Men’s shirt redesigned in to a sexy DIY jumpsuit | Lidija Miklavcic | Skillshare

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Men’s shirt redesigned in to a sexy DIY jumpsuit

teacher avatar Lidija Miklavcic, Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro Jumpsiut

    • 2. Jumpsuit making

    • 3. First trial

    • 4. Reassemble

    • 5. Finishing

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About This Class

I would like to show you a fun easy project where we will use man's shirt and reuse it for a jumpsuit. It's the perfect summer project and what I like about shirts is that they are nicely done with all the details, and that for project like this we don't need to sew a lot, so it is fast, and we could use our man favorite shirt (just kidding).

But you know the movies when the woman have his man shirt and nothing's just appealing, and we could be that girl. The best part is, we could use this for going out too; OK, maybe not everywhere, but we could. I also like the feel of shirt material, so it's really perfect for the summer sewing project.

Our projects will be a little different, because we won't use the same size and shape shirt, so every jumpsuit will be original itself.

So join me in our new class, and show your finished work, or work in progress; show it to the world, and make one for your girlfriend....and then grab your favorite book, and a glass of lemonade and just enjoy the summer.

Meet Your Teacher

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Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design


I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags … anything I need that I can’t find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer some day and the last few years I’m the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I’ve never grown up and I still live like DIY person.

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1. Intro Jumpsiut: sure readies and jobs. Hey, I'm just okay. This 2. Jumpsuit making: sure There a design jumpshare short cut. I want to show you my rig inertial that I did use for this project. I will mark my waistline on the sharp. I will use a being for in the bottom line off the pants. I remarked the charge on my pants who did measure in? Great. Just approximately will be enough for this project. Now I need to take slaves off. Go, Laura. Now we did take the sleeves off and we could start constructed pants part from them. The ability both sleeves and bottom match will be our parents. Bottom edge. I plan to heart off edge on the front part of the legs my parents bother manages approximately 40 centimetre lover from my waistline. If I would be younger, I would place it hard. But hey, this is a personal choice. First I need to cut straight line for Is this work on this edge really later? So our parents parts made from sand. I need to find the bottom line for pants part and my jeans with my fine will be hard for I replaced my sleeve on the pants edge to see where I could cut the top part of this Lee. I will get two centimeters more for similar hours. And because Mike, I think it's not straight. It's really hard now. This is the missing public pants parts that I need for. Sorry. Bring the top on this part off This new to get the missing fabric, I need to strike in my gut. I did draw on a piece of paper a sketch for my parents from peace. We look like later when I did try them. I did see my crotch is to fight my better. Not God, the fabric Too much of the first trial. I need the open events off. Tough up. You will be in the front of my pants. I really saw these parts. I need to cut parent part like that. And later I recorded the bottom edge to copy the cut position on the second leg or not soft about the match. I need to continue the line edge for the rest of the front pants part. So I need to have enough fabric for making bottom edge at least one centimeter for just one fold. I will make a seam here one centimeter from the edge do the same for the second back A line, Richard Side drone New cutting plan. Your stick start. Invisible marker. Don't forget to at one centimeter for similares this Serbia crotch Frantz him In what way? With car position. On a second, I think it will be a crotch front. Bottom h ivory cut and saw the edge back later. Do the same it back Black pants If you have enough fabric made this part with bigger crotch in the northern front. I like to paint fabric pieces before I take them to the soaring machine. Do the same for the second leg. Make a scene one centimeter from the edge. You could also finish the attachments exactly over boxing. Or you could do that later. A defeat for a second model of the sand. If the shortest really white. Then try to make that before you start putting pants part on it. Aligned the side seam. Make a crotch at the back pounds. It's better if this one is deeper than under the front. Cope with the guard on second leg, front and back leg part for Did our place out of fabric inside. Here we will make a lack inside seam. I didn't realize later that the same. It's nicer if it strike. But I did see this after I tried them on me because I didn't taste the Patera before. I use long stitches for these detailing. Crater, Make second Lecter turn around one of the lack and place it inside of the second floor. I like to be in the fabric on Aseem, - back side of the fence thrown tied off the patents. We still didn't finish the mod image, but next step will be to join them. But short. Turn both pieces with right side inside and place parents part into the shore. Start meaning or the center and side seems if you wish, you could place a few more pins or you could also make a few faults. If you need, go all around or jumpsuit is ready for our first trial. Yea, you could still see my waist. Being mark in our next widow are the Show it on me and I will also show you where I need to correct it. 3. First trial: sure trade is an jumpsuit. First you could see I need to lower the coach part and I will make a vote of the back short part. I need to cut like part strike. I need to cut and finish the bottle match of the plant My edge see, was not straight so I could cut inside in another land. I remarked that too. At first I did plan to place elastic in waistline, but then I decided I would just make fault. Instead, I was using talking. Seems so. It's easy to remove them first. Remark what? Any repair on some places will mark a new seam. I know some places, I remark. Cart inclined. New Grouchland found Type the higher on the back side. Need to continue from the front. I need to strike the inside side legs and I need to cut and make on edge at the bottom of the leg. I need to have 1/2 centimeter 45 The last teach that need to be fixed at the side of the jumpsuit. Now it's important to respect all the marks on 2nd 5 Off the jumps. I just got the threat and then cut the new improved lines with seam allowance stitches. I plant open all news teaches and make Overlook State before I saw or the pieces back. And this is the big difference when you saw a project that don't have exactly terror. But it's also fun to explore an M prize. - So just opening the seams make new gods and sorry back things got lover my approach part and I need to do it at the front and back pants purposes. Edge finished them with just one. And now I need to cut pants edges on all pieces so all the pieces are correct shape. It's time for makings exact for or hostage, I prefer overlooked because the song is faster, any to overlook. Also, older similarities is on pants part. I don't want to play Pass the game So I did bean the pieces back in correct order. It's time for easy sewing back. I will show you how I refinished bottom edge first. Oh, I will make simple fort on bottom edge. For the rest, I will lose shirt cough edge. No, my seams are wants and the mental from that This is the very how I will finish parents bottom edge, make also inside like besides him for the bottom match pants and make a seam. You could also I rent first one like finished repeat for the 2nd 1 In our next video, I will show you out. Attach bends to the short. 4. Reassemble : sure three design jumpsuit. Reassemble 13 pants like with wrong side out and put one off the Lakin sent off the other with right sides together. Make a stitch. One centimeter from the edge. Pants part is finished. I just need to overlook Batch and they are ready for sank to the short part front . I thought my pants. I did turn both pieces with wrong side out. I will start pinning, called the center inside. Sims. Go all around with one centimeter. See Malone's. - This was our last construction Seem. If you want, you could earn it and make top stitch. In the next video, I will show you my new pockets and our edge. 5. Finishing : sure tread design jumpsuit. Finishing my second try. I need to finish our edge, seem to overlook and top stitch. I will make small pockets because I don't like the high off my line between shirt and pants , and I want to cover the short local. I did plan to so elastic in wasteland, but then I decided that I will just make a fortune. Let's start with pocket. There will be many pocket because I don't have a family. I got the template Women I need to finish the family catches with overlook, or you could use those exact stage. Instead, make second pocket for covering short local make smaller template. Use paper scissors for paper, sprayed fabric on our on the edges with paper template and repeat for second. Make top stitch with EJ one or two place pocket on a shirt. If more fabric make more pockets, even for a backside, I will make that a part of our stitch. Second hackathon and soothe, - uh , or pockets are no time for our edge making. I need to finish fabric edge with Overlook orders. Exact stitch. Do the same for second arm call. Now I could repair the sides him just full of fabric, catch and make tops. The Chart Co. And and do the same for second. So all the stitching has finished. New encores, pockets and pants attached. Finishing backside charge. Let's found two buttons for making back foot measure the 2nd 4th or more force if you have more than just one, make up not at the end of the threat and saw the buttons on. Second option is to change fort with but a beat for snack on four. Thanks for watching on Now Let's play with your shirt and share your project in the gallery , invited friends to play with you and have a nice great to pay.