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Merch By Amazon Masterclass: Start Your Own Successful T-shirt Business Online

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

45 Lessons (2h 27m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. Merch By Amazon: How It Works

    • 3. How To Get Accepted To Merch By Amazon FASTER

    • 4. Merch By Amazon Dashboard Overview

    • 5. Setting Up Your Account

    • 6. Resources Of Merch By Amazon

    • 7. Evergreen Designs

    • 8. Event-Based (Trending) Designs

    • 9. Understanding Amazon's Bestseller Rank

    • 10. Finding A Profitable Niche

    • 11. Google Keyword Planner To Find Profitable Phrases & Quotes

    • 12. USA Calendar For Event Research

    • 13. Following Trends For Event Based Research

    • 14. What Are Your T-shirt Design Options?

    • 15. Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Photoshop CC

    • 16. T-shirt Design With Adobe Photoshop (Design #1)

    • 17. Add Text And Shape

    • 18. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design

    • 19. Export Design With Transparent Background

    • 20. T-shirt Design With Adobe Photoshop (Design #2)

    • 21. Search And Add Graphics In Photoshop

    • 22. Add Circular Text

    • 23. Add Shapes And Export Design With Transparent Background

    • 24. Start Uploading Design/Art In Merch

    • 25. Build Product - Choose T-shirt Fit Type, Color & Price

    • 26. Add Product Details - Title, Features & Description

    • 27. Review The Product Details Page & Submit It

    • 28. Edit Product Details, Price & More

    • 29. Use Of Merch By Amazon T-shirt Template (Optional)

    • 30. Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Illustrator CC

    • 31. T-shirt Design With Adobe Illustrator (Design #1)

    • 32. Add Text And Draw Shape

    • 33. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design & Export It

    • 34. T-shirt Design With Adobe Illustrator (Design #2)

    • 35. Create Different Shapes

    • 36. Use Of Clipping Mask To Add Pattern In Text

    • 37. Add Color & Shapes To Give The Finishing Touch

    • 38. How to tier up and Selling Strategies

    • 39. How To Hire T-shirt Designers From Fiverr

    • 40. Copyright And Trademarks

    • 41. Generate Lots Of T-shirt Design Ideas

    • 42. Finding Vectors To Do Your T-shirt Designing FAST

    • 43. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Fonts

    • 44. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Icons

    • 45. Conclusion + BONUS

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About This Class


Start Building Your Own Successful T-shirt Business In Online!

Merch By Amazon is a great print on demand platform. You can easily make money on this platform. Just upload your design and Amazon does the rest of it. (prints the t-shirt, delivers it to the customer, takes care of returns, etc.) And you get paid for every unit of t-shirts is sold.

You don't need advance design experience. And the best part of this Merch by Amazon platform is - there's NO NEED TO MARKET YOUR T-SHIRT! You make sales easily from Amazon's huge organic traffic.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Masuk Sarker Batista and I have been working in this Merch By Amazon platform for past 3 years and still now. Plus I'm the creator of some of the world's most popular T-shirt Design & Video Editing courses - with over 100,000+ students and thousands of 5-star reviews.

By Taking This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to apply for¬†Merch By Amazon account¬†and how to ensure you¬†get accepted quickly.
  • How to¬†tires up quickly¬†once you get accepted on Merch.
  • How to find¬†profitable money-making / profitable¬†niche¬†with online free¬†tools.
  • Learn more about¬†Evergreen And Trending¬†T-shirts.
  • How to design simple t-shirts with¬†Adobe Photoshop &¬†Illustrator.
  • Step-by-step process to¬†upload and start selling¬†your t-shirt on Amazon.
  • Tips &¬†Tricks¬†to take your business to the next level.
  • And¬†Much Much More!

My Promise to You

I'm a full-time Designer, Editor, and online instructor. For past 2 years strongly involved with Merch By Amazon T-shirt business. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. I will answer your questions.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you inside!


Masuk Sarker Batista

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


Step #1: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get weekly videos with the absolute best mark... See full profile

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1. Enroll Now: Do you want to learn how to Easter, your own successful Tissot business with the march by amateur? If yes, then you are in the right players. Welcome to the Miles by Imogen Season and Easter Selling your T shirts online Course here. I'm going to teach you everything that you need to know to achieve success in this march. Imagine that from we all know, T shirt industry is a multibillion dollar industry, and in online it is the most fastest growing part off this industry. There are lots off print on demand. Platforms are available online and Mars, but I imagine is the best leading platform, the best part off the start from East, you can easily sell you present a shirt in Imagine. And you don't have to invest time and money for you to shut marketing. Because Amazon is the number one e commerce system in the world and it has huge organic traffic. There are plenty of mistakes you can make, so it is best to find out more about the paint on demand industry before you. Easter Dajani. My name is Marsha Charter Batista on the base alert to shirt designer on Mars by Amazon and Red Baron working in these march by Amazon platform for past two years and he still now. And I am the instructor off these scores in this march by Amazon T shirt business course I will teach you the every step off the march by Amazon. I'm gonna talk about what the much, much of is how to sign up for an account. Also land the best practices on researchers off march. How to find profitable make Manish with on land free tools. We also designed the shot out of the 40 show and will instead or also learn how to find designer If you are not designer and then we after our very first T shirt in Amazon and I will give the in details worked off that finally I will share fugitives and freaks from my own experience. And also she lost are valuable resource is to take your march by Imagine T shirt business into the next level. I hope you are accident to take this opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Don't wait for another day. You start right now. Are you See you guys inside 2. Merch By Amazon: How It Works: So how does the Mars by Amazon work? Well, basically, when you sign up for an account and you got accept it, then you are Hello, toe upload iza on Make Markov's and Templars and Abdel isn't to a T shirt and see what it looks like. And if you like the look of it that added product description using some keywords and you post eat, then it gets submitted to the march by Amazon apple. Well, team and if years all good, it gets posted on the march by Imogen Hoist Side. We all know people are browsing Amazon 24 7 and you can make sells anything on the day once that product has been submitted. And every day if you make a cell, you are a small amount of money that you said yourself, which is based on a person tees off the overall product ties that you sit as well. You realities are paid monthly. You will start with the Mary is more relatives. It will take a while to get started, but had pressures and be consistent. Obviously, it will Eastern earning good amount of money passably through these March may imagine business 3. How To Get Accepted To Merch By Amazon FASTER: in this video, I show you how to sign up for a month by a major account, and I also share some supercool tips and tricks to get your mouth amateur capable faster, faster you need to do is apply for an account on it takes anywhere between few weeks if you are really lucky. I have even heard of some people waiting for over a year to get accepted, but you need to apply right now. So today I wanted to go over how to sign up for a month by Imagine, account and also share a few tips and tricks that will help you to get accepted quicker than the average person. Now I'm in google dot com now. I just simply such for march by Amazon and in search result. Heresy are much by Imogen, Webb said. Where you are is much dot imagine dot com. I just simply open this up and here it is. This is the Mars by Amazon homepage. It is how it works. Just simply after to design are set your own reality, and Boutin is You don't have to carry any inventory at all, which is why I jumped into on it almost two years ago. Also, they provide prime shipping Reach new customers. That means your products with the available 200 off millions off customers. Look at these. These giant companies Disney, Ma Bell, Cartoon Network also sell their T shirts through much by Emma John. Opportunity is huge in this bears. Makes sense, right? So apply for the smiled by imagine account you need to fill up you guessed farm. Simply click on these because in addition bottom and now you need to log in with you. Imagine a con. If you don't have any amateur account than simply click on this, create your own Imagine account. This time I type my name Mashriq Shaka and jibe My You know, Grace that may knew. Imagine past Suard on you Did my passport a game now to create. Imagine account simply heat on, create you Imagine account. Now click on agree. So once you are logged in, you will see this in my edition form at first only to put organization name. If you are just doing these by yourself, then you would enter off youthful name or if you have an Ellis er ink, then put your company name here. This time I put my original name Masharqa, and then put you said, Well, it is optional, but if you want to speed up the process, he should not be optional. Okay, I just simply God be my oil said you are ill and paste it here. Imagine March points you if you have an audience, because because they want to to drive more traffic to their earth side. This is great for imagine, because the see Okay, if I accept this person, they are going to be driving more traffic to Amazon, which makes them more money. So clearly they are going to be happy about that. So, Philip, this field with the upset on the next one, is interested. Type from these drug gunmen or jewels. Nobility. T shirt business brands are dismal business. This time. I suggest Ood to choose nobody T shirt business on, then pulled some additional information on. This is also optional, but I saw this to to put some additional information. This time I just simply put this information after years off positive experience selling on Amazon kindle that publishing. And at the now I would expand my offerings to provide brilliant apparel designs printed on high quality garments using by March by Imagine thought from just dive something like that just explained that you were really appreciated off. What? Imagine, too for the world and for your business explained that you have sold using Kelly P. R. B before alternately you can discuss your previous experience with the other being 20 man or obsessed with these I did with my PBS application. Aren't you can discuss having released mobile APS anything to do with experience on online business Where that you own part or side. If you say a mobile ads if you sell KDP our FBI, just mention it here just to tell them, you know I am ready to go. I know what I'm doing and I cannot wait to provide amazing contrary true miles by Imagine platform. Basically, you need to feel thes two optionals feels because of that for the person who reviewed your application to think Yes, this is going to be a great addition to our platform. After feeling all of this feels simply hit on send request. And here you see, our request has been sent. Now they are leaving our request with notified via email. Who and in addition is available, and this is the best possible way to get accepted to march by. Imagine Faster. 4. Merch By Amazon Dashboard Overview: Hopefully you'll get your march by a margin Account a poked. Once you log in in your marriage may account you are going to come to you dashboard and it is going to show you a recent activity. Recent activity off last seven days. In the last seven days, I have sold over our 277 T shirts. Products are sold around 4000 and $500 and my estimated reality is $656. Now I'm in Tyre for that's why I can sell upto 500 different designs at any one time. And currently I have 313 in barracks life on Amazon. But if you are new in March may imagine then you are in Taiwan and that you can sell up to 10 different Perak Busan's at one time. So here is the dashboard. This is the default when you lock in. Now the fasting that we look at is create. Now this is the higher we're going to eastern making a T shirt. You can see it is a very simple process just up to do art pill you Prada at details and subject for review for simple Easter by step process and in another will you were going to make a T shirt from a sketch and we'll show you how toe up and submit your design for review. So don't worry about that. The next of is managed step, and this speech is going to show you all the products that you have already made. And from this place you can modify your existing T shirt information like product plans, description Exeter. And also you can deal it you t shirts from Amazon listing, and the final step is analyzed. This is very exciting place to come because here you can see all of your selling in four revenue and realities. Also, you can filter them by selecting. This is a strange on. In arming step, it will be able to see all of your monthly DiLeo. So these are basically the main points that you are going to see at the top when you are locked in, you know, next lecture, we learn how to sitting up our march by Imagine account. Thank you so much for watching 5. Setting Up Your Account: you have to set up your account before you can Eastern up loading and get you T shirts available for sale in. Imagine to set up your account at first logging in March by immature and then hit on these my account that you can see on the very top off your account. And yet you get cremated parts off full account. 1st 1 is company profile at fast from these drop Berman. You choose your country and in business name. If you have any restart LLC are limited company. Then put your company name. I don't have any restart company. That's why I type my name Magic Shaka. Then type your address instead Postal code phone number. And finally put your business email address and the next one East payment and banking. You have to have the set up before you can sell T shirts. In Amazon, you need one active bank account to get paid. All the point is the country and the routing number and account number awful bank account. If you don't know what those are, then check your bank checkbook or just call your bank or your online banking and hopefully you can find those bank account information. But what happens if you don't see your country list in his drop down? If you don't see country list in this drop down, then I suggest you to use Pioneer that because pioneer global payments are these animals you to receive payments from companies? Well, right, because the Prophet United is this partial bank account simply from these drug terminal choose country, united distance and use pioneers given partial bank account in four to get paid. All right, on our final part is tax information, and here you have to fill up a tax information interview form here. You have to feel your business. Your number are if we're easing as your account as an individual, then you have to put your Social Security number, name and all this is staffs. And make sure that all your information is correct. So before up during your descent on March by, Amazon does this part at fast. You have to have this gun. You can find a link to that at the top off your much by a margin account. Thank you so much for watching 6. Resources Of Merch By Amazon: So in these flu, I give you an overview off the page Resources in the match by Imagine Page with you Carol is March. Start amazon dot com slash resource. You can also find thes research The step right here at the top. You have section off the best practices, realities and content policy. So we're going to Eastern right here. Mars. But I imagine a value march by Amazon makes it easy for you to quit, promote and sell you branded merchandise with no risk and no, our phone costs. Ha ha! There's the killer part off this program. So let's look into the best practices T shirt and had to see a couple of instructions. How to insure your friend isn't will look great. We will go into the details, will make an actual shot the sharks off. Your design s cool as DP, which means dot by INGE and our resolution off the sizing and a placement as well. A lot of these steps Amazon's Galindo for you. Once you have an image in the right size and the right solution just up a leak, imagine is going to do the rest. Who need comes through the are realities. Hair. You can see the costs off Amazon, and it says you can add a reality on every product sold. Your reality is based on the least off price, you said. Less imagines costs Amazon costs, including materials, production fulfillment, customer service returns, access and the surface recorded to the detail that prevent fart. All right, and Billy often the James There are reality person days currently for istan. Dar Tisha. If you said least prize $15.9 million your reality would be creep on $79. And if you say at least price 25.9 Mendola, then your reality will be 12 point to Angela. These are the examples off current realities as off January 15 2018. Relatives will be changed if you said Lise press that time. If you say at least prize 15.9 in dollar, you royalty will be two point Chris $6 for 19 point and in jollity shirts. If you sell you T shirts in that breast that you write it, it will be five point retailer and for long slip T shirt. If you said Lee Spice, $22.9 million than you, right? It will be two points here for dollar on after January 15. If you say it least priced $22.99 then you well too will be $2.50. If you want to check the current realities then came here in this page and check this And here we see some additional cost Vaginal course will be in card for two sided printed as well using a P member and shot far too said painting it guards additional, more for Gullah. And if you're in seeing remember anti shares that it costs $1.50 more now let's never get to the content policy. Imagine is very serious about their contents. Make sure you are uploading the appropriate content. You can't upload anything illegal in frightening content. That should be Barea Bs, So don't put anything cooperated. Trademark attempts up here such a great mark. You can simply use this website est. It'd be s U S P t or dot gob. All right, we dark more that were displaced, said in the letter section off. He scores, but it's still, if you are unsure, you might ask some of your friends what they think about it, and if you're really unsure, then you might want to contact a lawyer to make sure that you don't upload anything wrong. Also, you can do anything that promoting pornographic content, child exploitation or affinity promotion off head are intolerance and human tragedy. So just give that in mind and for dissent and description. Heavy seas. They are content policy tools and so on. For any specific questions on the content policy, I would recommend contacting. Imagine are much by amateur and getting an official response from them. And they do have a contract battle right here. Just simply click on these contact as but on and in this base, heresy and even address March hype in Cellars hype in Contact us at the rate off imagine dot com before sending an email to them. Please note that they can only provide support if you email them directly from the intelligence that is associate with you. Much pay. Imagine account. So before sending an email to them, just keep that in mind. Now I never get to the two step and heresies some product templates for T shirt designing. If you're using Allah be instituted, then download these and we listed or template are. If you're using at it before the show up, then download these before the shop down. Platt are the Furies in game party shut? Does any then download these game project file? I will show you how to use it in an adult. Leo and he had a C A Te, which is called F accuse. They have a dance off questions in here and that are answered. I really recommended you to read each of these questions and answers a lot off. The stars are in here. You can go through the speech and you will get lords off questions and start these have the resources off March by. Imagine all about hope this resources will help you a lot for you much by Amazon T shirt design business. See you in the next video 7. Evergreen Designs: in online, you may see different that off T shirts bar together two main categories. One is you have been designed, and other one is even based design. I'm going to show you the examples and explain that about each of these in a little bit more detail here. So, first of all, we talk about evergreen desires because these are my personal favorite. He depends what you're using much for. For me personally, I'm using much as an additional online in chemistry, a passive in chemistry. So for me, it is important. Toe have many different immigrant designs that make a handful cells in a contest. Embassies just like an immigrant tree, which is green and my cells are always camp in. So I have done a good search for Katich art, and all of these results are here. All of these are pretty much immigrant designs because they are not focused on a specific time Off. Here are a specific event are Okasha. They're just based on hobbies. You know, animal lovers, cat lovers, people who have cares and kittens. It is a created a lot off passion for something rather than an Even that happens once are too. Yeah. And therefore these T shirts are not specific to a time off yet and they will sell over and over again. Yaron, Their a game here is a few examples are some you hug finishes that I discover and they are music. Coffee? Why n e mails, family, religion, occupations, Hopis, money and so on. You know, one next lecture We will talk about the even based T shirt designs. See you guys to the next one. 8. Event-Based (Trending) Designs: and the second type. Often Devyn is even based T shirt designs. I could you mention that this is an even based isn't on Christmas. These type off the charts on Lee going to sell around Christmas month. You are not going to sell these type off placements based dishes in February are in April. It is just not going to happen because it is too focused on Christmas. It is only going to sell around Christmas time now lives here. Another example off. Even based. You should design this time with such for solar ellipse desire. And we found these T shirts in services out on in this T shirt. Heresy. This T shirt, God 175 reviews If I open this up in title heresy DOT also escaped Sama ago's 20 Ones, 2017 tee Shot. It has a specific get on it because it is specific to the solar Elise itself. So this type of pictures probably is never going to sell again. I would be surprised if they sold anymore. This is a very specific, even, basically said is an example. This happens once every so many yes, and therefore there was a lot of opportunity to make a lot off a lot of money that you will not believe the amount of money there some people meant from this. It's true March, I imagine, and we have all sorts of different events and did, For example, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas extra. I talk about this to descends type just to let you know that you do get abilities designs into Catalyst. One is evergreen, which is going to sell over and over, but again all year long. And on the other hand, even with T shirts are still really, really well in the month off that specific event and then they're not sell too much at all . 9. Understanding Amazon's Bestseller Rank: before finding a niche that you want to target for the design. The first thing that you need to understand is imagine platform, including their cell A rank. Now let's it would take a broad nish like fishing. And we want to see how these sharks are selling in this emergent platform we can estimate is by knowing the Imagine Pollak rank To see the product rank on Amazon, you need to install an extension on which name is DS. Imagine Quick Bill toe. Install this extension in Google Chrome. Simply click on this option icon and from mortals select extensions and click on Get More extensions and Sasha for DS Amazon. Quick Bill and he don't end our and I just simply click on at two chrome and instill this crumb. And at this cinema Google Chrome browser all right, our ideas and my junk. We got installed and this extension is now Annaba. Now, if I really loved this now here you can see the product crank off this particular T shirts right. And for this fast, Tischer product rank is around 500 thousands and for the 2nd 1 procuring is 84 thousands and so on If you see any T shirt rank in between 50 to 100 thousands, then that is selling really, really well in. Imagine. But all these T shirts are in between 200 to 500 thousands, and they're signed probably once a week. The RPT immigrants. So they're good. They have a chance to sell all year long, so procuring one Millon is selling one toe to Fisher's apartment on March and Perak, playing 250,000 is selling free to see extra shirts. Barman. And if you see any T shirt, pull a crank in 50,000. Then this particular T shirt is making toe to four cells, far day and under 50 thousands. Peregrine is selling dente sharks party, but they are very rare. But if you get in this rent, you would make a lot of money. Nor that pull a crank in between 100 to 250,000. Wrench can be swapped easily because if it is, shard cares. Once ill, it can go into this wrench for a day or two on Amazon, offer one off sell. All of these numbers are estimate because there are so many factors are in parked. But this is the best that I could do to give you a realistic estimate off how often they are going to sell. So I hope this helps. You better understand about the imagine T shirts. Ella rank. Thank you so much for watching. I will get you to the next one. 10. Finding A Profitable Niche: in this video, we learn how to know and find a profitable niche. I can give you a list off missions to go after, but I think it will get a right direction off it. Maybe you are going to want to take a sport. Nish are Hobie or something even more Borden is than that. So let's say outdoor sports, and then you are going to want to narrow it down. For example, rock climbing. You are really going toe want toe stick at one sub, Nish are going even further into some knishes, which would be like peopling, rock climbing or rock climbing. Whatever they have are like free claim being tower. Claiming like these so you can find these submissions tells by doing a little Google's art and you know it could be Inish. Most of the measures off missions have some knishes that you can target. So what you want to do is just find out through Amazon and for the Google. If there is an air traffic that it is so to put the time for that, Nisha's so what I did. He had waas. I want to Amazon and I did the sash for rock climbing T shirt and we get all sellable T shirts off. Imagine products rank are in between 2 50 thousands to one million. These are actually pretty good, and this is the first thing that I look up here and for this rock climbing T shirt. We have Onley around for thousands results and there's good. Actually, believe it or not, it seems like a lot. But that's pretty good. And I will show you why Sam knishes It will be just ridiculously crazy. Now let's stash for fishing T shirt. Here you get 25 thousands results. These fishing is sends to me badly says you attacked. So that's the one thing that you can look at. Look the basil a ring for the niche for rock landing. All of the Cella ranks are in between 2 50,000 to 1 million. And just look the number of sources us to figure out how the situated this niche is or not . So this particle nish is not situated at all. Think about the fishing niche that we saw iliac 25,000 results. That was actually a very saturated niche. So this is a goodness to go into rock climbing. This is the wanting. The second thing you can do is go to google dot com and in Google, simply put your main key White, which is for our case, which is rock climbing on. I just simply copies and pasted here. And he turned out Look at this in Google. Every Stars. William is 135 trousers Marmont. So there's the pretty good for SAB knishes to see the Sarge William. Under these, such both you need to install and especially extension, which is called us everywhere. Just simply go toe to ours everywhere dot com and install this plug in for Google Chrome on modular firebox. All right for Niche that has Onley for thousands T shirts available on amateur and lots off monthly search in Google, it is a good indicate that this mission is a profitable niche. Now there's narrow it down. For example, in Amazon estimate our climb being dark, claiming T shirt on and I just simply heat on Enter. Look at this for the establish. Only 13 different charts are available in. Imagine if I Sarge thesis Tom Tower landing in Google Look Sarge, Volume for thousands permanent you can narrow it down by simply using Amazon T shirts, socks as ours and Google Monthly Web search. So that's how you would narrow down and find a profitable niche. Very simple produced a process. There's the oil. I have been successful and probably, you know, the easiest is straight to the point way to find a profitable niche. Hope this video will be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. 11. Google Keyword Planner To Find Profitable Phrases & Quotes: Google Cured Banner. This freak you out on a total is owned by Google. You dissipating Great test to come, especially for those who are working, are doing takes base desires. Using this tool you can easily able to see started William for any cures. And first, I myself also used this tool for finding simple to our rewards faces to put into the T shirt. So to Easter, using these Kerpen a tool at first click on this link, Sarge for new cures using a fest or said our category. And then simply this time I tie few random Festus books nor Drax hugs, hugs and nets, book bobs and hacks, book books and naps on. And this time I die hacks, not drugs. Basically, I'm typing in all shorts off different faces that I have done some research on March and found that books to sharks and napping teachers are selling really well in Amazon. So I'm going to combine these two and see if there is any Sarge volume here. If I found there is the interest in these manifest, then I'm going to add this face into a T shirt, and I'm going to try these to sell on Amazon and no need to put any landing pitch well. And no need to feel this product category fit and from targeting. Click on this or location and such for a country. United is stairs sealer country read it is theirs and he don't say. And now just simply click on get ideas. And here you can see on dark your ideas for Sarse, Tom books nor drugs for these particular fists. Amorous monthly search is in between 1 to 10 thousands in the country. Off emitted is stairs and for this term, hugs, not drugs. Average monthly search for the star is from 1 to 10 thousands, and competition is low and four books nor drugs. Competition is medium, and if you eat school down here, you get lots off. Relevant your ideas with avoris monthly such and competition. Sarge Tom with dissent. Amorous monthly starts with low compression is honestly a good idea to put it on T shirt just to remember you said, targeting country to united the stairs very often. I'm using this Q Arpanet tool. I just simply started the face on. Dargo will queue up in a tool, and when im see a first with low competition are medium competition. I just simply contact that face into the Zen because I know not many companies are actually advertising. But there is a lot offside volume. These other good ideas for faces that you can put the skewers into your design. So, guys, these are the good ideas for finding faces that you can put the skewers into U T shirt design. And for that zone, I found this Google cure panna tool. Very useful. Hope this bill, you will helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. 12. USA Calendar For Event Research: For those who wants to do some even best dissents, it is a very good idea to do a Google search and combined at least off US holidays, celebration, national holidays and Easter holidays. And Kidder's basically such a Super Bowl Onda Key holidays are Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Labor Day, Independent stare extra. There are a lot of different dates that you probably don't care off, but obviously these are the main ones. But I got a lot off early this South. Just National Pizza Day, Washington's birthday tags day, our day, Father's Day, national flag weak and that then obviously you can upload a lot off. United is their slot based design. From here, you will get a lot off ideas for even best designs. The or Vural off this page is mad. Men mike dot com slash us under escort holidays underscored. Their start is TML, and our second half said is time and dead dot com. Have you can see the least off. United is days holidays in 2018 is that holy? Their city is right there. National are Red Day, Valentine's Day in those holy days and so on. You will get a lot of different ideas here. Really, you should not be struggling for an even based is and ideas not only for United East Asia leaders. If you want to target and other countries then in the same way just simply such for the holidays in Google, you will get a full list off them. Hope that health Thank you so much for watching. 13. Following Trends For Event Based Research: in this little island how we can find the falling trips, trends that are happening in the country and in the world, who are trying to research how to find a trending topic for these researching Piper's we use at fast Google Train stool or, if you are released you and start google dot com slash grants. This is one of the most popular places to go, and it gives us snap shirt off. What is the popular on Google? Also, we can break it down by category. Business entertainment HEALTH Jack is sports and tapestries also. You can break it down by the country in these rubber minnow Herrick and see the country least and in home page at fast. Here you can see it shows us that the one to feature the featured the recently trending topics Winter Holy. There's 2017 and the based on global such interest. Now they're featuring Gah, Santa Tracker. Also the Future Die Golden Global. Our screwed us in 18 and also how you can see the Eastern Arts character in statistics. And under these, they also share the histories off the reason training topic really minded personal a match . Texas Tech, Red Radius football match and so on. And also the Sha a graph. And using this graph, we can easily understand what is the heart topic right now. To see the diggers off any off this trending topic, simply click on this topic claim. Have you can see the full statistic off this news? The excess trick Red radius football match is now the heart check and under these hair you can see the interns by the result. Not only that, they also share the relevent friend inquiries super cool, right? And under these, they also share the related topics which are also trending pretty cool, right? You can also starts deeper by putting the key words in the search box. Now let's say this time my time Game off dons. Now here you can see in the month off a ghost this game of towns, drama cities, wasin trending. But for this time in November 2017 this topic is not trending right now. All right, also, you can see the interested result off these drama cities Game of Tom's by interest, Fast Wyness, Kazakhistan And 2nd 1 is Russia on and the hard one is Ukraine maxims right? So by simply putting key works in such books and by watching their statistic you can is the understand that is, the topic is now in crediting or not to find trending topics. My second favorite words, that is Bassam Oh, or if you are, is Abdullah Bus Temodar con slash research slash trending How you can see all the available trending news and these articles are published 24 hours ago. Also, the provide different type off categories, such as E sports entertainment Business Extra. Now if I goto politics here, you can see all the heart topics, afternoons off politics and just look at these numbers. Social shutting numbers. These news is just published for our single, and it is already shared on Facebook over to have thousands time, and the second news is published two hours before and shared on Facebook over six thousands time. These are the bile topics right now. Actually, T shirts based on politics are selling really, really well in imagine Imagine if I Sarge for From T shirt. Look at this. Look at their cell, a rank for the simple T shirts still a wrecked three thousands. And for this one cell a Renoir thousands. Actually, these politics types off seizures are selling really, really well in. Imagine, you can easily measured this by watching their cell a rank and entertainment. People love entertainment, and these topics are not branding on social media and on the way. Basically, these are my two favorite tools to find trending topics. And I'm very often used these totals when I worked with even base to shut, designed to find new topics. Hope this video will be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching. I will catch you guys to the next one. 14. What Are Your T-shirt Design Options?: in this lesson, I want discuss about options for designing T shirts you don't need to have. It is in background to get started with March by Amazon, so let's take a look off your design options. Option number one is designing your own T shirts. If you are a designer and you can defend your own T shirt, then you have a leg up on everyone. In fact, if you don't have any design idea, then you can also get it started with Amazon because we're going to look at some resources throughout the scores and learn different type off programs that you can use to create your own T shirt desires. Now, if you want to get into something like that before the shop are every bit solicitor, then there are turns off. Amounts of resources are available online. So if you are really want to learn one of these programs, and if you have the time to invest in it, you can learn how to use thes different programs who are going to look at the difference after applications that we can use and also share some resources that you can go ahead and take it. Letter if you want to learn how to use this programs in depth so fast off. If you want to design your own T shirts, then it is one option, and the second option is hiding a designer. If you don't want to dissent, you fishers, then you can actually go out there and find someone to help you with your designs. Some bunch of different oil says, are out there where you can find freelance designers to do this work for you. For hiring designers. My least favorite of sets are five are up our and freelancer. From our next lecture, we will Easter designing our own T shocks. Thank you so much for watching. 15. Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Photoshop CC: in the section in our March by Amazon T shirt business scores, We will Easter designing our T shirt with her before the show CC food, meaning off CC is greatly cloud, and in this time it is the letters for the shop passion. I already opened these out before the shops this election on my computer, but if you are using air predestination, then it's OK because all of the tools and techniques we're going to teach in the scores are saying. But if you don't have 40 shop, then download the seventies free quest to dollar the simply open your browser and then type at it before the show free crap. Then click on the fast link and simply heat on. Download down. Let's read well, after that, simply install it on your computer and you will get free seven days free crab. I already have installed elevate for initial in my computer. That's why I just skip it and from this next lecture usually start grating our projects 16. T-shirt Design With Adobe Photoshop (Design #1): in this section. I show you how to quit this T shirt design that you see on this group right now using some sample text by drying rectangle and Sarka. Actually, designing this type of T shirt is where they really easy And using these techniques and with their creativity, you will able to quit much more fantastic pre shirt like this one. So we talked in front the deal. There is static before this. You need to know what type of these in dimension and resolution. Imagine legs. Now I am in March. But imagine resources Best practices page have you can see a section how to ensure your product is and we look great here. You can see the recommended toe heels. See, why am cake? Alan Mort, You can also use article mood. I think this is not an issue. Next one is reservation said resolution. Actually, 100 dp I and it is and Francis have to be less than 25 megabytes. Just keep that in mind and the last one is document with and hot there. Prefer document width and height 15 by 18 inch. If you convert this inch toe pictures than your document with and height will be 4500 pigs by 5400 pig's ears. And here you can see they also preferred that transparent background off the design. All right, so at first will get a blank document toe, create these click on file new and from this new document window, I said, with 4500 pigs l said hi, 5400 pigs and set resolution 300 Kalamata. I just you seem like a color and said Background this to my c leg Black. Finally, I just simply heat on quit. So are blank. Document is just created from our next lecture. Well, Easter designing our t shocked. 17. Add Text And Shape: Now I text on this blank and us to do this from the leftover. I choose this text take on and click on this canvas for wanting. Now, I said, My foreign says in 300 pigs ill and said my phone color from black to white And from these drop down menu, I choose my fund this time athletic. All right, now a type that now I heat Okay, Now I click on this canvas again to create another taste Look, and they type are now I heat look again and create another textbook. And this time I tak hat. Now I see like the fast text block and make this bigger a little bit. And using the motile idea stated in center. And I make this big artists are text. It'll be it and said to tear. And I select this hair text block and make this smaller a little bit. And using the move tool, I said it's just in this position. All right, now from the Lepine l I just plea on great in Yulia After quitting a nuclear, I just leak on rectangular Mark you tool. And this time I quit a rectangular like these and select pain Packet Tool And Shane these color from white to doctorate. Now I click on OK and I just paying this wreck and go like this Now I select polygon listen to and these days ises draw it Franken. And after that I yes, Jews magic is a tool And it is this all right Now I press control de to dislike this portion to activate the cramps from mood for thes rectangle I just press country t And then I moved here and wrote it it a little bit and make this bigger. All right now I heat on okay. And from the left a little I quit the text layer again and this time I type jumps and I changed thes gems color from red white Now I heat on Okay. Now, by placing contra t I just activate that transform moat. Now I just wrote it it like these and said Justin thes position and now I heat on. Okay, You know, next little I will give the finishing touch off. These two shared the same. Thank you so much for watching 18. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design: in this little I will give the finishing touch off this desert design. Now, from the left toolbar, I just leak and hold this rectangular. And this time I choose on this time I still a electrical mark, you tool now holding shift. I just draw a circle like these. Andi estimates select Been back a duel and change my color from red to white. Now I just draw this one. All right now I see, like electrical my total again and holding shaved I just draw a and of the circle likely being back a tool and is in the color picker. I just like these red color and heat on, okay? And I just draw the circle in red. Now I never get to the move to And this time I stated in just thes position and I place control de to de select their sit So are descending is no complete In our next little you learn how to export this design Transparent background Thank you so much for watching 19. Export Design With Transparent Background: in our previous lecture who just completed our T shirt design. And in this lecture you learn how to export this descent with transparent background so we don't any for the Dylan. Let's get started at first toe. Export this image with transparent background from the Lepine and simply select your bag bowler. And until these visibility, and then simply go to file export and select safe or where are select export s Mr My Choose export as and then from thes form a drop domino Choose file, form a PNG and make sure that you check this transparency option to get the transparent background and then sit you in its size and canvas size for months by Amazon are preferred with these 4500 pigs and hide 5400 pig's ears. All right, No, I choose Middleton on on Finally, I just simply hit on export all And this time I choose Destination Bola de esto and attacked my filing Gens d shocked and then said My fight that PNG on heat own sake so are exporting is now complete. And here it is our teacher design transparent that ground. Actually, In this way you can easily export your descent with dress but and back down. Thank you so much for watching 20. T-shirt Design With Adobe Photoshop (Design #2): Hello, my dearest friends in the section off March by Imagine design and sell you T shirts online course. We will create this exact same to shut designed that you see on the screen right now at first with such and find the PETA graphics. And then we pull different at all cycle of text and at shares to quit this T shirt design. So, without any further delay, lyrics is started to add a new document. I just simply go to file new and then I just simply said document with 4500 big Scissors and said hi to fit 400 Pig's ears are said Resolution 300 Callum would I chose C M y que and this time a ju's background color white and finally to quit in your document, I just simply heat on create. So our document is just created in our next lecture we call Easter. Does any arty shot 21. Search And Add Graphics In Photoshop: before beginning this video, I want to introduce a upset which is called excels or if you are released, www dot p e x e l s Start calm. How do you get high quality backdoors piers Days as BGs PNG's online editor and much more. And in this to shed isn't section I use a old graphics from this website now in the SARS books I just simply type off and from the search result this damage use This was graphic. I just like undies and hit on download Look, our old graphics is just the start Gallery and downloading is already complete. But I have to mention one thing If you want to use this graphic in commercial purpose that it requires attribution Otherwise you have to purchase license for every graphic. They have different subscription plans. Choose any off you preferred one. All right, so are downloading is no complete. Now I just open it up and extract these g fight now. I just opened these cold, dark GPS fight. Now I just right click on it and open wit flower shop. All right, on dirties Now I just from the left said I just select these polygonal s itude and select the second off. All right, now, I just got beat by simply pressing control. See? And there never get to our main document. Now I create a new layer and paste it right here. All right. Now, I praise Control T to activate the cross remote and holding shift and bringing on this corner. I just simply make this bigger and said, Yeah, all right. And finally, I just simply heat on done in our next Lector. Or you add different text and add shifts to finishing this dish design. Thank you so much for watching. 22. Add Circular Text: this time we add a text in our T shirt design, but before Tous at first I just create a circle To do this, simply click and hold on this. I can't select it Stool and holding shift and regular This Connor simply quit in New Sarka . All right, now, using the move tool, I just simply said it here and after that, using these Lepine and I just simply said Dix ellipse under this land one. All right now I take on the's text tool and however the mouse on the circle border. Once you see these or Blaine simply click undies and die pure fixed these two my diaper off W bull f Our text is pretty dismal. To make the speaker simply select this text and then using these drop criminal juice, you prefer size. These two might die 100 and their taste color in black. All right. And from these drop criminal, this tomato juice atleti fought and then I just simply increase these mellow a little bit more. And also I also scale up. These takes block size. All right now, I never get through these parts election too, And Dan said this text block in media now, from the left panel, I just simply hide thes ellipse one Leah and then select. This takes tool Antley conscious plan document. And this time I type is squat. And after selecting this textbook, I just simply decreased is below and also decreased. A pillow off particle is care, And then we get to the mobile and prayers contra de to activate the trance remote and holding shift. And regular this corner, I just simply make thes takes block, is smaller and then said it right here and finally heat on done now from the left panel, I just simply select this lives one and right click on it and quit a duplicate layer off it . And then I just visible these copy ellipse one and using this move tool, I just simply said it, right? Yeah. All right. Now I see like the sticks to And how about the mouse? Once you see the web lane, then simply click on it. And this to my type quality clothing since 1991. And then to select all of these text, I just simply double click on this text layer and then decrease the size so once you are satisfied with that, simply select this part selection tool. And after that, simply said it in Mida. All right, so once you are satisfied with that, simply hide this lifts one copier. All right. In our next little we'll add ships and give the finishing touch off this teacher designed. Thank you so much for watching. 23. Add Shapes And Export Design With Transparent Background: So in the sexual off, these 40 shop T shirt is and course we will add chefs and give the finishing touch office to share desire. So they're scared He started at toe Add a new ship. I just simply from the left side, I just simply Klay and hold on this icon and sailor custom shed. And then from these drop down menu, he had a C a bunch of different ships. This time I simply choose thes raindrop ship. I just see like this one and then holding shift and regular this Khanna I just cmp draw a raindrop ship and click on this field color and said color in black. And after that I just simply never get to the Moto and press control T toe activate This runs from Mort and after that I just simply says it little bit and then he'd on done now to copy the ship, I just simply press altar and click and drag to the right and praise control T to activate that bathroom mood ever says eat a little bit and using the smoke tool, I just simply said it right here. All right now from the Lepine in I choose thes ship one and shape one copy and using the smoke, too. I simply stated here, after their to copy these two ships from the Lepine, insulate these two ships and then place alter and click and drag to the right. And after that, I just in people's control D and then right click on it and heat on sleep or gente. All right, and finally, I just simply hit on down. So our T shirt designing is now complete toe export. This I just simply hide my bag earlier and then goto fine export and heat all say, for what? On and we see the preview now under piece it. I choose being G 24 and make sure that you take this transparency to get this transparent background. And from this emphasized juice your deserved with and high to this time I type with 4500 pictures and said height, 5400 pig cells. And finally, I just simply hit on say, this time I choose destination for that day Stop and I find him wolf T shirt and hit all say our file is breath seeing. Wait for a moment, so our person is done on charities. Artificial design would transparent background. Excellent. Right. Look who just complete artisan using the picture from exists or come and by adding some text and chess. And it takes less than 10 minutes. Right? So is in these techniques and use your creativity. Hopefully it will able to quit march. More amazing T shirts like this one. Thank you so much for watching. 24. Start Uploading Design/Art In Merch: this is the most exciting but off the scores. Because in the sectional discourse who just up our design in March by Amazon so we don't any for the dealers is started now. I mean Mashaba Amazon dashboard. To upload a design simply at first hit on upload finished artwork and then choose your product type you can see like EastEnders T shirt, rpm empty shirt. You can see there to shut preview right here. Also, you can say long slept Isha through March by Amazon as well. Now for this time, this temple Jos East ender T shirt on toe after designed simply hit on upload. We already export this design would transparent background. This time I just upload this one. I just simply hit on upload and from deck stop I choose thes designed, pain defying And look already then is just uploading. Wait for a moment. So once uttering is done, you can see the preview right here. But if you need to re positioning that is sent then simply delayed this descent using these fresh icon and then needed to design with you for treating program and exported to transport and back down the game and apple eat again right here. You can also upload is into the back. But I have never done this and probably never will do this. Now I'm going to click, save selection and continue. And now we are in step two, which is called Build Product. See you in the next lecture. 25. Build Product - Choose T-shirt Fit Type, Color & Price: Now we are in second step, which is called built product on in the sanity Step at first with jewels Fish type. If I have or about the mouse on man, have you can see the r T shirt is still for man and this is for a woman. And this is for your If you didn't is only for men, then uncheck this Oh, man and select man are if your design is on leave argument than antic man and Jake Oh, man, are if you'd isn't u T shirt on the four kicks than simply jewels yacht are for universal design Jack, all of this for this particle example. I select men, women, and you're all of the's And the next is the peace. We have to choose to shirt colors. You can choose up to five colors and in elegant, darker color T shirts are selling best for thes particle. A T shirt. I choose dark heather color. You had ah, black never blue and but But But if you target best, our woman and then you may choose lighter color like green red being our organs. All right, but for the step ice, choose five junk Agulla. And next one is we have to sit rt shirt price, and in these least baseballs, we will sit our Fisher price. The lowest you can go, I believe, is 11.5 for dollar, where you can make on the one send for each unit sold. Actually, there is really no point to sell T shirt at Onley even 0.0.54 dollars because there is no profit whatsoever. This list best basically depends on how much work it is taken and put into it that will have affected in how much you want to sell at your design. For the simple text ways design, I would ever price more than 17.9 in dollar. And for these, after Amazon costing and listing fee, our estimated reality will be 5.4 and dollar. A lot of people like to sell T shirt at 19.9 in dollars, and I would love to do the same. But for the simple text business in which is literally takes five minutes to quit for the step of T shirt, you mess it price add 15.99 are 16 or highest 4 $17.9 million for Desprez it for parcel. Our reality will be 5.4 and dollar, which is pretty good now. I just simply hit on safe selection and continue, and now we have to add product details. 26. Add Product Details - Title, Features & Description: Now we are interest ER, which is called her. Details in our air protected a speech. At first, we have to put our brand name. Brand name is important because it allows you to group together all prolapse to a specific disease. Carax, under one fish are targeting one specific person under the brand name are on their product listing on Amazon, People are able to click the branding and so they can take into the brand name page, which lives every other month by Imagine listing that uses the same brand name. Now let's see a practical example. Imagine I just simply such for cat T shirt. Let's the this time I opened the T shirt and for this particular T shirt brand name is Kati shirt. If I click on these brand name here, we see their brand page and under these brand page, the's particle are get related to just are never makes sense, right. So if you have an established clothing company and you want to use miles by emergent to expand your business, then you can use your your sir name or brand name here. If you are just like me and we use the smart by Imagine as a completely separate business. Then it is important that you take advantage off the Brandon selection and you put in something with the niche that the T shirt is far. For example, there's you targeted people are cat lovers and you completed If you can't related T shirt designs and you said brand name something like funny get de are funny GATT to share something like that and for all of your future calculated decisions, if you use the same branding Funny Ca Tisha than all your T shirts will be leaned under the same brand name medicines, right? And for this particular example this time I said Brand name Where? The Champions T shirt. I said this We are the champions to shot as our T shirt brand name because for these particular T shirt designed, these band name seems to me very much real of hand on the next one is total of the product . It has the improvement that using cures and key faces in these two boxes brand name and after the product is two boxes definitely help you to rank higher in. Imagine search engines for you specifically works, so I would highly, highly highly advise that you always feel both off these boxes with some relevant keywords . Now, for this particular T shirt in these title, I just simply died. My T shirt title. Earth uh, gems. Uh, yeah, no hide and C T shirt. I just put these height and 60 system in my product title because I know for this time for this particular Tom that is the high side polio Next one East Keeper like features. True, this is optional, but I'm highly recommended uto summers one or two items and poo teacher because The'keeper's teachers will ever in such as ALS and would be on the top of the product page for thes particular T shirt. For this fast Doc, I just simply tied and exclusive, and now I just got me my brand name, an exclusive. We are the Champions T shirt, which is great for athletic. They are steam members and more. All right on. In second feature, I just simply type sergeants are available for men, woman and Children in PS colors. Also on the last one is product description. It says it is optional, and this time it is really optional. So put your product description if you like. But personally, I don't he spent or washed my time by doing these because there is no chance to improve. You should rent by writing piece perfect description for the reason. I just simply copy Paste, a simple text block and basically two right here. All of our products are painted on top quality metal in Eastern off the art facility. We take pride in delivering and imagine product, and you will show off proudly for years to come. Our mission is to bring you that with his designs at the lowest prices, the station is best Forgive that will allow you to express yourself to the world. I just simply put this little takes toe aren't the customer trust. You can also do the same and now just simply heat on safe selection and continue now. We are in final step. Review the political page 27. Review The Product Details Page & Submit It: Now we are into the preview page. Basically, this is a snap shirt off the main, but off our product, which is going to look like here. You can see our T shirt design with delight, trivial and had we have our brand name product ideal. Bryce. You can see our selected different color version of T shirt. And under these he had. We have ah Wardak feature number one product feature number two and under. These thes four features are added by default. You can change any of these four features, all right, and here you can see our product description on and in additional details. Our reality for parcel our relatives will be $5.49. So basically, this is just a chance for you to review everything before. Submit it to imagine if you want to it anything. Let's say this product design brand name Correct, I tell these bullet points are description. Harry can see a little edit button. They are simply it. Any off you preferred item and then come into the review page again and finally to submitted to imagine from the Cilic ability or for product to sell public on Amazon and hit on some meat product. But here you can see there are also two different options. One is draft. If you see like draft, then it will not be available in Imagine it will be saved as a draft. You can eat it this Perak letter, and if you still example directly on Lee and submit your product than a product, which will be acquitted in amazon dot com. And they will send you at this product. You are l also using that you are. You can purchase you sample product. Also, anyone using This'll Inc will be able to purchase to sell this product publicly in imagine dot com Simply select, sell public on Amazon and heat on submit product. And this time they won you. If your product artwork brand name product, it'll and prescription pilot any of their gun and policy, they will suspect your march by Imagine account if you agree with Dad's than simply heat on . Okay, so our product has been successfully submitted and in manage stem here, you can see our recently submitted Perak title and history. US is now in under review. Once it is available in imagine dot com that you are ill will be mailed to us and this is basically the way to submit T shirt in March by Amazon. Thank you so much for watching. 28. Edit Product Details, Price & More: So once you design approved in Amazon, you will get this type off email. Have you can see our title? The champs are here. No high density T shirt is now in life instead of slight. And here is the live Imagine link. All right, now what happens if you want to idiot any off these correcting for Actually you can do this simply. Open up your Mars by Amazon Manage base are logging with your mouth by Amazon account and never get to the manage page. And here you can see our T shirt on it is now in, like to eat any of thes protecting for click on actual and league on it. If you want to delete this, Barack then simply hit on the let Now. This time I just completely it it. And here you can see now we can change our brand name product. I did also, we can change our prize, give the jars and for a description as well. Now let's say this time we said price 16.99 And to make it happens, simply heat on, save sexual and continue. And here is that our review Beige. If you want to agree with that hit on Sabbath product, and Amazon will do it again and after the game. All right, So this is how you can easily illit any off you lie. Product. Thank you so much for watching. 29. Use Of Merch By Amazon T-shirt Template (Optional): so before up wearing your T shirt on Mars by. Imagine if you want to see the light preview for different type off fissures that you might use Amazon's provided productive plate to use evidence provided product template. At first you need to download it locked in you on Mars by Amazon account and go to resources and under tools. Have you can see the productive players if you are using illicit er than Donald the's at every a lister template file. If you're leasing for to show our game, then download in if you prefer template fight. This time I download at before the shock to shut template total size five MB Onley word for a moment. So once it is done, I just simply open this up and extract these files. And here you can see our photo show file with reference guide. If I open this up here, you can see a guide for for the shop template. All right. These days I just simply opened these out before the shortish template files. And here it is. Here you can see that couple of instructions to use this template at first To use these, simply expand these expand these group off layer dish art Mann formed and and double click on. This is smart object. Come there shar design. And then I just simply hide these simple images there and dragon drop it. Our T shirt design, transparent background and our to shut design with and heart is 4500 pigs by 5400 pig's ears, which is the extender size off the march by Amazon T shirt design. And now I just am. Please check these and clothes the's window and hit on Yes, on. There it is. If you want to change these to shut color, then it's cool down and expertise shot color folder. And these days I just animal this possibility off this color and peaceable the blue color off it. This is the orange but ball. You can actually see the life preview by using this template. Now what happens if you want toe? See the preview for moment T shirts? Actually, Bruce is pretty simple simply from the left panel ideas. Sharp man phoned and visible Days group off there, Shot Woman found and her teas. And this is the preview for kids T shirts, and this is actually that use off March by Amazon Tischer Template on using these templates East. Totally optional. Thank you so much for watching. 30. Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Illustrator CC: now from the section in our Month By Imogen T. Shirt Business course Who will Easter designing our T shirt put out of molested or see see the full meaning off CC is greatly cloud, and in this time it is the latest a lister to Russia. I already opened these Arab list softer on my computer, but if you are using the previous brushing off listed or 10 it's OK because all of the tools and techniques are going to teach in this course are saying. But if you don't have elicit er, then simply download a seven days Recraft. Darling process is pretty simple. Simply open your browser and then type out of illustrator Freed Prayer, and they're simply click on the first laying. Download a realistic or cease if with Russia, and then simply heat on download free trail, and after that, simply install it on your computer and you will get seven days off Recraft. I already have installed Arab illicit or sited RCC softer on my computer. There's why I just skip it and from honest lecture well, Easter parading our project 31. T-shirt Design With Adobe Illustrator (Design #1): Hello, my dear restaurants. In this video, I'm going to show you hard to clear this exact same too shall descend. That is young the screen right now. At first we download forints, custom forms from online. Then we put some text and then clear some shares on using some techniques. Oiled is and this exact same T shirt design. So without any further delay, layers is started. At first, I just simply open up out of illustrator and then to create a new project. All you may secret in your heart board. Simply Goto filed new, and this time, I said would for 500 pig's ears and said Hide 5400 pig cells and in advance options, I choose color more C m y que calor rested Effect I Jews 300 peopie I and previous Mort and preview mood. I select default on. Finally, I just simply he don't quit. So our art board is just grated in our next lecture with Easter designing our tee shot 32. Add Text And Draw Shape: this time we downloaded a special fart to download any day before. It's my favorite. If that is difference dot com he's dead. Eyes Jews Horror got a goodie. And yet we see a bunch of different horror related forms are available and all of these forms are absolutely free for personal use. They're so distantly download thes fist off less BB fart two down with this one. I just simply hit on Download. Are downloading is no complete. Now I just open this up and have you see the G five off these font. Now I extract these and installed a basic one. So our incident is no complete now to reload this font in Illustrator, we need to re tested this project. But before this, I just simply sip this project and type my file aim to share descent using formed. And I felt I just I and he don't say now it closed this one and open these two shared design using foreign dot a file. Now we added text on this blank art boat. So do these from the left side. I select thes takes too. And this time i died. But before these, I just simply said, My take size 100 not 100 I said, My take says in 300 pigs is and the so I die, you slow, you blow. Now I see like these whole deadlock and from these drop domino, I just simply Sarge my fondest day. First off less BB fund and her teeth. Now, to play around with these decks, I just simply combat this text into shape toe. Do these at first either simply never get to their selection tool and goto tie and select great outlines. Now this day might increase the week off. Thes takes look a little bit and wrote it a little bit more now to put all of these days altogether, I just simply group them this wide. You to do this idea simply double click on these later. Why? After doubly Conte's I just plays shift and select. Why? Oh, you and then I just bleak and move it down all right. In the same way, I just simply leak y and holding shift. I just simply select or and you and Liz it right here, and I just simply select be holding shift. I see like W O and l and move it and place it, writer. All right. Now, a double click on these blankets bears and select everything and holding shift and rang on this corner. I just simply make the sticks as bigger. All right? Now I draw a lighting tolerable to draw the share. Actually puts this pretty simple from the left side Select pen tool, and then simply draw a light and tundra able Shep. All right, Now I know we get to that move selection tool and increase the week off the ship and said it right here. Now, using the spent two, I guess impede draw and other ship like these. Now I just make the shape he got a little bit more. And then from such is I said color ISC a now to add a little carpet effect on the ship. I just simply see, like, the Spencer to And after that, however the most on the corner and click and jaw a random card line and close it here. All right, so our ship is just grated. In our next lecture, we will air the super cool if it on the's text using the ship and some other techniques. Thank you so much for watching 33. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design & Export It: now I customized the shape a little bit more, but before this, I just simply goto window and select Pathfinder and click on this little icon unit. All right. Now, I select pen tool and joy Random guard line, and then I never get to the selection tool and simply place it right here and now. I just right click on these goto errands and select Sent to back. Now it, he says, Eat it will be more and place it right here. I always feel like this town terrible shape and change his color from black to is gay and select bistro and said is true color in black and said he struck size in 20 pig zehs. Now I see, like everything and holding shift and rang on this corner, I just simply make this bigger and said it in media. Oh, I just for goto add keystroke on this ship for adding it struck on the ships in place select. You share and select Mistral and said colored sistema juice, black and in stroke size in the same way, like eastern rebel ship as Jews is to access in 20 pig cells. All right now, toe export these descent with transparent background simply go to file export and seal a export, as are safe for Web now. To see everything on this previous week, click on the drop down menu and click on Fit on the Screen and her tease our descent with prospering background. Forties transparent background. Ensure that you check this transparency option and from these drop in Minot Select PNG 24 and said, Optimize fine form it B and G 24 under immense size. Here you see, we can pulled our preferred boot and hide the termite shoes 4500 pigs and fed high 5400 gigs s and finally toe save this disease would trust. But in that ground, I just simply click on save. And this time I choose destination for the deck. Stop and hit on. Say so are processing is now complete. And here it is our descent with transferring background. Super cool, right? So in this way you can easily quit different child off. Amazingly, should disease using on the front and ships Thank you so much for watching 34. T-shirt Design With Adobe Illustrator (Design #2): Hello, my dear, is trends in decision off this course I'm going to show you. How do you don pouring text based design into this amazing, colorful design accented, huh? See you in the next lecture. 35. Create Different Shapes: little at first agreed in new equipment and draw a different type of ships, too great. A new document simply hit our new and then that with and height this time a type with 10,000 Biggs is and said, Height 10,000 exists. All right now, I simply I simply heat on quit. All right, Now let's great, different debt off chefs now from the left side, I just simply click and hold on this icon and select Mento and then simply draw a line. And then, from Mr O, I just simply said this language from one pixel to 10 pig cells. Now, to duplicate this line, simply select this line and then holding alter, drag it to the right or down just plays it. And if you want, I just simply said it here and then select the second line and increase the week off this line. This time I said it in kind of big zehs. All right, now, just simply see, like these two lives, click on this ban tool and then click on this point of this line and click the point off the second line. All right, now, simply double click on this blend toe and change is pissing from its McCullough to a specified steps. And now I n about this preview and change these flu from 1 to 30. Now I just increase the pillow off. These said it in 50 and heat on. Okay. Now, to create a Web ship, I just simply select this pen tool and draw a line like this and said with off this line 30 on, select this pencil again and then draw a and in the lane on this time I said this land with in 15 pig cells. All right, now I see, like these lying and go toe effect distort and transform and select d Jack. Check this preview and increase the bail you off thes size and Genji's Belew from Choir Street Smart. All right, now heat on. Okay. And remember that you said the sides in and one pig's ears and re just bar segment in them . All right, on de select this line goto effect be stirred and prance from choose chick Jack and points . I changed a value from corner to this month and save size in 91 pig cells. Andrea just are sick, man. I said it in L. A. Them now from the left side, I select this blend to again and click on this point off this line. Carb, Actually. Now I select these toe carb lines and then still a goblin, too. And select our point off the scar and select on this point. All right, now, I double click on these plan tool and change the fellow from a small color toe, especially steps and change W from three to party. There. See the preview? I just changed these Balu and said it in 20 fight. Now this one seems to me Perfect. Now I hit on okay, Now lives great and on the type off ship. This time a click and hold on. This icon earned Sylar. He lives tool and then I just simply holding shaved. I just brought a sarka like these. Now I just move it here andare select these little again. Now I'll June these document a little bit more and then draw a little, circa in media. Now I select the speak circle on gente is with from 30 to 10 pig cells. Now I simply select is to circle and selectees lento and select this point and this point and about click undies and chance STIs spacing and said it in a specific steps. And Jake this preview and James W. From 1 to 30 layers increased his fellow their style. 60 maybe 45 is good. All right, now a heat on. Okay, now I do more this document and feet it in. This is green, and then there's great and on the type off ship. This time I select pain tool. Now I just simply for a line like these and then holding Alter, I just copy this line and change this with from 10 to tactic, Big says. Also chanced is fast line with from 10 to 30 pigs now in media. I just draw a out of the lane and said this would in just five big cells. All right Now select this farce particle line and go to effect distort and France from Jig Zack and said it in its mouth and increase the size and said this religious part, Sigmund Bellow in 25. All right now I hit on. Okay, let's select these particle lying goto effect his turkey and France problem. Dig. Jack said Hello. Same like the previous one and choose the meal line and in the same way, Goto Jack and said point in its mouth and hit on. Okay, Now select these Cree lies. Click on this plan toe and simply to like thes points and then double click on it and changes Pollux from It's More color Toe, especially Steps and Jane Sties Hello from 3 to 30 lurks said this in 60 our ships already in our next lecture will you would create a new document and put some text and use the keep mask. 36. Use Of Clipping Mask To Add Pattern In Text: in our previous lecture, Hoosiers created are different type off sheds now to Easter designing T shirt clears Quit another lying to commend to do this it on file new. And this time I said, with 4500 pig's ear and the high 5400 big ears and now I finally heat on. Quit now from the Lebanese. I just simply quit a new layer. And from the left side I select this text tool and then simply tied Don your arms to wisdom . But before that, I just increase this take size from 72 to 150 now I tied down on select the selection tool and holding shift. I just made these bigger now from the left side. I just simply select, is tapped again and then simply die you at using the selection tool. I just made these bigger a little bit more and said this Easter in italic on. After that, I select this textile again, and this time my dad owns and change. This is dead in regular now I holding shift. I just simply make this bigger a little bit more now I Jane, this is dead and said it inboard and using the selection tool. I just said it. Yeah, and increased the size a little bit more also, I just said the stakes, Doc in bold. All right, now I select these takes tool on this time I died in tow and said he still in regular and finally using these that to either seem to type wisdom on make these bold and holding shift and grinding on this corner. I just make the speaker a little bit more. All right, Now, just simply left, click it and quit outlines. Now, using the selection tool, selectees takes back down and then goto object, compound, pot and select make. And then from our fresh air, simply what we eat. And then they sit here and after that, simply goto object a ranch and bring these to explore to front. Now select these both pattern and taste on. Right. Click on these and select make clipping mask. And there it is. We just quit our fast word with better. Now let's put it another pattern off this white bones to do this at first, I just simply select this wide and goto object from this compound part I select make. And now I just simply copy this better and then simply basted here. And after that, I just simply goto object orange and send it to back. And then I just select thes pattern and dext and right click on it and select make clipping mask are some all right in the same way? I just select what wisdom goto object. And from these component parts I select make This time I just select this better and copies and Mr Tear And after that I just goto object average and send it to back. Now I see like this one and write legal need and make clipping mask. Actually, you can quit different types of shivs using Adib illustrator possibilities are endless And for these using this technique you will able to quit your takes based is and more interesting. I recommend you to play around with these and try to quit different type off ships in our next lecture, we will try to make this present colorful and attractive. Thank you so much for watching 37. Add Color & Shapes To Give The Finishing Touch: by the students in this video, I'm going to show you How do you turn these design more colorful and interesting. So without any further delay, let's get started. At first, I just simply June my art boat a little bit. And then from the left, Sexy, like the selection tool on holding older, I just simply dragged down to create a duplicate tens block. Look, we just instantly at a super cool effect in this text block in the same way holding older, I just toe klik it thes text lock your and this there I don't change these white owns and into and for these wisdom textbook holding all the I just empty duplicate it now. This time I had two different lines under this. We don't want to do this. Simply click and hold on this icon and celebrating your tool. Then just simply draw erecting girl and then holding All done. I just copy this and because the with off this line all right now, to add color in these text blocks simply, however, your mouth on this text and then double click it on double. Click it again to see this grid lines and to make this colorful simply select destro and change. It is true color. Or before this, you just simply select these crooks Selection tool. And she looked this line and change color from black to red and select the first land off the shape and change. These is Roca from black to imagine tha all right now I just double click on these blankets . Best to hide this better. Now let's do the same thing for the back part. Off this work done, I just never get to the selection tool and just double click on it and leak it. Yeah, and select these group selection tools. And this time I changed. He's is true color from black to blue and select this line and change color from black orange. All right, now, I just simply double click on these to hide the pattern. This time, I never get to the selection tool and select the fun part off this text. Block your and then go to the wedding planner. And from these drop down menu, I see layer goldust and change the angle from 0 to 90 degree. Now I just double click on this wire or arms and then click it, select these group selection tool, and then click on this for circle and after that from swatches. Select this bistro and change is true color from black to green and now select a cycle path and then changed its true colors from black to they start Do. Now I see him, he Moby tear and then simply double click on this blanket space to hide this better. Now this time I select is into text block, and from the searches I select fill color and change color from black to magenta. Now I have a click on this text, which don't and double click it and choose thes group selection tools and select this part off this pattern and then change. It's true color from that too read and they said, transparency from 100 to 90. Now I just simply doubly on these blank space to hide the pattern, and they're never get to the selection tool and double click on this under text, which don't and select this group. Selection tools like this path and changed color from back to orange, all right, and under these lines we make it black and then simply double click on these blankets pairs to hide this better. And now I finally draw these two lines with different colors to do this. At first I never get to the selection tool. Select this line and Sediqqi is quit and panel and never get to the instruct to feel. And I will click on this brilliant slider and double click on it and change color from white, do no and changed his greedy in color from black to magenta and estimates select the second line and are probably gon eat and change color from blue to orange and change Majin together on said it in black. And yes, we are done. So in this way you can easily turn your any plane takes to an awesome T shirt design. Thank you so much for watching. 38. How to tier up and Selling Strategies: Hello, my dear students, in this lecture, we're going to talk about the different type off my levels off Mars by Amazon, and we also share how to tear up, and different types are selling strategies for different levels. So there's begin basically what this tell of us, actually, who I knew get it started with March by. Imagine you have a limited number off T shirt uploading limitation that you can upload at one time. At first you are inter one and that you can upload up to 10 T shirts at one time because they want to make sure that you are just not operating anything you want. So the 1st 10 is really all about you introduction too much by Amazon, and at this point you should be focusing on definitely quality over quantity. You obviously had some kind of passion. Our idea that you are interested in so big ghost missions that you are interested in selling dainty shirts. It's not really a big number. If you upload quality descends, then hopefully you were able to go into the tire to very fast and in tight to you have to sell up to 25 t shirts at one time and that I said, just you two. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket if you choose fitness nous that it is totally fine by Don't great 25 Fitness tee shots what with to our treaty finishes, And at this point, if you want to live it up this style fast, then somehow you have to sell more than 25 T shirts. You should sell 25 quantity off one particle addition, or you could have to identify T shirts up there on Immature and their cell wasa piece. Or you can buy 25 T shirts for you cells or maybe for a band to level up the town. Fast thinking outside the box. This 25 is going to be tough for me. It tooks may amount to sell 25 T shirts, but just is depression. So that's my advice for the second tire. Whatever the case may be, you need to sell 25 fishers to tire up. So once you get to 25 days that you are and you will get to L. A to up load up to 100 T shirts and then the real game begins to ask, secreting on some decent and after them. So once again, once you sell 100 T shirts, you will should get their up to 500. And I guess there sweat. The real fun begins. And finally, I think it's like a thousands to thousands for thousands, eight thousands, and I'm not really sure about that. But I know a couple of people are at 8000 level who it is. Just mind blowing to me. And if you are approached by invitation on Lee, you probably don't need my advice at this point. Here's off to you for all of your hard work. But again, just stay consistent and always keep working. If you are not that up yet, hopefully you will get that up at some point. So have those dozen ready and never missed a grating and hope this was some good information on tearing up, and I will see you in the next one 39. How To Hire T-shirt Designers From Fiverr: for finding to shut designers my most favorite feelings or said he's five or you are released. Www dot f i d e r r dot com And you see people are providing different that all Salvi's and categorize eat graphics, design, digital market in category writing and translation, and so on. But specifically we search for T shirt designers right to find this type of service, simply use thesaurus box in the search box system, a type T shirt design. Now he don't enter and in these are trestle. Here you see, people are providing different jet off to shut designing service and in this frost result, heresy. Thes Gig has already 113 review positive reviews and for Death Zone, I think this guy provide the good qualities. Re's Let's open another one. Now let's check this geek thes giggles. Already 556 reviews and in 1st 1 can you see these guy categories disservice in free packages, one is basic. Another one is east render, and that's hard. One is premium. If I choose the basic one, then they will provide for different T shirt designs with description, bullet, Pirates title and it costs $100 for five T shirts. Now let's see this geek. They also categorise thesis service in Cree packages. Basic easterners and premier in this basic back there provide typography design with a limited revision. Also, they give you the commercial right and give you the boat. This involved in JP Easy and PNG format, and it costs on the $5. Now there. Say, if you want toe, use their service, then simply hit on these. Contact me button and send them a message. Tell them that it is about your T shirt is an idea and give them as much as information. You can fast start off with the specific details about U T shirt or give them a sample T shirt photo. You can out hours for tow five by simply using these attacks File's icon. All right, if you have an idea on what type of color T shirts thesis will be far, you can also included that also mentioned the image's resolution that you want simply put everything right here and heat on sand. If that particular seller do with you, then asks him a price and delivery time. If you agree with all of these things, then tell him to send you offer after they're just accept this and hopefully they will Easter designing your T shirt soon and will deliver you deserve in guy. Lots of lots of people are delivering different type off the shirt designs. Elvis's in five just build up in relation with them for long term purpose. So hopefully this fiber upset will help you a lot for finding freelance designers. And if you have any type of questions, then feel free to ask any questions to me. Thank you so much for watching. 40. Copyright And Trademarks: in this letter, we're going to take a look at how to such dead monk database. This is an important is too far. Make sure that your designs and teacher titles don't palette Any content policy if you are using cures, are friends that are trademark than you'd isn't would be rejected. Also, I want to tell you one more thing. Don't automatically assume that just because you see something on Amazon and that is okay to use if you see something in a title or in keywords somewhere on you see Harry Potter our Pocket Monte shirt. Don't just think because somebody is doing it. That means it's OK. Before appearing anything, make sure that you are checking title and cures that they're not Redman. Otherwise, you will get you decent visited right away Somehow. If you get digital, then come back and check all of the skewers and find out why they get rejected for these particular T shirt. Our title is guests are my favorite people funny, get tee shot for men and oh man, let's sit for these particular fish in our QR is gas are my favorite people. Let's see. The ski world title is dread mark or not, So check red marks. Simply goto this website www dot USB two dot gob on this is the home page off this per set . This is basically that emitted distance better and and trademark or fish does take red marks. Simply select this link who it is called Star Stedman database. And now, under these, like this link Red Marke Elektronik Star system, D E S s and then see, like, basic word mark such and in such, Tom, simply put your title, Archy one. And then he on submit beauty. And how do you see? Nor T. E. S s records are found to match this gratitude off your quickly. So that means the study is not redmart. Let's see another example. Now let's say our niche is united is chest and arc. Your title is Make America great again. Let's check this time. Now I simply hit on. Submit Cody, look at this. Totaled hard one records found some of them are dead and some of them are is still I make America great again is bread mark And this is now light Tosi details simply click on these and here you can see all the details in four off this dead marked live that indicator and it's no lie. That means you can't use this line in your title or cures are in your T shirt design. Now let's see another example there said This time we dive with God and now likely onside maturity. And look at this thes whose giggle thes Time is also trademarked. E fight, Lee continues Here we see the details this time is under good and service alcohol, beverages and live there indicator. Now it's life. That means you can use this time you knew any official title jaguars or any her in your T shirt design. So this is how you can easily check any of you that l arche wars that instead marked or not . Hopefully this bill, you will help you a lot. Thank you so much for watching 41. Generate Lots Of T-shirt Design Ideas: The best way to generate design ideas is to see other designs. I very frequently do these two Jarrett my T shirt design ideas and in this video, I'm going to show you how you quit are limited to share design ideas easily Now. I am in google dot com. Suppose you want toe Great if he should. Design about. Never related. That means you target people are who went toe by. Maybe related politicians. If you want to generate ideas on these stuffy, then simply search for Navy Funny T shirt. And now he don't enter and never get to that. You must step heresy. Bunch of different T shirt designs. Hello, Bill. Goodbye problems. Another one. They simply put some logo and just at a test, he still falling me and it's behind the just put the ship. Large stuff. Lots of results. Look at this. There's just put a simple text on these dishes born to make history. Taking a sick day because I am sick of people by doing Google's are broken is illegitimate . Different type off T shirt design ideas. Suppose you want to make mothers. They're related T shirt, Then simply type mothers their T shirts. Look at this very simple, laden clean. Best mom hands down another one. They just simply put Superman logo and taxed. Supermom. Awesome! Awesome! My most Roberto said to generate T shirt design ideas is being dentist Now. I simply type inter's dot com. This is a great place to generate different type off to share the same ideas. Suppose you want to make fathers the related T shirt than simply put Dickie words This time I die, father and dissect. Look at this. We get different type off results. Look, this one. A beautiful typographic design that sounds fasted. Oh, that daughter's first like there's a simply poor different type off aren't to descend this dish Another one. I started the delivery room and it's a guy. Let's see another example. Suppose you targeted people are get are dog lovers for these users. Simply tie, get Tisha are dark B shot and then press enter. Look at this one. Really simple. On very much creative I lap cats. It's people who entering me another Kuan leave alone. I'm on. Lee is speaking to my cattle. Actually, Pinterest is a great place to Jenner, different at all of these ideas, I tell you again, the best way to generate ideas is to see other designs. There's way I recommend you to generate design ideas. Use Google and interest by searching only targeted cures. You will able to direct lots of lots of design ideas. Thank you so much for watching. 42. Finding Vectors To Do Your T-shirt Designing FAST: if you are looking for better, is because you are not ready to create your own. Then hopefully this lecture with will help you a lot, because in this lecture I show you how you get high quality Victor's toe. Do your to shut this and fast. My fast recommended who have said is picks up eight or calm. It's the great upset for finding victors, and all of the sacrifice are absolutely free to Assad's for Victor in these drop gunman. Oh, click on Victor graphics and hit on Such are Sarge Victor By easing your QR. Now I hit on Sarge and you receive a bunch of different back defies, and all of these are absolutely free. Let's select this one. Look. These victor file has CC zero creative common license, and it is absolutely free for commercial use and no activation required. And under these here we see different type off related back or designs as ever awesome right on. My second recommended books said, is big city dot com and had received feature free paper art. Fish are free pick the right bones victor patterns and some premium victor designs. Also, you can start different type or sacrifice using these such books. Also, you can browse the newest victor file. Also, you can browse the victor filed by category, and the cool feature in this said is You can eat it, you're electrifies. Before downloading, simply log in with their upside and you need to rectify. You can add text shape. Also, you can crop your picture file at Transparency exit right and finally simply it on download . That means using their free did, or you can easily a little better file. And after that you will able to download these super cool right and my tired recommended lifts it. These days Enya's dot com And here we see a bunch of different categories baker back for suppressed to share designs. Vectors are also available. Let's elect to share desires and her received. A bunch of different cool T shirt designs are available, but these are not free. You have to pay a couple of bucks to buy these designs. Lots of floors of designs are everyone. After downloading in off the inspector design, you can easily it your rectifies using Olive illustrate our and my fourth and last recommended, Boyle said, is bakery stuck dot com and in their home base, heresies trending victor designs to access. They are free. Levity simply hit on free victors. And all of these Baker files are absolutely free. I commonly do Toby for using any of this picture design. Check their license terms. Hopefully, this Web sex will help you a lot to finding vectors to descend u t shirt fast. Thank you so much for watching. 43. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Fonts: Sometimes we need to use different type off farms in our project are off site, but it is really difficult task to find free cool forms. In this video, I show you my list off. Reassess where you get thousands off point for free. My list of fast oil said, is 101 reforms dot com. This is a great or say toe find quality formed for free. He received the organized category in alphabetical Iwas on the heavy lift said we see two different option new forms and tough forms. By clicking on tough forms we can see the most popular forms in this website Also using the sad books you can, Sarge, any form you want Lots off lost off All forms are available in these websites And this is the front name animal I scraped and made by Mellick It? Yeah, and these Fontes download it. Oh har! 252 3000 times Downloading process is pretty simple. Simply click on download Batam and then Easter downloading and opened this And after this you see G fight. Just extract this one and double click on these and he don't Easton done ah list off second does. It is my most regret the foreign dot com. It's also in another result, full of, say, while you get 1000 off thousands off three forms. He had to see a bunch of different categories. Beat map. Dick Don't fighting Little basic Let's select comic fund the Amazing his Bederman Front Thedeez. Lots of comic forms are available. There's Jews Western category. Awesome. Receive a bunch of different Western categories. Fund. All these forms are absolutely free. You can use any of this one in new project. Are were set or anything. Darling puts the same simply hit on download. Click is that download once it is done. Heresy G five. Just extract this one and in still eat on LBC. Done. Also these clips that has a sausage balls using peace. Such books you can, Sarge, any of you be fact foreign quickly. My least off virus that is formed. Squirrel dot com. This is another were said to get unlimited free farms. He had received a bunch of different categories. Let's Jews most popular, formed. This is the least off most popular formed in this. Worse it to download any of this simply hit on download. What? Yes, on here it is in the same way. Just that's what these. And after that double click on these and jewels installed, that's it. This is my list off free of sex. How you get thousands off farm for free to use any of them. You don't need to take any permission to use. Super cool. Right? Thank you so much for watching. 44. Get Thousands Of Royalty Free Icons: In this lecture, we see where we get unlimited royalty free icons to use our project project means you can use thes icons in your oil set. Our T shirt design are anywhere you want. No need to take any permission to use them. Well, I have, Trio says. There that I would recommended you and Fast One is find icons dot com f i n d I c o and as dot com, this is my personal favorite or set for finding icons supposed system. We need people related icons to find the step off icon simply in such books by people and people, and then press enter. We get all people related. Icons available in thesis have said not only these 46 pages. Look at this. All our people related icons, right? You can download any off them in different size, and you can use them in your project. For example, I died computer and breast center. Suppose I used this icon in our infographics. I just simply click on this and these icon resolution is 128 by 128 and a different size is available. If I take on other side step. We see different resolutions icon, and this one is 512 and 512. If we want to download this icon, simply click on these You can download. I conversion who it is. I cough I also you can download in dot PNG format, which is image file. I just click on download PNG. Our icon is our icon is download successfully received the preview and my second film. It all cities and less icons. Www dot e n d l e double s I C o and s dot com in their home bit. We see some Icahn's. I just click on pace to also not only these icons. You can search them by using their such box. And my car favorite, Will said, is called icon monster dot com. I c o N m o N str dot com Here you see lots off black and white. Icahn's This is gaming. I gone Amazon gift card icon, paper like on beat going icon, for example, in Sarge books, if we die WiFi and then press enter from your keyword, we get different WiFi. I can't available. You can simply choose any of them and click on this. And then, if we want to download impious deformity, click on PSD if we want to download in PNG format Being this image file, simply click on this Benji and after that, click on I get to the license and click on. Download this icon automatically download and Eastern in your PC, and these are my tree for. But with said that you can game here and download you topic related icons and use them in your project and all I royalty free icons. Thank you so much for watching. 45. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.