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Merch By Amazon: Start Your T-shirt Business Online

teacher avatar Aldin P., Designer & Developer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Dashboard Merch by Amazon

    • 4. Merch by Amazon Tier

    • 5. People Who Buy & People Who Sells On Amazon

    • 6. Products On Merch by Amazon

    • 7. Request Invitation From Amazon

    • 8. Free Images

    • 9. How to download and install brush in Photoshop

    • 10. How to find, install and use fonts in Photoshop

    • 11. Software Options For Design

    • 12. Evergreen Designs VS Trending Designs

    • 13. Steps for research

    • 14. Merch Informer Tool

    • 15. Best Sellers Rank BSR Explaned

    • 16. Place to check evants (part of research)

    • 17. Pretty Merch

    • 18. TMhunt

    • 19. Google Trends

    • 20. Free Trafic Long term

    • 21. T shirt Design Vol 1

    • 22. T shirt Design Vol 2

    • 23. T shirt Design Vol 3

    • 24. T Shirt Design Vol 4

    • 25. T Shirt Design Vol 5

    • 26. Process of uploading our design on Merch by Amazon

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to earn money and how to dominate on Merch by Amazon! This is a class for beginners on this platform! I work on Merch by Amazon 2 years and I will share my secrets with you! This class is structured like this:

  • Introduction.

  • How it works (everything you need to know about Merch by Amazon - how to gets accepted, tiers, earnings, dashboard, etc).

  • Where to find resources (software options for designing part, free fonts, free brushes, free images, and more).

  • Research (evergreen designs, event-based designs, tools that will help us on Merch by Amazon, step by step on how to do the right research, what is BSR, Trademarks and everything else!

  • Designing and uploading.

  • Updates  

    Join me in this class today and discover just how easy it is to make a significant passive income online through Merch by Amazon!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aldin P.

Designer & Developer


I have been in the design field for more than 7 years from now, and have been using Photoshop for many years. I graduated from IT Academy, department Graphic & Web Design.  My expertise includes graphic design and creating digital artwork. I'm here to share my knowledge with other people who are willing to learn! 

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1. Promo: If you want to learn how to earn money and how to dominate on emerge by Amazon than you are at the right place I created discourse The help people who are new emerged by Amazon. I work on this platform almost two years and I will share my secrets with you. First we will learn what is murdered by Amazon and all stuff that we need for start after that I will show you how to find good MPRI resource is or your work the most important part that no one want to talk about these research. I will show you step by step, how to do right research later we are going on designing part. I created not one, not two or three designs. I created five different designs to show you and finally uploading in this part I will show you how to upload design 2. Introduction: Hi guys. Welcome. So in this video, I want to introduce you Wait, merged by Amazon and Amazon generally. So let's start monthly visits that Amazon God are pretty amazing. So this is almost unbelievable. So as you guys can see 2.1 billion use in February, 2.3 in March, let's see in December 2018 almost three billion use or visits on their site. So it's absolutely unbelievable, and it's over 25 billions in one year. That's that's insane. So why I'm showing you this. How much average people spent on Amazon Amazon prime users or subscribers spent around $1300 in one year worth none. Members spent around $700. This is a study, I think it waas included, like a couple 1000 people. So it's pretty accurate. So why is this important? Why? I'm showing you this well. Our product will be part of Amazon merge by Amazon East part off Amazon. Everything we create goes directly on Amazon platform. So there is a great chance for us to sell our problem So the stronger Amazon ease the better for us. Simple. Is that so? What's also good about this? We don't need to market our product because Amazon is really large marketplace and we just create our product and what's important up here. If we want to get free traffic from Amazon, we need to know we need to understand how Amazon works and how to rank up our products. So in this course, I will cover that. Also known for now. Let's talk about merge Amazon What is March by Amazon? Well merge Obama's on e spring on demand service built, maintained and managed by Amazon. So if you guys don't know what springtime demand service well, simply, we provide designs, uploads the specific products that Amazon gave us, place them and sell them on Amazon. So basically we just create design and put it on their product and they will do everything else. They will shit that product. They will deal with customers. They will produce a that shirt. They will bring that shirt, everything, everything, everything. They will cover everything for you. And at the end of the month we will get our paycheck. If some of our products got so so designs on merge, Obama's on could be really basics or complex. It's really up to you so later in the course, I will explain you and you will see that some of the really simple designs can sell on merge. Obama's on on white opposites Some of the really complex design one. Bring us any money on emerged Obama's on, so we will learn difference about those kind of things. And now let's talk about good and bad sides off. Merged by Amazon. So good sides. We will get free organic traffic. But if we know what to do so Amazon will bring us people toe our products and potentially those people will buy our product and we will earn money. But that will only happen if we know what to do, how to do a research, how toe create specific products and stuff like that. So we will cover everything that this or so second good stink. We don't need to advertise. Amazon got their own platform for advertising. We can also get put our product there, spent money or or we don't need to do that. So if you don't have any money, don't worry. You don't need to spend any money on emerged by Amazon. Next good thing about merged. Amazon is their community, so people work on the merge. Obama's own platform are simply amazing. Babel share their knowledge, their experience, everything else with you. So that's really good side of this platform. So I will also create Facebook or they score. So where we can exchange our experience on this platform or if you just simply need somehow tips and tricks, I will upload their on and that's it. Next good thing. Chance to earn more than $10,000 per month. This platform. Yeah, it's possible. I know a couple guys who are getting their who are already there on. It's nothing that you and I can make it. So all we need to do we need to understand how this platform work and Sky's the limit. We can go and put work and earn money, so it's really important to know what to do. Toe put work and what time and that's it. Money will come on. The last thing is, it costs nothing. So basically this will cost us nothing, and that's it. So there is couple good sites, more for merch by Amazon on, and but we will discuss about that through the course. So now Let's I mentioned some of the bad sides off Obama's on, so that is, make competition. So basically, this is still a new platform. Merge. Obama's on released It may be a couple of years from now through or three years. I don't remember, but it's still a great opportunity for everyone, but But at some point, there will be almost impossible to earn and live from doing Job emerged by Amazon. That's only my opinion. It doesn't mean that's correct, but too much People are trying to make this happen, and not all of those people gonna make it. So next batting is invitation process. It's not really bad thing, is it? Just couple of days, citing for now on you just go upload your information's some personal stuff and something like that, and after that, they will review your invitation process or your leather. Call it whatever you like, and after that they will approve your account. So that's it. If you don't know what to do, you just lose time on this platform. So basically, this is not bad side. This is something if you If you don't have knowledge about this platform that's gonna happen, you're just loose effort. You'll just lose time and nothing good is gonna happen. So keep that in mind and watched discourse till the end. And now what's my job here? So basically, this is how I structured the scores. First, I will introduce you with everything you need to know about Amazon. About merger by Amazon. After that, I will show you how that works. After we'll learn and see how it works, we will go on find Resource is for our designs for example, some images or some fonts and the stuff like that. After that, the most important thing is thes thesis research. So this is really number one. This is the key off success on murder by Amazon to do right research. After we learn how to do a research, we will go design an up vote. So I will explain you how to design how to use for the shop. If you don't know how to use photo shop, I will create some videos about that on. After we learn that we will go through the process off uploading how to do right keywords and the stuff like that. After we learn all of that, we will go with updates and how. Basically, when we finish with designing and uploading, that's almost the end of the course. After that, I will help you with updates and help on a daily basis. I will upload my my process or you can upload your process and we can exchange our knowledge or help each other. And at the end is success. So I hope we see a there and the last thing and who are ideal people for this? Well, basically anyone who want to start a business with no money start it's hard. But this is really simple. I think it's nothing hard on this, so just you need to stay focused. Second, these people I want to create passive income. For example, me, I pay my bills with money I received from merch by Amazon. So each month I received money for merch by Amazon and I treated like passive income. I pay my built with this money and also people who want to learn how to design shirt and earn money. This is ideal for you. So I hope you like it and CIA guys in the course. Thank you for watching 3. Dashboard Merch by Amazon: Hi, guys. Welcome. So in this video, I will introduce you with the dash mark on emerged by Amazon. So this is my worth. And you will see something similar when you got your account group. So this is up here. It shows recent activity from the last seven. They so from up here, this guys can see marketplace amazon dot com This is UK and this is for Germany, so different marketplaces. I'm based on amazon dot com. So all I sell is on a amazon dot com. So number mine? Yes. You guys can see in the last seven days, Eisold lead three shirts. So this is really bad month or now on a merger. Amazon. You got good months and you got bad months. This is currently bad month for me because I uploaded designs that are based on time events . And now those events are gone, and I need to upload new sets off shirt Still, never mind. Let's go. So up, up there at the bottom are the names of my shirts and the pictures off my shirts. Anyway, this is the airport from up here, you can go and upload finished art or from up here you go to create and from up here at create rather to you got upload, aren't built product on the Dells and submit it for review. So from up here, we can create our artwork or upload our artwork. And as you guys can see, choose product type appear we choose a product type and later on we upload that product or amazon dot com UK or Kate. This is German. So from up here we got manage. This will show us all our shirts. I will learn this one. So guy So guys that you can see from up here we can manage our products, filter them and from appear received which product is live which re submitted for review which is under review which is processing pending approval rejected or tremble So this is how we filter those shirts And from up here we got actions We can go right We can go click on this button who added delete this specific design so we can go at it and later on we can change a price Change a name off our shirt and stuff like that on the last days Analyze so guys from up here. It will show us our earnings from the last seven days. So guys up here the analyze it will show was the earnings for the last seven days where you can go change a range and see how much you earn for a month, two or three. So, guys, that's a brief review off. Merge grammars on that. It's really nothing special. So as you guys, so as you guys can see, I needs 23 shirts. If my math is right to be at the maximum off 500 product designs, so right now I'm reading to be teared up. So, guys, if you have any questions about merge grammars on dashboards, let me know on see it in the next video. 4. Merch by Amazon Tier: Hi, guys. You're doing well this video. I will introduce you. We emerged by Amazon T ups. So basically, when you create your account, you be a dear one. You will be able to upload with pan designs. So when you got sold, then more designs Amazon, will you? Then you will be fear. You will be able tow up 25 designs. So basically, when you are on a tear one daily I think they change that all the time. I think you able toe up to designs in one day or maybe even one. I don't remember. That was long time ago on I see they changed that the back. So when you've got at the point where you sell then or more shirts, they will up Upgrade your account and you will be able to sell 25 shirt. So if you sell, like with 10 designs, you got so like 30 shirts they will automatically theory upto a deer tree where you be able to go with 100 designs and then you can upload at least 10 designs for day. So that's pretty much different story. That's it then. So So right now I'm at the point where I'm able to design like when he sure seemed when the and I'm able toe upload like 50 shirts one day. So that's huge number, and I I just think I absolute It wants it on the maximum capacity. So I'm currently I am waiting to be dear five. I upped it around 500 designs, and I'm waiting. He geared up by Amazon, So basically, when you go with its dear five, you will be able tow up like 100 designs one day. So that's amazing. So that's something where you need someone to help. You won't be able to go and upload 100 designs in one they fire. It's like impossible. So we Yet when you go and designed those shirts or any church you will need, like then plan your 30 minutes. In some cases, when it's complicated T shirt and when it comes to upload, you will need also a couple of minutes, even or if you do a research. So if you do a research up front and you know what to do and you know which keep entitles thing, so that's a different story. But if you go by your don't focus on how much design you can up. So basically guys I soppy like they got like was tells designs uploaded, and they earned, like, 500 bucks in one month. That's nothing. Why is that? So I can create with my dear Were, with 500 designs out there, I can earn the same amount of money. So it's not all about how much sure to there it's how much quality assurance you there. So basically, if you have 500 designs that getting sales each week, that's completely different story. That's more than someone waste year nine or even your temp gaps. So once again, it's not all about those numbers how much designs you can upload. It's certainly God's thinks easier, but that's nothing important. So basically, what's important appear is to go as the steer. One year two were even here to me when you got a tear for you will have enough designs to put out there 500 designs. It's really huge number. You will see one or one more thing that's really important up here. Your design have 90 days, Goetzel, have you get zero. If you've got zero sales that design, Amazon will that design down. So let's just say now, today you upload them designs and after 90 days, none of those designs God's cell. Your design will be they down. So now you will get them for spots the fields. Basically, you upload all the time designs and Amazon will delete. Some of those designs are not getting any traffic, any or anything. Goods from them. Amazon will take them down. So maybe it's up to you. Maybe it's up your keyboard, so you go check that out when your design gap down to check out the keywords, the titles and stuff like that change keywords on changed the titles, upload the same design, and maybe next time you'll get different results. So that's advice for me. So, guys, that's it about those levels on emerged by Amazon. If you have any questions, let me know and see it in the next year. 5. People Who Buy & People Who Sells On Amazon: Hi guys. In this video, we will discuss about people who buys on Amazon and the people who sells on Amazon. So let's start with people who buys on Amazon and why people buy on Amazon. So, first of all, people on Amazon by because of fast shipping and huge selection off a product. So our shirts will be part of that and we will get organic traffic from the Amazon. So that's a good thing. Next thing why people buy on Amazon is because it's easy and convenient shopping experience . So Amazon is amazing with their customers. So So basically, guys, as I mentioned like 10 times already will be part of Amazon, and we will be part off that huge shopping experience for the other people. So what's important also to know big number off customers are between 18 and 34 years old, so keep that in mind when you create a shirt, have in mind that the most of your customers be between this year range, so that's good thing to know. So people will also buy shirts for their grandpa Erin. People will also by a shirts for their grand parents. Don't get me wrong or there that or that will buy a shirt for himself. It doesn't matter, but I'm just saying the most. Off those shirts of those customers are people who are in this range. So that's it. And last thing is affordable price. So our shirt will be like from 15 to $20 that's a good price, for sure. But I think it's not expensive and you get costume design on your shirt so people love that on. That's it. That's why people buy on Amazon. And now let's go and duck a little bit about people who sells on Amazon. So basically people like you and me, we sell on Emerge Bama's on. That's part of the main group, the Amazon. So we will get a lot of organic traffic. Amazon will bring us people, and if we have good quality, broader people will buy that. So it's up to us how much time and effort and quality product we are gonna put out there on their marketplace. And there is also Amazon FBI fulfillment by Amazon. I'm not really into this, so I won't go into details about this, but people are going individual in this program, Amazon F B A or the huge companies goes on this. So we will basically compete with other people on Amazon. So this is why we need to be unique on Emerge by Amazon. Effie, go and copy other designs and those similar stuff, like other people, those we will probably never gonna make some huge success on Amazon. So, guys, my advice to you is go create unique designs. Don't copy other designs you can go and research from the other designs. Find what people sell on Amazon create not not the same message on on a different design, but create something unique. Go take of 56 or 10 designs on some specific topic and create unique shirt and trust me people will love that at the beginning, probably evil. It will be hard as a beginner to do something like that, but you will see after month, two or even three months doing that, it will become a lot easier for you to go through this process. So advice for me, as I mentioned, be unique on emerged by Amazon and have your own style and you will be successful. That's the formula off Amazon, and that's it guys for me in this video, I just wanted to explain your a little bit about people who vice an Amazon and a little bit on the people who sells on Amazon. So basically so we will compete with a lot of other people, but, as I mentioned, be unique and that's it, seeing the next video. 6. Products On Merch by Amazon: Hi, guys. This video I will show you different product types that we can upload on a murder by Amazon . So at the default, when you goto create, you will get something like this. This is standard T shirt and market plays by default will be up here at the amazon dot com , so some accounts are still only able to go on amazon dot com only. So this is something new UK and the so s you guys conceive from the bottom up. Here it's show us default dimensions. It show us dimensions that this product need to have in order to create this shirt. So Jews product type. This is standard T shirt. We got premium T shirt, long sleeve T shirt, sweatshirt, pull over Hadi or pop sockets. So let's go click on the pop sockets and s you guys can see now artwork dimensions changed . So that's something. Give me to know or if you need a little help with that, you can go from up here. Go on the next step. You'll choose color fit types and the sad lease price. Need artwork, templates, dumb load our product. Design them. So that's it. So what I wanted to show you. This video is different types, different products that we can upload our design on merge by Amazon. I usually go with standard T shirt for some of them. I go with Premium and I create some hoodies and pop sockets. Believe it or not, bump suck. It sells really well un emerged by Amazon. So I'm not fan of those pop sockets anyway. But people buy them, and that's good to know. And guys, I think you should take advantage of those two platforms because they are in you. And when you go to create up here on this last one, it will. Amazon will remind you to create artwork on a German language, so because it will be sure to a German people. So you need someone to translate your use Google translate or something go if you want to create this kind of T shirts. So anyway, that's it for me in this video CIA in the next life 7. Request Invitation From Amazon: Hi, guys. I hope you're doing fine. And in this video, I will show you how to request invitation from Amazon. So basically, when you come up here at the merge amazon dot com, you will see stuff like this. So, from appear, we can request when with these the big considered least complete on application to tell us more about your background and experience. So when I was just starting on this platform, I think I don't I don't remember actually, but I think this request invitation waas not the part of this platform, but never mind. That's not important. And why is merge on invite only system? So this is why they do stuff like this. Merch by Amazon has received on overwhelming response from interested content creators in order to provide Amazon customers with the best experience to buy branded products we have on invitation only system. So So that's the part of the game. So let's go request invitation on from up here. Let's go create new account. I created a new email just to show you how to do this step. But I think you all know how to do this stuff. I think I got it right. Let's see. Yeah, I just go to check out my email on I'm coming right back. So, guys, just so guys, they will send you an email to this email that you leave out there and just go on your email. Face that number they gave you and verify. And now let's wait a couple of seconds. So this is their services agreement. If you want to read them, go over those stuff. You need to know some things about this stuff. So read some of those. I will just go agree. And the now begin application. Thank you for interesting in setting up account in setting up. Excuse me. So begin application and guys. Now we got on guys. That's it. We created account, and now we need to begin application. So I cannot help you on this part. So you need to go buy your own. Let's just show you I can just show you. So basically, you go fill this areas with your country, your business name, address states and the stuff like that. So? So after you got done with this part with my profile, you go appear at the payments and banks so from up here you choose your bank. You go over those things What you are car number and stuff like that. So the last part is taxes. So it really depends in which country you are. So what I did because I'm from Serbia. I I requested the cart from Pioneer Excuse me, just like me show you this in a second. So from appear I requested the pioneer card and they send me in, like, 10 or 15 days. The card came to my address and it's free to use. So when you got I think it it cost like 30 bucks in one year to use Pioneer cart. And so the pioneer is amazing for the people like we are like people who are not based in United States. So I I received a credit card from them. It's like I waited like 15 days after that I connected that guard with my merch by Amazon account, and they send me money on that card. So simple is that request the card from the Pioneer connect debts cords to merch by Amazon account and enjoy. So that's for the people who are not based in United States or some other things. So go tried it on. I really have the trouble. We'd connecting my card because there is no no chance that I connect. If I type here Serbia, you see what they gonna say to me? We do not support payments to the bank, country or region you have selected. So basically, I put up here My my cards. That's from United Kingdom. I think the pioneer is based. Got the United Kingdom on. That's it. Simple. Is that Just put the information you receive from that card if you're gonna use that. So it's a little bit streaky because Amazon doesn't getting about stuff with those kind of information. I wish they got tape. Also, they could pay me on my PayPal account. That would be amazing, but but that's it. So guys basically request the card if you are going to go like I did, if you are based in United States, you will not have this problem. Just request the card from the Pioneer, then filled this information and feel this taxes. So let's go saving. Continue and let's go over taxes. I could not help you with this, so this is really easy. Who will receive income from Amazon, Individual or business? Let's go individual for Are you know? Then you go over this. I think it really depends on from where you are. So I cannot show you this because it's different for the people who are not based in United States and the people who are based in United States. So it's not in car. Guys, I hope you all go over. Does thinks so. That's it about this process. I cannot go and continue with this process. So you need to go buy your own with this. So that's it. And after you go over those things, saving continue. And later on, I think they will ask you to tell them a little bit more about yourself and stuff like that . So that's the process off creating account for the merge Bama's on. So this is for the people who are not from the United States. So, guys, this is my main account. And this is where I done all the things with this process. So s you guys can see my information up here. I will, Lord, this Sorry about that. It's personal information. And from up here as you guys can see, you have successfully added a bank account to receive payments and that's it. So as I mentioned, it's not in court. This is my account up here on that's it aan s. You guys can see back statuses. Tax interview. Complete that. Wow November 16 2015 More than three years. Damp anyway, guys, that's it. It just wanted to show you that it's not in card. Simple and easy. As you guys can see, I pay 30% taxes on my earnings. So if I earn $1000 I will pay 300 bucks each month. The attacks? That sucks. But never mind. It is what it is seeing the next video. 8. Free Images : Hi, guys. I hope you're doing well in this video. I will introduce you with the picks obey. So basically we can go up here and find some images that we can use in our province. Anyway. What I saw a lot of those creators who put their images appear. This platform are against this kind of stuff, but I personally don't like to use it. I go and create almost everything by my own or I buy a license for some product for some vector that I don't want to lose my time, the drying that on stuff like that. So basically, I go on different platforms by that specific heart work on. That's if so, let's go from up here to see something about picks obey. Can I use your image? So, basically, from appear, they say, you can copy, modify, distribute and use the images even for commercial purposes. I'll without asking for permission or giving credits. So the R mists, however content, may still be protected by trademarks, publicity or privacy rights. Anyway, guys, I think it's free for use, but personally for me, I don't like to use free stuff from Big Sabei because I saw. A lot of those creators are like I put a lot of work there on. People come and get my work for free. I know it's free and you can use it, but anyway, I don't like it on. I'm like, Why did you put it there anyway? That's about Big Sabih. It's free for commercial use, But guys, you don't need to use all of those images. You can go go over those images and fine inspiration for your war or something similar. You don't need to use those images. Just get inspired bythe stuff that you see up here. It's amazing platform. The images that people put out there are s you can see are really amazing on that's it. So So if you want to use artwork, I suggest you go by artwork. Don't use free stuff because people are when you use other work from people, even if its free like up here on this platform, people don't like it. It just what it is anyway. Try to go in, create shirts by your own, use your own artwork and you will become better as an artist and you can upload even your designs later or your artwork on platforms. And you can earn money by doing that. Not just only short, so keep that in mind. So, guys, that's it for me. I just wanted the mention, couple different things about those platforms. And I think you understand. So CIA in the next video. 9. How to download and install brush in Photoshop: Hi, guys. I hope you're doing fine in this video, I will introduce with a brush is in photo shop. If you didn't know, you can create the brush by your own where you can download some brushes from the Internet . I always like the boots. I always just other people to go create your own because it's a lot better to use your own stuff. I feel satisfied, but I use my stuff when I create on. I don't need to say thank you to anyone basically. But when we don't have a dime, we could we could use some free stuff. Basically from Ophir planned photo shall brushes from this side you got free Photoshopped brushes. So in this video, the purpose of this video is to show you how these stall how to download and how to use those brushes. It's really similar, like with farms, for example. Let's just see. I want to use this brush. I will go up here. Andan loads this brush and now there it is. I'll just go open this folder. Double click up here and now That's it. My brush is installed. All I need to do is go to brushes and find it at the bottom off this group. So there it is. This is how we download those brushes. Let me create a new layer, and that's it. Now we can use those rushes easily. You see. Results are really amazing. So to create for us a brush like this, it take a time. And this could really help some types that's it or the other way off. Installing those brushes are just simply go from up here. Go first on brush brush tal than clip, click appear. Had these job down menu up here on this wheel and import brushes. So basically, you go find full there. Where is your brush load? And that's it you can use now. Your brush. Simple. Is that so? Guys, if you have any questions how to download or install your brushes, let me know. But I think it's really simple and easy, and everyone can find a way to do it. So I just show you do different ways how to install a brush in photo shop, so without for their do, let's kept in you. Wait another less Thank you for watching 10. How to find, install and use fonts in Photoshop: Hello, guys. Welcome this video. I will introduce you where the fonts where you can find download and how to use those phones in for the shop. So basically, I got here a free site I got here site that offer free funds on some of them You need to pay if you want to use. So basically, this video, I will show you only the funds that are free for commercial years. So this is the name off site that fund dot com. So, basically, from appear, we see different categories from side that he from phones that we want to use. Excuse me anyway, so, for example, from appear your truth category that you want, Let's just say I want with this. I will go with fancy. And from up here, I can change some things. For example, sized tiny, small, medium or large popularity, new or the popular one. So from up here, I'll go for more options and I will check this option 100% free. So basically, when I submit this, it will show me on Lee. The funds that are free for commercial use s you guys can see 100% free. So from up here. We see how much of those How much people downloaded this font. Anyway, that's not something that we need to know. Never mind. I don't know why I show you that. Anyway, For example, just see well, like this font, and we can go on and download it. Okay, Let's just say, for example, I like this font on. I will hit this download button and in a second, my download will be up here. So I will go click up here and open this font. So a level click up here and just hit install and that's it. We basically installed this fund and let me show you how we can find this font in photo shop. So all we need to do is remember the name African. That's it. So I'll go now back to my food, a shop, and I will go backs. I'm from up here. Just I Africa, and that's it. So this is our farm that we just find out and that's it, guys. That's how we can go on and find free bonds for commercial years. Now we can go do some different things with this farm called blending options change a little bit how it looked like at the stroke or something like that. It's really up to you how you wish to give him a new look anyway. That's it. How you download, install and use your farms that you just don't load it. Basically, guys, just go download phones, but make sure it's frequent for commercial use. Or, if you like, some fund that you need to pay by that font on gather license so you can use it for free so you can use it in your products on download install than find that fund inside a photo shop and use that from simple is that if you have any questions about it, let me know on seeing the next video. 11. Software Options For Design: Hi guys. Welcome in this video. I want to talk about the software that we can use to create our design. So basically there is couple different options so you can choose which fits the best for you and go learn that specific program on Be the best at it. So basically I am focused on Adobe for the shop on That will be my recommendation. Were you so Number one software that I'm using for my designs? He's for the shop So basically I do like 90% of my working for the shop. I like Photoshopped from the start. I working for the shop. I learned a lot about photo shop on. That's it. Basically, I'm connected with this software and I like it very much as I mentioned. This is really your options. So find what it's the best for you and for some that so it'll be for the shop will be my number one. The tool number two is illustrator So illustrator is really different than for the shop. The difference is Adobe Illustrator is work with the actors only on for the shop is based on rest a graphic. So if you don't know the difference between those two. Basically, you have on image this size, and when you zoom it in photo shop, it will lose quality. And when you create something, game illustrator, you put it size like this and you stretch it out as much as you want. The quality will stay the same as like it waas When it's just this make So with illustrator , you want loose quality when you're working because it's based on vectors and you don't and you'll not lose any details. But when it comes to other stuff for the shop is the master. Anyway. That's the difference between those two programs. So my turn, the recommendation will be affinity designer. So, to be honest with you, I didn't work so much in this program, but I saw it's really simple and easy to use on. It's also Vector based, so you can get really good results using this program. But that's it, and out there are much, much more tools. Some of them are free, some of them you need to pay. There is also a game on the stuff similar like that. So check out all of those find what bets were you and learn about that. In this course, I will cover only for a shop, because I think the photo shop is the best among them. You can go into the details, do a small changes and stuff like that. So I think for the shop is the best. I will explain how I working for the shop, So if you want to use for the shop, you can download it for free and use it for I think, seven or 14 days it's re after that. You will need to pay. I think it's around 20 bucks per month. Something like that. I don't remember anyway, That's it. And one working. If you don't want to learn how to design by your room and stuff like that, you want only to go upload designs so you guys can find someone on fiber or someone on up for or something similar. So if you have money to pay someone to design for you, that's good. That's amazing. You stay focused on designs, learn how to research, give that designer some ideas and stuff like that and let him do his job. You focus on the other things, so so remember fiber up work are the main things. If you want to find a good designer and on fiber, I think you can find designs. Former job Amazon for like $3 even $2. Some of them costs, but don't expect too much from them. If you want premium quality shirts, you need to pay around $10 per shirt. So basically you for the 100 shirts you will need to pay like $1000. That's so much so, I think, the best solution. A's Sit down and learn how to use those programs seal later. 12. Evergreen Designs VS Trending Designs: Hi guys. In this video, I will introduce you. We merge by Amazon Evergreen Designs versus event based or trending design. So what's the difference between those toe? What is my recommendation? And you will see the second part of this video. I will show you on Amazon how it looked like evergreen design or some event based design. So let's start. So let's talk about Evergreen versus event based design, so trends or event based designs can be something that is happening right in the news. This can be something that some politician were. Some celebrity set trends also can be a holiday or a van that it's coming up. In most cases, that's it. There are events for almost every day off the year, so I will cover that in a second video or some separate video, and you will see how much chances for us is there to create something guinea. So evergreen niches are designed that sells Montaigne and month out. So basically some of those niches can be more popular in certain months, like the camping niche. But for the most part, these design sells all year long. Evergreen nations, then Toby things people are passionate about, like hobbies or bats and the stuff like that. So let's talk about advantage and disadvantage off those two. So trends. Advantages can be huge seller, So basically, this types of shirts are usually what is on Amazon best seller list. A great holiday shirt can sell dozens offered a day, so we will discuss about this later. For now, I just want to introduce you with it. Trans disadvantages competition. Because these can be huge cells, there tends to be more competition. If you have assured that sells daily. It's a huge target for everyone that scouts the best seller list to steal ideas. Onley sells for a short time, trending designs by their very nature. Only sir only sell for a short period of time. In case of trending sayings, it actually just dies out. So basically went some holidays go. Your design will stay stuck, and probably until next year that the same holidays game you will probably not gonna make any sales. Maybe one or two sales, I don't know, but in most cases you will get zero sales on that specific shirt. So let's continue evergreen advantages, so basically, shirts will sell all the year. Like I said about evergreen design stent the cell all months out on the year. This will lead the consistent sales and income, and it's not as competitive. Since some of those designs made only sell to SH or three shirts a month, they won't have that super hike bestseller ranking and won't be a big off target for some copy gets Copy gets are people who go and scout for other designs and go make the same one or something really similar, like your design. So basically slow where sellers Probably this is probably with evergreen shirts. You are not going to sell a massive amount of shirts monthly like a trending designs. Will the stents to be more consistent? Slower moneymakers. So, for example, if you got 10 designs for each of those, you will probably make one through three or a couple shirts for a month. And with the trending, you can sell one shirts like 50 shirts that they on. But the difference is evergreen will bring you money all year long, and with the trending want, you will get money on Lee for that only for some specific period. And after that you will get nothing. So it's really up to you. And now, guys, let's go on Amazon to show you difference. And here we are at the Amazon, for example, the shirt that will bring us money each day or each month is something like bat shirts, for example. Let's some type capture its It doesn't matter. But for example, this kind of shirts will bring us money each month on people love those gets, and people will buy shirts like this all year long, so that's good thing to know. So basically, guys think like bats and some stuff like that. Some profession and similar stuff are evergreen designs, so they are not specific about dates. You can buy them all the year along. But when it comes to sand, Patrick, the sure it this is, I think waas like in March, something like that, or even February. I don't remember, but probably people who created those shirts will not gonna make any money until next year . This date comes so that's the difference between those two for the people. My recommendation for the people who are in new in this business worry new ways like people will it steer 10 tear 25 stuff like that, I recommend you to go and do research and stick with those trending things. Because when you go with trending things you've will, the chances are higher. So your design will probably gonna make some sales faster when you go with trending. But when you come Teoh, for example, like dear 1000 you go create evergreen designs. After that, you can create, for example, like 700 shirts on evergreen designs, and you will get money each month from toasters that you designed. But you still have light toward 300 spots left for those things for those trending things. So that's my tactic for the next couple of months, and I will see how it goes for now. I'm satisfied with my results anyway. That's how. Anyway, that's my advice to a people who are new and the people who are more in tow merch by Amazon . So, guys, I hope you like this video on CIA in the next one. Thank you for watching. I guess 13. Steps for research: Hi guys in this video. I just want to go over those steps that I do and that I suggest to you to do when you do your research. So basically, I got from appear open Amazon. I got Diem, hunter, Facebook, Pinterest, instagram and a red bubble. So basically, when I do a research or off some specific shirt and plus I add a guru on Google is also amazing. So, for example, if I want he used, some were legis. See, Nurse, we go over Amazon and see ideas off that specific niche. So basically I will go and search the same thing on Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, instagram and a red bubble. And I will compare find some designs that I like and create something unique. So, for example, I can say I like this design and I need some different thing to do to make my design or interesting and to find something dreadful people like and that will people buy from so guys find for example, nurse, think over Amazon, find ah, Bs are off that specific thing. And as you can see this shirt to go really well, coffee, scrubs and rubber gloves go really Well, so but this one is sponsored anyway. That should go really well, This one too. So keep that in mind and compare from each separate platform and find what's good for you. After you go over that, go up here on D M Hunter and find out. Is there any trademark for that specific thing? And also, bring your merchant former find over merging former, find the keywords, and after that, go in photo shop or some program that you like and design that shirt. So that's what I wanted to show you step by step first, find a niche. And I suggest so, guys, I would suggest to you to find some book like I have right here and some pen and all the time, right? Your ideas out there on this book and trust me, ideas will come sooner or later and more. You do stuff like this, it will be easier for you to find something unique. So, guys, that's it for me. This video I hope you like it. And this one is just to show you step by step. How to do it. Thank you for watching CIA in the next video by 14. Merch Informer Tool: In this video, I will introduce your wheat really powerful stool for merch by Amazon. It's March research. It's March informer. This is amazing. So if you want to be successful on merge by Amazon, you need to use this still. So guys, it's amazing Tool and let me show you how it works. So go on merchant Former on from RP era, they will and Turkey of work research the room and I can shirt and I concert shirts. Search who? These sweatshirts. Long sleep shirts. So guys So guys, for example. Let's type father's late on literacy. We want to surge T shirts, so let's go and it will bring us on the Amazon. It will show Waas our fathers the shirts and from appear UC Father's Day is June 16 2090. Find the perfect gifts for that now. So we talk about Bs are and you see guys. This is also extension for Google thrown Go check on go check out on the Internets types. Something like Bs are extension for Google chrome and you will get add on on. You can install it on Google Room and you will got this up here So you don't need to go on each shirt like to see which Bs are is for that shirt. So So let's just see this is assured that created soon asked. You guys can see on March 11 if you don't know where to look, let me open it in your you see, this shirt doesn't have a rank. You see nothing on it. That's why because no one bought this shirt yet, maybe people will. By then it will bring rank through it. But if no one bite for 90 days, Amazon will turn. Amazon will take down the design, and you will need to upload it again if you want to put it up here on the market police anyway, March 11 And today is April 11th. It's one month since this shirt is up and no one bought it. Still, I don't know who made this shirt, but no sales for him yet on this trip. Anyway, that's guys. How this works seizure. You will get search results for hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts. But what's good about this merch research it will bring us only a shirts form appears so we don't need to see other fathers they gift's for death, some mugs and similar stuff. It will focus on Lee on the shirts or, if you want who these sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts. It will focus on a specific group that you give them toe Look, that's why it's good. You don't need to waste your time around. So also we can go from up here on. Let's just say we want to do key worked ALS or search marketplaces, search social media and bring the demands trademark search. This is really important. If you don't want your account, get logged down and to shut down your account, Amazon will shut down your account If you don't look what you put on your key were. So about that, another radio. Now let's go up. Here are the key words stools. So guys, we can go from up here. My father's. They were up here. Let's go on both and let's go search for my feel. Let's go type father, and you see how much search people do on this specific thing. And this is good to know if you want toe, even advertise your think your design and also to get idea for a keyboards when it comes to these shirts, Father's days, presence, Andi fathers, they and stuff like that. You see nothing special about here, and we can go from up here or we can go. Or we can go on this one to see what is offering us. And you see Father Days give by best Father Day and stuff like this. So you get the point. You need to find inspiration in those keywords. It can help you sometimes. Sometimes it doesn't. But never mind. This is free guys and take the benefit from it. So find the keywords from up here. Or if you have your thing in your head, go follow that. But that's how you can use. They stole four free merch research. It's amazing tool, and I simply love it. So when it comes the paid version of this software, you can go and check out their pricing. It's not that cheap, but if you know what to do, it's not too expensive. So basically, with basic you gots from for $20 per month, you gots product tracking for 50 products keywords tracking trademark tracking, zero set up required on stuff like this so you can go check out that. Definitely. And you can create your free trial account. So go check out this. It's amazing toe anyway, guys, that's a merging former, So I think you'll like it on. That's it. Seeing the next video by. 15. Best Sellers Rank BSR Explaned: Hi guys. Welcome this video. We are going toe learn very important thing for merge by Amazon. So this is a part of a research. So this is in this video we are going to talk about Bs are or best sellers rank. So basically, guys, the lower that rank is Maura shirts we sell. So basically, let's just say bs are off some shirt East 2000. You will probably get 15 20 or even 30. It's more. It's more like 25 to 30 shirts. You will get sold each day. If your bs are is like toe, how's it for that shirt? If you're if a Bs are off, some shirt is around 100 k People sell at least one shirt per day. So let me show you what I mean. So basically, when you sell your first shirt on Amazon, it fel got their ranks. So basically the more shirts you sell, the Leuer rank for that specific shirt will be so legis E Father Day shirts. Let's go Type that. And now let me show you what I mean. So each shirt got their own rag. This is extension that I downloaded for Google home, so I don't need to go on each shirt you see appear Amazon bestseller rank. Never mind. I will open it in a new tab. They will do the same for this one. You see 100 probably this shirt got each day. One. So so this one. Probably make Atl east, then shirts per day than 10 people by this shirts. That's the numbers about those things or this one. If a rank off some shirt is like this, almost half a 1,000,000 probably you will get this shirt God, maybe once or maximum advice sold in one month. So basically this shirt people buy this shirt once or advice in one month. So our job is to get this rank a slower as possible. So there is a different tactics how we can get this done anyway. In this video, we are going to focus on this rank, so it's really important when you do a research for specific needs. To go over that and to see which shirt it gets on that specific needs, Redshirt are going to sell the best. So basically, you see this shirt is created on April 2017 on probably one shirt per day. So probably when we multiply one shirt per day. 300 let me bring calculator. This shirt is, for example, 365 days and let's say we earn at least $4 from each shirt. So one design will bring us $1460 in one year. That's just one design. Can you imagine? We got, like, 100 designs like this. Let's go multiplied that with 100. Excuse me. This is 10 more. Just imagine those numbers from selling shirts murdered by Amazon. And I'm saying this is possible. A lot of people earn even more than this, so I know it's possible. And let's go try to make this happen. So, guys, the part of research East Go jack out. B s are off each shirt. Remember, this is really important part off research. You see, this rank is even lower. Yeah, So this shirt probably got around 10 to 15 sales each month. This is really amazing. So this is the number that we need. Amazon best sellers rank be as our That's what we need. And below that, there is also some numbers. This is not important those numbers we don't need and this number is really important. So when you do research, go check out this. There is some tools that I'm going to cover in this course that I'm using the go speed up this process. But But if you want to go manually like this, this is the way you do a research. And this is really important part of that research. So, guys, I hope you understand what's Bs or for murder by Amazon. And if you have any questions like always, please feel free to ask me and seeing the next video. 16. Place to check evants (part of research): Hi, guys. Some welcome in this video I will show you a place where we can find dates for your research. So this is amazing place and it's absolutely free. And you will see in this video how it works. So let me show you on. This is so, guys, this is calendar for 2019 and we passed over 1st 4 months. For now, at least now is like 11th. Work, 12 April, the time recording this video. Anyway, that's not important. What's important is this site. So guys you see in each month how much different events we got. So this is all potential customers for our shirts. So what I do What's part of my research east, For example? I want to create design on this specific day on this niche. So I'll go on Amazon. I'll go on Pinterest Facebook and I'll check this l type National Grammar Day shirts or quotes, something like this. And I imagine designs for that specific niche or I see other designs and I see, like 10 different designs. And after that, after I received the image in my head, I go processing and I create something guinea, so I also jacket on Amazon, which Bs are is for that specific niche. Is there a lot of competition for that specific niche and the stuff like that? So my my job is to go and designed the best possible shirts I know. So basically you'll find a shirt. You'll find idea for this from this site and you go do a research on that specific niche, and after that, you go and design that shirt. So from appear you see March 1920 19 up here on this, let's just see this is really popular date. A lot of people designed shirts on this specific date, So if you got assured that go really well on this day, you can earn a lot of money. So it doesn't mean the others want possibly on by. They also a lot off people create the shirts on these day and, for example, I think I really think a lot of people don't even know about these day. But some know about these day will probably get the shirt on this specific topic, and I think really little people really low competition is on this specific day. So anyway, guys, go check out this side and there is a lot of other sides like this. But this This is what I like the most from this side. I start almost everything for my research. So basically a sigh mention. I came up here with the date and I go after that Facebook I going interest. I go on Amazon and I go also on Red Bubble Onda. Similar stuff. I do a research. I see which shirt they gotten their platform and great, something unique. So that's how you do it. And one more important thing to know if you want to go and let's just see to these 11 let's see April 11. So I don't want to create something for for some topic that is, in a 10 or 15 days, I want to create that least month, two or even three months I had of me. For example. If I want to create the shirt, I will go and my focus point will be on the topics that are in June 2090 because I will got a lot of time for the Prepare my customers for that shirt. So people already bought the shirt that they wanna wear in the next 10 days. So basically you don't want to grade for something that's on their way. That's too much clothes. I don't want to create something that will came in a week or two. Those shirts will not go out. So focus on something that's month toe or even three months ahead of you. So I do like a month and 1/2 that's ahead of me. But I just started to focus on Evergreen Designs. So that's really so. This is really important parts to know month and I have two or even three months I had of you. Think about topics that you want to create shirts on. So, guys, that's it for me. You see the site from which I came with this topic with this numbers. So go check out definitely this site on door research on it. So, guys, thank you for watching CIA in the next video 17. Pretty Merch: Hi, guys. This will be really quick video. I think in this video we are going to talk about extension that we can use for our research or the extension that will help us. And it will bring a new icon up here on our dashboard or manual dashboard for merch by Amazon. So basically, this is ready March and you can download this extension for Google thrown. It's really amazing, and it can speed up your process off uploading and the single our stuff. So let's talk about the benefits that you can get with this. Basically, I'm using free versions, so I don't have analytics or products. We will discuss about that later. And from up here, guys, you see how much shirts I sold in the last seven days. So basically, this is how much design I got currently live on. This is how much, and this is how much design I sold for the last seven days. You see Sunday Isil. Three designs Monday through and Friday Saturday. Nothing on you see, anyway, that's the free version of it. So, basically what's good about this? But I love the most, and it's free. That's why I'm using this and that's it. You from up here ago on a plus and just leak once on +15 or 10 and it will automatically open five new bars like this. And now you just go signed up and you can upload new designs so it will bring five or 10 new windows for you, just with one click on That's good. And also from up here we can see how much USA sales we got you gay or German sales from up here, we can see top units sold in the last five days to see it's six designs that one shirt and stop royalties, which one earned the most in the last 30 days. Excuse me, I said seven in the last 30 days. So in analytics, we can see our analytics for age different mark for each marketplace. Anyway, with free version, we can see only the last day. Three accounts can analyze the day's sales upgrade toe broth, unable this Anyway, I'm currently I'm thinking off upgrade ings toe to see. This could be really helpful. When we do a research, you see how you see which benefits we get with this merch. Pretty merch proof anyway, that's sprayed, emerge. I think you should install it. It doesn't cost anything, and it can help you and your daughter. Sport is not boring. Like merge by Amazon gods. They default. So I think you should get this by your own. And from up here we can see which shirt is under review, which is processing and which is rejected, or how much of those are rejected processing or under review. So that's good thing to know, and it's really easy to see and understand how this works. So that's it about ready merch. If you have any questions, guys let me know and CIA in the next video, but 18. TMhunt: in this video, I will introduce you with TM hunt, so this is really important. If you go and create shirts on Amazon, it's really important to use the key works that's allowed and to stay away from the key words that are not allowed on merch by Amazon, for example. We cannot use these knees where we cannot use some specific things, for example, that just go on Amazon and let's like Army shirts, format and guys, let's just say big USC Army flag gift for soldiers rather runs military loans. Lee T shirt and let's just go over and copy Destexhe and bring it up here on trademark hunter. So let's go split search on. Just type up here based and go search. So you see what's forbidden to use everything. What's live it? We cannot use it. Someone trademark that it. And it's not OK if we use those keywords. So guys, stay away from that. You see army types up, stay away from army. So, guys, if we upload design that got appear at the title army, Amazon will turn off that design, they will take it down and you will get the strike couple strikes and they can turn down your entire account. Amazon is really serious about stuff like this. So if you want to create the shirts about army, stay away from work. Army. Let's go with military search military to see its allow. I think military is this is split search. Basically, when we go up here, this is entire sentence and it will split each separate work and find. Is there anything that's not okay with Amazon? So from up here, the multi search let's go type military and search. You see no data available in table. So if we want to create the shirts, I don't want to use this army. I will remove this army and in a name or a title up here, I will stay away from USA Army Flag. We can. We can go and buy a gift for soldiers weather on military long sleeve T shirt or just military T shirt for soldiers, ideal for gift or something similar. So, guys, that's it about army. Let's go try something else For example, Disney or something specific or some popular names and stuff like that. We cannot use night and stuff like that. We cannot use low goose from other company. We cannot make fun shirts from it. It's really specific about murder by Amazon, so you don't want to go crazy with merch by Amazon. Go find for each ERT. Do research. Don't do crazy stuff because they will take down your account and just imagine you put a lot of work appear on Emerge by Amazon and you do some funny stuff and they will take. I don't know what's the limit off designs that need to be trademarked it and they will take down. But I don't like when I see my designs rejected. I think I got two or even three times. Amazon sent me an email. My design is not okay. I didn't use this trademark hunt, and I thought it was really funny that someone trademarked it that specific work on a Tien's it. It's but never mind guys. The point appear is to understand, to do research for each shirt. It's nothing special. It's like 15 seconds off your time. Check out is their trademark for that specific thing that you are searching on, and it will bring you more than you think. So guys do research for a teacher to check out for each shirt. It's not in card so that the first it may look a little bit complicated, but it's really not. When you come to a point, when you create 10 2030 shirts that they were even more, you will know what to do, and it will be much easier than you think it is right now. So, guys, that's it for me in this video. Maybe this is a little bit confusing, but it's really not. If you had if you have any questions, let me know and CIA in some of the next videos by. 19. Google Trends: Hi, guys. Welcome in this video. I want to introduce you with amazing tools that Google offer to us for free. Yes, it's amazing. It's free. And let's learn something about it's Google trends. So why is this so good? So basically Google telling us how much daily searches some specific thing has. For example, you choose from appear things that are interested in United States or your You put some country that you like. I stick with the United States and as you guys can see 20 October 2018 200,000 searches material. Football house. It's basically some games. I'm not into American football, really. But anyway, this is some game that is extremely popular. It was for hours ago. Premier League. So they are things about football, as you can see. And this is something about sweetest, the so guys. What's my point? Here? Go take advantage off some specific thing. For example, this thing. Go see. What's this? Why is this so popular today? And think about how you can benefit so they can note about this and try to figure it out. What's interesting about this and how you can earn money by creating some shirt that able people like and by So that's one way how you can think and earn money from this or you can go and explore topics. For example, let's go type nurse. I think nurses are extremely popular in America, and as you guys can see, this is really good. Mississippi. So Dakoda, North Dakota You see how much the search and guys from up here, you see What's number one? Search Nurse Week 2018. Go find something about that. When is that week? Why's that week? And go figure it out. Something about that. Go on. Facebook going Instagram Pinterest! Go search something similar about that. See, what's that week all about? Go figure it out Some T shirt. Imagine design. Great design, great couple of design on that topic. Put it out there. Put it on the marketplace, like merged by Amazon or stuff like that. Or go create a shirt and advertise that shirt or put it on our there on the Facebook Instagram Read it and stuff like that. And if you're designed, a really interested people will share it. And when people share and comment things on social media, there are interested in that. So get them to that point and you're done. You're will get sales 100%. So that's the whole point. Make people interested in your shirt in your messages that you're telling them through your shirt. And when you get them to that point, sales will come slowly but surely so guys, so take a time. There is still much information that I'm currently giving you, but what's important is to know what you can achieve and how and when you know to use all of those stools, go slowly, make a planned, consider it and go for it. And guys, I hope you like this video. I hope it's helpful it is for me, and I'm sure it's for you to, because we are talking about Google up here anyway. Guys, that's it for me in this video. Seeing the next one. Thank you for watching 20. Free Trafic Long term: in this video, we will talk about how to get great traffic on your social media. So let's start. Let's just say like I did here T shirt for nurse. As you guys can see, 23,000 likes 48,000 likes on those pages. So let's go lick appear. Let's see what's about this page as you guys can see. 19 hours ago, they put new design for a shirt so we don't see how much people saw that. We only see how much people like this. And this is basically free views for those creators for the people who are behind the seeing behind this page on the paper, we can say they have 48,000 people who like this thing that they selling. So basically they got almost 50,000 people that are potential customers and legis e. If 1% of those people see this post and a couple of those get this shirt, they are basically getting the sales for free. But is it easy to get 50,000 likes on your page? No, it's not. They put a lot effort on this page. So what I'm trying to say here when you create some design. You need to be specific, like they did up here. Nurse shirt. This is what they call their page and what's good about it. They only sell things about nursery ing and the nurse stuff like that. As you can see, all designs are based on this topic, so they won't put the T shirt about cars or something else. They only go with this topic. And when I was just starting like I mentioned in a previous video, I was creating a page, and I put everything there one day different about legislators of under Day something other , and no one would not stay on that page. So when you create a page, stay with one topic, and if you have several topics, go create several different pages and keep it up with each page. Stick with that topic. So that's good advice. Trust me, guys. It will save you a lot of money, a lot of effort, and you can only benefit by doing that to get likes like they did appear on this page. They put a lot of effort up here and what's also good about this. So when you got this much likes someone else. For example, I have 50,000 likes on my page and when someone creates shirt on my topic, they will come to me, send me a private message or ask me to advertise them. So now I can earn money by selling my designs. And also I can earn money by putting other design on my page. So, guys, consider this Make a plan. Like I always mentioned in this course, you need tohave plan for everything. What you do go make a plan, Put the lot effort in up planning. Don't just go waste time going through the walls with your head. You will get nowhere. So make a plan stick with that plan. And for this job, you need tohave a patient and the time. So when you go and consider all those stuff trust me, you will get results soon enough. So don't just give up. That's the most important thing. Don't give up. Go slowly, go constantly and you will get where you're going. Also, the same thing about instagram or Pinterest or straighter stuff like that. They are work on the scene principles YouTube. You need to be consistent and to stay with that topic, and eventually you will get people who like what you do and what you have to offer. So that's couple advices for me in this video. I hope you like it. If you have anything to say, please, there's a section about with cumin A or send me a private message or ask me there will be here to help you. 21. T shirt Design Vol 1 : Hi guys. Welcome. Now it's finally time to start designing our shirt so I will use this image. You'll see in a couple minutes. What result will be so? I will design my first shirt in this course so I would use this bike to be part off my shirt. So first and the most complicated thing that I need to do with this motorcycle is to get it selected. So this is really tricky because those serious you see colors are really similar. And those areas also it will be tricky. It will take me a couple minutes to get this selection, right? So I will speed up this process because I assume you already know how to make selections. So when I go to my quick selection tool, I will just click once select subject and I will get my image selected. But first I will hit control or command J to get copy off my image. So let's go click Select subject to see what results we are going to get from Photoshopped . As I assume you see, those areas are not in our selection. It is, but we need to get it out. This area also you see, this is really tricky. It will take me a couple minutes to get this right. You see, when I so mean, you see what I need to deal with everything I need to get out. Something getting into our selection. So when I press shift, I will add to selection. When I press old, I will remove from selection, alter or option key if you're using a Mac. So for this I will combine quick selection toe and less suitable or in some cases, polygonal lesson. So let's start. I need to get this inside my selection. So that's it. And now I will speed up this process. Enjoy. And guys, I think this is it. This is my selection. So it's not 100% accurate. But never mind. This is what we need. So my next step will be I will go it control J to make a copy of my selection in annual layer. So let's see what we got up here. Let me close those two. And as you can see, we forgot this area. So let me finish this just a little bit. Let me deal with it. Let's see how quick selection tool are going toe act up here. So not bad. I will go now with my suitable to get those area away from my selection. Great. I need this also to remove from selection. That's it's a little bit up here on a That's it. Now I will just press the lead toe literally. This area. I will do the same thing up here. I don't need to be accurate because you will see what I'm going to do with this image and that's it. Controlled the to the select. And now make sure your foreground color is black and go toe filter than filter gallery. And from up here we got different filters that we can apply on our image and stuff like that from our peer. You got brush size, raj detail texture. It depends really on which one you pick, you get different options. But anyway, I'll go make this smaller. So I got nicer preview, okay. And I'll go with something like this. Graphic plan. I really like this effect. So I'll go with Stroke Lin 15 and this light dark balance to sit to 67. Excuse me. And now he tok and this is the fact, I want it. Okay. And now one more thing that I want to do what it is. I just want to goto blending options and add a stroke because this area is tricky. You see now how much better it looked like? Okay, this is only two pixels. I'll go with four, for example. Yeah, it's much better hit. Okay? And that's it. Now I'll just press. We grab my move, tool, and just drag and drop up here in this new document that I prepared for our T shirt. This is a size off a T shirt. So that's it? I'll place it right into the center. Great. My next move will be I'll grapple, Ligon Elice suitable. And I'll create something like this. Okay, Once I closed this selection, I will create a new layer. And now I feel this with some red color, for example, something like this. Okay, hands Now I'll just go, g to get the Spain back, It'll and fail it with this red color control the to the select Hit we. And now, by holding off, I'll just go and applicator this layer and move it below with my mouse coarser by holding all the time off. Or you can just go from up here at the layer toe and applicator layer and years moved toe to move it to get something like this. Okay, I hope all understand how I get this. And now, by holding shift, I will select those two and I will merge those two layers and now move them below my bike just like this. Okay, now let's go. Continue. Now let's get to add some text. For example. Miley, is this fund on? And from appear I'll type something like California, and I also like this to get the same color like my current think. Oh, okay, that's it. That's nice. Maybe I'll get this larger. For example, let's go with 650. Yet this is it, and I'll change a color to a black. That's nice. And I'll add something like this. Some style arc. This is too much. I'll get it smaller around 20% last any. That's it. It's okay, and that's nice. I'll just grab my move toe, place it to the center, and that's it. Maybe I'll get it just a little bit below Great. And now let's go bring once again our That's still and for my peer led school with 250. And now, once again, let's go bring our text type effect. And for this I'll just type writer and select it. Yet it's smaller, like 250 and I'll change a color to ah White. Great. Let's go try with 300. Yeah, that's not Yeah, this is nice. When I got my writer selected, I'll hit control T to rotate this one to get some effect like this. Okay, I'm satisfied. I'll just bring my move toe, move this just a little bit below and that's it. This looks nice. And now let's go select our read stink, and I will create a mask on it. So because mask is white, I need the painted with like color. So we get effect and I'll go pick my brush tool with this brush and to get some effect like this. Okay, this is nice. It looks pretty much amazing. It will give it some effect. Cool. It will give it cool effects. So just click couple times up here randomly. Forget it like this. Great. We can also do this with this writer, and that's it. Great and lasting with this California. Let's go bring up mask and we can get something like this. Okay? And now I'm satisfied with my results. Okay? I'll select them all and make its to a group. And now I'll just bring my group up here, get it smaller. The see results off my shirt. How it will look like on a Really? Sure, this is too much. Great. I think this is nice. Let it apply and just move it a little bit up and double click up here to see preview on a white shirt. So, guys, I think this look bread a much amazing. I think you'll agree with me. This is really good shirt. So what's good about this shirt? So, for example, you see up here is California. You can change type taxes where you can change the Eid Onal, New York, New Jersey. You can use any town name and type it and create a shirt off it. And someone who like motorcycles and its from that specific down. You can sell them this shirt. So I think this is ready. Good opportunity to create designs like this. Anyway, guys. I hope you like this video. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask me and see it in the next video by. 22. T shirt Design Vol 2: so guys on this second shirt, we are going to irrigated with only taxed on it with some couple different shapes and stuff like that. But what's important to learn from it is how to make a contrast between funds. Also, what's the most important message of assured? So we need to bull that. So we need to be clear what our shirt messages. So let's start so I usually use my templates for this one. For those shapes, we are going to lose couple minutes on it. Still, I created because I want to teach you how to create your own shapes, your own stuff so you don't use other people work and get punished for doing that. So it will take a couple minutes more. But I promise you it will pay off. So So, guys, let's start. My first move will be from appear big rectangular toe and I will fill it with white collar . Okay, something like this, right? That's it. Now I'll go hit control to your command. T If using Mac, click up here on this icon and or I'll choose Arc Band with 25% hit. Okay? And that's it. Okay, Now I'll go and applicator this layer. Okay? And rest. Arise it. Why I'm going to rest arises because I'm going to use this polygonal a suitable and it won't let me use it if its shape. So let's go closer, rectangle one and work with this sect. It'll just zoom in so you can see what I'm doing. And I need to go from this area. The D C area on, Just close it like this. And he dilly that's what I need to get this effect. Great. And since I don't need this half of it just gonna go and delete this half off my see? Okay. I hope you understand. I hope you'll follow me for now. And now let's go more this below. So you see what I'm trying to do, and now I'm going to place it around here. I just need to make it the rotated just a little bit Great. Something like this. Nice. And we don't see because it's white. Let's just go reduce capacity of this one. We're now, and let's bring again Ligon. Elissa, Toe Goto our copy on. We need some angle around here. We don't need it to be straight. Let's just go from this angle. The cut, its there. That's it. That's what we need. Okay, this is nice. And now let's go create our TERT because we need to have a shadow of this. Now let's go create new layer and I'll go bring the PSA pass ity toe around 40 or 50 does matter just what is important to have this preview. Okay, so I just grabbed those two. And now let's go bring again Lick analyst Soto. Let me zoom in to be more precise, and I need to make it from this angle. So this. Let's just say I'm satisfied how this look like and because this will be a shadow off my shape and my shape is going to be white. This shadow should be something like great. So let's go pick some gray color kingo darker or let's go with this color on speak. Being bucket toe, I created a new layer for it, and that's it. Control the de Select. You're probably thinking what I'm trying to do here. It's a real mess. It's not. Trust me. You'll see in a second, so I'll go bring this up here, and I'm going to bring this the 100% and this layer three needs to go around here. Okay. I hope I didn't confuse you too much. And now I'll just go layer three and rectangle a one copy. Replicate those layers. Okay. And now I'll just go control t and sleep horizontal. And now just they sit up here. Rate. I hope you all understand why we did this gay. And now I'll just goto blending options from up here and had a stroke just a little bit. So we can see this preview like, live ago, like five or six pixels. Let's go six pixels. Okay, we don't see any day any big difference because it's on the lek background. And now let's go select those two and march layers so I can go toe blending options and the same thing and just add a stroke on. That's it. So you're going to see So this is how should look like great, amazing. I'm satisfied. And this is the most complicated. Think about this shirt so guys don't blame me. It's took a couple of minutes and I'll make it in tow. Never mind. Let's let's call it Group One and now bring back our layer one hour background on. And now I'll just type text that this shirt is going toe has on it. This is a real mass for now. Don't worry. We are going to make it look beautiful in a minute. And now I'll just go bring this guy just a little bit smaller. I'm holding shifts, so I only do this. I don't damage it on. I'll make it like this. Okay, Because the previous one waas too large for me. Now, I'll just move this to the top the best way it's going to be inside of it on. I'm going to use some different point. I'm going to use this phone for it with with with some black color. Okay, arc, it's 25 must when you buy or even less Let me zoom in to see how it looked like. Not bad. Maybe I can add just a little bit more. It's Then let's make it around 15. Yeah, this should be nice. And now the I'll select this tax and this layer and make it to the middle. So I'm sure now this is on the middle of it. Great. Zoom out. I make this form white best. We So now I'll go and use a lip still and just like once. And I'll go with 250 by 250 it will create a shape for me. I'll just fill it with white color and that's it. Okay, place. It's to the center and I'll bring this font inside of it. So let's go back the layers. Select those still make it stood. A center. Maybe this phone is still large. 250. I'll just make it legislate. 130 pixels and now selected. It's to the center. Great, and just use a black color for it. Great, they can go and march. Those two. Nice. Let's go below. Where this predict Future Alias This car bomb fund. Let's make it larger. Let's go. 652 C. Is it two large? No, it's not. It's just OK. I'll brink control are to bring rulers so they want My So I want my fund to go from this spot to this spot so I'll just bring another one on this. You guys can see it's not centered. I'll go to control t make it just slightly larger. Ah, that's it. That's a fact. I need it. So my step is to change a color off that font, make it white. Great. And there with same thing with future change on the, uh Boone. Hey, kid White and make it larger. Just a little bit more rates. That's it. Now I need to create one more of those things from appeared. This should be fast on. Just like this. I'll go bring my rectangle toe Were the Syria So this should be really fast. I feel it with white color. Let's go, Rast, arise it! Okay, let me zoom in. Bring my so and that's it. Lead that area. Great. Now we are ready. They just go on Dr Kate, this one by holding call. It's to other side and cruelty. Right? Click! Sleep horizontal. That's it. I will make those to the middle And let's continue. I will bring this inside of it. Make it smaller. Okay, I don't need any more Those smart guide, so I'll bring my move tool and just remove them. Okay, control our to remove that rulers, bring the to get this phone smaller 230 and make its black amazing. And I'll just place this form to the center. Great. The best way to predict future ease. Now I this again make it just slightly smaller. Black, great, big move toe and place it to the middle. Nice. We can go and merge those two, so just go merch layers and I can do the same thing with this one March layers. That's it. I want one more time. I'm going to need the lips still, Just click once I will go 250 by 250. Okay, fill it with white color. So you guys see this is nothing heart. It's just take a time for it. Make it up here changing color and get it 20 pixels smaller. 230. Great. They can select those Stoute on make it did a center 8 March layers. That's it. So, guys, I need one more time This shape So just the applicator, this layer. Okay, Control T And now right click on it and just hit sleep. And that's it. Okay, Don't worry. It's not all aligned yet. It's not in the center. I am going to do that in a second. Just let me finish with it. So for this, we use her bone on. Yeah, let's just say and it black. And now I'll select those two and kids a center. Great. No one more Think I need to go? And the stuff like this change of style are so from this I need minus 15. I think cause up here waas plus 15. So from up here, IHS minus 15. Great. Let's see how it looked like really much amazing. So, guys, s u C this Israel mess, Let's go fix it. Let's merge those two great on this stays this days on and predict future stays. And this rectangle one copy goes with created And now I'll just go march those layers and that's it. So legis Place those right and select this Reddick future future And I'm going to select this and just click once up here. So I'm now sure distance between this and this this and this and this and this is 100% the same. So that's the most important because this is predict future. This is the most important think on our shirts. So So it's really important. That is large and that's it. I'll just go place those two guys just a little bit up. Great. It'll do the same with this one. Once again, I'm going to bring rollers to see how this looks like. Now I'll select everything except two things there, and this is so let's and make it to the center. Now everything is on the middle, only those toe or tricky ones, so I'll get it done. I will bring this just a little bit and that's it. This is perfect. So let's go, guys. Because we have free space up here. Let just make our design a larger trust me. When is text the main thing on your shirt? You need to make it larger as possible. Great. And just make this group to the middle guys. We cannot from appear more things. Let's just say we can go with create a mask, bring up brush on, make some things like this. Trust me, people like those kind of things. Just make some more effect and this look prayed a much amazing. So repeat all of those steps or we can go merch. All of those if you are guys Sure you want at it. This design anymore? Selected all march layers. Create the mask and just go ahead, bring it up just like this. I'm not going to do much of it just a couple times on each letter. I think results are amazing. I hope you are. I hope you agree with me. And sorry, guys. This took a little bit more than I expected, but I think results that we got up here are nice. And guys, let's go bring this group up here to see how it will look like Don't make this color black . So as you guys can see, this is already good. We'll just move my thanks a little bit below and that's it. I think results are pretty good. So, guys, I hope you'll learn something. You from this one. And if you have any questions about it, please ask me because I'm here for you. CIA in the next video by 23. T shirt Design Vol 3: Hello there. Welcome. So in this video, we are going to create our third image or their design for a T shirt. So let's start. This is this is gonna be something different than the previous two. So my first move will be l go for my peer. I'll big ellipse stop. And by holding shift, I'll get something like this. So I move it by holding space, and I'm satisfied with the results. Bomb release. I got this shape. So why don't we see it? Because it's black background and I feel it. Wait Black. So it doesn't matter now what I'm going to do, I'll go right Click on it, goto blending options and fill it with stroke. I'll take white stroke and position from inside with 50 pixels radius. Okay, blend mode is normal. Okay, that's it. Great. Now we have our ellipse. One maximum will be I'll go hit control J to duplicate this layer and by pressing control or command STI, I'll go and reduce the size of it. So by holding shift and alter or option key, it feel place it to the center of it. So, upon release, I'll go get something like this. This is fine results for me. So I'll hit, enter or return key. Great. This is a fact that I want it. So now let's go grab our type TTL and from appear I'll choose this font. It's free. So go check it out. Great. And you see, guys, I go with those shapes because now I can go and click on the edge of it. You see how this I can change and now when I type something, it will follow the shape So it will go around this shape. Let me show you. Ah, when I click, we get something like this. So let me type in. I'll go were die. You don't see it because it's black. I'll make it white. You see, It's stool large. Now let's go from up here. Make it smaller. Let's try 450. How it looked like it's still big and I'll go with 400. Try it on. Not bad, but I need to get it just a little bit smaller. Miss, you guys can see I misspelled this last word. So I'll go with 350. Great. And now I'll go. They die up here great. I'll selected once again by hitting control a. And now I'll go from up here deception and just drag it a little bit up here. Great. Let's see results. Not bad. I can go a little bit more, so I'll go just a little bit more something like this. This is the results I need. Great. This is amazing. So, no, let's go bring a ruler to see. Is this right in the middle? So you see, guys, it's just a little bit difference. It doesn't matter. I'm satisfied with it. I won't bother. Read that. So let's continue now again. I'll bring my type toe and from the bottom let me go. Select lips. One copy and from appear I'll go and type California. Great. Now I'll just go drag it out. Something like this, this nose to be a little bit tricky. So don't worry. Just let me place. It's to the middle. I get my type toe and now I'll just by pressing space, I'll get it somewhere on the middle. Great selected and from appear, just go press and hold your mouse key, and it will move it right where you wanted to be So just a little bit more. You see, it's just that is gay bond release. We get this effect. Great. I'm satisfied how this look like Amazing. So let's continue. It's a little bit tricky when you working like this with those shapes and you want a line text up here. You'll need sometimes to figure it out, to place it and stuff like that. It's nothing. Card. You see how it works when you tried by your own, so it's nothing special. It's not in car anyway. Let's continue. I just realize I need to fix this one so it's skate or die. Sorry about it. Just realize that never mind. Anyway, let's continue. So, guys, my next move will be. I'll go from up here at my but my first layer and the last layer. By holding shift, it will select everything. In between I go breast control T to get its smaller because off our next step, so one click on a enter were turnkey. It will place it right there, so because everything is selected, I will make my move tool and make it to the middle. Great, that's it. Now we can go and continue with our work. They will go bring my rectangle stool so I'll go create something like this. Sting. This is fine and I will fill it with black and let's go Just go the blending options and bring stroke like the previous one. So it's also 50 pixels like it's up here because we get smaller. Probably it's a little bit less so let's go with 45. I'll go with 45 because when we reduce the size off our object, those pixels also reduced. Anyway, let's go place it right up here So as you guys can see, it's still large. I need to get this smaller just a little bit more, so I'll go selected again. Control t and get it smaller. Great. Now I can go. Move. It's right there. Great. Now this is perfect. Let me zoom in to see how it looked Likes. So this looks pretty nice and we can go and improve this also. So let me just go troll tea and we can go from up here to change some warped led school with flag. This is so much. I'll go just a little bit. So we get this effect great and Now you see those edges I need toe. Fix them a little bit. Let's go again. Control T And now let me zoom in. You see how much we need? Just a little bit. Push it up here. So it's fixed now. Great. I'll do the same thing with bottom one, and that's it. Terrific. Now I'll just go. Doctor Katie Slayer hit, okay. And by And when my move tool is selected, I'll just go. Bring that up here. Great. Now control T and control tea after that, just go flip horizontal. So it's right there. Great. No, let's go place it right on the middle of it and let me zoom in to see results. See, this is so much will bring it a couple more times inside of it. And now it's perfect. We can also get it just a little bit inside up here. This is still much, um, that's it. Guys with it. Critic. Okay, Nice. I'm satisfied with the results I got. So now it's time to bring this image appear So with my move toe, just click. And there it is. Controlled t because it's toe large. We'll get it smaller. Let's go a little bit more. That's nice. Okay? And now we need to fix it. So what? We are going to dio No, we are going to create a masks you guys can see from up here and let's go fix So I will go to my brush tool, big this hard to round brush and let's go start to paint over those Syria that we want to go away. Yes, you guys can see it's not in card. Just go over those Syria Great. And that's it. We created perfect mask. So, guys, as you can see, the Syria is really trick in. I want to fix that around four date of 50 pixels. So what I want to do is that 40 pixels up here to remove those areas. So those white area So we are going to do that. Let's go bring our ellipse still and just create some the lips like this by holding shift all the time to get proper. And I holding also my space toe, move it just around it. I'll make it smaller than previous Circle this so around something like this is what I want Upon release, we get this black circle Now what I want to do is select those lips one on lips, one copy and this ellipse, too, and a line that to them it great. Now I'm sure they select Stowe is right in the middle, so I'll go fill it with zero. So now let's go toe blending options and adds Choke. The stroke will be off a black color. Yes, you guys can see it's 45 pixels. Great. And this is the smile. Now let's just go increase the size off our stroke by holding altar and shift all the time . Great. This is it. And now we're removed that area. This is almost done. When I'm satisfied with the results, I can go and merch everything to get the effect. We want it. We have two more steps because this is combination off black and white, and we need to remove this black color from our image. So I'll go from appear select than color range, and you guys can see when I take a sample off it, I want to select everything that's white. So this is going to show me a little preview. Okay, I'll go maximum hit. Okay. And now it's select so I can go hit control shift. I invert selection. And just by pressing one time the lead, I will delete the black pixels. So now my image is transparent. Control the to de select. And now we are ready, great and lasting. That I want to do is create this mask from up here and with my brush, it'll paint over some areas to get this texture effect. So let's start. I'll just be gentle. I don't want to do it too much, and too often so just something like this. And the result of this image is going to be amazing. I'll just go slowly. I don't want to use any Grease adds, because I cannot control everything. Ideo on with this one. I can go take a one shot at the time and to get this effect. It's nothing too much just like this. Take it slowly. It will take me a minute or so I can get my brush larger. But I don't know how much is that going to do? A good work? Great. I think you guys are satisfied with the results. I show you everything you need to know. I go over those parts really slow because I think you need to understand it slowly. Take it easy and this is not in complicated, but it just takes sometimes to get those effects or what's also good about it. You can save this file and just go play some under tax than use it for another shirt. So I hope you guys are satisfied with the results that we got. And now just go big move tal and move this image in tow. Our previous. So I'll get it smaller. Maybe just a little bit smaller place. It's the center of it. I'll go with my move toe, play a little bit and changing color off a shirt to a black, because black is going to be pretty much amazing. So this is our image. This is our third image, and I hope you like it. So, guys, that's it for me in this video. I hope you understand each step in this process. So if you have any questions, let me know my 24. T Shirt Design Vol 4: hi, guys. And welcoming this video, we are going to start with photo shop. In this video, we are going to create our first T shirt design. So let's start. This is a resolution that we are going to use for our merch by Amazon shirts. It's, I think, let me see for 50 by five gate. That's it. Now I'm gonna type my texts that I'm gonna use for this shirt, So give me a minute. Great. Now I'm gonna close all of those four on. I'm going to select them and make it new group on. I'm gonna call this group text, so it's easier for me to stay organized. Anyway, this is the farm that I downloaded from the side that I made a video in a previous lessons . So go check that out. The name is up here. Now. My next move will be rounded rectangle tool, and I will use this to with radius off 85 pixels. I will fill it with black color mostly. And let's start, they will create something like this. Okay. And now I'm gonna use my move tool and by holding all your c, I got this level Aero now, and I will just drag new one. And basically I just coffee those two with my aero keys, I will make them closer. Let me zoom in a little bit. Yeah, that's the same distance. Now let's go back layers and from up here I will select this one in the middle. So this one in the middle is this rounded rectangle one coffee And now let's go back to our shaved all around the rectangle. Copy. Because I want to fill this one with some yellow color just by clicking Once That's it, I will go rest. Arise those three. Then again, right click up here and merged layers. So that's now in a one layer again with my move toe. Activate that shortcut is really on a keyboard. When I hold Ault or option key for Mac users, just go drag a new one and it will automatically topic eights the first look. So zoom out a little bit and make its around here. Great. Let's just say I'm satisfied with results I got. Now I'm gonna use rectangle toe one more time, but I'm not going to use around it, just the regular one, and I will fill it with save yellow color. I will take example from this color it. Okay. And now we have this yellow Okay on. I'm just gonna go and create something like this. Great. Now make sure to select all of those three by holding shift. And now go back to move toe and choose this one, and it will make it on a middle. Great. Now, when I'm sure this is on the middle, I can't go on focus. One more think so. This one is to put same distance between this end is on Cindy's. That's it. Okay. Make this in a group one. It doesn't matter. And now let's go bring back our decks, the life. So just gonna go open it up, control t to get free transform on. I'm just gonna use it to get something like this. And when I hold shift, it affect only the top area. So dragging up and I will get results. Something like this. When I pressed enter, it will apply this effect. So for this one, I needed to be a yellow and I need to get this smaller. Let just say or 100 pixel is enough. Okay, and one more thing. Make it yellow. That's it. Now we need to use Lear's for this one, because it can help us. Really? Well, so let me go that Just grab this one on. Let it up here. Great. Let me now zoom in my move toe. Um, it's control the get these larger and to make it on the same distance. Great. Maybe just a little bit more. That's it. Now, with my arrow keys, I can go and move it just a little bit more. And now let's move this one to the bottom. So basically, I will do the same thing. I will select this one. Make it smaller 100 make it yellow. Okay, that's it. Now let's go Place it on the middle. It's a little bit large. So controlled the orca. Manti fusing Mac, align. This that's nice. And just a little bit on this area. Great. And now I can go with this 12 and make it larger. So making grew from up here Type 900 or I can use the same thing control t and make it larger. They are fact will be the same. So that's it. Now I have a hold shift to make it like this. Great. Now I want to be same distance. That's it. So we can leave this work like this, or we can go and add some war effects. For example, we can rotate this text, or we can add some more details on this area. So let's go with this one. This is in one group, you see. And now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna create a mask. So the color off my mask is white. And I need the opposite if I want to see something affecting my mask. So basically, I need black color or some other color, and I will use this brush that I downloaded in a previous video. So basically, I would just go once over this area and I will get this effect. Okay, that's it. We can use this design for our shirt, or we can go and add some work details. So, for example, I can go do something like this, select this group and on myself for myself. This is it on this also, by holding control all the time. So now I will hit control TV. You see, all the diamond years in control the I will go on, zoom out a little bit and now I can use by holding by holding control. I can go and do stuff like this and we can apply this. Great. Now just let me drag it down a little bit on. We can do the same thing for this. The rest off our taxed. So basically just hit controlled the and hold control all the time until you get position. You like toe. So that's it. It enter to apply this move. It's low. That's it. I just need to get this a little bit smaller. That's nice. On the last one. He's here. So same thing for this one. Move it below to see just a bit more on We are. So this is our design. This is our final results. So I will go select all of this on right click merged layers. This is just to show you how it will look like on the rial shirt. So I got from appear woke up on We'll get it smaller to apply it to see how it looked like on the rial shirt. I think I'm gonna and guys that's it. So I think result is ready goods and I'm satisfied how it looked like. And after this one, we can go and upload our shirt un emerged by Amazon. So that's it for me. This video. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or ask me Q and a section CIA in the next. 25. T Shirt Design Vol 5: Hi guys. Welcome this video. I will show you out. Create amazing shirt with amazing message. So let's start. Yes, you guys can see from appear. I prepared my document. Then what I'm going to do. I just feel my background with some great color because I think we are going to make this shirt agree color. So our tax should be white and sky blue, something like that. So let's start so the message of my shirt will be used. Susilo's So let's died that just let me change of font. That's it. I will use this fund for this shirt so I will leave your Lincoln description very confined this pond. So don't worry. Just give me a second bite basin on. That's it. So now let's go place this text. Just go select those four layers on just aligned to the center and space between those Great. So what? I will maybe go on. Do I'll maybe increase the size of my fund? I don't know. We had So let's starts in this video. I will show you how to get this. It's really something. You know, I didn't see anyone do it on this race, so let me show you and explain how to get this effect. Anyway, this is our layer one. So this is from up here is used Julio's. So this is our earlier one and I will hit untrue or command If using Mac and over that you will see how this I can change when I go over this area. You see? And that means when I click wants with my left months coarser, it will select this area. Great. Now from up here I will go big my polygonal lasso toe and let me zoom in to show you what I mean. And by holding Ault or option key, you will remove from selection. So I will go do something like this to create some effect like thunder or something like that. This is really simple and easy. Excuse me. This is a really loud sometimes in my office Don't leave me anyway. Just simple, easy like that. So I will remove this area from my selection. Great. Now I'll go create a new layer and just fill this with some color. Let's just say I will do. We will go with some color like sky blue. Great! And now big being buckets toe and fit and feel this new layer that we just create just like this and undo and see what we got here. This is really good effect. So I won't lose my time creating same one for this area. So I will just hold Ault and drag it this right now. Just this copy about this and place it simple. Is that with my arrow keys? I can This So when I'm sure I am 100% accurate, that's it. Anyway, let's continue for now. Let's do this. So, like this on, Let me zoom in so I can easily get this done all the time. I need toe hold, my old curier option key. So try to make this faster. They hope you all understand. How you doing this. It's really simple. And this is really nice. Backed that. We got up here. I just go randomly on those areas. Great, Great. The new layer big being back itto feel that control the de select and let's move on. And this is our last one, Houston, this year. So let's go find it up here. Old control. Like once we got it selected big our toe and just ful all so we can remove from selection just like this. Great. Now just let me go on close this one. Great great. The new earlier hit G get this done on. That's it. So that's the effect we wanted. Anyway. Let's go create some younger effect from Appear a Let's go try it on. Let's see what they are going to get. I'll just randomly on. That's it. So once again g feel it. It this color legis am satisfied we can go. Yeah, just a little bit smaller. That's it on. You can go drag it up here. So just by think Ault, then I'll hit control feet to transform this on and let's go Rotate. Sleep horizontal. That's it. Now just move it up here. Great. That's nice on. Now what I'm going to do This is really tricky. Poor So I'll select everything and created in a group. Fill that in the group. So my next move will be I'll go and applicator this group on. That's it. So I can go close this group one on select everything in group copy So and now I will merge those layers. You see, guys This is everything in one layer. You will see in a second why I do this now Let's go toe blending options and hit the stroke so I will fill this with white color. You see, this effect is really messed up. Let's go with some I don't know. Let's go 25 25 feet. Okay, you will see in a second wind doing this. Create a new layer Anyway, it's empty later. So let's go merge those two layers. Why we're doing this? It make no sense for some people, but it does because now our the's speaks ALS that we just feel with stroke are now in one layer. So we don't have those effects now and why I do this. You will see in a second now when I go And now when I go from up here and hit blending options, let's go once again, stroke. Now I will choose this color. Okay, it's OK. And now guys, since we have our at fact, let me just go from a peer selected hit control and now create a new layer. Still, keep this on the new still keep this selection and now merge those two layers, so we'll lose this effect from up here. Those effects, those strokes merge layers and that's it. Now just hit the lead and we got this effect. This is what we need and we will see in a second. Wise that let's go back to our group one activated and that's the effect we wanted. So we got those areas in between are free now, so this is effect. We need it. And guys, I hope you like this tutorial on If you have any trouble with my technique, just let me know. Maybe it's a tricky one for some people, especially for beginners. But if you know a little bit in photo shop, I think you understand me. So anyway, guys, that's a thrill for today. I hope you like it. Make sure to subscribe. Big big guys. Work tutorials are just coming. Seeing the next video by 26. Process of uploading our design on Merch by Amazon: Hi, guys. Welcome In this video I will show you how to upload your design and how to fill those spots . So basically, this is designed that I prepared for this video. Anyway, let's go save these design and find different color. So for this design, because it's not specific only for man, woman or the young, I will go with all of those three. And because my color off my design is, for the most part, white. I need to go with darker colors, so I don't know why's that? But darker color shirts sell really well on Amazon and designs that goes on a darker shirts will sell much better than when it comes to a white or some yellow shirts. So most of your sales will be black Navy, dark Heather and stuff like that. So I don't know. Why is that? I think people just simply like Parker colors for our shirts. Anyway, I'll go with Black Navy. I will go dark. Heather and I can go with We are We have a limits for now, Toe five colors. I think they will update this, and it will be 10 colors, but people sometimes don't know what they want. And when they got too much choices for some shirt, they will go. I don't know. Is that better? This one or this one? And they will go like I will go and buy this shirt later and they will never buy that shirt . So don't go too much crazy with colors. Go with a couple colors. Don't go crazy and that's it. And what's important appear is a price. For example, if we put a price off 1999 our share will be $5.23. So if we go and safe selection and continue with this price, it will be hard to get a couple first sales with this price. So what's my panic? Here I go with something like this. I only earn 70 cents from each sold shirt. And why is that? Basically, I want my beer start to get little where So when some shirt is cheaper, probably more sales, you will got. So people think cheaper. I will get it. It's not expensive anyway, so that's important. Go a slow west, you can reach your design, and when you got first couple sales, after that you can go at Dysart and increase a price off that shirt. So it's really important to get a couple first sales like 235 It doesn't matter. Just go get a couple sales. After that, you can increase the price off your product anyway. Let's go continue with this 1 13 99 and from up here at the brand name. So I saw people suggest, for example, your specific brand name. So to put that brand name on each shirt, and after that, when you list your shirt, someone can find all of your designs by simply clicking on the brand name. But in most cases, that doesn't work. So up here at the brand name, I would suggest you to put something that's from your design. For example, I can go and type tennis lover or tennis player or something like that. Let's just say I will go with tennis lover great and below that this would be vital off our products. So I will go, So I will go type the same thing that my shirt got. So I will go with one today, uh, be one layer world and this is my title, so I will copy this one and up here. Keywords. This is optional, but I suggest you to go and put keywords for each off your shirts. So, for example, from up here we can go dive tennis player, comma. We can go with a gift for tennis layer and also then is scooch. And we can go and we can go type something like motivational shirt. So guys put up here on your keywords, something that's related to your shirt, that's really important. Put something that's related to your shirt on also in a title and on a brand name, So that's my suggestion to you. Anyway, from the bottom, we can go on and type something like One day I'll be number one shirt, something like that, and we can add some more keywords. We can also add Danny's bowl, because that's what we see on our shirt. It's really important to say what's on your shirts, and we can also add some more, but I believe this one to you. For now, I'm satisfied with my result and appear at the product description. I will just go copy this and I will based it up here. And guys, I have a gram early if I use a free version. So this is amazing. When you make some grammar mistake, it will automatically that for we will become red and you can go and change that and fix that. That's really important. So in most cases we make some typing mistake on it. Suck on. In some cases, we don't even get a sale or our design get rejected because of that. So used a gram early. It's free extension for chrome on It's amazing and I will go like this. Gap news. Sure, now on. So rise song one you and thats it basically this is how I go and fill those spots for this specific thing. If you have some, for example, that's were dog or cat or if you have some event basically what you got an assured right up here and that's the whole point. So, guys, I know those words are free to use, and I will not get copy strike because I previously check that out on anyway. Just safe selection. Continue and now taking Go submit, product it. Okay on, That's it. That's is this is how our product will look like and we will learn $0.7 spur sold shirt. So that's the process off. Uploading a shirt. We can create 1000 shirts like this, and this is basically the process that we went through for each shirt. So, guys, that's it for me in this video. If you have any questions, please let me know. Have any trouble with murder by Amazon? Let me know on That's it and I will try to help you. So thank you for watching and CIA.