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14 Videos (1h 31m)
    • An Introduction to the Course

    • Do This First !!!

    • A Brief Introduction to the Print On Demand Business

    • Why Choose Merch by Amazon

    • How Merch by Amazon Works

    • Tiering Up on Merch by Amazon

    • My Strategy for Tiering Up

    • Getting Inspiration for Your Designs

    • How to Target Low Competition Keywords

    • Uploading Your T-shirt Design (Part One)

    • Uploading Your T-shirt Design (Part Two)

    • Making Sure You Follow The Rules

    • What To Do While You Are Waiting

    • What Next?


About This Class

The Beginner's Guide to Merch by Amazon will teach you everything you need to know to start earning a substantial income from designing and selling t-shirts online

If you are in any way creative and have not checked out the incredible opportunity that is Merch by Amazon then my advice to you would be to stop whatever it is you are doing now and spend the next hour or so watching this course, which will explain just how easy it is to supplement your online income through designing t-shirts for sale on Amazon Merch.


Incredible Opportunity Not To Be Missed

Merch by Amazon is, without a doubt, one of the best opportunities currently out there for creatives wanting to supplement their online income. And by Creatives, I am not just talking about the Graphic Designers amongst you. 

Perhaps like me, you are a writer and so naturally have a talent for coming up with witty slogans for t-shirts. Or maybe you are a web designer and so have a natural eye for a cool design.

The good news is that on the whole, the designs that seem to sell best on Merch do not necessarily need the skill set of a trained graphic designer, but rather the skill set of someone who is creative and who is willing to research exactly which designs are going to sell well on the platform.

Why Take This Course? 

The Beginner's Guide to Merch by Amazon will explain everything you need to know to help get you up and running in this incredibly exciting t shirt business.

The course begins by looking at the Print On Demand tshirt business model in general, including other POD companies such as Teespring, and why Amazon Merch in particular Is such an exciting opportunity.

The course then considers exactly how Merch by Amazon works, before looking in detail at the concept of Tiering Up on Merch.

The next part of the course takes a more practical look at how to get ideas for your t-shirt designs as well as a step-by-step look at actually uploading a t shirt design to Merch.

The course then covers the importance of following the rules that have been laid out by Amazon as well as the need for researching trademarks, so as to avoid any chance of your March by Amazon account being closed down.

And last, but not least, the class looks at what you should do while you are waiting to be accepted into the March by Amazon program.

So why not join me in this class today and discover just how easy it is to make a significant passive income online through March by Amazon.





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David ✏ Ault

The Writer Teacher

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I also teach classes about course creation, online learning platforms and teaching, and recently, I launched the Writer Teacher Facebook Group as a place where self-published authors and online teachers can hang out to discuss how to make a significant income from your writing throu...

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