Mensa IQ Test: Tips and Hints

Ioannis Giftakis, Always find a way

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7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What is Mensa

    • 3. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part01

    • 4. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part02

    • 5. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part03

    • 6. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part04

    • 7. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part05


About This Class

This is course will give you some insights on how to prepare for the Mensa IQ Test. Most people taking the exam they prepare themselves beforehand so they know what to expect. By taking this course you can be one of them too. 

We will go through a real exam and I will explain concepts used on that kind of tests. After that, I will give you some more resources to work on your own in order to prepare yourself even further before giving the exam.

When feeling ready go for it and post your certification or even your experience while giving the exam. Your teammates and I, we would be more than happy to hear to your story!

See you in the course :)