Micro Lessons: Incredible LED Portrait Lighting in Lightroom | Nick Keil | Skillshare

Micro Lessons: Incredible LED Portrait Lighting in Lightroom

Nick Keil, Filmmaker & Photographer in NYC

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2 Videos (13m)
    • Class Trailer / Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Editing Low Light 'Brandon Woelfol' Images


About This Class

In this class, we take a look at photographer Brandon Woelfel, who's visual aesthetic is radically unique to anyone else's out there. The goal of this series is to be able to teach you not only how to edit in Lightroom, but also how to discern visual aesthetics that certain photographers will use. The point of this series is not to be able to replicate the photographer's style exactly—in some cases I know that it'll be completely wrong— rather to be able to use what we've learned and apply it to your own photographs. In this lesson, I'm gonna take you through editing a photo I shot with LED lights. It's incredibly valuable for any photographer to master natural light, and even more valuable when you can then apply it to create creative portraits such as this one.  We'll start out with the base image, and tailor our edit to the image. Then, explore advanced Color Grading techniques... ...and see how we can apply that same edit, translate it into a preset, and apply it to other photos from the shoot-- saving us time on editing!





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Nick Keil

Filmmaker & Photographer in NYC



My interests in photography and film started when I was very young, there was something in it that it gave me this absolute fascination with it. I find it a visual language-- an opportunity to gain insight on the little blue globe we inhabit.

I live in New York City.

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