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Metallic Watercolors: Painting an Impressionistic Landscape

teacher avatar Andy Villon, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class!

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. How to use metallic watercolors

    • 4. Painting Part 1

    • 5. Painting Part 2

    • 6. Painting Part 3

    • 7. Painting Part 4

    • 8. Painting Part 5

    • 9. Student Project & Thank You

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About This Class


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Andy Villón and I will be your teacher today!

Watercolors are amazing paints to work with, but metallic watercolors are even more amazing! These paints are beautiful when under bright light and sunlight. They really add something special to the painting.

Today we will be using metallic paints by Coliro and we’ll be painting a sunset landscape from Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The beautiful city of Charleston is close to the ocean and has the Cooper River flowing by it. Along with the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and the stunning grasslands along the river, we’ll be painting this landscape as an impressionistic painting. I think giving it this dreamy and whimsical look is a great addition.

I have attached several photographs that I used for the sunset scene. I combined them to give it the look I desired. I used the first photo as reference for the bridge and sky and basic lay of the land. I wanted there to be a small waterway in the middle of the scene flowing towards the viewer so I used the second photo as reference for that. I have also included a picture of the bridge in the daytime and at sunset so you can see more details.

The paint colors I use are:




Indian Summer

Golden Olive

Deep Purple

Vibrant Blue

Apple Green

Arabic Gold


Deep Space

Black Forest

Vibrant Green

Moss Green

Midnight Blue

Black Mica

Blue Green

Moon Gold


The brushes I use are:

3/8” Angle by Robert Simmons Sapphire Brush for Watercolors

5 mm Rounded Watercolor Brush

Size 4 Shader by Robert Simmons Sapphire Brush for Watercolors

Size 18 Rounded Brush by Kolinsky

The paper I use:

Crescent 114 extra heavyweight cold press watercolor board - White

Canson Black Art Drawing Board

I also use;

White Caran d’Ache Luminance Pencil



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andy Villon

Artist and Illustrator


  I am a 26 year old artist working out of my home studio in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. I specialize in watercolors, colored pencils and acrylics. I greatly enjoy painting realistic animals, landscapes and cityscapes. I love teaching and sharing what I have learned with others.


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1. Welcome to Class!: Hello everybody and welcome to this metallic watercolor class. I'm so excited to be able to share with him similar the knowledge that I've gained. And v would help him become a better artist. To introduce myself, my name is Andy, and I live in print verse have carolina, United States. Over the past eight years, I've been focusing mainly on using watercolors, colored pencils, and paint for my heart as fleshly never realism. And being able to capture something from nature and being able to put it on a canvas is a prefers always amazes me. I remember when I was about eight years old TV show and saying Ellen artist drew a car and made it so real. And Ryan said, when I'm older, I want to be able to draw an eye that I personally enjoy drawing animals. Pronouns who enjoy painting landscapes and cityscapes, as you can see here. My way of working with Warner coverage is different from the way there. Many people use them. Many people use water curves in a very loose, very watery way. As the name implies. However, I use them in a very sick Huawei and I really layer them up. So I really had many layers in order to get the effect. And then I want, and the paintings we'll be doing today won't be somewhat impressionistic looking and loose. And these metallic watercolor paints quite caret row. Also news outlet, so much fun, experimenting, see them and they're very vibrant. They really stand out. And I think that's harmful around with them, whatever order. I look forward to seeing what you create, then we're near able to come up with. So class is about to begin. Get your water ready and your crashes out. And we're starting the class, we'll see you in the next video. 2. Materials: To me again, who are very annoying over these materials and where I'm using cold press, harder, clever word, 50 percent, number 114 for the white ground. And how we using a Canson, drawing more. In reality, you don't need to use exactly what I'm using any type of marker paper. Well too, but I've found that these works best for me. And that's why I'm recommending you use the same thing. Next item is this T square how raising 40. And then show sketching, as well as this current dash illuminance, right? Hired pencil. And this is our first pressure will be using it as a five millimeter rounded press hand will remain the using it for our initial starting painting we'll be doing. Next is this hearing aid inch or recurring first by Sapphire and Robert Simmons. And we'll be using it mainly later on for our painting. Next is this size for shader, first letter, small hand. And rounded off. We have this size 18 pairs around it and my current city. So here are our water clever parallel covers by Cordero. And I have 20 covers that I'm going to use most, or purples grains. One black, and a bit of orange as well. So here is the NADH fan or same ERA. There's a container. It doesn't really matter when SMED have whenever a char their Stederal Tupperware, her and they saying her work just something that study and he can carry Show that charter materials will be using. And we're about to start. I'm now at first many inpainting study of a sunset. So I'll see you in the next video. 3. How to use metallic watercolors: So the three colors we'll be using today are deep purple via imprint, Crane, and hair and cones. And you can see how the paint comes dry any federal palette. We'll be using this 50 millimeter watercolor brush. So what I like to do is I keep my paint brush nice and wet. And then with the water on the brush, I applied to the pilot and I leave it for about two to three minutes, turned into water, soak in and strophe enough to paint. Whatever you to notice here is that when I put my brush in the paint spinning toilet and allows me to get the maximum amount of paint in my brush each time. Because I want to have another thing to me or to apply to the surface. Paint, sometimes being that there's water, Claire, headache, Azure parapet and transparent. For exam 5 here on the right side of the cranes where you can say it is a bit more transparent. With that being said, have you note with this Arabic gold paint, it is part how pink. So it's paint varies. Some is more transparent and more opaque. Now what I'm going to hand notice is the difference in how the paints on a white background versus a black graph. Here. Notice that because these paints and be transparent and times and they appear in better on the surface versus the white. And the white and white shows through. And the paints town pump has much has 10 to a 100 pack. I recommend using a illustration board or PPO, or perhaps gray, horn brown, whatever your choices. So here you can see how the paints try on the right background. Some are a bit more. Cocaine. Another's hand, here's some better cursor, repaints and unpack backround. Sir, Now we're going to start our mini painting, our study, some shame. And the next video. 4. Painting Part 1: Welcome back. Today we're working on our masterpiece painting and start out my Karen dash. Remnants, white colored pencil and my T-square for some of the straight lines. And I'm just sketching in where I went to the main chiefs. To me, There's painting my main more true to life than our PREMIS minim painting, MP and RNA standing and less location. And Charles 10 and vein are clean cars. Thank south. And so our Sun when the setting to the west and it were now to be visible to our VR. Because therefore, how only be painting named grow and rays of the sun in this same. And as for the pencil, heat or NEF to use care dash in the news, any other brand name wasn't clever. Favorite pastel, and really doesn't matter. You just had an aged pay, right? And so R is symmetric, then I'm invisible. My name plaque had ground. Okay, sir, start out amazing. My angled brush around with it. Summer and I'm going in, in the central area where the river is and I'm adding them crash marks here and there, but at the same time, allowing there's a plaque background to show trial and temporary visible. Now, are we using midnight blue going in the same direction as IMA to down? And then summer adding the stripes to the river and as, and allowing them to act. Hi, everyone. And now I'm using bioprinting, plume, tail or night never permit. And I'm not actually using this deep purple to add a force there. Now I'll be using Teams space to add a another layer. And if I have an absent, adding layers is a very important everyone to have a mean of our scene. Now I'm using Sunbeam to add some highlights to the waves and the river. And I really want to show the highlights. Where is where the waves are cresting and the river. And New York, say when combining all these colors together. Now orange with the purpose and blooms, he really gives it a beautiful sunset into that at sunset and a walk. And I've also changed trooper to my size four shader because everything in place, center lines and then strokes. And I didn't want them to raise from as if I had used the merger in gold merge. Now I will switch over to my varargs, can make a paint. And I'm using this to add shadows to the rage and show where they write in depth. And I think this gives us a good addition. 5. Painting Part 2: Now that I have all those covers down and dry, I'm going backwards, my inker brush and it slightly moist. And I'm going in and just touching the surface and blending the colors together a bit. Not too much. You interleave them to be separate covers, but just temperature slightly blend them so they look more as one and less as subpoint strengths. Now I'm going in with Jungle cover that, adding nice thick base layer to the right-hand side. And one clinic like to do and use Newtonian it here is, I'm just ever so slightly softening up the edges. That grain. I'm going to just named it down. So then they don't bend then to the surrounding colors. And now I'm using Vibram grain and the very edge of my brush to add today's crass heirs. And these, because this is a better painting, convenient a favor and more prominent. And then, then the previous mini painting. But I'm going in really there in line. One thing I want to print out when painting grass or anything similar, one of the random and not have rows of air, so dressed him in cleaning corn rows. Okay, that can mean realms. But this is a very important to have these grasslands and grass strokes, the random, because that's where nature is. Nature is random and haphazard. It isn't nice and made in rows. And now I'm using black forest, add a few shadows to this Gratz man. And once it dries, I'm going to count. Now I'm switching to where that goes. My size four shader, to have a huge retailers have corrode and scrunch up to 27 rest. Pain tests try I'm using my angled brush to men then these fingers together a bit. Hi. My interests, my nadir of Django and the left side adding the base there, S or S hand. Now I'm going in with a vibrant green and using the same methods and aims to on the red side and adding the grass non-random way. Okay. And as I approach this area that's further away from our available time trying to paint the rash has more of a mesh. Real ray in faraway blend together and not trying to paint him as much as a single hairs. And said, I'm painting them as a large mass when painting this area hundreds and bridge that's further away. Now I'm using a watery coat rack for us to go over this area and read to turn it down and width. And still at the mindframe print through this watery code. But using this method will just temperate be turned down and not so vibrant and prominent. And after reading some of the currents parts to the grass with Arabic code, I'm going in again with a forest and adding code to the left side. So for adding a second coat to the right. Hi, I'm mostly using black forest around the edge of the water and the left side of the bank where the grass, his meeting to water, carrying interpretive a shadow. So that concludes part one of our master painting. Hope you enjoyed it and had fun. And our next video where we were in the sky and the bridge. And there's painting is going to turn out painter for where that being said. I'll see you in the next video. 6. Painting Part 3: Welcome back. So right, other than that, well, start out with painting these brushes on the left side evidence scene. And I'm using Django rain for this. I think of nurses as it around masses have veins that make up a vague mass, which is the inverse. So the way I paint this is adding little dots here and there, whoever pushes. And after printing enough for them, it's stretched to the bush. We're naming some black of the paper showing through keeping in mind that ever send guide has come in from our right. Even though he can see and we know the 90s coming from that direction, I'm adding Arabic code and the right-hand side, have them push in some areas to show where there's a bit of highlight them. But if sunlight being cast and the edge of the brush, and that gives it a positive SRE dimensionality. Now I'm using ERPO rain around with In your brush and I'm working on the foreground area. And because the grass is closer to us paying and foreground hidden world of here we are too with a waiver, which is Apps. And the way I'm painting this grass here is similar to how I paint the grass in there, made it around. Trying to use a random brush stroke. Again with my strokes. But make sure that they are a bit random. Maybe some remaining 10 or left after staining nor tolerate, and so on. And I'm making sure that Tabs have these hairs of grass extend up and over the mid ground grass. Now in order for them to blend together very well. Now what we'll do is add a couple more layers. So first term easing, going to hand this secondary layer just to add a bit of variety to the carrier. Even inventive, different 10 shade. Trevor took my size four shader in order to have hits who's smarter strands and crafts in there. Now I'm using pyramid Crozier to give it that gold shimmer that he sees on grass at some sense Who times. And I think this raises a great addition to this area. Now that the foreground is fade, moving on to the background, to the area which in reality is the peninsula of charge ten. And so I want this to be very fuzzy and very married out in the distance. So I'm using this marine paint around with my angle. Theta pays a layer of paint and a compositional layer of symmetric creditors had our test, again, very impressionistic and just a hint, have a setting. And while that paint dries on horizon, I'm adding a few hairs of Kress, has a shadow around in foreground area. 7. Painting Part 4: Now I'm going back with my black paint. And again, like I said, how anthers to be very impressionistic and this area. And so adding their squares and narrow shapes, they gave us the idea. You have the server serves Kerstin pain in this area. And one thing I want to stress is that they don't want to over think it over, do it because you really want to leave this area Simple and a minimalist. That's why they only cover most of the ad, is when night Peru in a very limited quantity trust inhibitor term, hazy nighttime PM. And without further ado, we're going to store it under sky. And I'm really excited this chart and this area. So we're using and then summarize our first coat and my size, 10 round and inverse hybridized because I can remember our strokes town and I can't add on other areas, have this painting, I'm allowing the implant, the canvas show through the Indian summer. Henry covered up more later on. But for now, and then I need to be shown through the orange. Now I'm going in with some purple and I really think there's no gray. Make it red addition when chartered here, added happy to this, purple as one of the factors. Now I've switched back changes in their code and I'm using my inward pressure. And that's because we have a rounded head, have the size 18 versus time is getting too thick line and I wanted to be center and the parent thinner lines. And that's why I switched over. Another thing is that the sun is setting off to my right. And so I'm going to show this by having less code, which has a red color to the left side of the painting. I'm going to make that side character and more and shadow. Now I'm back over to my rounded press and I'm using this. There was a strike they must add to blend some of these colors. For our next video on finishing the sky and finishing their approach and adding details are there. So I'll see you in the next video. Have fun. 8. Painting Part 5: We are back and we're working on the sky. And right now I'm adding the night crew, mainly on the other side of our scene and the sky. And like I mentioned in the previous video, I want this side to be darker and more in shadow. That's why are they mainly adding these character shades of brown to this side? Now I'm going to crack, can turn somewhere. I'm sending work and describe what's my cane in our parish. And now I'm using my end and summer paint onto my favorites and blending it into the sky. Today our system covers working it in and you'll notice that I don't take it all the way to the left side and a flat and put sparse and without adding too much for this. And in summer. Now that my sky is complete, I'm going back with my Karen dash dominant principle out where I went to Cambridge to weigh every enter mapped out. But when I take paint over that area, covered it up. So the first phase values to the layout bridge is black mica around with my size four shader. And this brush is great for adding the small lines. They swore details, then that's my night. Use it and its situation. Um, are sovereign. They use some tips, face around with MDM summer to add to this bridge, give it some character and shape. And one thing I love about painting and drawing this antibiotic details. So I'm going to add a few details to the Enbridge, adding some of the wires that go around myths top part. One more thing I'm doing is adding some more shadows to the Persians using that might have paint, giving more three-dimensionality. With that, our painting is from plate, and I always finish my paintings by signing my name. I have really enjoyed watching this tutorial using current will paint. I really enjoyed using these metallic paints are amazing, amazing in their painting and sunlight. And they really are so many possibilities with a sprains from using them on their own. And this printing to using them. And they're mixed media and its current sensors and acrylics and really is in this and they are harem marker and beautiful and really add to the painting and in our next video and print discussing their projects. So see you then. Bye bye. 9. Student Project & Thank You: Welcome back and start off. I have decided to divide this project into two parts. And the first part, I want you to get to know your paints. It's now how they work, how they feel, how they are used in a practical sense, understand how much water you need to use, how wrong you need to set the training set and itself. Understand how to go to the paint on your brush is our D2. Now. And what I want you to do is a small mini painting that I did. Scene to something you're interested in. It doesn't have to be a sense that if the key is you have a passion for whatever you're going to think. And it just started experimental. It is meant to be Masterpiece card, a perfect painting. Here, just trying out, getting to know the paint and then how it works. And the key is to have fun, enjoy what you're doing. If you get frustrated, David, stop for a few hours a day. How we cover much time and then comeback and cmd and new. So in part two of our project, here we were on your last case in a paste and overseas times. And again, choose something you're passionate about. Sibling Egypt, faint. If it's animal, person and events in or whatever it doesn't matter. Choose something that you are already passionate about. Anatomy motivate you to finish. So I want you to really make this work hard, put your art into it, and try and have a virulent new details. Think of working in a painting. If it's a landscape, where is it? Day, is it holidays? Things are very important to producing a beautiful painting. And honestly don't worry about how long it takes. Effort takes a week, or a month, or a year or more. Because a matter, it's just important to our climate, land to produce thing that has u and v and of course, grade and develop any questions, any questions at all? Please don't hesitate to ask me, write me, and I'll help you as much as I can. When damping said, I want to thank each and every randomly from the bottom of my heart for tending, for watching my class. And I hope you benefited from it and are able to learn something. And our flowered teaching here, he even more in the future. Thank you and goodbye.