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Mensa IQ Test: Tips and Hints

Ioannis Giftakis, Always find a way

Mensa IQ Test: Tips and Hints

Ioannis Giftakis, Always find a way

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7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What is Mensa

    • 3. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part01

    • 4. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part02

    • 5. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part03

    • 6. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part04

    • 7. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part05

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About This Class

This is course will give you some insights on how to prepare for the Mensa IQ Test. Most people taking the exam they prepare themselves beforehand so they know what to expect. By taking this course you can be one of them too. 

We will go through a real exam and I will explain concepts used on that kind of tests. After that, I will give you some more resources to work on your own in order to prepare yourself even further before giving the exam.

When feeling ready go for it and post your certification or even your experience while giving the exam. Your teammates and I, we would be more than happy to hear to your story!

See you in the course :) 


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Ioannis Giftakis

Always find a way


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1. Intro: Hi, I am Joan and I'll be your instructor for exposed. This course will prepare you for the men. Take your text, which, according to MENSA, will make you automatically a member off their 2% of the quickest minds in the world I have been through. The process is well, what I didn't know at the time, where the tips and she's that I'm going to give you. Throw the seat, these sort, of course. Believe it or not, most of the participants in that kind of theirs go prepare, which means they know before water you'll begun one of them after fencing this. So let's get started. 2. What is Mensa: So what does MENSA? MENSA is an international non profit organization open to people who belong in the 2% of the highest I Q. In the world, according to their tests, in order to become a member, you have to score art or above 98th percentile on certain, said the rise I Q or other prove intelligence tests sets as stuff will be next, with the passing base off 132 points or cattle. With the busing line off 148 points, one might wonder why to become momentum and beside that is the great challenge that will intrigue your mind. There are other benefits as well, like it's a city's air, same nursing gatherings with high called the content, mentorship, educational trips and much more. The next electrode will dive into a really online MENSA test in order to deceive what looks like Senior. The next lecture 3. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part01: okay, in this lesson, we're going to see a MENSA test, and we will analyze how we get the answer off each question. This will be really educative, especially for first timers. So go to your favorite browser and they navigate to test. The men said that No, it's in an online practice test from Norwegian, Messa said. The button that represent your age rains and let's get started before starting the test. I would like to give attention to the timer. Time is an important factor in the kind of test because in the real exam will be given a certain time for certain number of questions. Okay, let's start with a simple one. As you can see, there are three given images and on the right bottom, an empty container that we should feel with one of the options given below. Okay, let's see what is the partner in order to to the right one. The 1st 1 has to black arrows and right below we see those black hours to become white. If we will. If we go further with that, we see that it's not only the arrows that change color, but the whole picture becomes the opposite attempts of call. Of course, they're becoming opposite to the 1st 1 So as the answer, we choose the 3rd 1 which is the complimentary to the top right picture. Okay, let's go to the next one. Same thinking process as the previous one here. So the solution is their sixth option. Let's see, in your no. In this one, we have nine saves a have been given and the last month that we should feel in order for the pattern to be coherent. A great hint on that kind of tests is that many don't know that it just makes sense both vertically and horizontally. As you see in Metro it suit exists a circle s square and triangle, same cold for its column. Have this in mind. We cannot compute that the missing sir safe is cereal. Let's hear to the next one. Same as they exercise free, but this time a little bit more complicated, with some saves to be drawn with don't lines some with sold Kohler and some empty. The solution in this one is one in question. Five, we get only one safe, but in different content. Nothing. You're here. What we learned so far can be applied. Italy Remember the usual tape off having every row and column verifying the pattern? Okay, so the solution in this one is the 1st 1 At this point, you may wonder why we didn't see any questions besides bother marching or questions with words Deceive. Uh, the answer is that mental I Q tests are made in a way that even people that may not know how to read or write can take them. Okay, let's go to the sixth question. A new kind of thinking is needed to find out, the other going part of for this one. If you look carefully, you'll see that by rotating the steak 90 degrees, you'll get the state of the next column. So by rotating 90 degrees, the 1st 1 we get the 2nd 1 If we read it once more, we get the 3rd 1 But sometimes we rotate clockwise and other times we rotate counterclockwise. After finding which direction we should rotate, we conclude that in this one, the 1st 1 is the answer. Very nice. Up until now, let's get to the seventh question, which is same as the previous question, but this time instead of a stick, we have a narrow. So the answer in this one is the 5th 1 Let's get to the eighth question. I like this one. I love you. Get the saving, the first sale and you've got the way the second fell in the gates. The third sale will be the result of that cap because we observed that only the right half is being kept after that God, which is the second option as a solution. I will stop here for this video and in the next lesson we will continue with question nine and then you turn for us. See you in the next lecture. 4. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part02: let's continue where we left off a new kind of question again. This time, things get a little bit more complicated. The underlying parter maybe consist off more than the eye meets. In example. The first thing that we observe is that for Rich column, the number of boxes are increasing by one both vertically and horizontally. So this is something that we should keep in mind. So there are three candidates that have five boxes inside. We have to find a tiebreaker. If you look closely, we see that there is also another butter in action for rich row. Two items are touching the bottom, and one is starting the top of the box for each column to are touching the same side, and the 3rd 1 should touch the opposite side. So with that criteria in mind, we're looking for books that the item inside should touch the bottom of the box, and they're right side. So the solution is a six option. Let's get to the next month. This one looks unexpectedly easy. Anything we should look for, an option that would make sense both vertically and horizontally again when increasing one more box from the Privy shell in the case. In this case, the fourth option is the answer. I also want to let you know that the solutions I'm giving may not be the only ones you might have found additional buttons that lead to the same result. Nevertheless, those are the common ones, so let's get rolling. Next is question 11 this one. It seems that starting from bottom to top line, turn increasing by one. With that in mind, I choose the second option. Let's see what he's expecting us off. The next question This question is tricky, but first you might think that it has to do something with a combination of black and white . Turns out that it much simpler than that. We simply rotate 90 degrees clockwise. It's time, so the solution is 1/3 1 Let's move to the next question for this one. When we move from the left to right its time the stakes are decreasing by one. The opposite holds. When we move from row to row towards the bottom, sticks are increasing. The only option that could meet the pre mention criteria is the 1st 1 So let's go to the next one Now. I would like to say Thank you and nice job staying with me Up until now, I hope you're enjoying the court. If you do so, please make a review. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Let's get moving to question 14. Another question where rotation is a main concept. This time, though, it's about rotate and flip wants rotating 90 degrees clockwise. We immediately flipping it horizontally. We need to do those steps in order to get the result off the next column. So the solution to this question is the 5th 1 This one is good as well. It looks a little bit complicated at first, but there is a simple pattern that follows. You. Rotate both saves at the same time by 90 degrees, and then you change the color off the books in order to be unique for its row and column. So for this 16 in the answer, let's roll rotating flavor combo works fine for this question as well. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise and flip it horizontally. This one has the fifth option as the answer. Let's go to the next. You go to become good at rotate and flip technique because it's been used frequently with that kind of tests. This time they throw what they throw at us, a question that needs the technique in order to be sold. But with the arrow being the protagonist in this question show option for is for this one. This one is one of my favorites over had some struggle to find out the solution. First, their rules are the following. In order, Children block and black give us white. We conclude that from the first column, black and wide give us black. We conclude that from the first robe and white and white combination give us white. We conclude that from the second column. So considering that Dimension Rules, which is the 2nd 1 has the answer, sometimes you have to see the whole picture from 1000 feet perspective to get the Potter. So this time we look for the shape that doesn't have a pair off course. As we mentioned before, there might be multiple solutions. Your problem. If you find another one, please post it on the discussion area. I would be glad to hear about it. So the solution for this one is the fifth option. We will stop here for this lecture. And we will continue with question 20 on the next video. Thank you for watching and have fun learning. 5. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part03: Hello. Welcome to the third part of the mental I Q test tips and team scores. We continue where we left off and that these exercise 20. This question also has to do with in directing saves, crossing and overlapping lines. I really like this question for some reason. Okay, lets diving. As you can see, the square of the first cell overlaps many of the lines off the safe off the second self, and the result will get is those lines are disappearing and were left off with only one line they want that didn't indirect with the square told. Secondly, we also see that in the second row, crossing lines are staying impact. So having this information from previous to road, we can conclude that the solution we're looking for is a safe that should not have an upper edge at all. So they only saved meeting. This creek raiment is the 3rd 1 Let's move to the next one. Same case here are the previous exercise, but they live with more complicated crossing and overlapping lines in action. The answer for this month is the fourth month Let's get rolling. Things are getting harder as we progress But if you prepare good enough, you can understand where to look for the answer. And do not waste time thinking you're with the wrong direction. This question can be misleading. It turns out that the simple solution is to look out for the pears. The only one that has a missing months is the first. So the solution for this one is the first off the given options below. Let's get to the next one. This kind of question is a new one. It has to do with all possible combinations and identifying which is missing. Remember that most of the time it has to make sense horizontally and vertically at the same time. So these limits possible solutions and make our life easier. So the missing combination is the 2nd 1 Let's open exercise. Things are getting Cedars. I admit that this one, it might be one of the top three most difficult questions on the test. You think you might think that it has to do with the rotating flip combo. You go there dating pyrite, but after that we don't have the flip technique. Instead, we have crossing and overlapping lines, so rotate and overlapping lines combo in action. We begin by rotating by 90 degrees clockwise, and then we get the second shell. And then we combined the first and second cell in order to get the third sale. Focus and you'll get how it works. He just need some time to sinking. Answer. For this one is the third option. Let's quickly move to the next question. Okay, previous one was a This is also a little bit hard to logically explain. Please know that sometimes you get the answer intuitively without knowing really why you pick the solution. This happens. It's a hint off a good barter marching instincts. But let's get back to the question. Becomes this one. It seems like squeezing the first day like a balloon, according to the action indicated in the second cell, could work. But it's difficult to apply that because some parts staying straight. So let just use that as a mental guide. Rotate them sleep again. Guys. Yeah, it really works. I know it's getting irritating, seeing rotating flip so frequently, but as I told you have to master this technique. You get the lines of the second sale, you rotate them by 90 degrees clockwise. Then you flip its line of the rotated one and last action is to combine it with the square . Three lines of the square are devoured by the care of lines off rotated and sleep safe. And the lines that didn't participate remain intact. So the answer to this question is the fourth option. Whoa, that was really nice, but kind of hard to get. Let's cover break and continue in the next part with Question 26. Thank you for watching. See you the next video. 6. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part04: Welcome to the fourth part off the mental I. Q Test tips and HINTS court. Let's continue where we stopped last time. Question. Number 26 This is any is one first sale overlapped the 2nd 1 and we get the result in the last horizontal cell in first row. The cycle. The single is a big, bigger around the square, so it covers it completely. Second rule is more revealing. So applying what we learn from previous two rose on the third row, we conclude that option one is a correct answer. Nice. Let's get moving in exercise. 27 3 things going on. Little boxes are increasing. Eat books horizontally while decreasing eat books vertically. Another thing that is happening is that it's time the little boxes are in different corner on their wife. Lastly, we see that they y se rotates 180 degrees clockwise. It's time. So they wanted me to their permission. Criteria is the fourth option. This was an easy one compared to the other one. Right? Okay, let's go to exercise to indeed it throw in. This question is a mix of those three saves in vitro. The order must be unique and it's the previous shape, rotated by 90 degrees Cook Club wise. So two previous information leads us to Option five as the answer. Let's get going, you kind of question. This time. The underlying rules are the following boxes of the same color are added if they're on the same side. But book is on the same color. Cancel each other if they're on the opposite side. So according to those rules, third option is the solution. Okay, let's move to the next exercise. This is a tricky one. Initially, you might think that boxes are just increasing, but second row conflicts with this argument. So it must be something else. It turns out overlapping black with black books. It gives us wide little boxes. So when we combine the little boxes off first and second cells, we get the solution. So as the answer, we pick the sixth option. Okay, Good job again. We're going to stop here for this video on. Continue in the next video with exercise 31. See you there 7. Mensa Test Tips n Hints part05: welcome to the last part of the test after that will be able at last, she our results according to the Messam metrics. Okay, let's continue with exercise 31. Nothing new in this one, overlapping and crossing lengths again. If you have not seen the previous lectures and you don't know what I mean by saying overlapping and crossing lines, please refer to the previous videos. The answer for this one is the first option. Let's see what's next. This question is a little bit awkward, to be honest. From my perspective, the second sale acts like a narrow that say's were an extra line should be added. Also, the white safe becomes the main one instead of the black one. So answered this one. He's the sixth option. Let's examine the next question. This question, I think, was the most time consuming off all the questions that death. Many insights are given right away, but we have to find the correct order, like on the applied in all shapes. It turns out that solution comes from a multi step flip, and it is not row or called specific. It's safe specific. So we have the three states of the same, but how we're going to get there after some trial and error, you get that at first it's the CC safe. Then we apply a horizontal flip for the first part of the C C and a vertical sleep for the second part. Then we again flipped horizontally. It's part What we got is the solution is to vote for the triangle shape as well. In order to verify the pattern again we apply. A core is on the fleet for the first part off their reverse sevens save and a very go flip for the second part. Then we again flipped horizontally. It's part. What we got is a triangle. The button works fine. So the 3rd 1 for this question Whoa, too much living in this one. Let's go to the next one. If you have been watching bring his lectures, you might remember that I have been talking about a top three most difficult questions in the test. With this one we completely set. I find it difficult because all usual techniques seem to not be applicable, So I had to find a new underlying pattern, although I'm sure about the answer, because I tested it. And indeed, by choosing the fifth option, the score increase. It seems to me that there must be another way, much simpler, that could do the job as well. At the moment, I am not able to find these alter the way. If you find an easier way to solve this one, I would be more than happy to know about it. Right? Your opinion in the discussion area where me and your dear co students can know about it and tell you their opinions back to the question. Now I think it's in addition for the first cell and the and the flip vertically second shelf small boxes are replaced by a bigger boxes. While bigger boxes can get any bigger, so are the last gold. Um, we have the first sale with two small boxes. Then we have the flip second shelf, which is like that, combining those two with the rules that we have said before. Withs are small and small and give big, small and big give big, big and big give big on on the small gives a small they're missing safe. Is that depicting the option five? Well, that was a courage one right, their students. This is the last question. Let's tackle this one and hit the finish button of last. Okay, for me, this one also is a little bit talented author. While you can get the button, though, their rules are the following you flip vertical leave the first sell off the column. And then we apply the crossing an overlapping lines combo, which means that part of the lines that overlap should be cancelled. Well, parts that didn't indirect should remain intact. Having these two rules and playing a little bit on a piece of paper, you're gonna get that The answer we're looking for. It's the six option. Okay, Unless I'm going to present finished bottom and see my school. It's 1 43 Yep, Bypass. As you can see in this diagram, mental members are in the yellow area. If you remember, this is the 2% off old population as ments estate, beginning from 1 31 point and further. The more you get, the more higher I Q. You have, according to mention metrics, I want to congratulate you for this hard mental runoff. 35. Exercise it. It's been a fun doing thes along with you. See you the next lecture where we will talk about the next step in order for you to give the exam and succeed. See you on the next lecture.