Michael Jackson Steps & Hip Hop Gliding Combinations | Lolu Fenuyi | Skillshare

Michael Jackson Steps & Hip Hop Gliding Combinations

Lolu Fenuyi, Hip Hop Dancer/Breakdancer/Entrepreneur

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11 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Promo

    • Welcome Video

    • Michael Jackson 3 Step

    • Michael Jackson Moonwalk

    • Michael Jackson Toe Spin

    • MJ Foot Shuffle Tap

    • Moonwalk to Side Glide

    • Side Glide to Moonwalk

    • Circle Glide to Moonwalk

    • Moonwalk to Circle Glide

    • Side Glide to Circle Glide & Circle Glide to Side Glide


About This Class

MJ Steps is a training course for beginners/intermediate level dancers that teach you all of the late great, Michael Jackson’s best moves.

Have you ever wished that you could dance like Michael Jackson, have you always wanted to learn some of his moves? If this is been in your mind then you are not the only one because Michael Jackson has inspired many people to dance and to learn hip hop dancing. Nowadays Michael Jackson’s moves have become part of hip hop dancing and you can see a lot of hip hop dancers incorporating Michael Jackson’s moves into their own dancing.

So if you’re interested in learning Michael Jackson’s best moves then I recommend you enrol in MJ Steps where I will be teaching you MJ’S best moves step by step, therefore making it easier to understand and to learn.

In addition I will also be teaching a variety of hip hop dance gliding combinations to add to your hip hop dance repertoire within a new series called “Gliding Combos”.  This bonus series is for intermediate level dancers who have already learned the basic hip hop dance glides such as Side Glide and Circle Glide.

So if you’re interested in learning Michael Jackson’s best moves as well as some cool gliding combos then enrol into this course.





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Lolu Fenuyi

Hip Hop Dancer/Breakdancer/Entrepreneur

Lolu has been dancing since 2008, he is a hip hop dancer as well as a Breakdancer; based in England. Lolu is very passionate about hip hop dancing and since he started dancing he has never stopped. Lolu has danced in front of audiences not just in his home country but also abroad.

Lolu has competed in a couple of dance competitions within his dance classes where he was the winner in the first one and a runner-up in the second. He was invited on 2 occasions while he was at University to...

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