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Mental Productivity Challenge

Calvin T, Online Marketing Consultant

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8 Videos (16m)
    • Challenge Day 1

    • Updated Introduction - Watch First

    • Challenge Day 2

    • Challenge Day 3

    • Challenge Day 4

    • Challenge Day 5

    • Challenge Day 6

    • Challenge Day 7


About This Class

Getting distracted is a natural part of life that we all face, but some behaviours are easier to fix than others.

If you find it difficult to focus and ignore internal  and external distractions, it's possibly a mental clarity issue you need to fix.

In our society we have been plagued with a goldfish like attention span and tonnes of potentially important notifications and productivity can be difficult to achieve, but we can't lay all the blame on external sources.

This is where the Mental Productivity Challenge comes in to save the day. The precursor to the #1 selling productivity system online The Mental Productivity Challenge will give you ways to find focus in your day-to-day work, whether that be in your career, at home or in any other niche of your life.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated and mentally exhausted as the result of too many distractions vying for your attention, this 7 day productivity challenge may be for you!





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Calvin T

Online Marketing Consultant


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