Men's Style: Building a Grown Man's Wardrobe | Megan Collins | Skillshare

Men's Style: Building a Grown Man's Wardrobe

Megan Collins, mens' style blogger (and overall guy enthusiast)

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4 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Fit and Measurements

    • 3. Wardrobe Essentials

    • 4. Outfits


About This Class



Building a Grown Man’s Wardrobe
 provides tips, tricks, and shortcuts to dressing well for work and for play, all from an established menswear blogger. Everything from the basics of a wellstocked closet to outsourcing your shopping is covered. Stop worrying about what you’re wearing and learn to make peace with dressing like a grown-up.

What You'll Learn:

-Dress for your body type

-Determine the sizes you should be buying

-What to keep in your closet and what to toss

-How to dress to impress your boss

-How to dress to impress the ladies

Guys, are you at a crossroads with your closet? Understand the importance of dressing well, but don’t have the time or the interest to learn how to build a grown-up wardrobe on your own? This class is for you.

Videos (shot in the brand new Bonobos Crosby St. Guideshop!) will be spent discussing the ways guys can dress better at work and off-duty, without having to devote an insane amount of time, or money, to your sartorial efforts. The online classroom will be open to questions; ask a girl who thinks about what guys wear all day long any question you have about the female perspective on men’s style.


You want to look good. Us ladies want you to look good too. Let’s figure out how to get there together.





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Megan Collins

mens' style blogger (and overall guy enthusiast)

Megan Collins runs the style blog Style Girlfriend, discussing guys' fashion, from a girl's perspective.

In 2009, Megan started Style Girlfriend, a weekly column dispensing sartorial advice to guys who want to look good, but don't want to think too much about what they're wearing. The column quickly gained a following among this group, as well as with their girlfriends and wives.

In August of 2010, McClatchy-Tribune took notice, and the column was picked up for national syndicatio...

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