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Mexican Valentine - Cardmaking with Ink & Gouache

teacher avatar Johnny Perez, Visual Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Metallic Ink & Paint

    • 4. Gouache & Gel Ink

    • 5. Gold Leaf & Gel Ink

    • 6. Inking the Text

    • 7. Closing

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About This Class

Special cards not just for Valentine’s!  Making a special handmade card is an easy way to give the gift of creativity and uniqueness to someone special, or just to decorate your space.  

I was inspired by Mexican Lotería cards which are colorful and vintage illustrated cards used to play a game similar to Bingo, combined with gold accents inspired by Mexican culture.  I chose this sacred heart with a banner to inscribe the name of your loved one or a phrase you love!  There are many ways to personalize this artwork, so don’t be shy and experiment!  

This exercise should get you familiar with using different kinds of inks and mixed media together: paints, paper, gold leaf, metallic watercolors, and whatever strikes you as beautiful. Make this unique! 

Music by Dreamhop Music on Soundcloud 

Meet Your Teacher

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Johnny Perez

Visual Artist


Hello, I'm Johnny.  I'm an artist living in Dallas, TX.  I specialize in watercolor, but I love all forms of creativity and constantly like to learn new disciplines.  Then I pass on what I know!

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone, Welcome back to another lesson this time. I thought it would be fine to do something for the month of Valentine's. Whether you have that special someone in your life or you don't. This could be a very fun activity to do, and a guest will be bringing some of my culture into this. I would like to do drawing slash painting. However you want to do it. Um, something like this. This is Elko Adesso, and this is very reminiscent of a lot of media card, which is like Mexican bingo, I guess you could say And it is, Ah, heart with a banner on it, and in place of the photos on you might want to write be name every loved one on it. You can also leave out the bend there altogether and write the name of your loved one on the heart itself. In this particular work, I used a bit of watch in the heart. I used white in hotel job on the banner and in the lines radiating from the heart is all metallic gel EQ. So we're creating something like this for you, but we'll be doing a little bit differently. since I'll be repeating this and you can use a bit of gold flakes and the place, Uh, you don't think you can also use metallic washi tape as well as in Hedda bits of what she takes you confined. I have a little bit of a collection going for myself here, but as a Valentine's card or a simple artwork on its own would be very sweet, I think, to give your loved one with that, let's get on with the lesson. 2. Materials: so I'm gonna be showing you a variety of materials, some of which I'll be using, in some of which are just ideas for you to use things that you might want to use instead of , um, first of all the paper. I got a paper sores. It's a great card stock. It's pretty heavy. We'll be using a variety of pens, mostly metallic pen, so that they show up on the dark paper. It'll be good to do a small index card, uh, kind of just showing what they all look like. So it took a piece of the paper here and did a variety of different metallic pens, Um, showing what they looked like on the paper. Hopefully, that will help you in making your selections. Also be using some wash colors. Um, mixed in with the ink. The Johnny, um, I asked, how have, um, some regular gel pens that aren't technically made for dark paper, but they do show up pretty well. That I think is pretty opaque. This is a on example of some of the colors that I've used some productive paper and some not for dog paper, but still show up pretty well uh, also I have the wash paint mixed in with some buddies, works here. Another good tool would be Sharpie metallics. These show it pretty well on dark paper. It also cover a lot. A lot of area we need to color in certain areas. So I have illustrated here the Sharpie metallics here on the corner here so we can see what they look like. Another really good product is the Molotov metallics. This one is liquid chrome. So this is like a really mirror like chrome that I found at the local heart store. This one is a dice. Oh, brand. Um, nice was, ah, Japanese dollar store that I get some of my supplies from because they very, very low price products that seemed to work pretty well. Um, and these are paint markers on you concede to make up their oil based ink here in the back on this is the dice are branded 60 shows up pretty well in the dark paper, and it's still very metallic on. This is a dollar 50 at that store and in here we're gonna have some opaque white that we're going to use in the painting on these are two different brands here. Hold gained watercolors, and I know Smith wanted colors. Doesn't really matter which one you use. We're gonna be using them, building them up as well as some metallic watercolors in gold and silver. This one I have here is aired. Doesn't Aztec gold here? There's an antique silver. This is a set of metallics that I have not used yet and I probably won't use in this video , but who would definitely, uh, do do very well on this paper. I've watched a lot of tutorials on that, and that shows up very well. Um, Also available is acrylic metallic paint. These are two different brands are destined gold by golden when she confined an art store and buy Apple, which you confined in local Michaels stores. Um, also in terms of different materials, I have these from hearts and some Gold League paper. I will be using a little bit of gold leaf. You can also use washi tape. Washington's are very good for crafting things like this. These show very well. These were some of my favorite. Why she tapes, um, for the colorful quality and metallic quality and the glory quality that they have really beautiful washing tapes you can find online on etc. In your local stores. Here's some color versions as well as some, um, colorful print versions of flowers, which is we're doing a valentine. It might be pretty good to see you Some of those in certain areas. Um, very is gonna be a very, very mixed media type of project. Um, and you could make it even more so Using different kinds of media. I hear the gold flakes that I'll be using, uh, for the flame later on. You'll see this is some card stock. If you choose to cut out the heart or cut out little hearts or little designs are embellishments here and there, you can use other kinds of paper on. Then cut it out to the shape you want glue it on, and then you don't necessarily need to color in the heart. You can use different types of paper that will be just as good, if not better. If you're not so inclined to draw the heart on there, um, sometimes using different kind of materials depending on the liquor, going to the look you're going for, it will be even better. So here's some examples of some of the papers that would be really good for that project or that part of the project. Some of these are very valentine looking. This is also some origami paper that I got at Dice. Oh, this paper came in a packet. I think it was a dollar 50. It might have been $3 but, uh, they have different kinds of origami paper there in metallics and holla graphics and, um, prints and lots of things. This one is like an iridescent, almost transparent origami paper that I got on a piece in my sketchbook before. Very, very shiny. It's very colorful. There's some embellishments, like at Michael's, um, just to say that you could put stickers on their, um, pretty much anything you want to add to this these a really good day of the dead stickers. For the to add to the Mexican Valentine quality, this is probably a little bit more advanced. This is a embossing powder. You can get these at paper source or Michael's are a few different crap shops. But this is a very beautiful, um, way of in bossing. You basically put glue down on the paper. Specialized glue that sticky and then you put the powder on it and then used are very, very, very high heat heater like a blow dryer. But this especially made for embossing, so it's very, very high heat and concentrated in one area, and it melts the powder and creates a liquefied, shiny, shiny embossed effect. It's very beautiful. Um, this is some glitter I got at Michael's. This is a glass glitter. It comes a little bit more varied. Formal. I really love the way it was cut, Um, kind of like shattered glass, I thought. It's a couple of the prettiest glitters that I've seen before that don't look so uniform and look a little bit more like glass, Which is where I'm sure the name comes from glass glitter. You definitely want to take some time out to decide which materials you want to use. Definitely do some experimentation that be the pretty fun part, and then we'll move on to the drawing face 3. Metallic Ink & Paint: wake up feeling good. As I may have mentioned earlier. This goes well for during any kind of greeting card or any kind of card to a loved one and doesn't have to be on Valentine's, which is why I'm releasing this, not on Valentine's. Um, but you can do this for any kind of occasion just for a, uh, homemade, um, crafted touch to any kind of message or birthday our event that you might want. So here I'm actually using the white Joe pin to mask off pretty much the areas that I'm gonna be painting and white. Um, I'm doing this so that I can see the lines better, because it is darker paper on and the pencil guides are might get lost while I'm working. Um, and as you say, I made a little mistake there on the left. Didn't curve that on the right spot. Um, but that's okay. That part's gonna be covered anyway, So don't worry about making mistakes. You always go back and fix them. Don't worry about starting over. There's no need for that. Just keep on going and you'll be fine. So basically I'm just marking out all the areas that I want to make sure I don't make a mistake on later, or I want to make sure that show up really well. And I'm coming back to painting on right here. I am marking off, um, the general direction I want the golden rays to be coming out of. So I start with, you know, across formacion X formacion and then to slowly adding from there because I'm not gonna put straight lines. I'm going to be putting kind of pattern lines, dotted lines. They're gonna be young, more decorative, just a straight line. And you can definitely just do straight lines. Um, for your rays. But I like the texture that comes when you make the rays very types of raised by using different kinds of lines and different kind of patterns to create something for that. So for this beginning portion going to block and some of the larger raise with gold watercolor. And so I'm painting that on right now, - and the Goldwater color may take a few coats, maybe three coats to show up really well, to be pretty opaque. If you don't have to do it that way, you can make yours a little bit more transparent. Think it's really pretty either way. But for the effect of this, since I will be using different kinds of pens on, they will be pretty opaque. I want to make sure everything is pretty much the same opaqueness level. So with the watercolor here, you can see it does come off pretty transparent. It is basically just flakes of a metallic in suspended in the water, so it may take a few coats of this to get it pretty opaque. - After all that's on, you can start adding in some of the gel pens, which I'm doing here with the metallic Joe pins, and I use a ruler just to make sure the line straight. I don't think you really want a free hand this part, but just used a ruler to line up your lines, make your line straight. And then, as you can see, I put a dotted line. So I'm gonna be doing a lot of that, Um, kinda like a little pattern pattern, a patterned line on the paper so that it's not just all straight lines, and I think that adds to the textural quality as well as the culture of quality. Have a look of the the actual card to have a floral elementary, a more decorative pattern element in just the straight lines. E. Keep in mind is loud. Different directions you can go with this metallic portion doesn't necessarily have to be lines. It can be patterns or it can be small. Metallic objects are designs or just drawings or curves or anything like that that can go behind the main portion of the picture. The heart of the name or whatever you choose to do in the center can be anything you really want. But I really like the look of the race to tie in with the sacred heart kind of looking motif that I got going here. 4. Gouache & Gel Ink: eso. There are a few variety materials are mediums that you can use for the white portion of this. You may also want to use a different color besides white for the banner that I'm drawing around the heart property. Use any color you want. I do like the white look. It's a very classic look for this heart, more teeth on, and then I'm doing a build up slow build up the wash. It is still kind of transparent, so it's pretty easy to get a transparent quality, especially as you can see what I'm doing. The shadows, just a small thin layer of the paint, covers it just barely enough to show that it's white but almost in shadow. So that helps a lot with the, UH, three D quality painting on this dark paper. And then just to build up the white areas, I just go over and multiple layers white and then also finishing touches with the white Joe Penn in the smaller areas, Um, and then you pretty much have your better done at that point. As I said, you can use other kinds of materials for the heart aspect. The heart portion of this I am going to be also doing the same thing I used with the banner with the build up of the shadows here. So some of this I'm not going to paint all the way to the edge on every layer because I want the darkness to show up as a shadow. So the first layer is a little bit dark. And then as I go with more layers of the red, I'm going to be slowly going away from the shadow that I want to build up there. So the heavy of the pain, the more in light it is, and then where I'm not painting is gonna be sort of a darker red shadow. So that's why I'm not painting all the way up to the line. Because as you can see, what I'm painting away from the banner underneath, it's causing a shadow kind of shadowy area from the very first layer the red paint. So this makes a heart look a little bit more three D 5. Gold Leaf & Gel Ink: gold leaf is a very popular medium. When crafting things that I've seen, a lot of people use it in drawings just to amp up the drying a little bit. I think it's a very beautiful way to add finishing touches to a drawing and sensitive so popularly gonna find these a lot of places. I found these materials at my local Michael's. This is the jar glue that you use with the gold leaf, I said. This is not regular glue, so you don't use regular glue with this. It's, Ah, tacky glue, almost like rubber cement. If you Berries rivers a minute, it's has a tacky quality to it. On this, even more so is a special tool I use is a rubber tipped brush. It's basically a the tip of it is a piece of shape rubber, and it allows the, um, dried portions of the glue to come out very, very easily. Rusher, that's what these brushes air, Actually, four. But I found that these air very useful for that. So if you have smaller, find areas that you want to paint with the glue, Um, because it may take more than one layer of the glue to make sure it's tacky enough. So if you have some very fine areas like I do with these thin flames that I'm gonna be putting over the heart having a tool like this to push the glue into those crevices and thin areas very, very helpful. So I definitely recommend getting one of those. If you're going to be doing our leaf leaving like this, - Tillerson chose to do gold leaf here. I could have used any other material. You could also use some of the washing tape. It could use some, um, gold paper. Any of that would have shown very well and probably may have been a little bit easier to use. I do myself like the look of the gold leaf. It does have a very good, uh, eliminates that quality it has. It's very reflective. So I would like that aspect and they get to make the project will easily could just cut out a piece of metallic paper and metallic paper. It could be found at Michael's. It's very easy to get, and you just cut out the shape that you want and paste that on it. I could do that with almost any portion of this part of the heart the heart itself, the banner of the flame, Uh, but just to go with gold leave because of the qualities of the gold leave being very reflective. And there's almost a texture that's left when you're using the flakes that I showed you earlier because I'll be putting on multiple small flakes on top of each other for this part , instead of just doing one sheet of the gold leave because it comes in little sheets. So if you put on the sheet, it'll be a little bit more flat. It'll be a little bit more smooth, um, uniform looking, but I'm really wanting Teoh amp up the texture quality. So I want to do, um, the crumbles of the gold leaf. I save these crumbles of gold leave from other gold Lee things that I do other works that I do because you basically put it on and then you brush away. You know, the flakes that don't stick. Instead of brushing those in the trash, I put those into little jar like you saw earlier, and I saved done for projects like this where wondering is just a little bit of gold leave , and I think that's very, very handed to do and probably a good practice to docked. So once you have the glue in all the areas that you want it in, you wait for it to dry on by dry mean it will become very tacky in less liquid. It becomes a little bit shiny and then you can touch it, and you can feel a very, very strong tackiness to it. And at that point, that is when you want to start adding your gold leaf and then you just tap it on using the same tool that I did. I cleaned it off on then, um, metal flakes just stick pretty well anyway, to your finger to this tool anyway, So they're pretty easy to get out and on to the paper on, and then you just rub it onto the glue. The tackiness holds the gold leaf in place, and I just press it here with the tool. And then I just keep doing that over and over and over until the entire flame that I'm trying to cover is covered. If you need to, you can go back in with a little bit more of the glued to areas that aren't as tacky or not holding the gold leaf as well. So you can do this in multiple layers, so you get their results that you want. - I have to finish this off and give it a little bit more color, since I did have some blue in the original drawing that I was referencing when I had him put in blue metallic a couple of different metallic blues in here there's a a blue gel pain . Then there's a blue glitter pain. And then there's a blue metallic pin all at work here in the center to create this blue quality so you can see that matches very well with the gold leaf. You could have done all of this in metallic gels or any other material that that I've mentioned has shown before. Even the metallic water colors come in different colors, so any of those would have worked just fine. But I do like mixing the different mediums here for different effects. So this came out pretty well, happy with the way that looked 6. Inking the Text: So for our final touches, um, you'll want to have a name picked out or a phrase or whatever you're gonna be riding on to this banner. I'm going to practice some of the fonts. I usually look up bonds online using Pinterest again. Ventress is a great resource brightness. You can look up four different kinds of funds and then practice them. And then I drew mine out on the card here, and then I'll be using that as my reference to sketch out on Adesso. Three. Used to draw over the wash paint here, Um, it erases okay. It's not the best of racing's. You do want to make too many mistakes, but it's definitely forgiving and especially, do you make a mistake? You can go back and wash over it some more just to cover it up a little bit more. So don't worry too much about it. Um, but I'm basically just drawing on my letters here, and then I'll be using a black brush brushing, too, fill in letters and then my white Joep in just to correct some of the little areas where the Incas straight or a little too fuzzy or whatever the case may be a it's a very good correcting tool. And now I'm going to be adding some of my joe red pens in various metallic red glitter red , and I'm gonna be adding some flourishes onto the heart. Just a little scrollwork on the inside. Teoh really give it a a vintage, elegant look. 7. Closing: Well, I hope you enjoyed that. And my complete inability to play the guitar obviously need to take some lessons on that. But I hope you enjoy this lesson and find some way to incorporate this activity into your life, whether you not whether or not you have a loved one in your life. Sometimes it is important to focus on the love that you do have and being grateful for the things that you have can really create an open space. Thanks so much for watching, and I'll see you in the next one.