Men At Work - Tips For Painting Figures In A Natural Setting

Robert Joyner, Strive To Become An Artist - Not A Painter

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11 Videos (1h 24m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction

    • Making Connections

    • Background Ideas

    • Exploring Subjects - Finding Inspiration

    • Introduction To Composing

    • Exploring Compositions

    • Compose & Block In

    • Final Painting Part 2 HD 1080p

    • Final Painting Part 3 HD 1080p

    • Final Painting & Recap


About This Class

A Quick Look

In this class I will share my thoughts on capturing figures & people in their natural setting. To do this I hit the pavement to create several plein air sketches, and take reference photos to bring back to the studio. Once the sketches are complete I will paint a finished painting based on my experiences.

Why This Class Is Important For You

Often artists paint subjects that simply do not reflect their life & environment. Simply put the art is a false representation because there's no personal connection to the subject(s). TheĀ process I will share in this class allows me to connect to my subjects thus the paintingĀ & subjects are true to my life & personal style. This has a major impact on how inspired I am to paint at the easel and the results usually speak for themselves.

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excellent course
I enjoy so much just watching Robert Joyner paint. I wish I could paint so loose. Seems easy but it's not.





Robert Joyner

Strive To Become An Artist - Not A Painter

Full time paintslinger from Richmond, Virginia specializing in acrylic & mixed media paintings. Best known for my signature loose brushwork and carefree approach to creating abstract style artwork.

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Official Artist 2012 Kentucky Derby Arlington Horse Race Track Chicago National Pastime Baseball Museum Art On Carnival Cruise Ships 555 Fahrenheit Restaurants Art on sitcom Modern Family Artwork on sitcom The Odd Couple Artwork in movie Tracers 2013 Mixed Media Instructo...

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