. No things with Well, yeah, This story a condom is already taken. So you have to write a unique street. A cone name, right storage account. 123 Which is taking time. I think again. Yeah, the name is already taking no right. ABC here on this time I think the name will be available. Yeah, it's straining now. It means this name is a level not really going to fresh open console again. It is running once this learning process completed as you can see Almost screen. Uh, no. When I will refresh on micro, it will show all the show our stories account local mackerel and refresh it. Yeah. My story in corn is created. My Australia can go into three ABC in location East yours. This is a liver resection off My storage account resource room is over there. Status is family of level locations, subscriptions with four services blocks for unstable skill I'm going to do for this file. This will similar. As for our Windows friends, they Every one day you will be there and inside I festival they fight share and fresh air. They would drive three. And this back three. You will have your files. OK, so I'm going to fetch my keys. Just right is a storage account key list the name of your strange name and the name of your source group. This two things you have to provide and you will get your keys. Okay, so right there. Yeah, Competence from here to here, The name of your resource group and the name of your story account and your dental garden. You move this, you can use double dash, your source group name arguing you single Dash G. This is my keys. He's one keys to which you'll find in a setting option. Xsd. These are two key. So you can recently isn't it also is that cookies of liver for my storage account? If I create anything like file share or directory. You need this keys. Okay. So keep in mind, it is very important and I'll write output table so it will generate a tabular form to show you the keys. See, even you do having the full permissions and their values are there. Okay. I hope you understand. In my next part of stories, I'm going to create a fights here. 6. File cli 2: and the friends. It will come back in my purpose. Lecture actually neuter how you can use you see, like to create your resource group your storage account and then how to access to your keys . Now, in this where I'm going to deal with their whole can create a file share, and after it, I'm going to create a directory. So here we go. These are the keys, which we have fish and Liberace lecture. Okay? No, right. No. First of all, I'm going to open all your section onda, and there's force every seven level blow files. And Abel, So click on files. I didn't know there's no file. You can click from abortion file share graphical more. But in this part, I'm gonna show you how you can create this file share using this, Eli. Right? Is it storage share? Create now at the name of yours file share. First of all, you have to provide the name off your storage account and the account excess key. The account Our name is my stories. A convent to three bc. Alright, Access key. These Dukies, you can use any of them, so I'm going to use this first key. Copy this and business here and after it you would require the name off your find Share. Right? My fights here. 123 So it will. Not going to create Fine. Yeah, it is successfully created. Now I'm going to open my brother. May I have phone you? There's no final created, as you can see on the screen, not going to rephrase it. And our first friends created my file show into a tree. That's no off 15 TV Kota. There's an option for connecting for editing the kota in meta data access policy, doing the snap short and even delivering this. So now I'm going to open this file share. There is no doubt Entries of little right now. You can add actor from here, but I'm going to use the sale I toe Internet directory. Actually, I'm using the because it will automate the whole process if all the Commons, which have returned one by one, if you're going to write in a just one single strip and run their script, then you don't need to have, uh, do it, Rick. It automatically You don't have to wait for each command you to just execute the script. Okay, So in this way, you can create your director just at my at Dash me a mind actor. 123 now in place over Syria. Just write that great there directly on take enter so that it will create our directory ticket and things missing out. No. Anything? No. Um, yeah. Nobody should be there. My share. She your name? Okay. No. Again here. Detained Riverton. And it was clear that three inside a file. Share my friendship. 123 Okay, no. And this van pleaded are as there's no regulator. As you can see on this, we refresh my director. 123 is created. No, inside, there's nothing store. They're the property option their military created moderator. Meditator means adding information They're not, is nothing. Uh here in this factory. In my next part, histories and going toe add fighting to it so, you know, keep learning and keep exploring 7. File cli 3: Hello, friends. It will come back. Didn't know. I have to wonder how you can clear your source group your storage account, then file share, then Derek free the My life is empty. Now in this part, I'm going to upload a file into this directory. So let's begin. So this is my portrait created in my previous lecture. Now I'm going to create a simple text file. Just click here new and right. Hello, Doc. Txt Open this file and write something. I had a lawyer. My name is Mr X. And, uh, welcome to this series under this course. Okay, No, say this. Microsoft, as you Now say this file. I'm not going to upload this file. Okay, so right. Is it storage? Upload a file upload. Copy this story A going name in the story Access key at a beautiful, beautiful thing File share. Gabi this and based here, this is having the jail off our file share. Not right. The source from where I'm going to upload this file. Copy this. A copy the day and you are in no visit here. Use backslash off over slash on the name of your file. Hello. Txt this Hello. Txt. So this is a source in front where you want to upload this file means after floating it should be store so that you have to provide the destination. Okay, the But so the path will be your that directive Israel created right now. So this is Commander, my fight show in the tree and my don't want to three. So you have to just write my dough. Let me mind active. 123 And so I just write the name. Hello. Hello. Txt. So in this way you can upload a simple text file in your directory. You will just require your storage account. Name your phone keys then in Tachira name and the directory and the fire which you want to upload it. So this is all year long. And if we're going toe upload this file finished 100 person. This means just 100% uploaded. No, open your crew refers this and now go inside instead of critical. No, there was nothing inside this directory, but now there's a filing. Hello? Txt open this hell aerobics tree. You get the detail of this file properties like you can dollars from there. These option for TV does. So Okay, this is a urine, as it is a private. Let me see. It is acceptable or not, You have to make a public it. Then it we were going to be Yeah, he's well, it is. Traveling in charge is not ableto excess. No, I just last money, right Just now decided 32 bytes. And, uh, you can do it from here. Down from here. These properties, you can against it. Thank you for back your properties, is there? No, I'm going to. You can have many things. This we have shown just know you can edit the excess policy from here. This new Lexus policy right now you have to add Texas. What is he? So that you can access this? This is the order section for our my fight share and say it is 123 8. File cli 4: and friends and will come back and my purpose Lecture. I have shown you how you can upload a simple text files into this directory. Now, in this part, I'm going toe donor. This text friend using our C l A. So here we go. Since his header of the x t, which we have applauded in my legs. Fabulous lecture. Now I'm going to First of all, I'm going together. The information which we have seen in graphical mood. I'm going toe See this and to my console this right, the path name here, my endemically. 123 And the name of your file. And I would remove this upload and just right list. So if we're going to give the details off the five year applauded Hello? Txt in the length is 22. Everything is no no arid output as a table. So there are probably given in table form. So as you can see, this is one fight is there? Hello? Txt The containment and the final step is on the diabetes fighting. Okay. No, I'm going to upload on. Don't know this. I don't know this on. Just you have to write in place or upload your courageous down look and no Barton will be changed. Destroyed the station here and instead of but this right source on and it plays applause with download. You don't know this. Fine. So this is the commander's totally seem like with the upload. Fine. Okay. Just provide your account. Name your account key Your share Name your destination that machines the knee so that you can't understand that Donald File and the file which were already there. Now click Enter, and it's really going to Yeah, everything. Yeah, it is census for you Don't know. They're the fight now I'm going to open my Yeah, there's a two fronts Firstly, this. Hello. Txt victory have creator and it's hello wanted Dirty extinguish we had downloaded from as you. So this is Hello Txt And this is Helen dot txt. Okay, this is Hello txt And this one is a wonder Tasty Hello taste of which we have created. And this hello wonder tasty which we had. Don't adjust right now. Okay, I hope you understand how you can on donor the file using your console. So this is a deal's off. The final victory had downloaded the length. Is there the name awful is their content. I missed explain and all the settings and no 9. Cli cloudshell: and her friends have welcome back in my frustration I have discussed and how you can solve you as your CLI. Then they're not use command from a new potion. Not this part. I'm going to show you how you can use the clothes shell, which is giving in your portal and you as your portals. So here you go. So as you can see the and deliver system, you have to click here. It is a symbol for approach shell. If you run eight for first time for LAX for your storage. So you have to mount a storage for your as your cloud shell. And if we're going to create a newsroom, don't click on here. So this descriptions okay, and I don't see it. It's all there now if we're going to create a stories account but going based only for this closure And once you you creatives relic on, if you're going to create your cloud, drive on as you can see, almost free. And that cloud Rob has been created. This is the resource group with you. It is created just now on the storage account name on the file share. I just a subscription ideas also do. It is not emphasizing my account for a potion. Onda. Uh, after a few minutes, if we're going to connect to terminal yeah, it is successfully going to do a terminal. Now click on here. There's option for bash and social Click on here to re stern for healthy discussion. Mark fork settings like care for one find the size of your text You can do a small one can choose the medians And also fund is also there like any off them off your choice, then this for uploading and downloading a file from here. Then you can open a new position for a terminal. I'm from here. You can open our editor. As you can see, this is the all the things I got right as I told you before, for which we require destroyed account. And as your this blog's telemetry file, is it or Jason Cloud drives? Not here. They can come feet so you can easily able to change the configuration back subscription also from here from project on feet, this is the editor on. You can save it and also can be helpful book routing and you find also as they see, this is dark profile file. Okay, if you want to close this, there's option. Click on treated three darts. Forking close editor for seven. Editor for opening a fire. This his options are living there. No, right. Is it so that it will work? Seen as we did remember, miss lectures. Um, while running this as usual light on my command from on my power show. These are some of the things which is installed by the fort now, right is in force. So if we get divorcing off your as your rochelle as well is the on the packages installed with, like, Brighton esque? You'll security rule reservations. Okay, I di EMAs as jeans ours container bought is yes. Okay. Showing the words in 2.0 point 64 you can use many of things like managing your lin eggs, locating your Veum, creating your resource group beating. You can also logon from here, but there's no need to learn from here as you already blowing by default as you opened this lotion from your as your border and hope you understand how you can use this cow shit 10. Cli cloudshell python: telephones have Welcome back. Knowing this part, I'm gonna show you how you can run your pattern programs or beytin scripts in your couch shell, which is a river in you as your portrait. So here we go. So, as you can see, I was going to go for a kosher that every going to connect my terminal off the average with real going to execute a fighting stripped so right by a ton to check that it is insulting, not it is installed. It opened up itin shell. All right, Brent. Here. Print. Fine. Okay. It must be in your double courts because it is a string. What's train you require? Double court. As you can see, it gives the output high as it bring the Hi. Okay, Now, I stopped this biting shell, and I'm going to create and heighten strip care for it. You have to click on, right? That's I don't Don't buy, Okay? No. It will create a new while. Shame. Hollowed out by as you're going to see. Um, there's no there's no after. Refresh this. Yes. Hello there by file is created. Open this and your editor by the whole, which is provided by close shell. Now here, I'm going to write again. Print high on the double courts. All right. Hello, word. And, uh, said this Click on here. Other thing. Use control s or you can use from this option. Now close. The editor known right fighting held up by execute your Come on. Next. Me. Increase the size. Okay. All right. Fight on. Testify. I'm going. Do see that It's instant, Uh, just literally say the file or not, As again, See, it works through the content off my pattern file. I'm going to be executed. Right? Fighting. Hello. Good bye. And hit the interpreter so you can see Hello words. There it is the our output off running the Spuyten script. Okay, if you want to starts and packages, you can install by ranting, pit and stall. So I hope you understand how you can use your cloud show on during the fighting strips 11. Cli install: and your friends. Welcome back. Not this part. I'm gonna show you ordered how you can install, as you're say, lie on a videos. So here we go. This is a documentation page we're going to see. This is the instructions given for installing the is usually on windows or friend shoulders as usually you will be able to access this C l A. I know you think it's a command. Paronto are your bullshit. Okay. And this is Jersey lies not only for Windows it is also clear for the next also and as well a smack also. So the conversion All the supplies 2.0 point 61 You have to run. This is it. Voisin. Men's your as yours Unit isn't so successfully. You can check. I read in the command. Is it for said? Ok, so it is a size of 45 family. So I'm going to install it. And once you don't know this as your right, You have been starting. So I'm going to click here. It is preparing for install. So after installing it, you will be able to run all the services using your common from and it will automate the functions. Okay, so this is see a symptom. This is a license agreement. Click on I accept the terms in the essence equipment X click on install. So it feel going to inside it so once. Yet as against you on screen, this Microsoft is usually is successfully installed on my PC. Let me sing it out right, Is it? It makes it installed. It was taking time. In case if you're as useless Not since the Flintstones Then it will say Oh, come on that it is not installed this day. Become one is not phone. Okay, As you can see, you can have option for for no reason. Is it that says version. Click on copy. So often running that. Come on. Is it? As you can see, these awesome command fish you can run? Welcome to address today, Florida have you can use is it or has etch for reasons for Vacco's features? Does that sound a lot of different ones? Now that right is it that stash version? The checked up wasn't a future as your saliva you installed right now according to the upset, the latest resinous I think 2.0 point 61 Yeah, as you can see on, uh, so that it This is showing the person for all the things which is installed. And as you say, let's educate. Like fighter Ace. Yes. On the version off my as you see lies 206 from it is seen writing the words A It resumed all other services. Like was moody V role fighter known as fuel resources. Okay, I at last just returning your supplies up to date. All right. Is it clothing logging into your A zero count using on from then if we're going to open a browser where you have to put all the credentials even, I think use another. Come on. Also right? Is it clothing? That's you you for using, then dash speed and enter your password there. Okay, so it opened up my therefore rose arthritis. Mozilla here. I have to write my new move. I d. And then I have to collect the my past for excesses. Micah's soft as your account. Now click on next. If you don't have, then you have to create from here. So you're not into your class for and once you have successfully reveal your password then it's really going to open the documentation related tothis as yours away. And we can't let this window after once it's hanging up. Okay, you have long into macro size. You know, you can close this window if you're not. If we're going to, as you see, electrical Malaysian off 10 seconds. So here. So finding the same unless is due, you have flowing. So just finding a subscription to kids. Okay, this is the recognition which opened after Logan. You can run any services from on the way, like running your virtual machine feeding its Georgia found. We're deploying your container database as extra. So these are busy commenter there. As you can see the name off my cloud. Is there my ideas? Reuter. My name is forwarded descriptions provided the main idea which I have used on the type is given. So, in this way, I have successfully loving my microphone as unicorns and my common from offering strolling as your see light. Okay. And my next word I'm going to show you how you can access the same thing in your polish it for 10 0 k pony and keep exploring 12. Cli powershell: Heather friends. And welcome back in my Bruce lecture. I have shown you that how you can, Donald you as your cell I and then how you can execute it on. Come on, from now, I'm going to do the same thing. But now I've been going to executing Windows Botia. Okay, so here we go. Well, stripe partial and your start a new search and your bones should be going to be open. Then you have crew, right? Is it to check it out? That is it. Instruments as you install or not. I wondered Do all the same thing it cited in my previous lecture, but in common prone. But now, in this partial, okay. Not right, isn't. I? Hit the enter button. It will going to show all the things which is installed under this is it? Come on. From here. You can create your Audi monitor. Mass equals policy. Post stress. Many things you can do from here. Our check the voice and you're right. Is it? That's explosion. So this is how you can use a potion for you as your Soleil Windows is to option when it's from common from anyone else in form you're polishing to log into from portion, you have to write. Is it wrong in here? Those is like adviser acres. A Emma's community services for Minnesota s resources or backup is Therefore bats is there for billing is their bodies. Their cloud quality service only deserve is to be America with more features. Okay, so in this bar off series, I'm going to all right. And when you use actually a command prompt. Okay, Um, not going to use portion just in this part. I've shown you that how you can do all the things with portion also. 13. Queue storage: hi, Friends will go on board myself. Rancher was two and every course in sector here in this part of stories we're going to learn about que another Stover services off, Microsoft has your play out computing. So here in this, we're going to learn aboard that what type of services it is and what are the different features and what you were going to get. Benefits strong this story services. So with orange vest in time, let's start as your cue. It is a type of stories services which will going to provide a flower missing between your application components. It would work like a AP courts in designing application for scale for application. Converts are often the couple, so they can be skilled independently. So how and what is the means off Using this Q storage, it can be access from anywhere in the world. Fire. What indicated cause other. You can use Esther, Tippy or Esther to PS are single. Que Mercer's can be up to 64. Kevin Sites on a Q can contain millions of messes up with a total cap. City limits off your store's account, so the common user que stories we're going to include, like you can have, uh, back look for your any as ignorance process. You can create a back. No. For that, you can all have ah, massive service for their by passing a message from you as you revel or toe as your worker rule this process I'm going to discuss later on. These are some of the service capabilities like it can be a massive scale ability on your limitless storage for undirected us. Then this having a local state of storage mortal as compared to as your block stories. It is this very simplify invention on it, also having a full as you have lobsters feature, said the lifecycle policy management. The stories two years is going to have all of their into and accuse Georges, then. Ah, this is some thing you must know about the cue that a couple components like you can use as your cue stores to build a flexible application and supper function for better durability across large workload. Miss, if you're applications having different functions and if they're dependent on each other, then it will make ah workload more so to reduce your workload. So you will require to decouple the components means to make your function short on da make so that it can be work independently. So this skews towards gives you us as England's message queuing for complication between different application, confident so that when they're running the cloud or into a decks, trouble any premises anywhere, it can increase the speed off your applications, make effective application. So this accused was having a really or good advantages or other Astro services off as you Onda it also having a build in resilience like every make your application scalable and less Instituto Individual Company for that means if something went wrong, it will not going to break down. It will continue and maintains the integrity off your workload. Okay, then it will you can use for scale Miss, you can use this cuter to write says your service deployment. This application will went to absorb unexpected traffic bossed which province ever from being overwhelmed by sudden flora request. So this mortar que leant we're going toe add elasticity to your applications and deploy or hibernate your additional vocal notes based on your cost money markets means if they sudden increase in the ah customer rates so it will going to manage according to it. And if there's less customer demand, then it we're going to manage according to it. So it will be I'm going to do easily scale up and scale down OK, so it will also going to reduce your costs. Also, then this is how the Q look likes from left side, as you can see going to add and from front TV if we're going to remove normally, you are data structure. If your company science student you must know about a different infrastructure. Q. Is going off them then. This is how this Q works. There's ever more laps, services, this other senders. They're sending our AP calls to us a visible names person in the form of Q. Then this. We're going to get to the service or application means of masses Receiver. This is how this Q storybooks you having a lot of messages on it. We're going to handle all the things. Then this is our screen. Short off a sample que storage for creating a cube astray service, you must recorded storage account where you can add their different messages into your cue . This is how it looked like, Is there some more example so that you can understand There How was your cue? Books? Like as you can see the story a concert, an historic or important. And in between, you will have as your cue here off Karol is there and the question to a zoo Q and every going to request a vocal role. So this is I already told it how this were Carona will work at the time to give Ah, better performance for your application. So this is how as your key work, then this is example the use cases off your as your cue story services. You can have our notification push notification services with the help of Q storage. Okay, this is how que services work in your application level. So this is us introductory Vidro regarding que that How que books and vibe require Cute is a simple story. Services basically having a collection of messages are correction off. AP calls to handle are different experts on different features off the your application so that that will require que so I hope you understand. Ah, little or more about this Q service. We're going to learn more about it afterwards. So for the long, keep learning and keep moving ahead 14. Storage explorer 1: and friends. And welcome back on this part, I'm going toe, discuss about as you story Explorer and this part I'm going to show you how you can download it and how you can use it. This is used to Explorer. Make it easy to manage your story from anywhere you can use any perform like Windows, Mac OS and the next. It can be accessed from multiple accounts and descriptions your from your asses. You've as used AC and Sore Knee Cloud. As you can see, this is a home page is even a story from anywhere it can access multiple abounds subscriptions. As you have your stacked and civilian clothes, they can sure as yes, you can create and delete. Fuel your resources. Your store services like block your table fly file The persistent were used at his windows , not click on download stories for Andi. If we're going to Donald it, it is about 86 MB. Let me start. If we're going to increase your productivity brand medicine, the stores and from here you can easily upload the fires, download the files, manage all the store services like blow foil, que table and Cosmo TV entities Isley accessible. You can have deserved that. Some images you as you can see how you can tow. Use this storage room for blocks stories. You're automatically storage for your table storage for your five story. In this first words, you can have your directories and your everything. Then for as your did elect storage on for Cosmo TV stories you can click on, create, manage and did it the databases, the Internet. Your collections also provide the processor burgers on defined user defined functions. If your own for previous person select open system here and don't move from here, you will get many resources from here. So in this way, this is all about is your story, Spooner? I hope you understand how you can use it, okay? 15. Storage explorer 2: your friends are welcome back in my Bruce Electra. I've shown you that whole you can don't know your story, exporter. And also told you of ordered 40 story exporter and why it is very important on the benefits of using those four x four, because from there you can easily manage your storage services like a blow file. Que tables, Cosmo. Devious digital X storage. So in this part, I'm going to install this store explorer. So here we go. As I have already struck on Donald it my storage explorer. Now, in this part, I'm going to show you the how you can install this. It is very easy. Just like I'm starting any as you get your friends. Just you have to give your first of all you have to accept document on off, except in argument. And you before the location where you want to save or install this software enough here, they can browse on said it. The location let me select is Dr and leave. Okay. Click on next on the name of file. Even started picking your start menu. They're cooking for where from there. No, it is installed. No, I'm going to open my start menu and they call in Microsoft Stores. Explorer. I'm going to open this Microsoft as you stores Explorer, and this is how it looks. Um, no, I don't know. Set up any of your convoluted. So first of all, we have to logging as you're going from Straight Explorer and Final option, you will get many things and, like new Windows closed Editor Quick, Why did you can call be based? Computer proxy is the sultan for gives and for feel You can focus on next panels. Revis panels for call management. They're not options of level for zooming out, zooming out. There's team also let me to stock actually. Then in here you uses it. Copy for your improved prob upload and download and help you get the communications troubleshooting guides. Andi From here, you can also update your storage Explorer on the Lord. And he said, if you do some changes from here, so this is a cute access and local. This is cosmically would not attach any account for the vehicle. X storage was George accounts the block, while Q and Cables No, no dance and use Eric owns. It would be empty, so Now I'm going to attach my hands, you know, con with this straight experience so that I can access my story services, which are already deployed and on Microsoft. As you click on add account David Lee options like as you're a cone condition strains, fear, excess signatures, straight account team and the keys attached toe locally, militar, your as your enrollment. Okay? There are many options off level. I'm just going to place on Adam as your accounts. If we're going to create every going toe open actually, the browser I have to wipe my credentials. My user names my password. As you can see, just taking time to open browser it really going to open the loving peace from Microsoft as you It is you that anything through the location? No, this Michael says you've loving screen. Provide your email address. Uh, a minute rece with you have used to create your mega. So as you know, count now scurry, you have to provide your password if you don't know your country from here. Father, My password. The story of password African Sangin. Uh, the password is in direct. I forgot it again. So from here I am going to sang of my as your account and off press angle. I will be able to access my store seven sisters have created and as your that Trump. As you can see, that Microsoft account discreet is attached with this story. Explorer subscription is doing free trial. Okay, so not click on. Apply it really going to lower my all the services. Not like on stores. It's p 123 Here I have created a container don't container, which contains a file. No, they know there's no finances there. You can also upload and download the things from here going block on dinner. I've created this blob. I can, as you can see this block testes created. And from here there's an option for uploading for downloading, for getting the new folder or hoping the Yuanta How many options are there for managing your snap sharks? Okay, as you can see the borders adding new connection once the priest on the connection was created, we will be able to access it. So if you take a few of time on and once it is confident, he will be exes are the things it will also once it really love is greeted. There's no entry Broken pain string here So it is taking time. Once you convince created, you will get the details like you exist. Year last modifications, I assure you. A convivial This is a straight a convict has selected here Block. This is created which were created from story for and it is impure act now. So I'm going to upload an image from here on excess from my stories Explorer Now click on browse No, I'm going to upload an image this big one LGBT click upload if you want to do some said that one sentence you can do from there it is going to upload it. You can also upload this file from strength were also. But in this I'm going to show you there. How you can access this file from your stress for is an option is against the unknowns creating on a dog. There's an option off flooring, downloading. I'm going to refresh this. As you can see, this big one Georgian busy is here, which I have uploaded from as your portal The excess Syria is hot on the last motivation addict. That's right now on the block time is block blow A contain tables. Amy Egypt, E G. So now acting on don't know, don't know. This file on the fight is being downloaded as against the on a screen that white has been Don owner, you have your urinals? No. The findings which I applaud Orman portal we will be able to see from there you can create your snap short manager. Snap short. This is taking time to open a mention of me. Beat. Yeah, this is a major issue a Florida from as your portrait have been shown you before. Not even copy the You are Rex. Is it from your quarter s by the form his private. You were not able to access it. You would prompt and enter. Okay, So, castle, the staff loads his tab. No, I'm going to see this is a block pissed which are created. And the public. Cynthia's agencies Private. That's where it will not be opened. Could you name the finding from here? You can delete this big money me from here. I want to keep the cliff under league and it will stop, did it And delete items and integrate is permanent delete. And after this you will not able to access. No wonder the first. It means that I have assesses with village idiot. No, I'm going to refer to this as a reporter. Also opened this block test. From here You will not be access your image you uploaded. Now there's no blood phone because I have dilated using the storage Explorer. This is how I have used the story Explorer for using story service block. You can use it for final Su que also table also and other databases services that cost Maldivian ask you. And I hope you understand how you can use this ex story explorer. 16. Static website 1 final: any friends and welcome back. Not this part. I'm going to show you that how you can host your standing website on as you. Okay, that's very easy and simple. So there's go ahead. So as you can see, this is my as your porter constructs account. First of all, you have to create a story account and then blob and okay, customer click here, add to create US choice account. And once your circle is created, we're going to create a block. They're actually four. Options are level like blob file. You know what? You your cable? Okay, this is a confirmation page. Select your source group. If you want to create new one, you can create also Onda. I'm using existing one now, right? The name of your story account. It must follow it. The rules on it should be a little Also his name is already taken this steady website. So right. 123 This is already again. Right? ABC, I hope this will work. Yeah. No. Select your location. Type of your cone using general purpose. We too, because it have more fun 30 than we won. Like like cool and heart here. Okay. Select heart. Now click on advice. If you want to lose some second, you can change from here like security. What? Your net For data protection, it elects storage. If you want to add tags for this critical, you could also add here. I'm going to review on off to review it. If we're going to very gave this Onda, if we're going to slice my deployment, it isn't wicked for deployment. And after a it will create a straight account for us. So I was against seeing it is gender. Your problem is unnerving. He's 17. Static website 2 final: Hello, friends have Welcome back, nine this part. I'm going to tell you that how you can create your estimate file, which I'm going to upload this estimate page into is your and started into blob storage. And then it will going. I'm going to host it on as your black phone. Okay, so here you go. First of all, create new fight, right, indexed, Or as Deimel No, open this. And your fear, Brit 82. Now, first of all, right, the busy texts require for our estimate website, that is a stream will then head that Rose's head. If you want to act, I tell you can also add a title in here and right. So this after today the status of your order to rework it full named the DAB. When you were going to open your this website, this name will be written in that tab. Okay. Right. Index beach. Okay, so they know confusing. No right body. Ted. Yeah. I'm going to use H one tag. Had to take extra lee. The six levels off Headache actually has to history ashore at front at six. This actually way have large in size and is strong it really represent more bored than as to Also, I'm going to use this as truth. And also, you know, close this extra tag because this is run tag also. No, close the 40 tag also. And after it blows a stream attack also no, save this file. Okay, Now I'm going to open it into a browser. All it will look like this. As you can see, Extra tag. It's more bold than as Tupac and the sizes also differed Patroness in the largest size. Then, as your bag knowing my diploma is completed, you might prove the section I was created my on this storage account. Now, in this story of combed, I can show you there's many options there. Click on Stepping website instead. They were absurd you after any mileage. Okay, my deformities disabled. Not going to enable it. Now you have to confident the block service for the strati website. Toby Whole straight. Okay, the name of your document, the estimate beach. And if some miracle do you have to all support the editor estimate final. So this is the order. If I'm going to open this, they were going to open my the page of it, Which we're going to host it. OK, now and fluff service section, click on Blob. First of all, I'm going to show you didn't know this website will prompt there. Because to love you didn't upload it anything. Okay, so now in this dollar, well, inside it, we're going to upload our index speech. Okay, let me complete the directory so that I can easily project while applauding this. They can upload, as you can see on my right hand side, the real option from problems. A file. Now click here. And is that, uh, after you let him? Yes. No. So did this industry is to move, which were created right now. Upload this on It is successfully uploaded. 18. Static website 3 final: and the friends of Welcome back In my previous lecture, I have told you how you can create your stories account then how you can and you will the static website option in your storage account and then how to upload your indexed or estimate peach into blob. No, I'm going to show you how you can excess your website. How to host it. Okay, so have you begin not going to fresh this index to estimate pages visible Now, you can upload more fights from here. Okay? Yes, I'm sitting Serve level. I'm going to back. And, uh, if you onto a table, you can act table. We can monitor, also form they're not. Overview it an overview. You can see the famous treatises of label and, uh, no Goto stated website. Copy that. You order from where you can access your upset with your uploaded just right now. Copy this. You're doing okay. And, uh, this is my locally Hosea. Now I'm going to open this Yura to access our in experience with severe created. It is successfully offloaded. This is ah, file, which is not uploaded. And this is uploaded. Okay, it is, says she. So this is how you can hostess setting website on as your platform. It's very easy. And if I'm going to disable this, it will remove this index page from there. Let me open this dollar. Where? File. You're gonna add more for this here? Like if you're building with links so you can add Estrin friends here. Locally constructed website. No, I'm going to disable this. Andi saved it now if I wanted to finish it, it is still there because I have to refresh the holes. Service supported. I have to go in all of your section. They were everywhere. The option for restart the service first quarter resource. This is my story like unsteady website 123 ABC In my flash We do have shown you how you created a story that Coned No, please refresh. Yeah. No, I'm going to open this tab and again. Refresh it. It is disable or not. Let me check it. Yeah, it is disabled now I'm going to open the staff and refresh this it feel prompted adder, which we have seen earlier. Yeah, the question The question website is not configure and should be straight unschooled, etcetera. Okay, so this is how you can horserace dating website How you can disable it or you can enable it . You have to again again refresh it so that it can be frustrated again. This industry instrument. No, don't do that. I'm going to call for this yard visit trail and the side is open. Firstly, first disabled because of absolute stable, as you can see on titles index pitch that part of history provided. 19. Upload image website 1 final: and our friends. And welcome back on this produced section we're going toe the look of website, where you can going toe a Plourde image and this image we're going to store in tow block storage of one off the storage off as you're there. Four times. Flop que table file. No, that image you're going to destroy into Blob. Very simple object. A story service? No, in this part, their first. I'm going to create a group than your story account and then a baby up. You're going to learn a lot of things. You must have a sale, a installing a computer. Andi, you have too long. It first like right? Like is a flogging. So you have you go. This is my as your reporter. No, I think you're open your delay. I have already along in it. Using Is it Logan? Okay, first of all, I'm going to create our resource group. So for creating this was no real right? Is a group create and the name off you group. So here we go. Right, is it? Go create and then write the name of your group. You can all support double dash name or you can use single dash and then the group name website. I'm going to put double dash location at the location for your group southeast issue and choosing you can choose any location there. Man educations are level in this as your cloud. Now it's going to create the resource group. So where you can use this and so through to add your service. Okay. As you can see, your successfully created a resource room. There's no dads, no taps. Is is all the nose animal group is doing website locations were in shortage. Isha the idea off this ratios group and this property Parisian street is succeeded. So this is suing Dad Resource with its creator successfully. Okay, so no, I'm going to create right is a storage account. No, you have the right to name a few stories. They're called First of all right. Is this story account create? It's a similar like we have created a resource room. It's simple. All right, Phil, Storage Onda My blow stores because you have to write a unique name If their name is already there. This will not going to create your stretch account, say the location on drilling writing salty sea issue. The location should provide your former resource group. All right, The name of future source group. The other dash does shows, group or you can simply that desk G Okay, I hear and would rightfully source group name off your social That is rap side and, uh, right esque eu standard. No, the but it kind also that kind off your strength on this blob storage In previous lecture, we have shown you'd ordered how you can host our website. Never option on focal. That club store blob is there. You're storage icon. Even group is there. We do group is there journalist really Cone here and we do use this block point. Okay. Access years hard. You can write. Cool also if if you don't have to use it in regular services. Okay? This school is basically for your archive storage. OK, so I'm going to use the excess year heart. Okay, This name is already existed, so I have to write another name as I told you before, if you don't, if you're three account name is not unique. If you're not going to create your storage account, let me see for this My applause 3123 I hope this name will be a blow for us again. The same matter. His name is ordered. A sister know your roots are more different. Name that meeting. I hope this time it will create a storage account if it's separated writing the running. Yeah, that it means it is not going to create your stories account. Okay, so the things you leave toe create your strata cone complexities. Attributes are create location. Your social player. Okay. On the location. Yeah. So this is how I have created a string account. It is. All the property is Ecstasy is hard. This false Microsoft or storage Love services enabled file is enabled. You earn tables are no. Okay. Is that from 40? Senator to this storage out. Your application starts. No. The idea of this storage account is okay. This is a some from family and points the location. This was a group name and that, dear. Okay, So this is how you can create your storage account once you stray the colonists created. Now you have to create your first of all, you have to go get your keys so that you can't create another things So you will have the right key list then the name of your group, your resource group. So you ever get the name off? Your stories are going. Also, the name of my storage account is my blob storage from do three beers. Okay. Always keep in mind. Stricken is created when? When the name is unique. I have shown you if the name is not unique, if you're not going to create yours for Jackal So I know I'm going to get my keys. There were two keys for every services provided by a pack of lies. You. So this is my key. Choose any off them to create no right as your storage container. Create the name of your container Onda. And when you're going to write whole Syntex, you have to act to more thing like account name and the account password. Konkey Consecrate key. This is first of all, you read a Cockney animal. Few economists my blocks to raise 203 ps condiments. Your storage account? No, you have to write Account de on Korpi Any of them off your choice. I'm going to use my 1st 1 Copy this and place your hair no right public excess container. This I'm going to public this container. There's both options of little public and private. My 84 described so that you can't access your container was God, Texas You're going to you know, Onley your to like the excess conditions for your container. As you can see, it is screwed it. No, no, other than container 19 to give this public Texas off, I upload images. I'm going to feed two container 14 destroying my image and one for Tom need, which was to be going to be excess. So I know I'm going to create APP service plan after absolutes plan. You have to create your app service and link this app service name with your service after we spend the two app service. Okay, so write your name off. Europe Service. My APP service. Right. The resource group The name of your group is website on sq is free. Hit that in double time and to recreate your ab service plan. And once you absolute spends fruited, we have to create our app service. Hello. I have contributed your strata cold. First of all, created a group then shooter, how you can create a storage account, then how you can grab your keys off the street account, then create a container having I think, probably excess of label and publicist notably. Well, now I'm going to create. I have created this APP service plan and its creator successfully. No, I'm going to create AB service. I have abs, a badge this absolutely benefited Create name, no name, the Nevada service. My very bad name of resource group giving mine some activism necessary and some promotion or necessity, like creating York Astra account. You need your resource group name, location for creating. You're absolutely We're going again. This yourselves group name and locations not required because I have already already that it soars group. Now it's going to create our favor. And once this Faber's deployed really moved worse via our website, it's taking time because this very air Oh, his name already District. So you have to give another name like 23123 ABC. I hope this name will be known existed effortful record running. It means this very started creating. It's taking do most time. I think this name is not a believer with It's taking too much time. Let me wear open as your porter. First of all, goto this resource group and find the resource Rupert you created from your console. The name is their website and save. EPPS said you will get your strange account. Your strata. Convento three ps Yes. My well, um is already created. Let me show you in my portal. It's my app service absolutes playing. This is my story account. This is my APP service. This is a location before it is taken from a resource group. Okay, so in this way you can create all the things you using consoled. Okay, it is very easy to use. Use your reporters. But if with General written one by one all the commands If you're going toe, create a script and as acute, that script it will automate you over, you know did not need to honor each command and check whether it is they're not keeping mine. The name should be unique. So they were no problem. Okay in your script and your whole process will be automated instead of using this cli If you don't want to install you as you see there, you can also use as your clothes shell. We Sure everyone, As you can see, this greater symbols there Besides your surgery no click on this is my storage account website is mariscos Rupeni technical excess skis. This we gather from a console. This is the only key which I have. It's a, uh yeah was used to create our container. This is another key, as you can see. What? The kids that there there's auction for regional drink it. Okay, I hope I didn't know You understand all those steps in my next parse trees. I'm going to do you all right website. 20. Upload image website 2 final: and her friends and will come back? No. In my previous lecture, I have colluded how you can create your resource group than storage account and container, then creating your absolutes. Plan rabbit on this part. I'm going to flew in and you will get her to create a project for storage blob upload from ever as you can see on my screen. And you will find this proposal free under as your samples there files to use their to You have to use this Europe. So I'm going to copy this urine on Clone it. Okay? No, in your C l A. Um I've ever 123 busy in the name of our right. Is it bad that I'm going to configure later? Okay. Um all right, Deploy meant deployment configuration is a rather department source. Evolution name. Name, isn't you? Yes, my web have wondered. Three ABC, you know, Right. Resource group name? Yes, um, attributes which you have to write in. Eat. Come on. That is the source of news website. Now I'm going to brunch Monster. If you want to check out, you can use check out option. Also Emanuel interview Shin that it proposes for you out of here and a copy that you are again and based it here and as a cure this No. It will going to configure our very bet with this was it free and, uh, have seven calculated on the basis of this repository. As you can see, it is in grinning face. It will take a few times to complete it. Once you set of you've ever you will be able to uproot your image. This is a Ural off our website. Let me copy this and open my new tab in love. You're not confirming anything, so it feels Crawford enter. That is not working because didn't know this upside. It's not animal right now, okay? It is interning face once it really computer, you really be access your website. Okay, this is the same. Metrics it there for every response time. It ain't get out. Okay, there's still journey as against the students on my portal. Others fearing the running his activity log quickstudy will get Is he, Gord. Student means you will get the old Operation France in your quick start Creasy which is again any fears only it will take on the time regard. It is going to clone that Get her repository 21. Upload image website 3 final: as you can see on screen this Vabres successfully cloned this year. Oh, this get happy. Well, this is a branches master ideas there. Your name? That it for you and it. Is there location Okay? No, This is how I have created a web on how I attend that external repository. As against see? Extraordinary positive. This is the euro from which we have clone this Very bad. No. In my next part, I'm going to attest this forever with my storage account. Okay, So for didn't know, keep learning and keep exploring. 22. Upload image website 4 final: Hello, friends Dello. In my previous lecture, I have shown you that how you can create your source group your stories, a cone, your container then how you can create your absolutes plan? You've ABBA. And then in my people's structure I've shown you that hole. You can't our get her. Oppose it. Free to your wrap up. Now, in this part, I'm going to attach. But this forever destroyed come so that when you're going to upload the image it we're going to store in your storage account in your storage container. So no, right, is it now that settings config ab settings in this, you will require two things used real account me and the story ski which we have faced in my earlier lectures. So write the name My November 123 We see this is a name off our let that and this is their social being required. This also compete here and only required a storage account name and the stories key. So once you have successfully run this command, you're rev a very big connector to yours. Right account. Okay, right. Sittings as your storage account. No name the storage account vitriol created earlier accounts seem it will do your account. It is? Yes. My block. Storage 1 to 3 p. S. This is our strata, Kony and is a key were to go again at the top to fetch our key now, right as your storage account key as your storage Go on key corn excessively. Actually, it's going to now Go again. Top Onda, Find your key. Yeah, this is my key. I'm going to copy this for ski and face it the last. Okay? And this is how I've attached my vera to the storage account is they've ever convict ab settings. Said the name of your than the resource group, then settings. So this is how you can I dances five after your storage account. Okay, This you have to provide us with new nexus key. And the stories need a company. Okay. No, President. Children and read for a while. It is. Yeah. Successfully created and kind of get actually on the value of my story. Honest. Here my access key of audience also swing there. Not like Ambrose. If we opened the website the ever absent which you have there was an error. Plastic reach. Okay, let me check it out. Stop the process. This porous willkommen 23. Upload image website 5 final: an offensive will come back in my previous lecture, B and country with the problem. Just what you have to do on the access to you, which we have to do this or container make it probably so that you have that problem will be restored. So let me open it again. Click on browse. That's really going to do started. Sometimes you can is only problem using this restart. OK, now click Ambrose to access your upside. Yeah, this is a website which we have gone from ghetto. Now there's an option for generating thumbnails on for image to upload no open Google and social and image and save their image on upload that image. I'm just went right. As you save any of the image. Save this image. Same say would here and yeah, no, open your country is fine. Right face dirty oil. The final Susan. Not like upload. And our findings uploaded to our as your blood storage. In this way, I have shown you that how you can upload your image And once you upload your image, then you will find that image in your straight occult in that container. This is my click on stories account. My block store is 1 to 3 p s. Great blob in several of these options Image. Now, this is our image which we have uploaded just right now this is a detail of the image. The size is there. The euro is there as it is the private. So it will not going to be open. Okay, throw this dab the modification. Creation times there you can don't work from here. They miss you have uploaded. Let me open this file. It is the same image which we have loaded. See, this is an image from here. I have uploaded the same age. You've been donated from here. You may have the snap short here. This is that since his heart that cool and our card is at three options for excess year. Because, Snapshot, there's no Sam from right now. This is the image you can find here. Also, you can send it s there's room here if you want to date image when the leading mates also So in this way you can Absolutely. How you can create a website which from its you can absolutely emission it. We're going to say into your straight account on the block stories and in this you locating how to create a rabbit also, and at that disfavor with your storage account. 24. Wordpress 1 final: and offensive. Welcome back on this for your section. We're going toe. Deploy our first site into as your platform. So here you go. This is my as your poor, totally gonna creator source, and we can see all option here. You will get many, um, getting grisly computer networking storage. Where? More while container database analytics. Emotionally, I'm anymore. Okay. So yeah, this option over, Chris, it's clear going here. So this is a CMAs good day management system. It doesn't useful links. I'm going to open it. And it's also And from here, you can create your work. Chris, I think there it is. This largest self Forster blogging tool many of longer used this WordPress other than Google Blawg, this is official site off our press. Ever process open source offer you can create. Used to create a blawg. You have many beautiful design. Also tested by many the doesn't four full features customer customizable design as you friendly, responsive sires. High performance manager on the goal. High security for all four. Full met media management. Easy accessible. This is that This is the benefits fish we're going to get from our press. You can don't know locally. Also to rent this for press. Their main teams are there plugging some of level more while and long is there. So click here. If you need some support, you can start from here by installing it. Is that all? Things that introduced WordPress Elphick right here. The service for your WordPress. The app name is for Pre's. It is not a little right. This is also not of liver 123 This is also notably Well, you have to write a unique name to create your press service. Right? 123 We see. I think maybe over there will Yeah, choose your subscription. And so is your so screwed up and we're creating a newness was room for it. If you have to provide data viz a muley. My sickle said at your absolutes plan if you want to create new absolute splendor going from there. Okay. On the double sittings record, Monsieur Krunic, give your user name and the password to access your database because and my sequel, we're going to install into your Chris. So that's ever logging in this minds sequel. Baby user, you have to give a password. The several name is for Chris. 123 ABC. My school baby sever on the DWS name is my secluded Every 38170 So, first of all, you have to give a password in the past aside, must at least eight characters on the the length must not more than 1 20 characters in length The minyan sizes eight Contend the max minus 1 20 year. Your buffered must contain in this lower case uppercase Your numbers should be there on special. They're just like exclamation mark Dollar has Okay, you know weren't the last word again. So confirm it. Yes. This is a confirmed password. Let me say this in future. I have to access. Uh good. Obvious. Not like Cookie. If you want to enable Abigail's insiders, there's option. I'm keeping it as a the forefront disabled. So it will not going to validate all the settings. And after it every going to start our department work. And once this department with this computer I ever press service agree. Created as you can see, new social group is creative or 1st 123 BC It is stealing the prom in progress. It riddick time. Not for press after three minutes. Yes. Successfully deployed are WordPress. So you have to. This is the repository aura and, uh, the name of our resource group, the euro. You can access your mind your resources that I ended that out. There's my sequin app from where you can handle it. Click on yours. First of all, you have to install that work for us. Okay? Because this newly created So you have to configure this for parasite. First of all, the thing you will ask for language Choose the language. English, many languages is Are there like Africans? Other burden Daily Bangla in the English friends Portuguese, Italian. Many more OK, likely can't called new. You have to get the name off your site. Name the user name to excess. You were press in the past for than your humility. Okay, now this is a five minute for persons tradition process. Just you have to fill the form and your personal pollution perform will be in the will be accessible publicly. Okay. Write the name of your website, um or press for as you, right. The use any using him must have alpha numeric characters, no spaces. And this chlor no It's arto market generated. That last word. Keep the credentials. Copy this on. Keeping the bus were seen. It's a very weak. Okay. Okay, come. Phone use of your password. Right? Then they moved over email. I d onda sessions. Everything thrifty. You have to write you in with ideas compulsory. You can't do idea no and starve or press. So now you're going to install or press and once represents told, you can try to your first blawg. Okay. This is a very popular tool. Yeah, of Oprah's have been stolen. Now you can enjoy using this. The use enemies WordPress 123 and the pastor of which features in, not leak on log in. Right. Uh, I use any more press. 123 Face the password. Here, copy this user name right here on Drogin. We have successfully logging into our WordPress dashboard. As you can see. Welcome to work for us. You can customize your site from there. You know, days when push it there. The hello. Word closed, but afford it are dramatically forced it. You can visit our web site from here. Let me see that first. Yeah. Where persuades you just out of warp. Recite. Okay. The name which week provided for a site name and the Hello world. Welcome toe work Press. This is your first post. It is related. This is the force created automatically. Common Skate agrees. Looking longer from here are guys is imports only One problem is the answer String. Hello world No, If you want to add at first low post, you can take care. You can add about face from here. You can set up your home pitch Which bits should be open. Okay then you loser. From here you can manage various visitors. Okay, turn Cummings Owner elf. If you want todo making this coming on, people can come in. Don't you work? Recite. You can go from here. Graft. There's a recent coming over breast coming down. Hello world By before it is there on my door, I can say on my reference site we will get many options. This is a visit option. All you calendar custom has German gallery navigation menu. Artis is feed here in the side. You will get many options for post media babies. Cummings, consider it Open this one. And teams you consider anything for your or for insight. A lot off present. You can add a new team also from here. Just uploading it after the teen. As you can see on the offense there, these are some feature team already installed. Okay, But before I'm using 2090. Okay, Now you can instruct begins here. You can add a new picking from here. This is an active against which is shown on these s, um nothing's which you can install it. There's option for adding new users to excessive off while take on here. Your profile. This is the user name. You can write about yourself that your email. I d you God, I the option for exporting importing new personal data it is in your personal. Later, the contest will again if you want to operate over per side. There's another options there. So this is honorable represents dashboard, how you can and start it and let your first block 25. Wordpress 2 final: and a friend said, Welcome back in my purpose like sugar. I have shown you there how you can create for pris and services and how you can install it . Okay, In my disperse trees, I'm going to right our first block. So here you go. So click on here. 91st block post. Now here you can provide the header name off your post that the contained here for you block you can also the size off your contained teens occurs Ok Hi there. This is my first post my first WordPress page Oh, site options are there. Like besides, in the foreign storage, I'm keeping it as huge conversating is there Select your color means select blue color in advance. You can have additional CSS class ceases means guys getting style seats where you can make a website more stylish. No, in form a tingly old you can add manual things Image gallery list. Ok, so let me generate the review The force research created right now This is my first for Perseid. The world presented to use the name is there. I was on categorized Okay, now I'm going to publish it This will this public you can add the tax public you can Also there's option for should you publish also and, uh, we can publish, it would leave a time and yeah, it is no life to address your post. You can use that he ordered. Yeah, this is my first post. It is uncorrected, arised. You can leave a comment here that I coming on pose the coming So it will be Add this coming into this post as you're gonna see on my screen. Coming. So now I have created one more post. Previously there was posed Clearly we ever press automatically you can edit your post from were also as you're locking admin. So there's the option for Edgett. But any of that one they would not get this festivity right The title game Feist More press Okeanos, update this from here it is very easy to blogging toe there some maxim peoples whose to repress on it is s your friendly. Also it makes it unable to make your site on the first century. Dinner's off your Google search. Just updating our We're per site. No, it wouldn't frizzed his speech. I didn't know there's no title. Yeah, not bad. It is there, so it is very easy to use. Okay, if you want to categorize, this is an optional Socratic race. Preconceptions? Yes. You can also meet this base moved to crash the permanent link. Is this six numbers for whiter that we're going to open our post again? Okay, No good degrees. They know it is uncoated rised. You can add nuclear degree here. I think there and create, like a degree, Right? First Gregory and parent Gregory. So it has a very particular only know click on add new category You can at this deck and more Bodecker degrees now. Operated again. Yeah. Pushes updated? No, as you can see did a lot. There's only one category on categorize. I'm going to refresh this and it will show. Took a degree first walls and getting race. And the first category. Now, if we're going to click this first category so it will open up block. Yeah, this WordPress. So this is how you can add the category on Duh. Many more things Feature image for this block. Okay, so in this part asses, I'm sure knew that how you can create your block, How to update it. You can also have optional bag. Also at the future image are the descriptions I also told you about how you can commend. Okay? Not going on your post show new apartment link. This is a comment. This is a good degrees. So it is very easy. Blogging tool. Okay, this is a whole dash world click on categories. Get if you want to. Do you discuss Diggory? You've been deleted from here. If you want to add category U Conn degree from here, update this category. I'm going to delete disk a degree. Click here to read this category. I actually did this category. No, only one could evasively with no click on dashboard. This is my dashboard do post Arctic to comments out there one pages there.